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Monday, April 13, 2020

Pussyfucking lust extinguished from callgirl-4

Pussyfucking lust extinguished from callgirl-4

When a girl takes your cock in her mouth, no… it really feels like you are in a paradise. Going into the girl's mouth makes the cocks even harder.

In the last part of my sex story,
pussy chudai ki lava bazhi se bazhi-3
you read that I was very happy after Kalgirl's fuck and felt like fucking one more time. I had booked her again.

I was going to fuck Kalpana for the second time today. She was with me

Now further:

I started kissing her throat, holding both her nipples on top of the blouse and pressing it vigorously. She was removing even more intoxicating voices. I was getting more excited with those voices.
I pressed her boobs harder and cut them off the top of the blouse. Kalpana's mouth started saying 'Ah… Hi Ouch…'.

He took off my shirt while kissing me. I was very hot. I quickly opened the button of Kalpana's blouse and removed her blouse from her chest to her blond blondes.

Today she wore a white bra and that bra was very small. Perhaps you can say that the imagined boobs were too big and imprisoned in that little bra.

I kissed her throat and kissed the crack between her breasts. Then, taking her in his arms, opened the hook of her bra from behind. Liberated her big breasts from her small bra.

Now Kalpana also took off my shirt and threw it on the bed and hugged me hard and started turning my hand in my hair. He tightly pressed me into his naked chest. Today, his body looked very hot. From his mouth, alcoholic sigmas of 'Ah… Ah ..' were coming out.

I took one of her boob in my mouth and started sucking. Kalpana too loudly started loving me like a small child- Ah… Hi… Ouch… Eat me please, please give me your cocks water… I am very thirsty.
She was mumbling in my ears.

After listening to this, I became more excited. I pressed one of her breasts vigorously with my hand, then a sharp 'ah ... Ouch ... don't do it nor know ... I feel pain ..' voice came out of her mouth.
But I was very excited and hot. I was enjoying his voices even more.

Friends, whenever a woman makes such erotic sounds, then any boy gets excited on hearing such voices. He comes back to his manhood… and he has the mind to do such actions again and again. I also liked her voices like that… and I started cutting her mummies more and more loudly in the mouth.

Kalpana started taking even more intoxicating cigarettes. Both of us had become very hot now. I quickly removed his petticoat. Turned my hand on the pussy, then it turned out that her panty had become wet.

I quickly removed the panty without any delay. Kalpana also opened my belt and lowered my pants. My fat cock was saluting in my underwear. He immediately removed it too. Now both of us came to the bed while rubbing body with each other naked.

I told Kalpana now - let's get to 69 now quickly.
She said - first cleaning is necessary.
I agreed to his talk and went to the bathroom and cleaned the cocks and came back and started preparing for 69.

I lay down and Kalpana lay down on my mouth and lay down in reverse. Due to which her pussy came on my mouth and my cock was in her mouth. I forcefully put both the petals of her pussy and inserted my tongue directly into her pussy.

'Ah with my mouth with this action. … Hey … Hi… Ouch… Uhh… Lick life and loudly… Put the whole tongue inside… .. ”
She was blabbering and giving me cock in her mouth and giving me the pleasure of paradise.

Friends, when a girl takes your hard cock in her mouth, it really feels like you are in a paradise. Cocks become even harder due to the woman's mouth going. All his veins are visible from outside the cock.
This is my personal experience.

I too would lick her pussy by pulling it from my lips, then Kalpana used to press her pussy on top of my mouth… and I used to lick pussy more and more.

I imagined licking her pussy from top to bottom tongue three to four times and put a finger in her pussy. She started taking Siskaris very loudly. I liked her sensual voice… and I used to do the same back.

Kalpana's hot whispers were echoing throughout the room. Kalpana had become very hot and was pressing my mouth in her pussy. 'Ah… Ah… Ouch… Hi Re Ah .. ’She was making such a sound.

Friends, I want to tell you that if you want to get someone else's screams out, to make him completely satisfied, then friends, from my personal experience, I am saying that you cut the flame of his ear lightly. Then kiss her neck, cut it. Then squeeze both of her boobs, kiss the boobs, bite them while pulling the nipples lightly. Then kiss with her tongue in her navel… and then tease the rash of her pussy with the tongue below. Kiss him Hold and pull Take care that you have to cut the grain of the pussy… not the pussy.

In all this, that girl or woman will get so hot that only her act will leave her pussy water.

I did exactly this. Kalpana was telling me now and again that even now just do it… otherwise my water will be released anytime.

This was the right time… I put her on the bed and I stood close to the bed. I placed her legs on my shoulders and pressed her mummies with both my hands. I stood and imagined.

In order to kiss him, I bowed on top of him and from the very bottom, I put my hard cock in his pussy. I had inserted cocks so loud that Kalpana started to moan loudly with this jerk. She started pushing me back, but she was down on the bed and I was standing. Coming on top of it, I inserted my cock in it all at once.

Kalpana- Hi Ray… killed Ray brother-in-law. … Hi, dead, mother… I am dead… Ah… Ah.

He had tears in his eyes. She could not scream, because I had pressed my lips on her lips. I was feeling the tight walls of her hot hot pussy right on my cock.

I used to do the same thing by taking out my cock a little and hit the other strongly in its hole.
This time Kalpana bitten my lips and shouted even louder - ah… Hi Re Saale Harami… Killed Re… Aaah… Ah dog you put my pussy wat… Can not fuck brother comfortably… Ah hi re … She died.

I started kissing her again and this time started to slowly and slowly lick my cock.
Now Siskaris was coming out of Kalpana's mouth- Aha… come… and pour in a little slowly… Aha is enjoying.

After ten minutes of sex, she started to say - ah, I am going to leave too, aha, ah… I am coming.

Kalpana was turning her head right on the bed and her body was shivering. Then I realized that her pussy water came out on the cocks.

She collapsed and her body now slowly began to sag… but where did I just happen. I was stroking her pussy while sucking it. I could see the feet of the imagination moving up and down. She was panting badly. His breath was moving like a bellows. His eyes were closed, his lips were coming out of his mouth.

I was spreading his legs from below and pushing fast. When my cock went into the depth of her pussy, then both of her cocks would jump up and out of her mouth 'Ah… Aha… and push it harder and deeper and faster Aaha hi ah… ’similar sounds started coming.

Now I too was a little tired, but my cock was not getting any longer. Still, I was constantly pushing my cock back and forth in Kalpana's pussy and pressing her pussy.

After a minute Kalpana's nipples stood up and she started kissing me. He now fastened his legs from my shoulders down towards my waist and started asking me to put cocks in my pussy more quickly.

When I would lick her pussy… then she would pull my ass on her own and start moaning - ah… and loud life… Aaha is enjoying… Do not stop, please fill my pussy with your water… Ah hi aha.
Kalpana was grumbling and was rubbing my back.

The fuck was going on in the room. Thap from hitting my thighs with her pussy… Alcoholic sounds were coming from Thap.

I told Kalpana that I am tired now… I lie down now, you come over me now.

She kissed me and I now down and she sat on my cock. Now I could feel the balls jumping in her air. From the front, her pussy was sitting on my cock, so it seemed that Kalpana's tight pussy was swallowing my cock. His hair was also on his waist. I placed my hand on her ass and she was jumping on my cock.

Now my cock was going to release water. I was also pushing the imagination from below. I told him - my cock is going to leave now.

Hearing this, Kalpana and loud started jumping on my cock and started caressing my pieces. As soon as he put his hand to my pieces, a spurt of semen flowed from my cock into his pussy. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ... I was imagining and jumping loudly

She started saying - Ah my water is coming… Aha Aha… Hi Aa.
After saying this, Kalpana fell on top of my cock after me. His semen started coming on my pieces.

She fell on me as she breathed and I filled her mums in my mouth. I started sucking a milk, she was also turning her hand in my hair with a loud sip.

My cock was still in Kalpana's pussy. She was still rubbing her pussy on my cock. We stayed on top of each other for two minutes, kissing each other, kissing and licking.

Then he moved away from me and came to my side. I saw that all her semen flowed from her pussy and I was feeling down on the bed by looking at my pieces from my cock. Water was coming out of her pussy.

My cock had become small now and the condom was full of my semen. While lying on the side of Kalpana, I caught her nipple and took it in her mouth. Kalpana was pressing me like a little baby in her Tits… and curling her fingers in my hair.

In the next part of this sex story, you will get to read Callboy's offer. Do not forget to read and do mail.

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