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Saturday, April 18, 2020

My husband's carpentry in train journey-4

My husband's carpentry in train journey-4

He started rubbing my breasts and sucking my nipple in between. He was also kissing my lips and throat and cheeks. When I saw the thief, my husband was standing in hiding nearby.

Back of the story: My husband's car-3 in train journey-3

At 5 o'clock in the morning, I woke up and I got up and walked to the bathroom. As soon as I entered the bathroom, I came to know that it is of Western style. I had to pee and I had never used this type of bathroom before. After thinking for a while, I removed my nightlife and urinated.

Someone knocked on the door when she was to wear night back.
I slowly asked who it was.
A boy's voice came from outside and I came to know that he is Neeraj.
I slowly asked what is the work.
So he also said slowly - whatever you did to Ravi Uncle, he fell asleep but I could not sleep.

I smiled and said in my heart - nowadays children.
I slowly opened the door and he came in quickly. I closed the door. Seeing me, her eyes got torn and she started caressing and rubbing both my breasts with one stroke. When my heart was full, I started sucking both the nipples one by one.

In two to four minutes I separated it and asked to remove the clothes. He quickly took off the clothes. After she was naked, I covered the commode of the toilet and made her sit on it and sat in her lap after penetrating her pussy in her LND.

He remained seated like that and I started bouncing him out in the LND. His eyes closed, which showed how much fun he was having.

It was not even two minutes that someone knocked on the door.
Neeraj was shocked.

My husband's voice came from outside - is Daisy inside?
When I was about to open the door, Neeraj held his hand and started pointing out that I should not open the door.

I told him that nothing will happen.
Then she left my hand.

I told my husband - I am inside.
He asked - how long have you been inside; what are you doing?
I opened the door and spread the fence.

I was still sitting naked in Neeraj's lap and his LND was still in my pussy.
I said fretfully - I'm a little busy, you go and sleep, I come in a little while.

I started jumping on her LND again without closing the door.

My husband closed the door and went away.

It was only then that Neeraj fell, perhaps out of fear.

When I woke up, he quickly left wearing clothes.

I cleaned myself and came out wearing nightmares. I went to my seat and lay down. My husband was sleeping with his face on the other side.
I also fell asleep.

I got up in the morning with a tooth brush and went towards Vasbasin. I was still in the night. There I brushed and as soon as I was washing my mouth, two hands came and started caressing my pussy.
I did not react and wiped my face with a towel.

And as soon as I turned around, the one who was stroking my fuckers went after me and kept stroking my pussy.

Another boy stood in front of me. He said - what's the matter, have fun a lot at night?
I smiled and said - I am used to it.

He grabbed both my breasts from the top of the night and started to kiss and kiss my lips. I did not protest.

Suddenly my eyesight went to the corner, then I came to know that my husband is peeping from the corner. I started expressing that I was having a lot of fun.
Then my husband strangled and both the boys left me and left immediately.

My husband went towards the wasbasin and I went to my seat.

My husband didn't say a word. I wanted that if that bastard spoke something, I would sully his soil. But he did not say anything.
By the way, I had not given up yet.

Ravi, both Uncle Aunty and Neeraj had landed at their respective stations. Me and my husband were sitting in the compartment.
I still did not change the night.

Then two boys from the adjacent compartment came and sat down and started talking to my husband. After some time both of them proposed to play cards, then we were ready. We started playing by laying blankets, my husband and a boy were sitting in front of me and a boy was next to me.

Me and my husband were sitting at the window. Then a boy came and he sat next to the boy next to me. He said that he would play and took the leaves from his hand.

The boy who was sitting next to me remained sitting in the middle, even though he was not playing but was seeing the boy's cards. He put both his hands in a blanket. I had a feeling that something would definitely happen, so I lifted my night.

Just as I thought, that boy started caressing my knees in a while. When I did not protest, he started caressing my thighs, I did not resist, then his hand reached my pussy.
He kept playing with the inner parts of my pussy and thighs.

As soon as my husband saw me, I would close my eyes. He got suspicious after a couple of times. When he started fumbling my legs with his hand, I also moved down a little. The fumbling hands reached the thighs and then up to my pussy.

As soon as the hand reached the pussy, the hands of the boy next to me and my husband collided with each other. Both of them felt that the current was on and both of them pulled out their hands. When my husband started staring at me, I stopped looking at him.

After a couple of games, he asked the boys to stop the game.
And everyone went back with their belongings.
I thought now some will say but some do not speak.

After he left, I went to the bathroom. While returning from the bathroom, an RPF jawan was seen standing at the gate.
I was leaving from her side, then she commented - what is the juicy goods, swear once you get it, enjoy it.
When I saw him turning, he started laughing.

I went up to her and said to her - what did you say?
He said - you have heard it.
I said - we are on the train and my husband is with me, if I will deal with my husband then enjoy me and I will not even compel anyone.

When he kept looking at me with surprise, I rubbed his LND over his pant and said - Now sure?
He said that he was sure.
So I said that I have a condition that in front of me my husband's soil will be polluted.
He smiled and said - it will happen.

After speaking so much, I came back and sat next to the window.

After a while, that RPF jawan came to our compartment and closed the compartment door.

My husband stood by seeing him.
He first asked where we are coming from and where we are going.
My husband told me.

He told that there is a possibility of some anti-social element being on the train.
Then he asked our name and as soon as we told his name his frowns went up. He said that he would search and began to unpack our luggage.

After that, he called my husband close and started searching for them. After that he asked me to stand and move towards me. My husband said - no ladies constable is there?
He slapped my husband and said - Loved's hair, now go to find ladies constable and till then both of you abscond.

My husband cheered and said - We are not doing any wrong thing.
He said- As soon as you are brother-in-law ***. Do not disturb me now. Else just slapped, then shoot straight.
My husband stood there leaning.

The young man first put his hand on every part of my body from above my naity and then put one hand inside my nait with the help of my breasts and started rubbing my breasts.

After two minutes, he took my night girl up to my waist and asked me to hold her. I caught Naiti at the waist and she started caressing my thighs and started rubbing my pussy. After that, I started rubbing my pussy.

My husband asked - what kind of search is this?
He left me and turned around and slapped my husband and died and said - Bahnchod will teach me. I swear you will not allow you to search properly. You stop here, I bring it in full.

He got my night girl down and dragged me into the corridor of the toilet between the two bogies. There he opened the buttons above my nightclub and took my breasts naked. He started rubbing my breasts and sucking my nipple in between. He was also kissing my lips and throat and cheeks.

When I saw the thieves, my husband was standing in hiding nearby. After all, he filled his mind, he opened all the buttons of my night and spread my legs.
As soon as he took out his LND and placed it on my pussy, my husband came in front and said - what type of search are they doing?

He said while crying - Don't teach me, Madhchor, I do a search like this, if I will tear more, then I will pull the chain and tell everyone that the tuna attacked me. After that you will go to jail and be bitten by your health and your wife will be searched there.

My husband got quiet and he grabbed my waist and with a jerk got his LND into my pussy. Holding both my breasts, he started to bang. My husband was standing there in the corner and watching the show.

He was pushing my pussy and was also mashing my breasts a lot. Finally, after reaching a climax, he filled my pussy with juice and got separated from me. He put his LND in and asked me to fix the clothes.

As soon as I started fixing my clothes, my husband went back to comportment.

The story will continue

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