Friday, April 17, 2020

Neighbor girl's bur chodan ki tamanna-1

Neighbor girl's bur chodan ki tamanna-1

A new tenant arrived in the colony. He was a college teacher. His daughter was very good. My mind was troubled by her daughter's pussy fuck. How did I fuck that cumming pussy?

Friends, Ankit has once again brought a story for you guys. I am very fond of reading and writing the story of sex and sex, so I wait for such incidents.
My previous story was
my cock's crazy village's desi bur

Today's new sex story is about a tenant living in my own colony.

In the colony where I live, a tenant came to live in a house. There were only two people in his family. One was a man of 40 years of age and he had a daughter with him.

The man's wife had died. The man used to teach in a private college nearby. I also saw his daughter. When I asked my friends about their house, it came to know that only father and daughter live in their house.

The name of the man was Rajesh Singh. His daughter was 18–19 years old. It was thin to see. But the color was white like milk. The bulge of his chest also did not seem much developed. That girl used to cook for her father at home.

I had my mind on that girl. I was trying to fuck him. That is why I started trying to increase my interaction with him. But I could not approach him directly.

For this I thought of taking help from my mother.

Friends, if you have read my previous stories, then you will know that I fuck my mother daily. I have told you in previous stories about your mother's fuck.

For those readers who have not read the story of my mother's sex, I am giving a little glimpse of how physical relations are between my mother and me. For that, let me tell you about my mother first.

My mother's name is Shalini. My mother is a spunky woman. She is above the age of 46 but she looks very young. My mother's complexion is blond.

Although every part of my mother's body is cool, but the most attractive thing in her body is her arched cucumbers. Seeing the rise of his ass after tit, then the cock of anyone can get tense.

My mother chicks me every day. In his ass, everyone wants to suck his cock. My mother's ass is now wider than before. That day, I took my mother to the market. On the way there, I told my mind to my mother sitting on the bike.

I told my mother - I have a pussy fuck of Rajesh Master's daughter.
Mother asked- So what can I do in it?
I said - I will need your help.
Mother said- I feel that to fulfill your wish, I will have to take a man's cock.

I understood the mother's point. She was talking to Master Rajesh about sex.
I said- Yes, if you beat Rajesh, then the way for his daughter's fuck will be easy. But you have to do something that Rajesh Master will go mad on his own to fuck you.
While doing all these things, my cock was standing in my pants. I was thinking that I should give my mother a fuck in the market there.

I then drove the bike back.
Mother said- where are you going? We have to go to the market to get the goods!
I told my mother - my cock is erect. Now it needs a pussy. Till it does not get pussy, it will continue to bother me like this.

Mother touched my cock from the top of my pants and saw it. My cock jerked off as soon as it touched my mother's hand.
Mother said- Ohhh… it is longing for pussy. Looks like it needs pussy right now.

I said - yes, then we are going towards home. It can be found at home only.
Mother said- Okay.
Both mother and I came back home.

After coming home, I immediately locked the door inside. Taking me in, I slammed my mother on the bed. I put her sari up and rubbed her pussy with her hand. She was not even wearing panties from below.

My cock was already getting distraught to go to Bur. I removed my pants and lowered my shirt and set the cocks in the mother's pussy. I pushed my cock in my mother's hot pussy went away.

I started to pay my mother's burp without delay. Mother also started enjoying her pussy fuck. Sounds of ahhhh were coming out of his mouth. She was enjoying the fuck with my cock. I too was enjoying paying for that pussy, the pussy from which I had come out myself.

After ten minutes of fucking, I removed my water in the mother's pussy. After that I slept on top of it. After some time, when my fatigue went away, I told my mother - you remember your work, don't you?
Mother said- Yes, remember.
I said - Then start your work.

After that I found out the entire routine of Rajesh Master. I told my mother about each of her activities.

It is a matter of one day that Rajesh Master was walking on his terrace. At the same time, the mother also went for a walk on the terrace. Mother knew what to do with it.

She was pretending to be unknown in front of Rajesh. The pallu of her sari was set in such a way that some part of mother's nipple was visible from a distance. When Rajesh Master's eye fell on my mother's chest, his attention was focused on him. He started torturing my mother's pussy repeatedly.

The mother was successful in her cause. After showing her nipple, she erected his cock and came down. Now Rajesh Master was about to get caught in the trap thrown by us. The next morning mother washed clothes and went to dry on the roof above.

Rajesh was already roaming there. Seeing the mother, he was scratching his cock, or rather he was trying to show his mother by rubbing his cock. His eyes were fixed on my mother's wide ass. Mother came down on that day too, longing for her.

Now often the master used to walk on his roof. They were getting very much attracted towards my mother. The reason for this could also be that his wife was not with him. Everyone has a desire to have sex. So Raja Master's Aloda was also desperate to enjoy the fuck of someone's pussy.

Rajesh was now paying attention to me. He was probably looking for a way to talk to my mother. Just like I was taking my mother's help to fuck her daughter's pussy.

One day I was drinking cold drinks at a shop. Rajesh Master stood at the same shop after seeing me. He also started drinking a cold drink.

He spoke to me for the first time that day. He asked me my condition. In this way there was some acquaintance between us. Since that day, he often started talking to me. One day he invited me to his house.

When I reached her house, her daughter made tea for both of us. That day we drank tea together. Now we had a good friendship.

After about a month, he invited me to his house once again. On that day, he also asked for two beers to drink. We both started sitting together and drinking.

After a while drinking, Rajesh's heart rate started coming out.
He said- I wish… its mother would have been alive Ankit dude!
I asked- Do you miss them a lot?
He said- Yes, I miss him a lot. He used to get entertained in the night.

I said- Yes, this is true. I feel the lack of a wife.
He said - yes man, his pussy was very fun to fuck. Now how many days have passed. I have not received anyone's pussy. Today I feel very much for fucking someone's pussy. Tired of beating hands.

I asked - why don't you get married again?
Rajesh said, man, I have also got married second. But my second wife does not live with me. She lives near her mother. She does not behave well with my daughter either. I had a fight with him after a few days. After that she went to her maternal home. It has been 6 months since he left.

While expressing sympathy to Rajesh, I said- So you miss your first wife very much. I think that the relationship between you two must have been very deep, that's why you miss them so much.

He said - yes man, she was very straight. Never spoke anything. There was no problem in fucking her. Used to fuck her like she used to. Even with pain, she tolerated fuck.

I said - if you do not mind then ask one thing?
He said - yes.
I said - what was the reason for his death?
Rajesh said - She died of a snake bite.
Speaking of this, Rajesh's eyes filled up. They started crying in front of me.

Just then, his daughter came there and tried to silence her father by comforting him. After that Rajesh calmed down a bit. I was also sad to hear his story. That night I again came to my house.

The next day I was doing some work at home in the morning. My father was getting ready for office (bank) at that time. That's when Rajesh came to our house with his daughter.
He said to my father - Brother, I live in a house next to you. I have to go to my village for a few days. I was worried about taking care of my daughter. I thought that if you guys feel right, then I will leave my daughter with you and I will be relaxed and go. Anyway Ankit knows me well. He also knows my daughter. Do you have any objection?

The same things were happening that the mother also came out. Father gave him permission. After that, the father went on his duty. Rajesh started talking with his mother. After some time, the mother said - You have come to our house for the first time, you will go after drinking tea.

Then I too came out.
The mother pointed to Rajesh's daughter and said to me - Take your sister inside.
I told the mother in a gesture that today you have to show half the light, this is the right time. Mother also understood my point.

I took Rajesh's daughter inside. Seeing his white body, I was thinking that I would pay him here. My hands were becoming uncontrollable to press his apple-like cock. He was wearing a red frock. In it, he was looking even more amazing.

I took Rajesh's daughter inside. After going inside he started asking her about her study. At first she was hesitant. But soon she started talking openly.
Then I got up and started going.
Where are you going?
I said - I am just coming.

When I came out and saw it, Rajesh Master and my mother were talking laughing. I saw that Rajesh's cock was taut in his pants. It seemed that he is sitting desperate for my mother's fuck.

Standing there, I started seeing this fun scene. After a minute, Rajesh laid his hand on my mother's thigh. Mother also did not oppose him. Rajesh kept his hand on my mother's thigh. His cock was jerking loudly. My mother also knew about his cock.

In due course the mother got up and went to the kitchen to make tea. I saw that Rajesh Master was rubbing his trunk Alore from the top of the pants. I came to know that now the stitch of Rajesh and mother is fit.

After seeing all this, I went back to my room. His daughter was sitting there. I forgot to tell you his name. His name was Tanu. Going inside, I also sat on the bed with him. I sat with him and started talking to him again.

In other words, I put my hand on Tanu's hand. He did not answer any of my actions. Now my courage was also increasing a bit. I kept the hand on his hand. Before doing anything further, I wanted to see the outside.

I got up and went out. Tanu sat there on the bed. I went out and saw that both mother and Rajesh were joking openly. Time and again Rajesh's hand was going on my mother's thigh. My mother was not opposing him either.

When Rajesh could not keep up, he started caressing my mother's thigh with his hand. A sigh came out of my mother's mouth. On this Rajesh pressed my mother's thigh vigorously. Seeing the positive response of the mother, her courage increased further.

He placed his hand on my mother's nipple and pressed her nipple. Mother was also getting hot. She got up and started going towards her room. Rajesh also followed my mother, sighing and sighing after seeing her slapping ass.

Even before reaching the room, he grabbed my mother from behind and pressed both her cunts hard. Seeing this view, my cock was also tanned. But then I came to know that someone is standing behind me. When I looked back, Tanu was also watching all this.

When I saw him, his eyes bowed with shame. His face was turning red all over.
I said - when you are watching, then see it comfortably.
I said holding her hand and rubbing it.

She released her hand from my hand and started going towards the room. But I caught him and pulled him back. The door of the mother's room was seen open in front of which there was a bed in front. Both me and Tanu were looking inside.

We saw that my mother went inside and lay on the bed. Rajesh Master lay down on my mother. Without delay, he started sucking my mother's lips. Mother was also supporting him. Both were lost in each other.

Rajesh opened my mother's blouse and removed her nipples. The next moment his lips were drinking loudly on my mother's Tits. Sometimes he was sucking a teat in the mouth and sometimes he was sucking and drinking the other teat.

I was not stopped here either. My hands had reached Tanu's Tits. I pressed her cunts alternately and started having fun. She too was not in a position to protest seeing the front view.

We were both enjoying the scene in front. We saw that Rajesh had opened his pants. He put the mother's sari up and took out his cock.

He pulled my mother's panty down from her thighs and placed her cock between my thighs on my mother's pussy. It seemed like she was thirsty for long time.

The very next moment, she licked my cock in my mother's pussy and started giving it to her. The voice of his shoppers was also coming in our ears, which was also increasing the excitement of my body.

Here my mother was also enjoying the fuck of pussy with that master's cock. Siskaris were coming out of the master's mouth loudly - ahhh… ohhh… yahhh… chod do tujhe ankit ki mother… ahhh…. After so many days I got to fuck pussy. Chudai is getting such fun after many days.

He was feeding my mother's pussy while making a noise. After a while, his speed slowed down after catching speed. He dropped his goods in my mother's pussy.

Here Tanu and my condition also became thin. I was not stopping. I pressed Tanu's nipple hard and held her hand and walked towards my room. I could not wait anymore for Rajesh Master's daughter's sex.

The story will continue in the next part. To give your feedback on the story, please give your message on the mail id given below.

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