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Pussyfucking lust callgirl extinguished -1

Pussyfucking lust callgirl extinguished -1

My friend had got a callgirl to talk to me. She took me to a hotel. We both came in the room. I was in a bad state of excitement and anxiety. The girl herself took the initiative.

Friends, my name is Aryan and I am twenty-seven years old now. This is my first sex story on conscience. I do a marketing job in Pune and Mumbai. Good looking My height is five feet five inches and the size of the cocks is also five inches. I am not fond of writing extravagantly. If I have any mistake while writing a sex story, please ignore it.

Before proceeding with this sex story, I want to tell you my fantasy.

At first, I like pussy very much. Since childhood, I wished that I would lick the pussy by applying ice cream or chocolate to some pussy. Put your tongue in a girl's pussy and drink her juice. The second wish is to suck milk from a milk-giving sister-in-law or moll. I have always wanted to do all this.

This is a true incident that happened to me. Which is about a year ago. I was doing marketing job. Some of my friends also used to work with me. At that time we always used to watch blue films with each other and used to calm our cocks by shaking them. I have a special stock of blue films.

Once a friend of mine Pankaj told me like this - Aryan Two only watches Blue Films, do you ever feel like fucking someone? You always have so many blue films and you kill me too, so once you enjoy the real sex paradise.
I told that friend - man, even if I like to fuck pussy, but I am afraid that if something happens, what will happen?

He asked me - what are you afraid of?
I said- Dude, I have no experience of fucking yet, nor have I seen a girl naked yet, nor do I have a girlfriend, so how can I fulfill this wish?

He said, man, why don't you fuck a prostitute first? She will also teach you all and your wish will also be fulfilled.
I told him - man, I had thought this too, but I do not know of any such prostitute from which I can talk about sex.
On this, Pankaj said- When I came to Poona for the first time, I once had a fuck with a prostitute. She is also very beautiful in appearance, she will also teach you the game of cocks.

I was happy to hear Pankaj and I told him - how can I meet him?
He gave me the number of the prostitute and said- Take this number and talk to that prostitute.

After this much talk, I thanked him and our conversation was over.

Pankaj left his office work. I saw his number and thought that I should talk to him now, but how I would start talking, I could not understand it. To tell the truth, I did not have the courage to talk to that prostitute.

I just kept looking at that number and got out of office work.

Then when Pankaj and I met for tea in the evening, he asked me whether Aryan you spoke to him or not? what did he say? And when are you going to him?
I told him - man, I did not dare to talk to him. What should I talk to and ask him?
Pankaj laughed and said - Dude, you will be scared from now, what will happen to you at the time of fuck?
He started laughing loudly.

I told him angrily that he would let us go. I will see Chudai only after my marriage.
When I started going from there, he told me - Sorry man… wait, I talk to him.

He called that prostitute and took it on the phone speaker and said- I have a friend, he wants to sit with you, tell me how much people will get and when will you meet?
I was amazed to hear such a direct talk of him that he is talking directly on the phone to any prostitute.

Then the prostitute said on the phone - I am ready anytime. When you want… tell me, I will come.
Pankaj asked me at the same time- when will he leave?
I was a little scared, so he said to that prostitute on the phone - I will tell you now.

While cutting the phone, Pankaj said to me - man, you go right to him once, then you will enjoy real paradise.
I said - Okay, I will go to him the day after tomorrow at eleven o'clock.

Pankaj called Randi and said - be ready at eleven day after tomorrow.
He fixed the place of meeting and said- My friend is new… He has not done anything yet, so teach him a little.
After saying this, he started laughing with that prostitute while watching me talking on the phone. I was feeling very ashamed.

Then he hung up the phone and said - now day after tomorrow you go to this address at exactly eleven o'clock… and call Kalpana once before leaving.
I understand that the name of the prostitute is Kalpana.
Then we came to our respective homes.

While sleeping at night, I was very nervous that the day before tomorrow I would see a prostitute naked and fuck her. I got lost in pussy dreams.
My hand went on the cocks and after shaking the cocks I fell asleep thinking Kalpana's fuck.
When I woke up in the morning, I saw that my cock has left water in my sleep.

Then I went to the office after taking a bath. Meanwhile, I met Pankaj and told him that man, I am scared.
He said - nothing will happen… You go and enjoy… I am there.

That day, after full-time office work, I left for home, so Pankaj's call came - Aryan, call him now and fix tomorrow. I am going out a few days… see you later.
He stopped the phone saying this.

I came out of the office and called Pankaj's number, then a cool voice came from the front.
'Hello ..'
I said that I am Aryan… Pankaj has given me your number, you are talking fiction, are you not?
He said yes, say yes.
I said - I called you yesterday.
He said- My name is Kalpana, you can call me by name.
I said - Ok Kalpana, tomorrow morning I reach your place and call.
He said - okay.

I disconnected the phone.

That night I slept thinking about that. Woke up early in the morning and went to take a bath and got ready and had breakfast and reached the address mentioned by Kalpana.

I looked at the clock, it was half past ten. I put a call to Kalpana, but she did not pick it up.

I sat waiting on the bike sitting there waiting to wait. After a while Kalpana got the call.
I quickly picked up the phone and asked- Where are you?
He told me that this is me… where are you?

I told him the name of a place, then he said that I am on the road next to you. I have seen you, you stop there, I come.

I looked at the road on my left, and from there, a drunk prostitute in a black sari was coming towards me looking at me. I understood that this is fiction. Kalpana looked very thorny.

He wore a scarf over his mouth. He told himself to be imagined by pointing with eyes. She was coming towards me walking with great speed. I saw that his umbrellas were so bulging that both his cunts were touching all round. His waist was looking so flexible that don't ask.

She came to me and asked- Aryan?
I said yes
She said - let's go to the lodge.
I said - okay.

Then she sat on my bike and we both left towards the lodge.

On the bike he told me how old are you?
I said twenty-seven years.
He said that there does not seem to be much. You look like a nineteen year old boy to me.
I said - no, I am twenty-seven years old.

While talking like this, he put his hands on my back and started talking to me. I was feeling very much excited by the softness of her nipples.

Some ten minutes later, both of us reached a lodge. He told me that you have brought condom, have you not?
I said yes I have brought
He said - you go to the counter and book a room, I stop here.

I went ahead and took the room.
After completing all the formalities, I indicated to him that come.

She came and both of us entered the room.

As soon as we both went to the room, he said- First close the door of the room properly.

I closed the room door and looked back, then Kalpana was removing the scarf from her face. As soon as he removed his scarf, I was stunned to see him.

Her complexion was blond like milk, small eyes, mascara in eyes, small dot on forehead, red lipstick on lips. Kalpana looked very beautiful. I just kept looking at him.

He looked at me and said- Will you just watch or do something?
I told him - I do not know anything, this is my first time.
Hearing this, she started laughing and said- Yes, he is visible… and Pankaj also said.

I stood silently listening to him. He called me to his side with the gesture of a finger and sat on the bed and said - Never mind Aryan… don't be afraid, I will teach everyone.
He hugged me.
I felt as if there was an electric current.

As soon as his milk started coming from my chest, my cock stood in the paint, which started pricking him.
He laughed and said in my ear- Look, your Babu also stood up.
I blushed

Then Kalpana separated from me and said- Tell me if you have a special wish, then say it, I will fulfill it.
I told him both my wishes.
She said - first I will complete it, second I have no arrangement for feeding you milk at the moment.
After saying this she started to open my clothes laughing and said- You also take off my clothes.

I also started taking off her sari. As soon as I removed his pallu, I kept looking at the crack between both his cocks and him. His feet were 42 inches. After removing the saree, I touched her blouse, so big and fair blondes were desperate to come out of the blouse… and were very soft.

I grabbed them and pressed them from above, then from the mouth of Kalpana, 'Ah. … Ouch .. 'exited.
I started opening the button of her blouse even more quickly and took the blouse down and let it fall down.

Kalpana wore a blue bra inside, which looked even more beautiful on her milky mummies. Her big orange-like boobs looked desperate to come out of her bra.

I quickly opened her bra hook and freed her nipples. Both her mummies came out of the bra with the opening of the bra, as if two birds had come out of the cage.

For the first time I was looking at someone's bare pussy in front of me and they were in my hand, I grabbed both of my fantasies in my hand and started pressing.
Kalpana's mamme was so big that I was not coming in my hand. I lashed out at him loudly, then the sound of ah… came out of Kalpana's mouth again.

What I experienced in the story of Pussy Chudai with Kalpana Randi, will definitely read in the next part. Don't forget to mail me.

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