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Monday, April 13, 2020

Pussyfucking lust callgirl extinguished -5

Pussyfucking lust callgirl extinguished -5

I am definitely a prostitute, but I am a human being… I also have pain. Today, like you fuck me, such fucking happened after my marriage. At that time I screamed so much.

In the last part of my sex story,
Chudai's lust extinguished
with the call girl, you read that I had called Chudgirl again and had a fall.

Now further:

Then we both went to the bathroom. He took the condom from my cock in his hand and said - Today, too many have fallen.
He threw the condom in the dustbin and cleaned my cock with water. After this, she also cleaned her pussy.

Then we both came back to bed holding each other's bare body.

After coming to bed, he said - Today you had killed me. What does someone do so loudly? I am definitely a prostitute, but I am a human being… I also have pain. Today, like you fuck me, such fucking happened after my marriage. I had shouted so much at that time, the pain that had occurred at that time has happened today. In truth, nobody has done so much hard work before me. You quench my thirst.

His satisfaction was clearly visible on Kalpana's face.
He kissed me and started licking my cock. My cock was erect again. I told him - I have to kill your ass now.
He said- Aryan, till date I have never killed my ass.
I told him - today I will not live without killing your ass.
Kalpana said - no please

I told him that I give you money separately.
Still Kalpana refused. Kaplana told me - I can fulfill both your wishes.
I said both?
He said- you only said that you have to drink milk coming out of teat, this is your wish.
I said - yes, at that time you said on the call that milk does not come in my nipple, then how now?
Kalpana said- not mine… someone else!

I said - Come on it is fine, but what other wish?
Kalpana bid - to kill ass?
I said, oh my good… then it is fine… So why was she not speaking earlier?
Kalpana said- I am not saying to kill my ass. I am talking about someone else, who will give you his milk with a teat and will also kill his ass.

Hearing this, I tightly hugged him around my neck and gave him a kiss.
I asked - when?
Kalpana said- You remember I told you that I will call you. I have some business with you.
I said yes yes… I remember.
Kalpana said- But for that you will also have to do one of my work.
I kissed him and said - sweetheart, what one… I will do a hundred things for you too.

I cut her nipple with her teeth… So Kalpana came out of her mouth.
Kalpana said that you will have to fuck one of my friends.

Hearing this, I was more than happy that some other pussy will be seen and fuck will also be there.
I told him- okay… how much will your friend take?
Kalpana said- No, she will not take any money.

Hearing this, my mouth became watery. Because friends, I used to give two thousand to Kalpana Randi for three shots. She also suck my cock in it and fuck it too.

I was very happy and told Kalpana - but how?
Kalpana said- In the chawl where I live, I have a friend in my neighborhood. His name is Sakshi. She is married and her husband drives an auto rickshaw. They have been married for eleven years… but they have not yet had a child, they want a child.
I said - but how can I help in this?
Kalpana said to me - you give her a baby by fucking her.

I was very scared to hear this and I said - No, I have not even been married yet. I was about to fuck only after marriage, but after being seduced by the friends of the office, I had decided to fuck. I can't even come to you much for sex now… because the housemates will marry me next year.

Kalpana said- I know. I am a prostitute… after finding out who is a virgin and who is not. Your friend Pankaj had already told me that you have not done anything till now. I know how straight you are and how they sent you to me.

I was listening to everything imaginable.
He said- I was also looking for a good man who could help my friend. I like you too… and you are also good. Help my friend Sakshi, she will give you some money and will fulfill your wish too.

Hearing this, I got scared too much and got into thinking.

Kalpana said- Never mind you tell. Now we complete our incomplete fuck, see how my Shona is ready to go in my pussy.
Saying this, Kalpana filled my cock in her mouth and started sucking my cock.

I was also pressing his head in my cock. My cock was very hard.
I told Kalpana - ah, take the whole cocks in the mouth.
After listening to me, he took my cock in even more.

I was closing my eyes and feeling his lips and tongue on my cock. She started licking the cocks in quickly, I was also enjoying it.

After a few minutes I said to Kalpana - now I kiss you.
Saying this, I put Kalpana on the bed and spread her legs and kissed her pussy. Then started to suck her pussy.

Kalpana closed her eyes and grabbed my head with her hands. She was pressing my head in her pussy and 'Ah… Hi… Aha… ss. … Aaah and loudly all over… .. It was like that.

I also spread her pussy a little by spreading my tongue inside her pussy and started to rotate. From this action of mine, Kalpana started bouncing her pussy and extracting loud intoxicating voices.

Aha hi ray. … And loudly… till deep inside ah… ah and suck na ah, eat my pussy… ah ha. … Aha Aha Sss .. '

Now it must have been two minutes while sucking the imagination of imagination that I felt something sour with her pussy.

Kalpana of the imagination was also increased here. I understood that now it is going to fall. Therefore, her pussy is now releasing water.

Kalpana too was lifting her pussy up and pressing her pussy in my mouth and was murmuring.

I said to him while removing his mouth from Chut - now you become a mare… I fuck you from behind.

She quickly got up from the bed and bowed her face towards the wall. I set my cock on her pussy and while kissing her neck, I inserted my cock in from behind.

My cock did not go in the pussy and slipped on the side. Then Kalpana said- Wait, I take it inside.
Kalpana further grabbed my cock from under her pussy and said - Now hit push.

From behind I also pushed her into the pussy. This time my cock went in completely and Kalpana came out of Kalpana's mouth.

I grabbed Kalpana's hair from behind and started fucking her. I was strongly pushing Kalpana from behind. Kalpana's ass hit my thighs and was making a sound of slap.

From my harp, Kalpana's mouth sounded the 'Aah… ah… uh… hmm… and loud and loud ah… ah… and in… chodo… me and chodo… yes similar hmm ah… ’. I was also fucking Chopna like a horse and loudly.

After five minutes I asked Kalpana to sit in a chair and get her fuck.
Kalpana quickly became straight and started kissing me with a hug and said - today drain all the water out of my pussy.

I sat on the chair and asked Kalpana to face me and sit on my cock.

Kalpana also sat on my cock in my lap, facing me in the same way. I was feeling his whole hot body on my chest. My cock was lost somewhere in her pussy.

I kissed Kalpana and started touching her ear with my tongue, started kissing.

By doing this, Kalpana tightly tightened my throat and started rubbing her pussy slowly on my cock. His intoxicating liquor started coming out. I also began to push my cock slowly down into the imagination. We were kissing each other while kissing.

Then I started sucking a boob of imagination in my mouth.
This made her even more hot and shouted me with her arms tightly - ah… do like this and put it in harder and no more… aaa aaa… ahhhhhh… hmm… ahh… I’m going to come… and fast ha… Ess… Aha. Ouch… and loud… please don’t stop till inside… and inside… ah… I am going to come… Ah I went Aryan… please don’t stop… and loudly Chodo na aha… Aha ah… Yes.

Having said that, she started to fall and I started sucking her two moms fast. Kalpana, after falling, wrapped her arms in my neck and started kissing me.

As soon as her pussy released water, she buried her nails on my back. She was biting her nails screaming. I was also fucking her pussy vigorously.

After fucking like this for a few minutes, I felt that now my cock has come in a condition to give up all its lava.
Whom did I tell Kalpana - I am going to miss.

Kalpana started jumping on my cock loudly and kissing me tightly with her arms, started turning my hand on my back.
After a minute, my body started twitching. I said - Ah my life, I am going to leave now.
He said- Ah… yes I am going to miss too.

She started jumping on my cock even harder. His ass was making a slap of slap on my pieces. This time my cock left his water and I kissed him a little tired. But the water of imagination had not come out, so she was jumping on my cock even harder. His pussy started falling that he hit me with more nails and 'Aha… Aha… Hmm… Aa… I went.' Saying that her pussy left the water.

I and Kalpana remained glued for ten minutes like this. Then when she got up from my cock, her pussy water started falling on my thighs. My cock shrunk completely and Kalpana's semen was placed outside the condom.

We kissed another… and came to the bathroom. They started cleaning each other.

Then after coming back, we started wearing clothes.

Kalpana said- Today, my life was more fun than yesterday. Every woman wants such a fuck, I am so satisfied today that when you were fucking me… and I was falling, then my body was trembling. In such a situation, my nails made you feel mistaken.
I said - no problem.

Then he gave a lovely smile and said- Aryan, I will not force you, but once you think about that friend of mine and tell me. I will wait for your call. If you want, I will also send you a nude photo of him.
I nodded and gave a smile.

Then we both left the room of the lodge.

Friends, how did you like this chudai story, please tell me by mail. I will wait for your mail. Next I will tell you how I became the father of a girl without marrying.

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