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My brother's wife's youthfulness

My brother's wife's youthfulness

My maternal brother lived in a nearby village. He often used to come to me with his wife. How I made his wife's dead body.

It was 1 year ago, then my cousin's wife Reena would be about 7-8 years younger than me, her age would have been around 30-31 years. Reena lived in a village near our city. People there come here to do their treatment or shopping.

Once in the morning, my maternal brother came to my house with his wife Reena. He was in a hurry. He told me that he is leaving immediately from any of his court work, Reena has to meet the doctor, he will come in the evening, then both will go to the doctor's clinic.
After saying this, he left.

I closed the maingate of the house and came inside.

Reena was sitting quietly on a chair of a dining set in the lobby of the house. She stood up after seeing me.

I said - Oh keep sitting, do not stand by looking at me.
Reena-ji dada, okay.

Reena was wearing a sky-tight tight salwar suit, on which she wore a large scarf. So that no part of his breast was visible. But both of his underarm were wet with sweat.
Perhaps she had not shaved her underarm.

I said - Reena, it is very hot since this morning, it is still a full day, if you want, take a bath.
Reena- No grandfather, okay, I can't feel much heat!
I- Hey look, your kurti is wet with sweat!
Reena- Okay grandfather, I go.

Reena was hesitant to notice the sweat of her underarm, so she quickly went to the bathroom.

2 minutes later:

"Hey Reena… Hey… You haven't taken clothes?" I called from outside.
"Hey grandpa, never mind, I'll wear the same clothes, don't you bother!" Reena said with a slight annoyance.
"What's the problem, a lot of ladies have clothes at home." I answered.

"Grandpa, I'm taking a shower, how will I get clothes now?" Reena became a little upset.
"Tell me should I give clothes?"
"Dada, you !!" Reena was filled with hesitation and shame.

"What else, are you a stranger? You seem to be my daughter-in-law. " I answered.
"Okay Dada, you can just give me a salwar suit!" Reena spoke softly.
"Just the salwar suit?" And undergarments… don't they want that? " I asked

Reena said in shock- Hey Dada, why are you getting upset? Please leave it!
She spoke in a slightly pleading tone.

"Oh no problem, Reena, I'll bring you a bra and a panty right now."
"Okay, give what you have to give soon!" Reena spoke in redemption.

"What size bra do you wear, Reena?" And yes panties too! " I quickly asked.
"Hey you look my brother-in-law, how are you talking today?" Reena said angrily.
"Why? Don't you wear bra-panties or wear any size. Every woman wears bra-panties, you are a young woman, where did your first daughter-in-law come from? " I also said while showing a little anger.

"Okay, I made a mistake!" Reena was very upset.

Jeth and daughter-in-law… alone at home… daughter-in-law is standing absolutely naked in the bathroom and Jeth is talking about giving her underwear from outside, daughter-in-law is being harassed by Lajja and Lazza, but Jeth-ji is going on doing vulgar things.

Look ahead what happens?

"Dada, give me a bra number 34 and panty 95." Reena shrugs in a voice trembling with shame.
"Okay, what's your clothes?"
"Don't know" B "or" C ". Reena was very annoyed.

"I think your clothes should be 'D'." I said.
"Hey, when you know everything, come and get 'D'. Today everything is too much. ” Reena looked badly annoyed.
"Don't get angry… Reena… I'm getting it right now!"

After some time, I knocked on the bathroom door with a mesh bra and panties. Inside, Reena panicked and placed her hands on both her breasts. At the bottom, she was wearing a soaked black panty.

"Reina, take the clothes!" I called
Reena opened the door of the door and opened the door at the slightest and took out her hand and said- Bring it grandfather!

No sound came from outside, no movement happened.

“Dada… Dada… what happened? Give clothes! " Reena shook her arm and spoke a little louder.

Even now there was no voice or movement from outside.

Reena opened the door a little and peeped out- Dada, Dada… Jeth ji… where are you?
No one was seen outside.

Reena is now starting to feel a bit afraid… Don't know what happened… Where did Jethji go.

One young woman… that too naked, soaked from above, alone in a foreign house… what to do?

Reena opened her door and opened her face and looked around… there is no one… absolutely silent!
With guts, she opened the entire door and came out with a soft touch. She was also constantly trying to hide her breasts with both her palms!

The naked body of a woman standing at the peak of her youth seems very beautiful.
A 5-foot-1-inch little body, fair complexion, long hair up to the waist, black eyes, slightly thick lips, full cheeks were increasing Reena's youth.

"grandfather? Where are you? Please come soon… we are very scared. ” Reena said in a trembling voice.

nobody is here. Just silence!

Reena looked around. There is a dining table in front of the kitchen… a room next to the kitchen, Jethji's bedroom next to it!
Reena slowly started moving towards the bedroom.

Wide muscular shoulders, bloated big breasts which Reena kept still hidden from her palms. Slightly protruding pelvis, and deep, large and perfectly round navel, whose depth will be 1 inch and rounding 2 inches! Small drops of water were shining all around him, there was a small black panty tightened below the Katipradesh, which was drenched completely.

It was dark in the bedroom, Reena made a loud noise before going inside- Dada… are you in?
no answer!

Reena dared to go inside. She began to search for an electric board.

But maybe her finger went into the electric socket… and with a scream Reena fell unconscious on the floor.

After some time the light of the bedroom lit up. Reena was lying on the floor on her stomach. Was Reena's awesome hip!
Big bloated butts, slightly outward.

The woman's white and graying, raspy buttocks, smooth thick thighs down like a banana tree trunk, panties were lost in the cleavage of both buttocks.
Now she was a completely naked woman!

Two strong hands picked up Reena. Reena swings in his arms. Both hands were swinging down and big breasts slid here and there. Reena's nipples were quite big and puffed, brown grated nipples were enhancing thoracic beauty.

Those hands put Reena on the bed.

Reena is perplexed on the uncultivated sea bed. Just then, two hands pulled her wet panties down. Then she removed the panties by sliding her thighs.
Reena's pussy was clean, bloated ... A red streak was drawn in the middle.

Now Reena was lying naked on the bed and her brother-in-law is standing in front… that is me!

Then I took off all my clothes and lay down next to Reena. I filled Reena's pink lips in my lips and put my tongue inside.

Reena was sensing, I quickly started rubbing her.
She started getting hot and started doing 'Ahhmm… hmmm… ’in unconsciousness.

I immediately put two fingers in her pussy and started doing it inside out.
She started fluttering.
I increased the speed. His hot pussy started to make the sound of fuzz, fat, puck puck.
Reena's body started looking hot.

I was already naked. Seeing her response well, I moved my hand from her waist to her pussy and started rubbing them.
'Ah…' was coming out of his mouth and his tongue was also traveling inside my mouth.

I also removed my one hand from her cocks and placed it on the bulge of her chest, in response, she also grabbed my cock while moving her one hand down.

As soon as the woman got warmth of her hand, cocks started to get tight. He was beginning to realize this too, as soon as he got heat of cocks, Reena became conscious.
She opened her eyes and jumped up and stood on the side and quickly put on a blouse and lehenga which was hanging on the peg behind.

"Dada… you?" Hey, what's going on? "
"Don't waste time Reena, make a connection with me today. Then in life I will never ask for anything from you. "
Make relationship But grandfather, it is a sin. "
"Please Reena, please just once!"
"Absolutely not…"
"Think again I have your bare photos."
"Will you blackmail?"
"Don't want to, please agree…"

Reena was sitting with her head bowed quietly, breathing a little too quickly. It was clear that she was burning in the fire of lust, but a woman was able to make a small wall between her and me.

"If anyone finds out?"
"Nobody is here, nobody will know anything!"
"Well, never again after this!"
"Yes, I agree." Only once!"

Reena raised her face and smiled.
Then she came to me and stood up.

When I grabbed her blouse and pulled it completely. I grabbed her 38 size mummies and started sucking.
“Ah .. do it slowly Jethji… I am not going anywhere… I am a bad guy who intends to fuck my younger brother's wife's sexy body … You put a terrible fire in my pussy… Now extinguish it… Ahhh … Suck it! ”

My brother's wife had now become the goddess of lust, she wanted cocks, she was demanding loud fuck!
I opened the pulse of her gag and let it fall.

Reena grabbed my cock and sat down and started sucking it with her mouth. Now her shyness had disappeared, she was behaving like a wild cat. She was sucking my cock in such a way that it would eat.

Now I also wanted to drink the juice of her smooth pussy, so I grabbed her by the shoulders and dropped her on the bed.
I am now 69 and I inserted my cock in her mouth and leaned my face on her pussy. An erotic fragrance filled my nose and my cock started jerking in the mouth of my younger wife's wife.

I started sucking my cock in Reena's face and within 4-5 minutes she fell in her mouth. She also licked my semen like a sauce. I licked her pussy for some time and then I lay straight on her bare body. I put my lips on her lips and started sucking.

Parts of my semen were coming in my mouth and Reena was also sucking her pussy juice on my lips.

I could not see any kind of guilt or shame on Reena's face. She was enjoying sex with me. She was inserting her tongue in my mouth and sucking my tongue too.

As soon as I kissed with Reena, my cock started to stand again. He too sensed the standing of my cock, so he held my hand with his hand down and started rubbing it in the crack of his pussy.
Siskaria was now coming out of his mouth.

Within 2-3 minutes my cock was ready to enter her brother's wife's pussy. I told Reena to put the cocks on her pussy hole.
He placed the supara of my cock in his hole and tried to bounce his bum on his own and inserted my cock in his pussy.
From the top, I also gave a blow to my fuckers, so my cock entered her pussy at once.

A joyful sigh came out of his mouth and seeing his joy-filled face filled me with excitement, I started fucking him harder. She was also bouncing her hips from below and supporting her in the fuck.

After a while, he put his heels on my hips, put his hands on my back and started to nail his nails in my back. She was going crazy with sex. Siskaria was coming out of his mouth. She was not at all ashamed that she is fucking her brother-in-law.

After a few minutes he started raising his thighs. I understood that now Reena is nearing her climax. I too started to fuck her with all my emphasis.
And in a few moments she started thundering. Long, yes… sounds were coming out of his neck. I buried my cock in her pussy with full vigor.

She got a little tired. His eyes closed, the joy of satisfaction was visible on his face.

But my work was still incomplete. I knew that now if I fuck Reena, it will hurt. But even then I also had to achieve ecstasy. I smacked Reena's pussy 2-3 minutes and I too got swept away in my brother's wife's pussy.

I fell on her bare body and kept sucking on her lips.

When both males and females cooperate equally in marriage, the joy that both of them get, there is no harm.

Both of us had similar joy.

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