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Pussyfucking lust callgirl extinguished -2

Pussyfucking lust callgirl extinguished -2

My friend had got a callgirl to talk to me. She took me to a hotel. We both came in the room. I was in a bad state of excitement and anxiety. The girl herself took the initiative.

In the first part of my sex story Pussy
Chudai's lust extinguished from the callgirl
, you had read that I went to a lodge room to fuck a mortal with the help of my friend Pankaj.

Meanwhile, after some time I caught both the hands of Kalpana and started pressing. Kalpana's mamme was so big that I was not coming in my hand. I lashed out at him loudly, then the sound of ah… came out of Kalpana's mouth again.

Now further:

Kalpana also took off my shirt and filled me in her arms and started kissing me. I also started kissing him harder.

Then one of his hands went inside my pants and he grabbed my cock and started to spit inside itself. My cock was touching the hand of a woman for the first time, then my cock started jumping in the pants itself.

Then I left his lips and put my hand in his petticoat and opened his knot. His petticoat fell down and I saw his little blue panty.

I saw both his thighs were full like a banana stem. I quickly shoved her blue panty down and her smooth pussy became naked like a loaf of bread. I was left staring at her pussy. His pussy was clean. Jhant's hair was probably cleaned today. Kalpana's pussy looked absolutely white and a little wet.

When I saw both the lips of her pussy separated inside, then the pink color of the amazing pussy was seen.

On seeing Kalpana's fair and smooth pussy, I felt that by putting my tongue in her pussy, I can suck her juice.
I put one finger inside her pussy, then the voices of 'Ah… Aha… Hi ..' started coming out of Kalpana's mouth.

Then Kalpana also took off my pants and underwear and sat down and kissed my cock. I felt as if all the lava from my cock would go into Kalpana's mouth.

He said- You told me your two wishes, but you have not told any special wish… Say no, Aryan, how do you have fun?
I said while blushing - I want to drink your pussy juice, but I want to lick your pussy only by applying chocolate or ice cream.
On this, he said- First I wash your cocks and my pussy with water properly. Then you take the pussy mat and I will suck your cock.
I said - okay.

She took me to the bathroom. I put water in the mug and put it on her pussy and started rubbing it with my hands. She was pushing my cock hard up and down. Suddenly, my cock tied up and all the semen from my cock got in his hand.

Seeing this, she started smiling and said- the goods have left so soon!
I lowered my head and stood there quietly in the bathroom.
She said smiling- Never mind Aryan… today is your first time… so it happens. At first, the cocks quickly fall.

Laughing she started cleaning my cock with a cloth. Then we both came out.

We both came back from the bathroom to the room and after going to bed, he asked- did you bring chocolate or ice cream?
I nodded my head, then Kalpana said- Never mind… Speak to the room service person, he will bring it.

I called the room service and said- bring three cups of ice cream.

After ordering him, we both sat on the bed and started kissing each other.

It must have been barely two minutes that my cock was erect again.

Friends, till today whenever I have given my mouth, the cock has never stood up so soon. But today he stood up so fast and started jumping up and down loudly.
When you have sex with a girl or a prostitute for the first time, you will soon stand up.

Then a voice came through the door. I quickly opened the door slightly from one corner, and the room serviceman stood with ice cream. I took the ice cream from her and closed the door.

I came to bed with ice cream.
Seeing three cups of ice cream in my hand, Kalpana said - why did I order so much. One cup was enough.
I said no, one is for you and one for me.

Then I gave him an ice cream and said - you eat it, I want to lick it by putting it on your pussy.
Kalpana said- Then I will also rub this ice cream on your cock and suck your cock.

I lay on the bed and both of us were in 69 position. I removed the ice cream with my finger and put it on her pussy, then the voice of 'Ah… hah ..' came out of Kalpana's mouth.
He said- friend ice cream is so cold that my pussy is getting more itchy now. It seems that I too will release water soon.

He also rubbed my cock in the ice cream cup. 'Hi… ah ..' came out of my mouth too. The cold of ice cream made my cock even harder.

I put the entire ice cream on both sides of her pussy below and put a finger in it, so I felt as if Kalpana's pussy has left water.
When I looked at her, she laughed intoxicating eyes.

In truth, her pussy was dropping water from rubbing such a cold ice cream. Sweet greetings were coming out of his mouth.

I quickly put my tongue in her pussy. As soon as I felt the tongue, I also felt the test of her pussy water and ice cream. Really friends, once in life, apply ice cream to her pussy and drink her water… If you do not enjoy paradise, then say it.

Then he also rubbed ice cream on my cock and also put ice cream on both my testicles. She started sucking the ice cream and my cock very loudly. Friends, I cannot describe this feeling in words. But I felt as if I am in heaven.

After a while, I and she finished the ice cream and continued her kissing.

After some time he said- Aryan, you had said that this is your first time… Then how are you licking my pussy so well… Hi, how much cool pussy do you suck… till today which customer has not licked my pussy Thi… everyone used to start fucking by putting cocks in my pussy… Ah… Ah and loud and loud… Ah lick my pussy till full inside… Ah lick hard… Ah hi!

I was licking pussy with fun.
Kalpana again fell down and I went on licking the salty nectar of her pussy.

Kalpana Siddhal said in a tone - You have really quenched my thirst… I will also take you on a trip to paradise… Wait. But I am not going anymore. First you quickly lick your cock in my pussy and quench its thirst.
Saying this, he filled my cock in his mouth and started sucking.

I said - how will that happen… I do not know anything, you do not teach me!
He removed his mouth from my cock and said- Now I sit on your cock. You will learn everything
I said - okay.

Then he took a condom and climbed on my cock and sat on my cock.
I was lying down and she grabbed my cock and sat on the top of the cocks and sat on it.

As my cock was going inside her pussy, I felt like hot hot coals in her pussy. Her pussy was looking very hot to me. My eyes were closed. I was doing his pussy heat and his feeling on my cock. Her pussy was also a bit tight. As she sat on my cock, the sound of 'ah ..' came from my mouth. As soon as he took cocks in the pussy, the sound of 'Uh ... ah ..' came out of his mouth.

In the next two moments, I saw that all my cock was lost somewhere in her pussy… and she was closing her eyes and pressing her lips with her teeth. Do not know how but my hands went on his legs. I started munching on her hot juicy pussy.

She started jumping on my cock while making the sound of 'Ah ah… hi ..'. There was a sound of his thighs hitting my thighs. Both his cocks were getting loudly up and down. She was constantly going up and down, taking my cock in her pussy.

Then I left both her cocks and grabbed her waist and started pushing her cocks from top to bottom in her pussy. My hands started slapping her ass in between. By doing this, she started going up and down in more vigor and you started taking my cock in her pussy more quickly.

I was in the seventh asshole from the first fuck and started hitting her pussy with great force. She started screaming, because of pain and pleasure, she started making sensual sounds out of her mouth.
Kalpana started to say loudly - Oh fuckin fuck me… and fuck me loudly… and beat my ass… Quench my love my king.

After fucking like this for about five minutes, he said - now you come on top of me and fuck me by sucking cocks from above.
I licked her down directly on the bed and spread both her legs and started putting my cock in her pussy. But Lund slipped and went to the side. I once again saw the bottom pussy and pushed it by setting cocks. Lund slipped again.

Kalpana grabbed my cock with her hand and set it on the mouth of her pussy and said while striking her eye.
This time I pushed very hard and my cock went directly to her clitoris, ripping her pussy.
A loud voice came out of his mouth - Hi Ray… died… ah… killed ray… ah.

When he heard such a painful voice, I got scared. I saw that there was some water in his eye.
He said - Chodo a little comfortable… I am not going anywhere.

I slowly started to bang. Now Kalpana was under my cock and I climbed on top of it. I was kissing her and rubbing her mummies. Then I grabbed her nipple with her mouth, then a sizzling came out of her mouth. I amputated the nipple with teeth.

His pain-filled voice came - Ahhh… Hi… Ah I am dead, I am a bitch… I am a prostitute… but do not cut it.
Hearing this, I got more excited. I also abused her and said - Sister is a bitch… You are my idiot… I have given you money… Today I will make you my own cock by fucking me, I call the dog Madarodi… and take one.

I got my cock out and licked the whole cock inside.
She shouted more loudly - please, my king, do it easy… I am definitely a prostitute, but if you will fuck so hard and hard, I will also have pain, I will not be able to give you full enjoyment… Please fuck me easily.

After listening to him, I felt bad and I again started saying him sorry and slowly started to lick in and out. She too became normal and supported me.

After five minutes I felt that I was going to fall now, so I increased my speed and started imagining the cock in the pussy.
She was also saying to me with a sensuous voice - like this… and loudly ahhhh. … Ah aha and in… my water is about to come out Aryan… don’t stop… please loudly… aha… aha… aha… don’t stop… don’t stop… I’m coming… ah… aha… I came.

Then he put both his legs in my waist and swung. I was also excited… because now if my juice was ever going to come out, then I was also biting her lips while giving a strong blow.

The next moment my cock started dropping its water. I spread my cock in her pussy and lay down on her.

Reading the story of Kalpana Randi's pussy fuck, your cock and pussy must have become wet. Kill the muth later, please mail me first.

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