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Friday, April 17, 2020

My current mother and my friend's beauty

My current mother and my friend's beauty

My mother had her uncle fucked. Now it was my friend Vishu's turn. My friend put my naked mother on the bed and started kissing with her feet. after that …

Hello friends, first I am sorry that I am putting a story after several days.
Last sex story of my mother fuck
my mother and uncle of Jagrata
you read. Now this is the story ahead of him.

In the previous story, as I told you, my mother had sex with Ajay Uncle. Now it was my friend Vishu's turn. So let's start the story from here.
Vishu said - Uncle is yours?
Uncle said- Yes son, I am done. Now I will not be able to do it.
And Uncle went and sat on the couch. But they were not visible to me because the sofa was right around the door.

And now it was Vishu's turn. Mother said to him - you like me very much, I was waiting for you for many days now, see, we will have sex in your bed in your house.

Vishu said- Yes aunt, I had befriended Ankur for you. And today my dream is going to be fulfilled in which I will give a fuck to your pussy.

And they both started laughing.

My friend laid my mother on the bed. <Vishu - Oofo sweetheart, I have been waiting for this day for many days, many times in your memory I have moved my hand and dropped my cargo. Now that you have come, I will complete all the fantasy. Mother- I was also waiting to rub your body at the hands of a young Gabru like you. I know that when you used to come to my house, I used to see my nipple. Vishu- When I knew why I had not indicated before, I would have given you Chod in front of your son at the same time. Come on you are with me now, there is no problem now. Mother - Don't make too many things right now and come quietly in my arms, you have delayed too much. I thought that the boys of the city are very fast but you turned out to be absolutely cow dung. Everybody laughed. Vishu slowly started kissing the mother's feet and slowly moved upwards. Starting to suck the toe of the mother, he started to move his hand on the thighs of the mother. The mother was slowly getting excited and Vishu also slowly moved upwards. Now Vishu started licking my mother's thighs. My mother, who was completely naked, was pressing her nipples. Then Vishu rose up and started kissing his mother. Both kissed each other for 15 minutes. Both of them were doing French. Sometimes Vishu's tongue is inside the mother's mouth, sometimes mother's tongue is in my friend's mouth! They were both so hot that they were lost inside each other. After that Vishu started pressing one of the mother's boobs with her one hand and filled the mother's other boob inside her mouth. The mother was now making sounds of 'uhhh ah hhhh uff' and Vishu was sucking mother's milk. Right now Vishu placed his cock in between both of the mother's boobs and rubbed his cock between the mother's boobs. He was pushing them back and forth very fast. Mother was trying to take his cock in her mouth but her cock was not able to reach the mother's mouth. Vishu was spitting on the mother's boobes, so that his cock was coming out from the middle of the mother's boobes very comfortably. Now Vishu moved a little ahead of Boobs and placed cocks near the mother's mouth. As soon as the mother found her cock near her mouth, she immediately put my friend's cock in her mouth. Now he was slowly pushing his waist back and forth and putting his cock in my mother's mouth. Mother was also very happy and sometimes felt her cock in this cheek. Now he grabbed the mother's head and started to lick his cock inside and out very fast. There was no hair on Vishu's cock. After a while, he took out his cock which was completely buried in my mother's spit. He hit the cock on my mother's mouth like a hammer four or five times. Now my mother was licking the upper part of Vishu's cock with her tongue. And once again, mother filled Vishu's cock inside her mouth. This went on for about 5 minutes after which Vishu retreated. Now he came to the mother's pussy and started running his fingers in the mother's pussy. He spread mother's pussy with his two fingers and put one finger in it. Vishu was exiting his finger inside. My current mother, who had just brought Uncle's cocks, also liked this finger quite well. After some time he put his mouth on my mother's pussy and started sucking her mother's pussy. He had put his tongue inside the mother's pussy and he was rubbing the mother's pussy with one hand. Mother was making a sound of Siskiari. At the same time Vishu was pressing the mother's boobs with one hand. Mother was also pulling Vishu towards her pussy with her feet. My friend also put his finger inside the mother's pussy and he was licking my mother's pussy too. By now my Chudassi mother had fallen once. Vishu kept the juice of my mother's pussy in her mouth and kissed the mother back and gave all the goods to the mother. Now mother and Vishu had become very hot. My mother grabbed my friend's cock and said- Now put this snake in her bill. Vishu said - as you wish ... Now spread your pussy! He put a condom on his cock and spread the legs of the mother. He placed his cock at the mouth of mother's pussy, which had become very hot and the pussy had become sticky. The toad of cocks penetrated deeply inside the mother's pussy. Gradually Vishu increased his speed and his mother's siskaris also increased. Vishu started running his waist a little faster. Half of Vishu's cock had penetrated inside the mother and the mother used to rise upwards a little in every blow. Which was showing that the mother's pussy was still tight or it was also showing that Vishu's cock was very big. Now, in the last shock, Vishu put his entire cock inside the mother's pussy, which caused my little mother to feel a little bit sad. But Vishu was in his own fun, he took out his whole cock once again and inserted it again in one stroke. My running mother screamed and she got upwards towards the little bed. Vishu did this process four or five times and each time the reaction of the mother was the same. Now he kissed his mother, and this reaction continued. After a while, the mother became comfortable and now Vishu had come inside her full form. Now he grabbed the mother's feet with both hands and, with full force of his waist, started fucking the mother's pussy. My mother full of sex was making loud noises but the speed of Vishu's cocks did not decrease. When Lund was falling on the pussy, it seemed as if a missile was falling from the sky to the ground. The whole room was buzzing with the sound of thump. Vishu was still fucking my mother at the speed of bullet train. And my prostitute mother Anhh uff Annah Vishu and Chodo me! Was getting a pleasant feeling by taking out the voice of. In that missionary position, Vishu fucking mother for about 10 minutes. Then she told mother to become a mare and my naked mother raised her bum in front of my friend and became a mare. Now he placed his cock on the hole of her pussy from behind the mother and in a shock, inserted his whole cock inside the mother's pussy. My mother screamed a little. Now he grabbed the mother's hair and pulled it towards him and went to insert his cock inside the mother's pussy. My mother 'Ah huh ...; Was making a sound of Due to the moving of my Amma's big boob, it seemed as if the women hanging on a coconut tree were swinging from the strong wind. It was an amazing scene! I was so hot that I fisted once. Just now Vishu stopped and mother herself was lifting her ass and applying it on Vishu's cock. After some time Vishu himself lay on the bed and mother was backing towards him and was going down on his cock. Within this position, only the entire cock of Vishu was being absorbed into the mother's pussy. Mother was slowly moving up and down. Vishu then grabbed the mother's waist. He started banging the mother's ass on top of his cock very fast. Sometimes he was also licking the mother's ass, which made my mother's ass become completely red. Now he put the mother's ass in the air and started licking his cock very fast inside the mother's pussy. After some time my friend Vishu said while doing my mother's pussy fuck- aunt, I'm gonna fall So my mother said to him - okay take it out. Mother lay down and Vishu went to her and dusted all the goods on her boobies. It was almost past 1 in the night, so now those people had to go back. But then Ajay uncle's mood changed again and he said - do one more round. My mother said - OK! Ajay Uncle again picked up my naked mother in the lap and started licking my mother after pushing me by putting cocks in her pussy. After a while, my friend Vishu's cock also stood up and he too once again agreed to fuck my mother. Now Ajay sat in the couch taking Uncle's mother in the same position and Vishu gave cocks in the mother's mouth. After a while, all three people collapsed. Now Vishu said by placing his head in my mother's lap- Aunt, please keep showering your love on me like this. My mother said- Yes, definitely son! Do not worry, I will take full care of you. It was quite late and now both Uncle and my friend put on their clothes and Mother also came down after a while wearing her clothes. She was behaving as if nothing had happened! But you and I know what happened. So how did you like this hot story of my mother's pussy with two cocks? Please let me know by mail. Thanks you

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