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Friday, April 17, 2020

My spoiled mom and her buddies

My spoiled mom and her buddies

My father changed and he moved to another city. After this, my mom's colors changed. She started going out, wearing a jeans top with a sari. Made a friend and then…

Hello friends, my name is Arun Kumar. I am from uttar pradesh I am 23 years old.

This story is about my mom and her friend, how mom and her friends enjoy their beauty and youth.

My mom's name is Renu, her age is 47 years. Height is medium, color dark and slightly thick. The size of his body is 34-32-36.

It is about that time when we shifted to a city 58 km from our village.

My father works in a private company, is a supervisor. After about 3 years, his company changed the area by promoting his father. Then I was 19 years old and studied in the 12th, because of my studies, Mom refused to go with her to her father.
Papa moved to a new place after 1 week… I and Mom started living there.

Mom started showing her color as soon as her father left, she started going outside, going out to eat in the restaurant. From sari to suit, from suit to jeans started wearing top. She was 43 at the time.
Mom jeans looked very hot in the top due to being a bit thick. All the local people looked at him with lust and they do not know what to say.

Then she started going out everyday. He made a new friend of his kind. His name was Pushpa. Sometimes she used to come home with Mom and stayed the night.

One day Mom and Pushpa aunty came home at 8 o'clock at night. We all had dinner. Around 10 o'clock I went to sleep.

Then at about 1 o'clock in the night I started urinating, so I started going from my room to the bathroom, so I saw the light in Mom's room is burning.
I was returning after urinating, when I heard the voice from Mom's room, I went there. I saw from the window that both Mom and Pushpa aunty were drinking.

Pushpa aunty was saying- Renu, you are looking very sexy today my life!
So Mom also started saying - Pushpa, you also look very sloppy.
Then Pushpa aunt said to Mom- Renu man, my pussy is itching, lick it and calm it down!

Friends, I was stunned to hear that my mom does this too.

Then Mom and Pushpa Aunty had Lesbo sex. His lesbian program ran till two and a half. By then I had shaken my weapon twice. Then I fell asleep.

The next day everyone got up late due to Sunday, Pushpa Onti went to her house around 1 am.

Then 2 days later Pushpa aunty got a call from me. She said - Arun son, please talk to Renu, there is some important work. And Renu's phone is missing.
So I got them both talking.

My phone has auto call record on. The same night I was listening to songs in my room, then the recording of Mom and Pushpa Aunty started as soon as the song changed. I started listening. So listening to the recording, my senses flew away.

Pushpa Aunty was saying - Renu, we will play the movie next Sunday. I have drawn a launda. He and his friends will meet us outside the movie hall. He will spend all the expenses. They also have room and wear clothes that do not have problems.
Hearing this, my senses flew away!

In that recording, the address of the movie hall, which show to meet and the seat number, he also told Mom.
Hearing this, my land stood up. I thought my mom had become a prostitute now! And thinking of mom, I killed.

I also booked my seat according to the program given by Pushpa Aunty, in the line behind the seat of Mom and Pushpa Aunty!

Sunday has arrived. Pushpa aunt was ready and came to our house. He wore a green top and leggings. Mom also went to get ready.

Mom also came after a while. Mom wore a black t-shirt and jeans. Both looked very hot.

I asked- Mom, where are you going? When will you come?
So Mom said - I am going to Pushpa aunt's house. It will take 4 to 5 hours to arrive!
I said - I will go to my friend's house, I will come late too!
So they said- Okay, lock it. I have a key If I come soon, I will open the house. If you come, then you open.
After saying this, she left.

I also left after he left. I asked the auto driver to chase their auto. Then we reached the movie hall in half an hour. I covered my mouth with a pot.

Then Pushpa aunt called someone. So 2 boys were standing at some distance, they raised their hands. Mom and Pushpa aunty went to him and shook hands.
I also stood there a little further away!

Then after some time we reached the cinema hall. First a boy, then Pushpa aunt, then mom, then a boy… sat around. I also sat in my seat.

The hall was less crowded. Then when the movie started, it was known that it is a B grade movie and recently all such people had come and there were only 23 people together.

After the movie started, I saw Pushpa Aunty sitting near Mom changed the seat and passed the other boy to Mom too. Then after some time the sex scenes started coming, then everyone started doing their work.

Here, a boy opened the button of Mom's t-shirt and put his hand in his t-shirt. And Pushpa aunt was holding the other boy's leg and shaking it from the top of the pants and that boy opened his arms in Mom's jeans.

Pushpa aunti quote after about 20 minutes - will you keep doing this? The movie will end. Whatever you want to do, hurry up!
Then she said to Mom - Renu do something bastard… Has she come here to suppress her milk?
So Mom said - Pushpa, have you come here to catch the land?

So one boy said - Why are you fighting Randio? Let's show your boobs!
So Mom said to him - bastard, who has forbidden you? See, you are pressing the same way.

Then that boy stepped up Mom's t-shirt. Both of Mom's boobs were hanging. He did not wear a bra. He started playing with Mom's Boobs.

Then Mom got up a little and opened the button of her pants and slipped down. Friends, my current mom did not even wear panties.

Then all this went on for some time. Then one of the boys said to Pushpa aunt - Let's go to the room.
Mom also said yes, come on, it will be better on the room!
Then he left in the middle of half the movie.

I also followed them. After walking one kilometer from there, they took both mom and aunt in a street near the railway station. There was very little settlement there. It was a messy house, houses were quite far away, Acacia trees were around!

They entered into all four houses. When I went too, I saw that the house was small and there were acacia all around.

I searched inside to find a window and found a window. Looked inside and saw mom aunt and those two boys were standing. One had liquor in his hand.
They all put a peg.

Then Mom said to one - come here!
When he went to Mom, Mom took hold of his land and said, “Cows, use it… See, a young woman is standing in front of you.
He was so excited that he got excited. He caught Mom and started kissing.

Seeing this, another one started kissing Mom from behind. Both were kissing Mom and Pushpa Aunty was making videos.

Then one pulled Mom's t-shirt and tore it. Mom's big dark melons started swinging.
A boy was abusing my sexy mom, saying- Renu, today your pussy will tear my randy bitch!

Then both of them took off my mom's jeans. Mom was now completely naked like a randy… big ass, swinging mum!
Both of them took off their clothes and in turn kissed their land mom and licked mom's pussy.

Then one of the mother's pussy and one in the ass fuck him. Then both of them in a different position in mom for an hour. At Mom's behest, both of them put their juice in Mom's mouth. Then Mom sat down on the chair after becoming exhausted.

When he called Pushpa aunt then Pushpa aunt told him - kill my ass.
Like both of them, they tore Pushpa aunt's clothes and killed aunt's ass .

By now they too were tired. Then take a bath together.

Mom said to him - now how will I go home, you tore my clothes.
One of them went inside and brought a carry bag and said to Mom- Here, wear it!

There were new clothes in it. Mom and aunt put on clothes.
Then Mom asked- Salo, where did both of you get my size?
So he told- Pushpa Darling sent you and his pick, guessed from that.

Then one of them said - Renu man, can we take a photo with you?
So Mom said - Bhosari… took my pussy, killed my ass. Now my photo's asking?
And laughing and said - this Randi Renu is now yours. Take photo of it or heat of body!

Both of them took a lot of photos with Mom and Pushpa aunty, kissing in sexy poses, pressing the boobs in all the sex positions!
Then Mom started coming from there.
Then one said - Darling, when will you have fun now?
Mom bid - Pushpa will tell.
Then both the prostitutes came from there.

After about 1 hour I also reached home.

Thanks guys
Hope you like the story. See you soon with a new story.

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