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My first sex with a girl from Facebook

My first sex with a girl from Facebook

I had never met a girl. I started sending Facebook requests to girls. I became friends with an unknown girl. Read what happened in my story after that.

Hello friends, my name is Rahul (name changed). I am 23 years old. I am a resident of Mumbai. My hotel management studies have been completed only last year.

This is my puzzle story. Hope you like this first Hindi sex story of mine. Forgive if there is any mistake.

It was about 5 years ago, when I was just crossing 18 years. At that time Facebook was very much in trend. Everyone used to be engaged on Facebook. I had exams in class and the holidays were on.

My time at home was not passing. I used to watch something on the internet. To make time, I also created an ID on Facebook. There was a post on a page to make friends. I too started reading comments and sending Facebook friend requests to girls.

On the next morning, a girl's request came and her message also came. He asked for friendship. His name was Sonali (changed).

She was completely white in appearance. It was 34–30–36 in size, which I later found out. After that our conversation started happening. Sonali was 2 years older than me.

We both talked a lot on Facebook. After a few days we both started opening up to each other.
It came to know that she lives in a city near me. When I came to know that he was nearby, I expressed my desire to meet him.

Sonali had a breakup recently and told me that she had sex with her boyfriend 5 or 6 times. She quickly agreed to listen to me. Both of us used to talk and now slowly started having sex chat.

One day my housemates were going out for 2 weeks. I thought this is the best chance to meet Sonali. I messaged him that I am alone in the house for two weeks, if he agrees to come, then we meet.

She also agreed. I told him to come to my house the next day. When I saw him for the first time, I kept looking. She came to meet in a tight top and shorts.

I put him on the sofa and gave him water. She had not been fucking for 6 months. It seemed as if she had come to me only for sex. Seeing her Titsi my cock was also airing.

While she was drinking water, she does not know how to pour a little water from the glass on her Titsi. I was surprised to see her wet tit. Her nipples also emerged from her top.

She said- Oops, my dress got spoiled.
After saying this, he removed his top in front of me. Her nipple was shining from inside her bra. Seeing her cool nipple, my aloda got tanned. Seeing the drops of water on his chest, my mind turned to lick those drops with the tongue.

Sonali was also seeing that I was looking at her Titsi. He flings his tongue over my lips and I understand his gesture. She was also thinking what I was thinking.

I sat near him. His breath became sharper. When I stared at her boobs, she was getting her chest up and down. I put lips on her lips and we both got lost in each other. She started sucking juice while sucking my lips and I started sucking her lips.

She was also kissing me with great enthusiasm. Sometimes she was sucking my tongue with her tongue. I was pulling her saliva in my mouth and she was doing the same.

My hands were now pressing her nipples on top of her bra. With this she got excited and grabbed my cock on top of my pants and started caressing it.

Then she also opened her bra. Her Tits were absolutely stretched. I took her nipples in the mouth and started sucking hard. He had a soothing smell from wet wet pussy.

I was sucking her nipples hard and she was sobbing. As soon as my tongue used to feel on her nipples, a loud sigh would come out of her mouth.

When he was not stopped, he started unbuttoning my pants. Opening my pants, he lowered himself. My Franchi, my cock looked like a stick. He flipped his hand over my cock and saw his hardness like touching it. My condition was getting worse.

She then gave her hand in my underwear and stuffed my cock in her hand. I started sucking her lips vigorously. She was stroking my cock with her hand in my underwear from below. His soft soft hands were giving a lot of fun on my hard and hot cocks.

After rasping the lips for two minutes, he also removed my Franchi. I got naked from below. She sat down near my knees. He looked at my cock carefully. My Aloda was about to burst. The lump of cocks became completely red. I was in bad shape due to excitement.

He filled my cock in his hand and then opened his mouth and took my cock in his mouth. After taking the cocks in his mouth, my mouth sighs… ohhhh… Siskaris came out.

Sonali started sucking my cock fast. She was moving her mouth on my cock with great speed. Looking at him, it seemed that he is very fond of sucking cocks.

She was sucking my cock loudly. It seemed that she would eat my cock. She looked very thirsty for cocks. Sometimes the tongue was turning on the lump of my penis, sometimes it used to take the whole cock in the mouth again.

I was already excited and due to her sucking cocks in this way I could not stay long. I tried to stop my ejaculation but the fun was so much that I could not stop. After stopping a lot, I removed the semen in his mouth. She drank all my semen.

Even after ejaculating, she continued to suck my cock. There was a strange tickle in my cock but still it kept sucking my cock. Sonali did not take my cock out of her mouth until my cock was erect again.

By then I had removed my shirt. I was completely naked now. He released my cock and started kissing my whole body. I also removed all her clothes and made her completely naked.

The first time I saw a naked young girl in this way. I stood him and looked at him for a moment. His body seemed very doom. Seeing her squirming nipple and strapped nipples on them were jerking in my cock.

I started kissing her lips. He kissed her neck and then started drinking while pressing her hands with her hands. She also started caressing my hair. My one hand was now rubbing her pussy all the way down.

She was rubbing her pussy on my hand. Rubbing her pussy made her so hot that she grabbed my head and pushed me down and made me sit down. Perhaps his mind was trying to lick her pussy.

Even during Chuding with her boyfriend, she had told about chattering. He had full experience of sex. I sat down but I wanted to torment him more. I started kissing around her pussy.

Like hot steam was coming out of her pussy. Which I was feeling on my nose and lips. I kissed her thighs and started waving her stomach. My hands reached her nipples through her stomach and I started rubbing her nipples.

My mouth below was sucking her thighs and above me my hands were rubbing her nipples and nipples. Then I gave her tongue in her pussy and started fucking her pussy with tongue.

She started pressing my mouth in her pussy. I was fast fucking her pussy with tongue. She was very hot due to licking pussy and was very much excited. She could not bear much longer and her pussy water ran out.

The juice of her pussy came out in my mouth and started flowing from her thighs. I licked her pussy juice and cleaned all the juice.

She calmed down a bit. I opened up her pussy. Her pussy was looking absolutely pink from inside. I again put the tongue inside her pussy and started sucking her with full mouth.

She was now sobbing loudly - umm… oh… ha… and suck harder… lick it… can it… ummm… hah… hah… hah… while she was enjoying herself and taking siskaris. I also wanted to heat him up completely. I felt like eating her pussy.

Sonali looked very thirsty. For five minutes I loudly fuck her pussy with her tongue and she again wanted to insert my mouth into her pussy.

After two minutes, he pressed my mouth tightly on his pussy and water came out of his pussy. I drank that sour juice of her pussy.

After that I spread her legs and asked her to sit on the couch. As if she was waiting for sex. Her cunts were absolutely pointed and raised. It seemed as if an artist from porn sex films is sitting with her pussy open.

He had spread his legs wide with his hands. I rubbed my cock on her lips and she kissed my cock. Then I started sucking her lips. After sucking lips for a few moments I broke up.

I spit on my cock and smoothed it and put the cocks on her pussy. When I rubbed the cocks on her pussy, she started sobbing. I was having a lot of fun watching him yearning for cocks. I was enjoying a lot in my cock too.

For a few seconds, I rubbed her pussy with the supination of cocks and then inserted the cocks in her pussy. He raised once, but I pressed his lips with his lips and took him by the waist and grabbed him by the waist and put the emphasis of his cock on her pussy.

My cock completely landed in her pussy. I started fucking her pussy. The shock of my cock was fast looking into her pussy. She also started taking my cock in fun.

His Tits were jumping. I grabbed her legs and started banging her pussy very hard. She started fucking with fun. I was enjoying her pussy fucking very much.

She was also chewing her lips with teeth. She was also pressing her boobs. Siskariya was taking out of her mouth - ooh suss… ah… ah… fuck me and fuck me loudly.

Then suddenly he asked to stop and pushed me down on the bed and started licking me like crazy. Then pulled me and made me sit on the couch.

She started sucking my cock again after sitting on the couch. Sometimes I was sucking my pills, sometimes I was licking the lump of cocks. Seeing his fun, I was also getting intoxicated.

After that, he opened his legs and started to sit on my cock while coming between my thighs. Slowly he took my cock in her pussy and started bouncing. She was so hot and thirsty that water was continuously coming out of her pussy.

The water coming out of Sonali's pussy was also felt on my thighs, due to which there was a loud sound. In the whole room, there was a lot of chatter and chatter.

I held her ass down and started to push her upwards. She was banging on my cock from above, I was beating my cock in her pussy by mixing rhythm in her rhythm.

His Tits were jumping. In between, I was also pressing her pussy. I was also biting them while sucking her Acwati and Sonali was sobbing by sighing ahhhh.

I had made both her nipples sucked red. Then I too became close to getting water. She was jumping on my cock loudly. Then I cut her pussy with her teeth with great force and grabbed her and started getting a squirt of semen out of my cock.

He took all my goods in his pussy and kept the cocks inside his pussy. Both of us had calmed down now. Then she started getting up and my cock came out of her pussy.

Her pussy water and semen of my cock was attached to my cock. He took my cock in his mouth and started licking the mixture on the cock. He licked and cleaned my cock.

That was my first fuck with Sonali. We both enjoyed sex. She left after that. My housemates also came again. For a few days we both kept sending sexy photos to each other.

Sometimes she used to send photos of her pussy and sometimes of her naked boobs. In return, I also showed him a photo of my cock. In this way, we used to work with both hands. She used to finger her pussy and I used to shoot her face.

We enjoyed phone sex until we met again. After that whenever I got a chance, I used to call him at my house. In the same way, he also got his pussy fucked once by calling him home twice.

After a few months, she moved to another city. After going there, he stopped talking and a few days later his number also stopped. I thought of messaging him on Facebook, but his Facebook account was also closed.

In this way I got the first girl from Facebook with whom I enjoyed the first fuck.
Friends, if you liked my sex story then please give me your feedback. If you want to give some suggestions about the story, then you can also write your comments in the comment box below.

This is my first story. Sorry if something is missing. Thanks.
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