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Monday, April 13, 2020

Pussyfucking lust callgirl extinguished -3

Pussyfucking lust callgirl extinguished -3

After Kalgirl's fuck I was very happy and felt like fucking one more time. I was feeling very tired when I came home. If I wanted to book it again…

In the last part of my sex story Pussy
Chudai's lust extinguished with the call girl
, you read that I had fallen into her pussy while fucking a prostitute named Kalpana.

Now further:

For twenty five seconds, the semen from my cock went into her pussy. I felt that the entire condom inside was filled with my semen. I lay on it like that for a minute. Kalpana was kissing me by tight hugging. Even now his legs were fastened to my waist.

After two minutes I moved away from it and turned to the side. I saw that the condom was full of semen and my cock was still moving up and down a bit.
Never before had so much semen come out of my cock. But today I was surprised myself.

Then I started imagining kiss. I was also rubbing her nipples.
Kalpana said to me - Aryan in truth, you are fucking very much and very loudly. Till date I have made sex with many people, but your cock is small… but it is very fat and you fuck at very high speed.

I told him - my thirst has not quenched my life… I want to fuck you now.
Kalpana also said- Yes, I also want to fuck once more.
He started kissing me.

He removed the condom from my cock and took it straight in the mouth and cleaned all the semen with his tongue. I soon became so excited once again that by grabbing his head, he started fucking his mouth with his cock.

After a minute, my cock started saluting again. I told him - now I want to fuck you in doggy style.
She started to say - learned very quickly, or was making me pussy. Now you are talking about Doggy style?
I laughed and said- I had the experience of blue film, but you have given me the knowledge of kissing.

Kalpana got up and kissed me and after climbing the second condom on my cock, she came in doggy style on the bed.
I saw that his ass was so bulging that I felt like putting cocks in his ass. But Kalpana had already said that she does not get her ass killed. That is why I stopped killing.

Then I did a kiss on her ass and set my erect cocks in her pussy slices and shot a strong shot. My cock went inside her pussy with a jerk.
Kalpana shouted in a loud voice - ah… ah… yes my king Chodo… ahod loudly to your prostitute!

I too got excited and took out the cocks and put another shot. She shouted faster and started making sounds.

Now I have four to five slap on her pussy. She started screaming in pain. When I saw my hard cock, it had become even tighter. I started fucking her pussy just like that.

Kalpana was making sensual sounds. The sound of 'thump thump' was coming from my thigh hitting his ass. I caught her hair from behind in Doggy style, her pussy was very strong and I also covered her. I caught him with hair and started fucking him.

This was the second round of our fuck and was over ten minutes, but my cock had not showered the semen yet.
I was tired of hitting the back. I told Kalpana- Now I lie down, you come up and sit on my cock.

He too quickly put his pussy on my cock and sat on my cock while kissing me. I was holding her ass down and lowering her up.

After five minutes, her pussy was going to fall, then her speed had become even faster. She started getting loudly up and down. Also, both his oranges like oranges were blowing in the air.

After a full twenty minutes, his body began to stiffen. He said now you come up… I lie down.
I soon rolled her down and started riding on her and started fucking her pussy. My thighs collided with his thighs and there was a loud thump sound.

Kalpana-ha… Ah… Ah and loud and fast, fuck me till the end.
Her body fluttered and she collapsed. I was still shooting fast in his pussy.

Two minutes later, the lava of my cock was about to come out. Kalpana started supporting me. He again grabbed both his legs in my waist and started kissing me. She started biting my chest, biting my nipples. I got excited and hit him very hard and fell in his pussy. From my cock, a huge lava of semen burst into the imagined pussy. I lay on top of him tired.

After lying in the same way for two minutes, my cock came out of her pussy on its own. I saw that my condom got stuck in her pussy and my five inch cock has become one inch.

Kalpana saw a lot of semen flowing from my condom and falling on the bed there.
He quickly removed the condom from the pussy and said - right me friend… there is too much semen in your cock and you also do good sex. I also enjoyed it. I'll never forget this fuck I can give you a fuck job too. Will you do sex

After listening to the business of sex, I asked him - what happened?
He told that you will become a callboy In this, girls' aunts or sisters-in-law are looking for cocks to calm their fire.
I listened to him and said after thinking for a while - let's talk later.

That day I fuck with Kalpana twice and have a lot of fun. Then we both got ready to go. She wore a sari and I gave her money. Once again, I kissed him.

He said while leaving- I will definitely call you later… to tell you.
I nodded yes

I was very happy after Kalpana's fuck and now I felt like fucking with her one more time. As soon as I came home after fucking him, I was feeling very tired.

I just fell asleep thinking about my sex with Kalpana Randi. I also had a good sleep and I kept imagining in the dream as well.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt a wet feeling in my pants. I went to the bathroom and saw, because of yesterday's fuck and night dream, my semen in my pants had come out.

I finished my morning work with a smile and got ready and left for office.

On reaching office, I started thinking about tomorrow again. All the things of yesterday were seen back to me like a dream again and I started feeling like fucking back.

Friends, I want to tell you one thing that if you will never do sex for the first time in your life… then in your mind also you will think of sex again and again.
This was the reason why I thought that I would call Kalpana one more time and enjoy it one more time.

I called Kalpana.
He picked up and said- Say… How was yesterday… Enjoyed? Tell me why you called again today?
I told him - I want to see you again. I had a lot of fun yesterday, but my heart was not filled.

Kalpana started laughing at me and she said - I knew that your call would come… but you would call so soon, I had not thought of that. Anyway, I was going to call you after two days.

I said - but I am not in control now, see you at the place of tomorrow.
Kalpana said- No, today I am going to someone else. Last night, another customer booked me. We both meet tomorrow.
I said - okay.

I disconnected the phone and became depressed. But still I feel yesterday's fuck, that first kiss, that first naked woman, her boobs, her pussy, her ass… all the same was visible everywhere.

I quickly went to the office washroom and after going there, I murmured Kalpana's name and pacified my cock.

Then I came to my place and started working with impunity. Frankly, I did not feel like working. I felt like fucking Kalpana again and again and my cock was getting erected again and again.

Due to this, I went out of the office on the field and after coming home in the evening, I called Kalpana - come early tomorrow… and stay till late.
He laughed and said- Okay.

I went back to the bathroom and calmed Kalpana's name and fell asleep.

Waking up early next morning, I called my head in the office and said - My health is not good, so I will not be able to come to the office today.
Sir also said- Okay.

As soon as I was discharged from him, I was very happy and started thinking that today I will give a strong fuck to Kalpana. I quickly got ready and called Kalpana and decided to meet at our designated place.

I reached there before time and started waiting for it.
It was over ten minutes and no imagination came, so I called him and asked- Where are you? How long have i been here

He said that I will reach in just five minutes… Now I am in auto.
I said - Ok come soon… I am waiting.

I cut the call. I eagerly started waiting for it. It was ten minutes, but she did not come. So I called her back and asked - where have you been… How long am I waiting for you.

He said- Just the king… I am reaching now… Wait two minutes… I am on the signal, I will come.

Saying this, he cut the call and I started waiting on him while stroking his cock.

Five minutes later she was walking in front of me. Today she looked amazing. She wore a blue sari today and wore a blouse of the same color. She was really looking like a commodity. On seeing him, my cock started saluting in my pants.

We quickly arrived in the room. As soon as she came in, I quickly closed the room door and held her tightly from behind.

She was shocked by this act of mine and said- Oh hey wait… I am not going anywhere. First let me keep my purse, etc. and remove the scarf, my life.

I kept holding her like that and started kissing her on the neck. Kalpakari was coming out of Kalpana's mouth. He rubbed his hand in my hair and closed his eyes and continued to remove hisses.

Then I left her and came forward and removed the sari's pallu from her body and started sucking her lips vigorously. She also started supporting me and we both kept kissing for two minutes.

I quickly removed her sari from her body and lied on her bed and climbed on top of it.

Now what was fun in Kalpana's story of Chudai, I will write in the next part. Your mail will be waiting

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