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Friday, April 17, 2020

Neighbor aunt got cheated then got chance of sister's pussy

Neighbor aunt got cheated then got chance of sister's pussy

I wanted to fuck an aunt in my neighborhood. One day he saw a blue film in my phone and told my mother. So my elder sister saved me and…

Hello friends, I am Rohit. Today I am going to dare to tell you about the incident that happened to me.

This is in the year 2012, when I was 19 years old and in class 12. One sister in my family was 23 years old and another sister was 21 years old. My elder sister's name is Priya and younger's name is Supriya.

My elder sister is in Delhi, doing medical studies. I and Supriya used to live here with my father at home.

At the same time, a friend of mine told me about the immigration site. I enjoyed opening the site and enjoyed it.

I have read many sex stories here and have been studying till now.

My first desire in my sex story was my aunt living in my neighborhood.
Aunt had a young daughter, aunt used to have the goods of number one. Her ass was so thick that when she used to flirt, the cocks of the best good used to stand in the pants.

I used to die on them and used to think about them all the time. He used to go to his house with an excuse, talk to him and teach his daughter. Aunt was also happy with me and whenever she had any work, she used to call me. I also wanted an excuse to behold them.

At the same time, an August 15 program was held in the school. I took a lot of photos and came home with sweets. I went to aunt's house and started telling them what had happened in school.

I was showing my aunt a photo on mobile and was touching her mummies with a slight elbow. I was feeling very good.

That is why I thought that I would put forward a little effort, if it happens then the matter will be made… otherwise it is not a problem.

Aunt was watching the video on my phone. At the same time, I opened the folder of blue film to show the second clip and as soon as the film with sex. So I quickly closed the folder.

Aunty had a glimpse, she started asking what was that?
I said - you do not know what?
Auntie said- don't know… you tell.

I was bursting from inside. I could not speak what I wanted to say.

Aunt- Rohit, don't tell… what was that.
I - nothing… was a cartoon film.
Aunt - Show me how a cartoon film is!
I started to say fearfully - that aunty… I will show you again sometime.
Aunt- No show yet.

I thought a little and I reopened the folder and drove BF.
Aunt- Chhie: What is this… You see all this… Today I tell your mother.
When I started turning off the phone in fear, he said softly - don't stop and let me see… what is the cartoon like.

I was very happy from inside. I thought that sex with aunt was going to happen.

Then came the voice of mother from my house - Rohit… after having dinner.
I stopped everything and came home and ate food.

Then my friend came to call for cricket, then I went on phone charging and went with him.

In the evening when I came back to play and did homework. After remembering aunt in the night, he cocks and slept.

Was very happy the next day in the morning and was ready to move on from what happened yesterday.

That day, I left school like that… I came home after the holiday. As soon as I came home, I did not even keep the bag that my mother started scolding me. She had a stick in her hand.

I thought I did not know what to do…. Me- what happened mother why are you screaming?
Mother- where did you go yesterday?
I went to play cricket after home yesterday.
Mummy- and aunt's house!
Me- Yes I went there for a while too.
Mummy- what did you do?

I immediately understood that aunt has got her killed… and today she will be sure.

Mother said- You were showing them pictures of naked girls.
When Mummy said this, I understood that something is wrong 'Daya' ... Something is wrong. Aunt has told… but has not told the whole thing. Looks like aunt has said only photos.

I said that mommy is a cartoon, she looks like this. Aunty showed cartoons when asked to show. Now what should I do with it… If they were looking at the cartoon girls too.

My mother used to say something before that, then my elder sister opened her tongue. I thought that even if I had not done it, I would have died even now… because she used to give me a fake. Today he has got a chance.

Supriya didi had come and mother would like to kill me, she would have held me tightly and pulled me. I was feeling his soft grip in his grip. But the mind was not working at all right now. I did not think anything about this subject.

Supriya- Mummy is a cartoon.

I kept wondering what she was saying. Where has this sun come out today? The sister-in-law always used to beat me, what has happened to her today.
He said - mother leave it… After today it will never go to those aunt's house. If you go then you will get beaten up.
I also said yes, I will not go to his house.

There was a lot of pain in the heart, but I refused at that time.

Finally, Supriya didi said that if you want, then it will not get today's food for Punishments.
Mummy also fixed the punishment for not giving food.

What would I do… Today my aunt had cheated.
Well… It was evening, I came back after playing. When the food was ready, then didi brought it.

Supriya - take a kiss… Mommy father has gone out somewhere… eat quickly… otherwise you do not get anything to eat today.
My heart was broken… So I said - I will not eat.
Sister- Okay… don't eat… I eat.
She sat in front of me and started eating.

Didi: By the way, aunt was there when I came to complain to you. At that time you went to play.
What do I do?
Didi- I have saved you baby!
I - so what arti should you do?

Didi- Okay… Then I tell the truth to my mother that there are blue films in your phone.
I - what, aaaaaaaaaaa….
Didi- Don't tell me lies, Auntie came after you left… and I saw your phone after aunt left.

Hearing this, my ass broke.

Didi - tell me where to put it in the folder… Let me tell everyone my mother!
I am sorry sister.
Didi - now I am not on duty ..

I had never talked to her like this, she started talking a lot with me.

Didi - What did you see in aunty?
I- Special ..
Didi- What is special among them… which is not available in other girls?
I have… Why should I tell you?
Sister- tell me brother or else…

Didi ends the talk, before that I said - yes you know… will tell mommy… everything is special in them.
Sister- what what!
I do not leave… what was kept in all this?
Sister- Tell quietly.
I - they are very big… and the body is also cool… their figure is also good.
Didi- This is how many girls do. I also have

Then I turned my attention to Didi. Till now I did not even notice that he is wearing T-shirt and lower.

When I saw him, I kept watching. What was mamme, that is, her boobs packed inside a big bra… and she was absolutely ready to tear the T-shirt. His size must have been 34. The T-shirt was deep-necked, so the upper part of the boobs was visible. I was now lost in his deep cleavage, I just kept looking at my sister's milk.

Didi- what is watching?
I - my sister, you… sister -
what about me!
Me- you are very big… and beautiful too.

I felt that after I left, Didi has seen the entire collection of blue films and she is completely hot.
Didi said yes, tell me… and listen I have eaten food… You should also eat. Tell again
I also took food and started sitting on the bed in the TV room.

Supriya didi changed her clothes. He opened the room's gate, the light was on. Seeing her sexy moves was stirring in my heart.

Didi's cool body was seen for the first time today. I started looking at Didi with a sexy look.

His ass was puffed up, the size was also a 36-inch ass. Was you looking good. She came and sat near me.
I finished the food very quickly and I also sat near him.

Didi also put her feet in the sheet. I also put my feet in the same sheet.

Sister was turning her feet on my feet. My cock was getting erected with his touch. His hand slowly came on my thigh.

She smiled looking at me. I also smiled in reply.

Sister was moving slowly. My cock was now tanned. I too put my hand forward and put it on his leg.

Was there a kefri on Didi's leg? When I raised my hand, thighs were naked too.

Didi took out her kefri as soon as she sat inside the sheet.

I understood that Sister is in full mood today. My mind had also changed now. I was turning my hand on Sister's thigh and Sister was feeling my cock from above. She was turning her hand on my cock.

I also put my hands on Didi's panties and did a kiss on the lips. She clung to me and we both started having sex. I extended my hand and grabbed her milk and she started moving cocks.

Now I looked in his eyes and indicated sucking cocks. Sister looked towards the door of the room and pointed at me.

I woke up and came to the room key. Turning back, Didi was just sitting on the bed in bra panties. I quickly removed the lower T-shirt and started caressing the cocks standing in the tights.

Didi called with a gesture of a finger, so I stood beside her on the bed. Didi took down my trunks and grabbed the cocks. The next moment he started sucking my cock. I started sprinkling her milk.

Within five minutes my cock left the squirrel and Didi drank the juice.

After some time she went to the bathroom with her clothes, asking me to wear clothes. I also put on clothes.
I knew that it was time for the mother's arrival.

Supriya didi's pussy was set on fire and now any day a chance could be fuck her pussy. Like the sister's kiss, I will write to you first.

Friends, please tell by mail how you liked my sex story.

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