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Mother's unfulfilled desire for pussy

Mother's unfulfilled desire for pussy

My husband died at an early age. My sex desire was suppressed. After many years, lust aroused in my pussy again. How did my pussy's incomplete wish be fulfilled?

Back story of the writer: My name is Shalini in Choda Jungle to mother
. I am 43 years old. I am a widow My husband passed away a long time ago. Now I, my mother-in-law and my 23-year-old son Vishal all three of us live at home.

By body my son Vishal is thin like lean but his height is 6 feet 2 inches. I also do a job. I come home by 7 in the evening. We are very rich There is nothing special about money, yet I think that the empty mind does not become the home of the devil, so I do a job and a little heart gets lost.

I had heard some stories from office friends. I have a friend named Geeta. We are both very good friends. One day while leaving office, Geeta called me to her house. Geeta's house seems to be between my office and home, so I left. We drank tea and then talked a little here and there.

Geeta said - Hey Shalini, do you know what is going on in our office?
I said no.
She said - will you tell anyone?
I said - tell me what happened?

That quote - Preity is having an affair with a man older than her age. Sheela's affair is going on with a boy who is as old as her son. Ujjwala brings boys from a parlor. He has a contact with a parlor from where the young boys come. She enjoys having fun with those boys.

I said - what are you talking about? They are all married and belong to a good home.
Geeta said - Once you get used to eating outside food, then the home food starts to taste tasteless.
I said - you are fine Still, how do these people make friends?
That quote - everything goes. Nothing happens man!

That day when I came home, only the things heard from Geeta's mouth were going on in my mind. Even at night, I kept turning. I was not feeling sleepy. I started getting upset after thinking.

Then something came to my mind and I walked towards my son Vishal's room. Let me tell you that my height is 5.5 feet. I am plus size from my body. Am chubby My breasts are 41. I wear a double D bra. My waist is 38 and ass is 48.

After the birth of my son Vishal, the doctor refused sex for me. The doctor said that having sex can cause infection in my pussy. Therefore, my husband and I had sex.

My husband died a few months after Vishal was born due to a heart attack. After that again I started taking care of the house and never paid attention to sex.

So when I went to Vishal's room, he had a book in his hand. Seeing me, he put the book under the pillow.
I said - Vishal are you studying?
He said - No Amma, tell me what is the matter.

I said - nothing, I had to talk to you.
He said - Yes, then say Amma.
I said - can you light off? Otherwise I will not be able to talk.

By the way, I had set the latch inside. At my behest Vishal turned off the light.
I said, son, this thing is a bit strange, it should remain between us.
He said - okay.

I said- I want you to join me…
I used to say that I stopped.
He said - with you… what?
I said - with me…. they!
He said- If you say yes, is it with you?
I said - I want you to have sex with me!

Hearing this, Vishal did not say anything. I too could not dare to say anything. We both kept quiet for a while.

Then I started talking again and said - It has been a long time since your father passed. You can understand my wish At that time, the doctor said that if I have sex, there can be an infection in Vagina. That's why I was not able to have sex even with your father. Now I am 43 and my desire to have sex has rekindled.

The room was very quiet and it was completely dark.
I said - what happened… You are also young and intelligent now, and I know one thing. What type of site do you see on the Internet. One day I was cleaning in your room, then you went to take a bath and accidentally put my hand on the mousse of your computer. I saw a thin skinny boy fucking him with a fat woman.
After that one day when you went out, I was cleaning in your room and I got some pornographic books. In it too, a thin boy was having sex with a fat woman.
I know that you were still watching the same book. You see pornographic photos in books and I have come in front of you today as an open book.

It was dark in the room and Vishal immediately put his hand towards my mouth and started sucking my lips by turning my mouth towards him. After a few moments, she took down the pallu of my saree with both hands and pressed both my bobbles (boobs) on top of my blouse.

She pulled and tore my blouse because it was not possible to open the blouse in the dark. Nude of my boobs, he started pressing and mashing them harder. He was very excited.

He likewise laid me on the bed and lifted up my sari and climbed on top of me. On one side, he was pulling my tongue with my mouth and on the other hand he was crushing my thick bobbles tightly. He was becoming more aggressive. I thought it would have to be stopped a little bit.

I said - comfortably huge… Ahhh… slow down son, everything will happen but slowly - slowly.
He stopped listening to me.

But by then his excitement had increased so much that his semen came out in his pants. When I tried my hand at his cock, his pants had become wet. I laughed at this.

Explaining him lovingly, he said- No problem, this is enough for today. We will do the rest tomorrow.
He said - tomorrow, sure? Promise?
I said - yes promise, but there is one more thing.

He asked- What else?
I said - you are not my bad, you have to kill my ass.
He said- Whatever it is, I would love it.

That night went the same way. Throughout the night we both stayed in bed. He let his cock lie between my thighs. Then I got up early in the morning and went to my room. I took my pallu up. He tore my blouse at night.

The next day I did not go to office again.
He came to the kitchen and said - are you not going to office today?
I said - no, I am not going today. Today you are not going to college too?
He said - Sports are going on in the college and we do not have a match. So I'm not going.

Then he kissed my neck and pressed my boobs. Ahh… out of my mouth.
I said - what is your grandmother doing outside.
But he again pressed my boobs and started kissing.
I followed him and then prepared breakfast.

After some time some guests arrived in the house. He sat with them and then went out.
While going, he said - stay online on the message.

Then my mother in law went out with those guests after having dinner. It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
I messaged Vishal - where are you?
He said - I am out now, it will take some time now.
I said - Okay, I am going out a bit, I will return till late evening. Mother-in-law has also gone with the guests. Will return tomorrow morning.

Vishal read this message and sent a smiley.
Then I thought let's do something different today. I also sent a message to Vishal that today he will do something new.
I told Vishal that you should do as I say.
He also replied that it is fine.

I went out and I did shopping while coming. It was 5 in the evening. Slept in Vishal's house. he rose. As soon as he got up, he came to me and started playing with my body.

I told him- first take a bath and drink this milk before going inside.
I said and put the glass of milk on the table.
He said - I have to drink your milk Amma.
I said - I will get my milk too but you drink it right now.

He drank milk at my request. He said that his taste is a bit strange.
If I had knowledge of Ayurveda, then I had added some herbs in that milk. I did this so that the stamina of sex inside Vishal would remain for a long time and both of us mother and son could enjoy our sex for a long time.

Vishal went for a bath after drinking milk. Then I messaged that after bathing, he would stay in his room and keep the padding. I knew that after drinking milk it would definitely have an effect.

I also mixed my milk with the same herb and drank it. I knew that after drinking milk, Vishal would get excited like a devil and would fuck me badly.

After that I went for a bath. Taking a bath, I checked all the window doors in the house that all are well closed. I noticed that the noise of the society's children playing was also reduced.

I took a net drop well after taking a bath. I bought it while shopping. Such a dress is the time of Christian bride marriage, the nethergist is the one who is from head to the ground. At the back it was all the way to the bottom and towards the front I was naked.

It was already 7.30 in the evening. I went to Vishal's room. He was sitting on the throne in front. He was completely naked. I was standing in front of her. I was half incomplete naked. Full of lust.

He kept looking at me for a while. Then got up and came to me and put lips on my lips. Then he caught my boobs. While pressing my bobble loudly, he started kissing my lips and we mother son started drinking juice of each other's lips.

My hand reached his cock. His cock was already taut. His cock seemed more excited today. His cock was lifted in a very powerful way. Milk had its full effect. I started caressing his cock.

Then he took my hand and took me down on the throne. I lay down on the cushion with my legs spread. I knew that today my son's cock will definitely tear his mother's pussy.

As I spread my legs, Vishal put my mouth in my pussy and started licking my pussy. I started getting drunk. Voices started coming from my mouth on my own - hoo… come… o… I was licking my pussy after ouch.

Now he put his cock on the hole of my pussy and pushed it a little bit. I shouted lightly and then she pushed again. His cock went a little inside and then he pulled it out.

He said - you have a problem inside.
I said - no problem. You do not pour whole, half pour. Do it lightly back and forth so that you too will enjoy pussy fucking and I too will enjoy sex.

Vishal did this for a while. He kept pushing lightly. I started having fun. I was not stopped again. I was feeling that I should completely penetrate the son's penis in my pussy, but I was afraid of infection.

I told Vishal - son, now give my ass to Chod.
He put my feet up and started trying to penetrate the cocks in my ass. My ass was too thick. Therefore the position was not freezing.

He said - Amma, get in doggy style.
I said - you mean, I should become your bitch.
He said- Yes, I will fuck you like a dog.

At her insistence, I sat on my knees. My butts were upwards. He put my dress up and then put his cock on my ass hole. Then he spit on his cock and pushed the cock in my ass.

I shouted - Ahh, Ouch… comfortably huge. Its paining.
But now he did not stop. He continued to penetrate the cocks inside. More than half of his cock had gone into my ass. Then I shook my waist and adjusted his cock in the ass.

Half the cocks had gone. Then he spit on his cock and thrust again. All his cocks went into my ass. Now I also started having fun. His cock was giving pain in my pussy and also fun.

I was also supporting her. We both started to enjoy our sexes by shaking our pussy and waist. I started to enjoy ass fucking. Vishal was also fucking my ass.

After some time he said - Amma, I am going to be mine.
I said - yes son, remove it. Drain all your water in my ass. Fill my pussy with your semen.

His speed started increasing. He started to hit my ass fast. Fucking my ass, he was also pressing my bobble. Then he put all the weight of his body on me and held me.

I understood that its water was draining. My butts started filling her with semen. I was feeling her hot semen in my pussy. Then he lay down on me. He stayed like this for a while.

Turning my face, I saw the time in the clock and it was already 9 o'clock in the night. He made me miss a quarter of an hour. Then again that night my son made me fuck about 6 times. My ass was torn. But I also enjoyed a lot with my son's cock.

Until the arrival of my mother-in-law, we mother-son fuck many times. When his grandmother returned, he started living normal again. Whenever we got a chance, we started fucking.

In the night, I used to go to Chudha in Vishal's room and in the morning I would come back before Sasu Ma's sleep opened. One day mother-in-law was at home. That day we fuck in the bathroom.

In this way my son fulfilled my lust. Now he is not only my son, but also my boyfriend and my husband. Now both of us have become like lovers. He takes care of my everything and I also keep him like my husband.

How did you feel about this mother-son chudai story, tell me about it on the email id given below. It is possible that something like this has happened with your life too. I look forward to your message.

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