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Neighbor girl's bur chodan ki tamanna-2

Neighbor girl's bur chodan ki tamanna-2

My mother beat the master and he started fucking my mother's pussy. I showed her daughter a live fuck of her father. What did I do with that virgin bur then?

In the previous part of the story, in the
neighborhood girl's Bur Chodan's Tamanna-1
, I had told that I had made a complete plan to fuck my neighbor master's daughter. My mother was also supporting me in my planning.

One day Rajesh Master was going to his village and he started asking his daughter to leave our house. My family agreed to that. My mother sat talking with that master.

Seeing my mother's teat and ass in many things, her cock got erected and she made my mother fuck. Both of them were watching his daughter Tanu and I too.

When I could not live, I took Tanu to the room inside. I could not wait to fuck her pussy anymore. As soon as I moved in, I laid him on the bed.

I said- Today I am going to make you a woman from a girl.
She said - how is she?
I said - when the boy's cock penetrates into the girl's pussy, then she starts fucking her pussy.
She said- No, I will not be able to take your cock.

Putting his hand on his bur, I shook him and said- This virgin who is your virgin has a lot of potential. It can fit anyone's cock inside itself. It is too late to start just once. Bur is made for Chodne only. You have not seen how your father was fucking my mother's evil!

Tanu was convinced of my point and I started taking her clothes off. I removed all his clothes one by one. His body was white like milk. Just a little frown came down on his head. I made him sit on my lap and started drinking the juice of his lips.

Drinking his lips was getting a lot of juice. My hands were pressing his orange-like hips. After some time, I was going to drink the juice of her nipples too. After sucking her lips, I started drinking her nipples.

Due to the feeling of my lips, within a short time her tit started getting tight. He started enjoying it. Her nipples were completely stretched. I crushed her nipple. He sighed.

Then I moved towards her pussy, kissing her stomach, I placed my lips on her hot boar, then her mouth sighed and she sobbed like a shiver.

I again widened her legs and started sucking her tight pussy with tongue. Fun stuff started coming out of his mouth. I quickly started to tongue in and out of her pussy. His pussy began to heat up like a furnace.

Now my cock was going to come out after tearing my pants. I started removing my clothes. First removed the shirt and then the pants. Seeing my pestle Alada, Tanu's eyes widened with surprise. I was scared to see the size of my cock.

I said - do not panic, the longer and thicker the cocks are, the more it is fun to fuck pussy. Today this is going to make you a woman from a girl. Do not be afraid to see it, welcome it.

He saw my cock touching my underwear. I ran into my cock quite a bit and I removed my underwear. My wet cocks are wet, I put Tanu's hot bur on the mouth.

She swore. I drank his cunt. He was enjoying it. I had not yet tried to push the cocks inside. I was trying to heat Tanu as much as possible.

After drinking her Tits, I gave her tongue in her pussy again and started sucking vigorously. Now she was trying to press my mouth between her thighs.
He sighed and said - Ahhh… it is very fun Ankit. I feel it for the first time.

I continued to suck her pussy. After that, I put my cock on her pussy and hit her hard to push the penis into her pussy. The supra of my cock had not even gone in that it screamed.

Seeing the beauty of the occasion, I sucked her lips and started pressing her nipples. His moaning and voices were buried inside. I started drinking while pressing her cunts hard.

After some time, when she became normal, I hit a loud blow in her pussy and broke the seal of her pussy and entered my cock into her bur. His pussy was torn, due to which blood started coming out of his bur.

I had thought that if I pulled the cocks out now, it would not let the cocks in again, so I continued to push the cocks in her pussy slowly. She kept screaming and moaning. I continued to drive cocks.

After some time, her pussy spread a bit and my cock now started coming out inside her bur. Tanu's bur was very tight. It seemed that my cock would peel off. I could barely push the cocks in his bur.

Within five-seven minutes my cock left water in his bur. Tanu's condition had worsened. Looking at her, it seemed as if she had become half dead. I cleaned his bur with a cloth.

She clung to my chest and I slept with her. I was glad that I had opened the seal of his bur. I had made a virgin raw bud and made flowers. The touch of his semi-developed breasts was giving a lot of comfort on my chest.

She said - have I really become a woman now?
I said- Yes, your womanhood has begun. But now you will have to kiss many times to become a full woman. Did you not enjoy today's fuck?
She said - I enjoyed it but the pain was also much.

Then he asked- When my father was fucking your mother in front of your eyes, you were not getting angry?
I said - no, I fuck my mother every day. My sister and sister-in-law also live in my house. I have even fuck her pussy. But I have not been able to fuck my elder sister's pussy yet. Soon I will give a fuck to big sister's pussy too.

Tanu said after listening to me - When you have had so many pussy fucking, why have you fuck my poor friend?
I said - When I saw you for the first time, then my mind was set to fuck you. I had made up my mind that one day I will definitely fuck your pussy.

While doing all these things, my cock was once again erected.
I told Tanu - suck my cock in your mouth, don't you know!
Tanu held my cock in his hand. My cock was heating like hot iron.
That quote - how did such a thick and long cock go into my little pussy?

I said- If you practice your pussy every day, then you man can take the cocks of any cocks in your pussy. The pussy has all kinds of ability to take cocks inside.

Tanu said- Before this, did you have any pussy fuck of Thakurine?
I said no, you are the first. My dream was to fuck a Thakurine's pussy.

I was feeling happy in my mind, I was able to fuck a thakurine's pussy. Through this, I could fuck Thakurine's pussy even more. My mother was also the most Thakur people.

I put my cock in front of Tanu's mouth. He took my cock in his mouth and started sucking. I started to lie down and enjoy sucking my cock. She kept sucking my cock for a while. After that I started sucking her lips again.

Tanu's face was very cute. Sucking her lips was getting different fun. After sucking her lips for some time, I once again set the cocks on her pussy.

I pushed the cocks on his bur. She had broken the seal of the pussy some time ago, so her pussy started burning and screaming. I tried to silence her but she used to bite my hand and start screaming again.

His voices started going out. Hearing his screams, my mother also came to my room. I had penetrated the cocks in Tanu's pussy. She was pushing on her pussy. Danadan was fucking her.

My mother started looking at the fuck of both of us. Tanu was taking my cock in her pussy in front of my mother. My mother was also happy to see her son fucking the master's daughter.

In a while, Tanu started taking cocks after having fun. I rubbed her pussy vigorously. My cock was completely red with the blood of her pussy. Tanu's condition was deteriorating. Then I took the cocks out.

My mother took a review of Tanu's pussy. He saw that Tanu's pussy was wide open. The blood was broken on her pussy. My mother cleaned her pussy with a cloth.

I told Tanu - now you take some rest.

My cock was still taut. My water did not come out.
Mother said- my red, now will you fuck my pussy or play my ass?

Tanu said- Chodo his ass. I want to see your mother's ass fuck. His ass is very wide.
Mother said - I have got this size of the ass made by taking the returned. It swallows one to one Alore. That is why it has become so wide.

I said- I will accept your point on one condition.
Tanu bid - what condition?
I said - if you promise to fuck every girl and woman in your house, then I will give my mother's ass in front of you.

She said - Come on, okay. I will get you the pussy of every girl and woman in my house. I have my sister and my step mother in my house. I can get you her pussy too. Not only this, if you fuck my step-grandmother, I will enjoy it more. It is because of them that my father is living alone today. She keeps her daughter with her. I want you to fuck my step granny's pussy. He has a lot of respect in his village. I want you to fuck their pussy and break their arrogance. After that, whose pussy you want to fuck, I am ready to do for you. I was the only virgin pussy in my house, which you had already been a fucker.

I said - okay. Then it was confirmed. Now you see how I fuck my mother. You should also learn its kindness.
Saying this, I put my cock in my mother's mouth and my mother started sucking my cock very loudly in fun. I was enjoying something different from my mother in front of Tanu.

Tanu was watching my mother carefully. My mother was sucking my cock like a lollipop in her mouth. Seeing the licking of my cock by him, Tanu's mind was probably made to suck my cock.

I was getting more excited seeing Tanu's Tits. My mother was sucking my cock loudly and taking it up to the throat. In between, I used to give loud and thick titties to my mother. In front of Tanu, we mother and son were feeling a new adventure in having sex.

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