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Sunday, April 12, 2020

My aunt's juicy pussyfucking

My aunt's juicy pussyfucking

I live near my aunt from the very beginning, I call her mother only. Mummy's youth… her blonde body… I look at her every day. How did I fuck Aunt Mother?

Hello friends, I am a 19 year old boy, my name is Aman. I am a resident of Patna and I have been living with my aunt since the beginning. Now I only call them mummy. God swear that once someone sees their youth, they will keep on watching. One is my aunt's blonde body, a woman like sexy goods from above. I swear she looks like a sweet poison. I see them every day and kill them.

His figure is from 34-30-34, I asked him this while fucking him.

I have passed 12th this year only. Till my stay in tenth class, she often used to change her clothes in front of me, but at that time I was short in her eyes. She used to think that I would not have any feeling. But I enjoyed seeing all this. I wanted to let myself be a fool. If I had reacted to anything by seeing them, I would have probably stopped watching these live fashion shows.

I used to live with them but never got a chance. His Tits are so big that it should be like two big size tight melons. Aunt's aunts are very fair. In fact, when aunt used to rub cream in her nipples before wearing her bra, I used to run and kiss and suck aunt's pussy in her mouth.

I have gone to the bathroom and spilled cum on her panties several times.

Then after passing the twelfth, I used to stay free at home. I was still on vacation. The result was awaited.

It is an incident of those days only. We shifted to another house a few days ago. The bathroom doors of this house were broken due to being gagged with water from below, due to which she used to take a nude video from my mobile when she was taking a bath. Later, Muth would kill after watching the same video.

Ever since I made a video of her in the bathroom of this other house, since then I have seen her several times even while finger pointing in her pussy, which I understood that she is not happy with Papa (warts). Father is not able to satisfy them.

Seeing him doing finger in pussy, I understood that aunty needs a good and thick cock.

Now I was looking for opportunity. My aunt still changes clothes in front of me but now she does not do it completely naked. She would do a drama to hide her body with a towel, but I could see her tits and ass roundness. My aunt's pussy is very pink. Seeing their pussy, I used to feel like licking and drinking all the juice of the pussy.

When I saw my aunt fingering her in the bathroom, my skull started moving. I thought that my mother should be warmed up and that something should be done so that her attention is shifted towards me.

Mummy used to go for a bath only after everyone left the house. I used to stay at home due to being free. Now whenever mommy went to the bathroom, I would turn on the mobile porn movie. He also used to play in full sound so that he could hear the sounds of fuck.

In this way I wanted to encourage them too. I used to turn on porn in the room next to the bathroom and watch them taking a bath from the bathroom hole.

Nothing happened for a couple of days, on the third day I saw that the tap was closed and she was also listening to the sounds of fuck and was licking her finger in her pussy.

When I saw them licking them, I also took out their cocks and started licking them while looking at them.

This went on for five days. She also used to go out of the bathroom and not ask me anything, so I was also happy and kept on cracking her all day long. This mother might have also realized that I keep watching her. But nothing happened from their side, which made me feel that they are ready to fuck me.

With this, I noted one more thing that now she was always staying in the house without panties. It was known to me that whenever she woke up for some work, her nighty would enter her ass. Wearing panties earlier, Maxi did not enter the rift of the ass. Mom was always wearing nighty at home.

When nothing happened from this, I thought that this much work is not going to happen. I had to fuck him freely, so I tried to move forward.

Now whenever she bowed down for some work, I would rub my erect cocks in her ass. I used to enjoy it, she used to look at me. I used to laugh at them and went away.

Then whenever she used to sit near me or pass by me, I used to stand my cock and show them. I too had stopped wearing underwear now. She also used to look at my erect cocks but could not see. I was scared at that time. If I walked like this for a few days, I also stopped being afraid.

One day in the morning, I had Susu at that time. As she was exiting the bathroom taking a bath. At the same time, he lost his towel and I kept looking at my naked aunt .
Was it by mistake or by his actions? I had no interest in understanding this, just after seeing them naked my cock was stretched.

She smiled at seeing my erect cocks and went to the room.

Was in heaven at that time. Seeing the full naked and blonde body of my mother, my mind was incensed. I went inside the bathroom after seeing mom's pussy and smooth pussy. First, he lightened himself and then smashed the goods by hitting the cocks.

It was real fun the other day. My mother and I were alone at home. Leaking a box in the house, water was flowing. She came out of the bathroom in a petticoat to wipe him. She too came out in a wet petticoat. Out of this, his entire naked youth was in front of me.

Mother called me and said - remove it quickly. … is leaking.

She was speaking to me for work and I was watching her hole.

She said with a smile - first remove it, see it later.

I could not stop myself from hearing this thing of his. I took off the half pants and caught them and started rubbing cocks on top of the petticoat. He also tried to free himself but I went on rubbing cocks.

I was so excited that in a few minutes I dropped my hand on his petticoat.

She started looking at me with surprise after seeing my cock juice on her petticoat.

I was still loose. I said - please do not tell mommy, father.
She said at my behest - well, I will not speak.

By this I also came to know that he too had decided to fuck me.

Then on the same day in the evening when my siblings went to class, I was asleep. Suddenly I woke up, so I saw that someone was stroking my cock. When I opened my eyes, I saw that my mother was stroking my cock.

I smiled. Mummy also pressed her eye. What was there. I immediately pounced on my mother. I also started caressing her pussy. I slowly started fingering my mother's pussy. She also started filling up with hot coins.

With one hand, I started removing his nighty. Mummy also quickly removed her nighty and became completely naked. I started sucking their big big tits.

Ah… today I was in paradise… I was enjoying. Today I was going to fuck my mother. I caught them tightly and started kissing them on their lips. Mom also rubbed herself and started enjoying herself.

I reached his pussy kissing his naked body and started licking it very loudly.
She was also like 'Ah ah ui mummy aa ... aa aa ... she died ... and licking loudly ... and loudly.' She started saying I too got excited and started licking loudly. I was licking pussy for the first time, I was enjoying it very much.

Mummy grabbed my head and pressed it in her pussy and started shouting - ah and loud… ah… I went.
Now she was about to fall… she fell in my mouth. I licked their juice, so it was fun… Wow what was the salty water… I drank all the chutras.

After some time I stood up and took my cock to his mouth. She started sucking cocks. I grabbed his head and put the cocks in his mouth and started going out inside. In a while she also started supporting me.

The whole room was buzzing with the sounds of Pach Pach. I was so happy that my mother is sucking my cock.

After some time my mouth was about to fall. I asked him - should I fall in the mouth?
She said no.

I spilled the semen of the cocks on their fair blondes.

We both clung to each other for a moment… Chumachatti started again. I started licking his pussy again. Mummy soon became hot. My cock was also erected.

Now I put the cocks on their pussy and stuck them in the chest. Mummy lifted her ass from below and took my cock inside. A slight sigh came out of them and the fuck started.

I started to pay dear mother. Wow, what was their situation….

Within a short time, she started taking Siskaris loudly. I started jerking harder. In between I was also kissing them. His licks started licking. She was also enjoying the ass in full fun.

His big ass is ass… white white. I felt like killing his ass. I started kissing on mother's ass. Mother could not understand. I removed the cocks from my mother's pussy and set them in the ass hole.
She started to refuse me. She said- My ass has not been fuck yet… Do not fuck it… It will explode.
I said - tearing is just there.

She kept refusing but I did not listen to one of them. I said - once Chudwa ass, then see how much fun it is.
I licked the ass a little and wet it and started trying to insert cocks in it. His ass was very tight. My fat cock was not going inside.

I stuck a betel nut and gave it a sharp blow and went out into the supra of cocks.

That's why my mother shouted loudly - take out ah… is hurting a lot.

I saw that a slight stream of blood was coming out of his ass… but my cock was standing. I jerked one more loudly and put cocks inside. She was making very loud and loud voices, so I started kissing on her lips so that she could not leave her voice.

I kept jerking off in Mummy's pussy. In a while, she too started having fun and lifted her ass and started supporting me. Now the mother had become very sexy and was talking in between, enjoying the cock.

Mummy- Ah brother-in-law… You give your sexy succulent mummy… Chod de madar chod… Aaah your father has not eradicated my thirst till date… You extinguish my thirst… There is some benefit of keeping you with you since childhood… Ah ui Ui… umm umm… what a great fuck you have… I am really enjoying ass fucking too… come on… umm umm. Your cock is very cool,
I said - yes mother, I will quench your thirst every day.
Ah- now brother-in-law, you have enjoyed my ass… So give me my pussy again.

I quickly pulled the cocks from the ass and put them in the mother's pussy. My cock was going to slip in his pussy like water. Her body was stiff, she was about to fall.

I keep on drinking When Mommy showered, my cock felt very hot. Ah… I had fun with my mother's pussy. Now I was going to fall.

I also licked the cocks inside his pussy. I was so tired of fucking that I did not have the strength to get up.

After some time, both of us got up and came into the 69 position. Now he started licking my cock and I. We both licked each other's cocks and cleaned them and went for a bath.

Today I was bathing her in the bathroom… she was bathing me with water.
Soon we both got hot again.
She said - give Chod once again.
I said - no mother, there is no energy left in me and it is time for my sisters too to come.

Mummy fell silent on hearing this. We both came out after taking bath and put on our respective clothes.
We had sex again that night at night.
Now whenever we get a chance, we enjoy sex. I fuck them completely naked.

Friends, this is my true story… no false sex story. Please comment, please tell how you liked the story of Chudai?

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