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Friday, April 17, 2020

Mummy became wife

Mummy became wife

God was very kind to our family, everything was going well that only when the father died in an accident. After that I got married and got into a fight with wife. She left

After passing class 12, I started sitting in the shop with my father. We had a clothes shop in a market in Kanpur. There were three beings in the house, I, Mom and Dad. My marriage was fixed as soon as 22 years old.
God was very kind to our family, everything was going so well that only when the father died in a road accident. I was married after a month and a half. At the behest of all the relatives, we did not postpone the wedding and I got married with simplicity.

My wife Anu was very beautiful, after getting whom I started thinking of myself as lucky. My bride Anu gave me the eagle of paradise on the honeymoon . For three months of marriage, I fuck Anu fiercely.

Then fate once again took a turn and Anu went to her maternal home after quarreling with her mother on some minor matter. Far from agreeing on my explanation, he sent a notice of divorce.
My day used to be cut at the shop, but when I went to bed at night, I used to remember Anu and my LND started taunting. Almost everyday I started to calm my Lund by hitting the mouth.

Luck once again took a turn.
It happened that it was Sunday and I was at home due to the closure of the shop. After finishing the housework in the morning, at around 11 am, the mother went to bathe and I was watching TV.

Then the bell of mother's phone rang. The bell went off before I picked up the phone.
I saw Rekha aunty's phone.

Rekha Aunty was Mummy's childhood friend and lived in Mumbai. With Rekha Aunty's missed call, her message also appeared on WhatsApp, so I opened WhatsApp. My eyes were torn as soon as I opened WhatsApp, Rekha used to send nude sex clips to Aunty Mummy and this was going on for years. Seeing clips of Chudai, my LND started taunting.

Then the mother took a bath. Now mother, I started seeing stuff like fuck, not mother.

When I looked at the mother with a fuck, I found that 5 feet 5 inches in height, fair complexion, full body, cool boobs, thick fat butts. What else is needed for sex?

Mummy went to her room and I started weaving. When I reached Mummy's room, Mummy was dressing her hair in front of the dressing table wearing a petticoat, blouse. Mummy's Tits looking in the mirror and the looking dirty men spoiled my mind. It was in my mind that I would drop Chod here on the bed, but I did not have the courage.

I wanted to have a little patience, so I persuaded my mother to go to the cinema. We decided to eat lunch and come out of the house and would come out after eating at night.

Mr. India, the film of Anil Kapoor and Shri Devi, was released two days ago, took two tickets and sat in the hall.

Wearing a chiffon sari, a wet sari was soaked,
'Don't cut it, these days this night'
I saw Shri Devi singing to her mother, Mom, Shri Devi is also hot like you.
Mummy said with shocking anger- Like me?

I laughingly said- Oh sorry, less than you.
And we both gave a laugh.

After the film was over, we went to the restaurant and came home after having dinner.

After changing clothes, my mother started sleeping, I said - Mom, in two rooms, A.C. overnight. Let's go, why don't we sleep in the same room.
Mom said - can sleep, the idea is not bad.

My bedroom is better so both people slept in it.

I do not know the mother but I did not sleep all night. Mother went to the bathroom to urinate twice and I kept on thinking about her pussy in the bathroom, caressing my LND.

It went on like this for two days, on the third day at midnight, when I woke up to pee, my mother was fast asleep. Sleeping a light in the room is a habit of us.

When I returned after urinating, I started looking at my mother's body. My mother's body in a pink gown started filling my eyes with intoxication.
Seeing the mother's white blonde legs looking out of the gown, up to her knees, thinking about her thighs and pussy, I went to LND.

Once I see my mother's thighs, I will go to the bathroom and kill her. Thinking like this, sitting on her knees, she was stunned by peeking her mother's gown, the mother did not wear panty and after seeing her smooth pussy, it was estimated that two to four days ago, the mother has cleared her flanks.

It is better to rub the lund on Mummy's lits and kill it, thinking that I lay down next to my mother. Mummy slept on her left side and I followed her. Inside the lower LND, I littered with mummy's fists. Setting LND, he started rubbing it softly by setting it between the two mums of the mother.

As I was rubbing LND, my body was becoming uncontrollable.

Then there was a stir in Mummy's body, perhaps she was awake. I started pretending to sleep while pretending to sleep.

Mom got up and went to the bathroom. I thought she would wake up to pee. After a while, the mother came out of the bathroom and switched off the lights of the room and came to the bed. It was seen in the light coming out of the street light from the outside, that the mother again fell asleep on her left side.

If there was no movement for some time, then I thought that my mother was asleep. I slowly separated my Lund from Mummy's fists. Since the light was off, I had taken my LND out of the lower. I was feeling better now than before because I used to have a low and mummy gown between LND and Cuddles and now there was only Mummy's gown, that too was a bit thin.

After keeping the lund between the fishes for a while, I thought that if the mother's gown shines up, the lond will come directly into contact with the fawns. To do this, I slowly lifted the mother's gown up to her waist and tied my Lund with Mummy's fists.

This mind is so bastard, does not stay anywhere. When LND started rubbing on the bare fists, it came to mind that the mother is sleeping, if she gets kissed once, then enjoy it. Thinking just that, I started trying to reach my pussy by moving my LND between the fawns.

Then my fate overturned and my mother too.
Mummy sleeping on the side, became straight, widened her legs, and holding my LND in her fist, indicated me to come on top of herself.

I came over the mummy with a bed and poured my pestle into the pussy of Lund Mummy. Mummy's pussy was also very wet and I was soon discharged in a push. The semen that came out of my LND was filled in Mummy's pussy.
I wiped my LND mother's gown and slept quietly.

Woke up late in the morning, mother was in the kitchen. I got ready to take a bath and went to the shop after having breakfast.

Returned at night, washed my hands and ate food and quietly watched TV. The mother was not daring to be seen and the mother was also stealing her eyes.
What had to happen, had happened, what could have happened now.

After watching TV for a while, I went to the bedroom and started trying to sleep, mother was covering the kitchen. It was half past eleven, that is what I was afraid of, Mommy did not come to my bedroom.

At exactly twelve o'clock in the night, my mother called me on my mobile and asked - I am not sleepy, right? Come on, to my bedroom. Your bride is waiting for you.

I woke up and was stunned when I reached my mother's bedroom. Mummy's bedroom was decorated with flowers. The mother was wearing a red sari on Suhag's SEZ.

When I lifted the veil to see the face of my mother, my eyes were torn. Mother was outplaying Shri Devi in ​​full makeup. Taking my mother's hand in my hand and kissing her, I said - I love you, Renu.
Mom did not say anything.

I removed my mother's veil and kissed her forehead, and placed my lips on her lips. Mummy's lips were shaking.
Taking my mom in her hug and kissing her pussy, I asked- Mom, can I call you as Renu?
"Yes, my sonu, my king." After saying this, my mother swung in my arms.

I removed my mother's sari, then petticoat and blouse. Mummy looked more white in a black colored bra and panty.
After taking off my T-shirt, I placed my hand on the mother's panty, with my hair full of hair, and started sucking the lips of the mother while rubbing the top of the panty.
After some time, I removed my mother's bra and after a gap of twenty two years, mother's teat came in my mouth again today.
Turning my hand on the panty, I removed my mother's panty. Mother had shaved her pussy today. Turning my hand on my mother's pussy, I put my finger in my mother's pussy, then the mother woke up with a clue.
I opened the lips of the mother's pussy and put my lips on it and started turning my tongue in the mother's pussy. After making the tongue beak and put it inside the mother's pussy, the mother grabbed my LND in her fist and quickly pushed my lower down. Now I was licking Mummy's pussy and Mummy was caressing my LND.

When my LND became like a pestle by tipping and the mother's pussy also got wet well, I put a pillow under the mummy's pussy and came between the mummy's legs.

Opening the lips of the mother's pussy and setting my Lund's supada on the mouth of the mother's pussy, I leaned forward and caught hold of the mother's right teat with both my hands and started sucking. Mummy revealed that she is now desperate to fuck.

While sucking my mother's nipple, I pushed my Lund into Mummy's pussy, then slowly the whole Lund got covered in Mummy's pussy. Mummy's pussy looked tighter than yesterday. Either today my LND was very taut or it was the mother's pussy was tight due to placing a pillow under the fists.

My Lund was inside Mummy's pussy and Mummy's teat was inside my mouth.

While walking fingers in my hair, the mother said - Sonu, my king, call my life as Renu, I am your Renu. Talk to me in obscene language, fuck me, blow my pussy, nipple my nipples, bite. Be cruel with me, I am a thirsty for years, your father could not do anything, I am very sad. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

Taking out his LND half and pushing it in loudly, while holding both of my mother's fingers in my fists, I said - Renu Darling, my darling, my Gulo Gulzar, I will fuck you fiercely, my Lund when you catch your speed will blow your navel too. . You were born only to fuck me and you had created me so that I could extinguish your pussy. Oh dear, now my LND's dusting.

After saying this, I left my mother's pussy, put mother's legs on my shoulders and started putting my LND in mother's pussy.

After doing it two or three times slowly, when two three shots were hit hard, the mother screamed.
I said laughing- Renu Madam, nothing will happen by shouting now, the fuck will be like this and it will be overnight.

Mommy began to gasp at the speed of Rajdhani Express and requested to stop with folded hands. When I stopped, the mother took her legs off my shoulders and started normalizing her breath.

I turned the mummy into a mare and came after them and spread the mouth of her pussy and kept her Lund supra. Holding the mother's waist with both hands, he hit a loud blow and pelted the whole lot.

Chudai started at the speed of the passenger train when my speed reached the speed of Rajdhani Express, my LND started fluttering. Mother's legs started hurting. On his repeated saying, he straightened them and laid them on the back.

This time, they put two pillows under their fists, which made the pussy's mouth face up. Putting LND in Mummy's pussy, I lay on top of my mother and grabbed her mother's pussy and started calling me Renu Renu.

When the time of discharge came near, I increased the speed of LND by pressing Mummy's lips in my lips. Even after being discharged, I lay on my mother for some time.

When I removed, my mother said - Sonu, you fill the lota and discharge, filled my entire pussy.

That night I fucking mother three times. Now it becomes a daily job.

After about twenty days, fate again took a turn. After dinner, we came to the bedroom, as soon as I started to lay my hand on my mother's pussy, my mother took hold of my hand and removed it from me and said, Sonu, your little sonu in my stomach Is happening

I kissed my mother in full arms and said - Renu, my life, my baby's mother, I love you.

After this I divorced from Anu. We sold our shops and houses and we settled in Bhubaneswar, hundreds of kilometers away from Kanpur, where no one knew us. Now there are three beings in this house. I, my wife Renu and our son Monu.

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