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Friday, April 17, 2020

My friend got married in Saheli's wedding -2

My friend got married in Saheli's wedding -2

I really enjoyed this journey. It was a great memorable trip for me. This time I had sex with a number of elders, probably more than a dozen.

In the first part of this fun-filled hot sex story of
my friend at the wedding of my friend Chud Gaya-1
, you have read till now that I went to my friend's wedding. At first, I banged two people on the train. Then in the wedding program my heart was to drink liquor, then I asked one of the waiters to bring the liquor with a glimpse of my mother. So he brought me a glass of neet in a glass. He also brought an empty glass and water bottle.

Now further:

I refused him for an empty glass and took that glass of full nectar with his lips. With the drinking of neet liquor, I began to see everything moving around. I had fun. Now I started hanging out in the middle of the wedding crowd.

At the same time, I got the bathroom very loud so I came to the most peaceful area behind the tent. A common bathroom was built there. I went light in it.

Now I started thinking about sex along with drugs. I started pressing both of my blouses half out of my blouse and standing on the wall, lifted the sari from the bottom and started fingering my bur.

As soon as I put a finger in the pussy, just the sounds of 'Uffff… Ahhh… Umahhhh .. ’started coming out of my mouth. I started enjoying masturbation. I was so excited to put a finger in my pussy that I forgot to close the washroom door.

I closed my eyes for a while and pointed my finger out loud, and after a while, I fell down. I got some relief after the loss, so I opened my eyes. The same waiter was standing in front of me, who was recording my video from his mobile.

I was shocked to see her and while correcting my clothes, started scolding her with a little anger on her.
I told him - what are you doing here? And give me this mobile, show what is recorded? Now I will go out and tell everyone that you have recorded me from your mobile.

The waiter smiled a little and said to me - what will you tell me. … What were you doing here?
I was silent on hearing this.

The waiter came to me and said - Look, Madam, I have all your work. Now you do what I say. So I will delete this video.
I was standing silently unaided.

Then he came close to me and grabbed my open mummies and started pressing.
I - please leave me… let go.
Waiter- sister-in-law… sit silent… there is too much heat in you… it seems your man is not able to calm you down?
I was falsely pleading with him to leave me.

He took out both of my maternal aunts and sucked them very hard in turn. Then he took the cocks out of his pants and asked me to suck them.

I then bid - please let me go.

But he turned me down and put his cock in my mouth and started asking me to suck cocks. His cock was only 5 inches, so for the first time I kept pretending. Then after some time I sat down properly and started sucking his cocks in a good way by myself.

He said calmly - ah… sucked my love with a lot of love… You are very good stuff.

After kissing his cock for a while, he made me stand. Pressed and sucked my pussy again. Then hinged me from the wall and held my one leg up with myself, which opened my pussy. He put his cock in my pussy and went to the inside. I got a big relief from his small but thick cock.

At first, he slowly fuck me, then started fucking me at speed. His cock was small… but there was a lot of stamina in it.

After fucking for a while, he turned me upside down and asked me to become a standing mare. I became a bitch… so she put my cock in my pussy from behind and started fucking me again. At the same time, he grabbed both my mums with his two hands and started pressing them vigorously.

I was enjoying it very much.

Both of us were so engrossed in sex that we did not remember that the door was left open.
While my smoke was getting wet, another waiter came in there.

He came to piss but after seeing our fuck he said in a loud voice - what is happening?
Then he looked at the waiter behind and said - Suresh brother-in-law?

Both of them knew each other, I was seeing all this half-naked waiter's cocks inside me like shameless.

Then that front waiter also came to me and said- Should I also fuck you?
I did not say anything.

Knowing my silent consent, he also started pressing and drinking my Titsi. After some time he removed his cock and made it in front of me. His cock was 7 inches… I enjoyed seeing big cocks. On the other hand, the waiter was going to fuck me. I started sucking that waiter's cock in my mouth.

After some time like this, the first waiter moved away by removing the cocks from my pussy and the second waiter came after me and started setting his cock on my ass hole. He put his seven inch cock in my ass in one stroke and I started fucking.

On the other hand, the waiter was fucking me in front of me by putting his cock in my bur. If I tell the truth, I was enjoying a lot with cocks in both my holes. Two unknown men were fucking me and I was enjoying them together. Both of them were just fucking me like a prostitute.

After some time, the former waiter got into my pussy and went out. The other waiter choaded me for a while and left all his goods in my mouth.

After fucking with both of them, I started healing myself by gasping. I fixed all my clothes and hair, face etc. and came out.

Then I remembered that he had my video, which I forgot to delete from him in a hurry. I searched for him a lot, but could not find him.

Now I have come to my friend. There, all the rituals were done and it was time for farewell. I was also with him.

Everyone started crying at the time of farewell. I also have tears. She sat in the car.
At the same time, the groom's mother said - no one will walk with the bride?
His talk meant that the girl's sisters go along, but she had no sister.

Friend's mother said to me - son, if you do not have any problem, then you go together.
I was ready to go.

I sat in the driver's side seat in front and both the bride and groom were sitting on the back seat. By evening I came to the house of my friend's in-laws. All the rituals were being done here.

I was very tired, so I said this to the groom's mother, then he sent me to the guest room with a little girl. That guest was behind the house. I reached there and saw that all the men of his house were sitting there drinking liquor. They all watched me very carefully. The girl left me till the room and she went back.

I was probably the only woman at that place. On the other hand, all the men from his house were drinking liquor. I went inside the room, took off all my clothes and went to the bathroom and took a shower and tied the towel and came out. The door to my room was a little open, I did not lock it. That door was opened a little. When I got out of the bathroom with the towel closed, I was clearly visible from the front.

My towel was too small that only half my mummies could be tied. The bus was coming from below to my ass.

When I looked in the mirror, I found that the man in front was watching me. I started feeling sensational and I started being deliberately ready to lean down, showing my complete naked ass from behind. I stood in front of the mirror and started combing. Then the man came from behind and caught me.

I said to him- Hey what are you doing.
He said - silent sister-in-law… You are the sister-in-law!
There was a very strong smell of liquor from his mouth. He was full drunk.

I too did not do much drama and stopped opposing it. He slammed me directly on the bed and pulled out my towel. I was completely naked in front of her.

He kissed and licked my whole body and then told me to suck cocks. I was full of fun, I was feeling sensation, I quickly started sucking his cock. Then he spread my legs and climbed on me. He rubbed his cock in my pussy and started fucking me.

After fucking for a while, he left all his goods in my pussy and started going.

Wearing his pants, he said - Sister Rand is still lying down like this… Now everyone will come and fuck you in turn.

I just licked my finger in my pussy and started licking it.

After he left, another one came and started fucking my pussy. While doing this, the whole 8 people kept climbing on me one by one on that day and continued to make Bhosda of my pussy.

I was just lying like a scavenger. Somebody kicked my ass… Somebody fuck pussy. Everyone had dumped their goods everywhere on my whole body. My Tits and Ass had become very red. They were all drunk on alcohol. Everyone liked me like a jungle. Today, for the first time, my pussy was very happy after eating so many cocks. This was my first experience of fucking with so many cocks together.

I was just looking for a drink. When I told the last one, he gave me half a bottle.
I fell asleep after drinking neet liquor. I slept tiredly. When it was night and when it happened in the morning, I could not feel anything.

When I woke up the next day in the morning, there was already a suit in my room. Then my friend got a call that there was a suit for your fitting here at home, so have sent you. You get ready quickly… Here we have breakfast together.

I quickly washed my bath and started getting dressed. Those clothes were very fitting, out of which my boobs were very much visible. I got ready and went straight to my friend's room and we both talked for a while.

Then a girl came to call both of us - come out and have breakfast.

When both of us came out, a big table was decorated, both of us sat there.

I saw all those men who were sitting in front of me yesterday.

Everyone was giving me smile I also gave a smile after having fun.

Then his mother got me the most. Some of them were my friend's father-in-law, some brother-in-law, some brother-in-law… all were members of the house.

After some time, both of us came to his room from there and on the same day my friend farewell. I came to the same with him. All my salmon was kept here.

I came out of the train to my house in the evening. My sensual gaze in the train started looking for some cocks again.

I really enjoyed this journey. It was a great memorable trip for me. This time I had sex with a number of elders, probably more than a dozen.

So guys, how did you all like my fun-filled hot sex story… please mail me.
Thank you.

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