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Friday, April 17, 2020

Newly married sister ass kicked

Newly married sister ass kicked

I had fucked my sister's pussy. Then she got married, so when she came to her maternal home, my sister's youth was blooming. I like his raised ass so much…

Hello friends, I am once again in the mood with my new sex story.

You must have read my previous story
, sister burning in the fire of lust
. This sex story is ahead of the same story.

It is my sister Riya whom I had first time in Delhi. As I have told you in my last sex story.

Riya is now married, she came to the village house from her husband's house in January last month.

After marriage, she had changed completely or say that she had become the mistress of more raspberry youth. Seeing him, my cock leapt. Her cool pink lips became even more juicy. His legs, which were a little smaller then, seemed bigger and full. Seeing him, I felt like holding it now and suck it and give it to me.

Friends, as you know how much I like his raised ass. I had a big desire to kill her ass. But I could not kill her ass last time. Now his ass had become even more thick and big. Overall, at the moment my sister was feeling such a great doom that I was not going to stop. One reason was that it was worth fucking and the second reason was that she had been fuck with my cock. This time there was no problem of beating him. He had to take it just as soon as he got the chance.

She hugged me as soon as I saw her, I feel as if the happiness of heaven has faded. As if someone hurled from my chest. His cool mummies were sitting in my chest. With which my cock started moving.

I could not do anything in front of everyone, hugged him like that. But after dinner, I talked to her, so she told me that her husband also fuck her a lot. She has got the same husband as she wanted.

I was not happy to hear this. I was very relieved to hear what he said again and understand that it was fun.

He said- Whatever, my husband may fuck me every day but he could never complete my lack of fuck.

I embraced him as soon as I heard this. Just what… The body of both siblings started burning due to lust. She hugged me like a creeper, both of us joined our lips. We then started our lust orgy.

Friends, you just imagine how much fun it would be to have two young bodies, lonely night, no one to interfere. In such a situation, you can only guess what he must have been feeling in Chodane with his free will.

So we started our program. Riya got up and sat on my lap. Both of us put each other in our arms and started sucking each other's lips.

Ah, after so many days, my sister was having so much fun by filling her arms. While sucking Riya's cool juicy lips, I laid her on the bed and kept sucking her lips. My hands started sucking on her body while sucking her lips.

I filled both her cunts in both my hands and started to moan loudly, due to which Siskaris started coming out of her mouth. After rubbing her tits, I bare them. His legs were now bigger than before.

I started drinking his pimples alternately. As I drank and cuddled her pussy, her siskaris kept increasing. She too was enjoying herself by kissing me with her mother.

Girl's milk is such a gift of nature, which causes stiffness in the male's cocks. The raised ass and taut cock of any laundia provoke her sex feeling.

I had fun while pressing one of my sister's nipples in the mouth and the other with one hand. Then I took my other hand on her pussy and started rubbing the pussy with her hand. As soon as I got my hands on the pussy, she got up a little bit, maybe I had rubbed her pussy in the passion too fast.

"What will you do…. It is a delicate place… Do not slow down…"
I said kissing her - there is no fragile anywhere… takes long and thick cocks and after nine months removes a child of more than a foot.

She laughed and clung to my chest and started kissing me. I also started baking myself in the fire of his hot and young body.

Then, not losing time, I stripped my dear sister completely and removed all the clothes myself.

Wow, what was my sister looking for. His body was more full and muddled than before. Now I could not be late. The hungry lion was seen in front of the hot meat.

I started pulling her in my arms and rubbing them in my arms. Kissing her from the stomach started kissing her thighs. My sister was closing her eyes and enjoying the fun before her fuck.

Kissing her thighs, I gave a kiss on her pussy, which was full of work juice. Kissing on her pussy made her sizzle faster. I understood that my sister is now ready to fuck.

I sat between my two legs to take my Lund Maharaj to the door of his pussy and put both his legs on my waist. With this my cock came right in front of her pussy. Then I put my little weight on my sister and licked my cock in her pussy. All my cocks got penetrated in his pussy in one go.

Ah friends, how much fun I had as soon as I entered the cock… it cannot be described in words. After putting cocks in the pussy, I started fucking. My sister was enjoying it so much that she was raising her legs and fucking her ass up and down. This pride of ours lasted for a long time. After that we both piled into each other.

As soon as we put the cocks in our sister's pussy, both of us lay in the same way and lay each other naked, holding our arms in the same way.

After about half an hour my Lund Maharaj knocked again, so I started kissing my sister slowly in my arms. After a while she also started getting excited. This time, my eyes were very thick ass of my sister.

I told my sister- Riya this time I want to kill your ass.
She was scared to hear this and said- No brother… Do not kill ass… it hurts a lot.
I asked - have you ever killed me?
He said- Yes, once my husband had tried to kill my ass… but I was in a lot of pain, then he had removed his cock.

I persuaded him and explained that there will be little pain… there will not be much. Believe me you… I will hit your ass with great gratitude.

I like her ass so much, so I am trying to impress her. Then she also agreed. But he said - If there will be more pain, then you take out the cocks.
I agreed.

I started applying oil in my sister's ass by taking oil from the oil bottle. First I rubbed her ass flower upside down, leaving her ass ashamed. As soon as his ass stopped blushing, I put a finger in his ass. The finger was soaked with oil, so he enjoyed it.

I slowly started to loosen her ass with one finger. Then slowly put a finger inside. The oil kept dripping from the other hand and kept giving fun to her sister's ass. He was confident that he would not have any pain in killing my ass.

That's why she started saying - Come now… kill my ass.
As soon as I heard this from her mouth, I made my sister a mare and put my cock on her ass hole and put a little emphasis on it. His ass was very tight, so only the supra of my cock could penetrate inside.

He screamed as soon as the cocks were entered. I stopped for a while in the same position and started caressing her. When she calmed down, I again stressed. This time I hit a loud blow and put my whole cock in his ass.

As if Riya was as if she had lost her life. She was mumbling something, like a butcher has turned his hand on the neck of a lamb.

I filled her in my arms from behind and pressed her nipples. Kissed him After about 5 minutes she calmed down, so I started licking her ass.
Wow… I was having so much fun while licking my sister's ass.
Riya also started having fun after a while.

Now the ass was completely opened. I took out the whole cocks to check and then champed. She was delighted. This is just what I wanted. I started playing Now I would sometimes put my cock in her pussy from behind, sometimes in her ass. She was also getting excited. He was enjoying double. Today I too was enjoying a lot by beating my sister's pussy ass together.

What was the fun of killing my sister's ass, how to write it, it cannot be said. After some time we both got absorbed in each other. After ten minutes, they separated and looked at each other and smiled.

That night both of us siblings fuck me fiercely and I played her ass three times. She became adept at picking up cocks from the ass with fun.

How did you like this story of me and my sister, please tell me by mailing me.

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