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Monday, April 13, 2020

Neighbor virgin girl's seal broken

Neighbor virgin girl's seal broken

I used to live on rent. A family came in the room with me. I liked a young girl in it. How did I cultivate friendship with her and then fuck her virgin burra?

Hello friends, My name is Ramesh and I am from Sonipat district of Haryana. I am a regular reader of intuition. After reading stories in Antivasana, I felt that I too should share my past with myself.

I work in Sonipat, and live on the same rent. It was about 3 years ago, when I changed my room, and I went to live in another building, four floors in the floor where I lived. There were rooms out of which I went and took a room there.

Initially, I did not talk to anyone there because I was new and hesitated to talk to anyone!

Slowly the time passed and when I came home from duty after finishing my morning shift for 1 day, I saw that a family had come to my side room to live.
So I was very happy that till today I was living alone, now someone has come to live on our side.

In that family, an uncle and an aunt and their son were all cleaning together. So I said hello to him and started asking him how well.

Then after some time a girl came out from inside. Seeing him, my eyes got torn. For 1 second, I fell silent and kept looking at him.
Then he called me hello. I also called him hello.

After this I went to my room and they went to their room in their house.

Going inside my room, I could not forget it. His figure was spinning in my mind, his figure was 28 30 32. She was not yet old, she was 19 years old.
There was only one thing in my mind that how do I friendship with it and how do I meet it.

There was no conversation for a few days. Then slowly his brother started coming to my room and we started talking a little bit.

Then we used to do hello hello.

One day his brother said - I have missed my job, I need work.
When I used to work in good company, I brought him into my company and attached him to a supervisor.

Now we all became good friends and we started coming to each other's room. When I used to go to his room, I used to get upset after seeing his sister and I used to start walking in my mind!

When I looked at her, she used to look at me diagonally.
I told him one day only by daring - I want to talk to you.
She said - I am not such a girl.

I did not even look at him after that day.

But the heart believes two to four days have passed… and I tried to talk to him again.
This time he did not do it once, then said- Okay, give me your number.

We started talking on the phone. Initially, we used to talk normal things. If I used to talk to her about something sexy, she would feel shy and cut off the phone.
But I was no less… I slowly brought him to the line.

Now she used to come to my room sometimes when her mother went to the neighbors somewhere! I would press her boobs , finger her pussy .
This went on for at least two months.

One day someone suddenly died in his relocation, then his mother and father suddenly had to go to Delhi. I was very happy to hear this.
Only his brother was going to stay at home tonight.

Then an idea came to my mind, after speaking to the supervisor of my company, I got his brother shifted to night duty.
Now I had only two in our room on our floor and he had only two left in his room.
Tonight was going to be very colorful for me.

My evening vacation time was not coming that day… the waiting clocks were not coming to an end. It seemed to me that today is not a big day.

At 6:00 I left the company and came to the room. As soon as I came, she saw me and hugged me and started crying because her aunt had died.
I made him silent.

It was 7:00 pm at that time. I silenced him and took him inside. Then he made a little food for me and himself. We ate food, then I went to my room.
At this time she was very sad, so I thought it is not right to do such a thing now.

I lay on the bed and caught my eye. Didn't know when I fell asleep. Because I had worked all day, I quickly fell asleep.

My phone rang at around 12:00 and I suddenly woke up. I saw that the phone was not of anyone but the neighbor girl.
I said - Hello!
She said - I am very scared… I have never slept alone till today.

I said to him - come to my room.
After 2 minutes I came to my room and lay on the bed with me.

I started kissing him by lying with him. Gradually she started warming up. I started pressing her boobs with one hand and putting the other hand in her panty, put a finger in her pussy, then water started coming from her pussy.
I understood that the girl is hot.

I removed his lower and kept it from the bottom and put the tongue in his pussy and started licking it. Siskaris started coming out of his mouth. I started getting more excited, I started licking his pussy more and more.

This was my first fuck, it felt like I am in heaven.

My cock, which is 6 inches, stood and looked like it would explode.

Now I started drinking her boobs. She was taking loud Siskaris. She said - do something… I am no longer going… now please do something fast.

I put a pillow under his ass and put a big cock on his pussy, then I pushed half of my cock into his pussy.
A loud scream came out of his mouth.
I stopped there and started kissing him.
Tears were coming out of his eyes.

After pausing for a while, I started to fight back and forth. Then after hitting another hard blow, the whole cocks got into her pussy. Then he screamed one more time. After a little pause, when she became normal, I started taking the cocks out.

Now she too started having fun and she too started to shake ass.

We kept chuding for at least 10 minutes and the two of us left the water together.

That night, we fuck three times and she slept in my room on my bed with me the whole night. She then got up at 6:00 am and went to her room wearing her clothes.

After this, whenever we had a chance, we used to fuck.

Friends, this is my first sex story so forgive my mistakes.
I will bring you more new funny and sexy stories.

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