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Maternal uncle's young daughter

Maternal uncle's young daughter

When I went to maternal uncle's house, my maternal uncle was not there, his young daughter was at home. She was the mistress of cool body. My heart began to fuck her mother sister's pussy. So what did i do?

Hello Friends, My name is Vivek, I am a resident of Haryana. I am 5 feet 8 inches and fit in the body. The size of my cock is 6 inches. Like other people, I will not lie that I am 9 or 10 inches… I am telling you what is right.

This is the first sex story on my family in relation to sex . If I make a mistake, please ignore me.

This sex story is about the sex of the young daughter of the maternal uncle. The matter is about 5 years ago, when I went to my maternal uncle's house for some work. At that time I was 19 years old.

When I went there, Mama Mami had to go out for some work. He had news of my arrival so he had decided to leave his daughter at home.

I want to tell you that my maternal uncle's family has a total of 4 members. Mama Mami is a boy and a girl. Mother's daughter's name is Sarita, changed. Mama's boy studies outside the house.

When I went home, both me and my maternal uncle's girl Sarita were left at home. Sarita was an amazing looking girl. She was the mistress of such a cool body that just by looking at it, one would lose the senses. Talking about his figure, this is a very dangerous figure of 34-30-36.

At that time she was also of my age i.e. 19 years old. Today I met him 2 years later. When I saw him, he just kept on watching. Because I used to study outside too… so there was no need to come home.

When the aunts left, we both talked to each other for a long time. Then he made food and we both ate together. Later he cleaned the dishes and we both started watching TV. Jism movie was coming on TV that day. Because of watching the adult film, I got in some mood and started looking at it. She was also looking at me with oblique eyes.

Suddenly I stopped the TV and she smiled looking at me. He asked - why stop?
I said - I have seen as much as I should have seen.
She said - Then ..!
I laughed.

Both of us started talking to each other in a similar way.
I asked her do you have a boyfriend?
He said no.
I asked - why… you are so beautiful… there must be someone… do not lie.
She laughed and replied - yes she is… but for fear of family, I do not make anyone my boyfriend.

I looked at her Titsi and said - Dude, you are really beautiful, boys will be hovering behind you.
He too said while raising his chest, do you see anything special in me?
I said- If something special is said, then everything is special to you.

He asked me while changing my mind that you would have a girlfriend.
I told him - yes it was earlier… but not now… because now I am focusing on the study.

I was still expecting a similar general conversation with him. But after listening to his next question, I kept thinking.
He asked me- did you ever have sex with him?

I did not know that she might like to ask all this… but heart felt happy that something could happen with it today.

I replied to him- Yes… I have done it three or three times with him.

Hearing this, she smiled and her face turned red. Now I understood that it is hot.

I slowly moved to him… because we were sitting on the couch watching TV first. As soon as I went to her, she got up and went to her room. I started thinking it went wrong, but when she did not come back, I also got up and came to my room. I was not feeling sleepy, just kept turning around and thinking about the same.

After an hour I heard someone's voice, then I slowly opened my eyes and saw. I saw that Sarita came to my room.

I did not say anything. She started shaking me and told me that I am not sleepy alone… afraid to sleep alone at night.
I told him ok you sleep with me.

I moved a little and she lay down beside me. I had only one blanket. It was the month of September in those days, there was no cold… but there was some cold due to the normal AC running. She covered herself with a blanket… after some time she fell asleep with her eyes closed. Where could I sleep by sleeping near him.

After a while I gave him a voice, when he did not reply, I also came inside the blanket. She was lying on my face. I slowly put my foot on her feet, when there was no response… So I slowly put my hand on her thigh and started to run her.

When she did not react, my spirits grew and I slowly laid my hands on her mummies. Although I was afraid too, but I was having a lot of fun. When he did not protest, I slowly started suppressing his milk. He still did not react. When I pressed her moms hard, 'Ahhhhh… I feel ..' came out of her mouth.

Now I understood that she is awake. I now fearlessly put it in her T-shirt and started suppressing the mother. She started getting excited. I went ahead and put her lips on her lips and started kissing her.

It was really fun. Now she too started supporting me.
I told her- Sarita… Say something.
He did not answer anything, just opened his eyes and closed his back and covered his face with both hands.

I slowly put it in her lower. I got into thinking… because she was not wearing panties. There was not a single hair on her pussy.

Now I was not going to stay I put the T-shirt up and asked him to stand up. She stood up like that. I removed his t-shirt. Inside she was not even wearing a bra. Now I understood that she had come to fuck me. She was not saying anything just because of shame.

I slowly removed her lower too, she was completely naked.

Now it was my turn… because my cock was going to come out of the lower. I removed my lower… Now I was only in my underwear. My cock was clearly visible from outside the underwear.

When I took off my underwear, his mouth remained open. She said - so big!
I did not say anything, smiled a little and turned to him. I lay down on her and started playing with her mummies… I started kissing her.

My cock was hot like an iron rod. I was pressing her mums with one hand and with the other hand I slowly took her pussy. He started running his hand on her pussy. It was really fun. The voices of 'Aaaahhh ... uhhhh ..' were coming from his mouth. She was suffering like a fish.

Then I stood up, she could not understand what happened… because she was completely hot.
He asked me - what happened?
I asked him to stand up. She stood up.

Now I told her to suck cocks by pointing to her cocks, but she flatly refused that she will not do it.

I force her a lot, but she did not listen.

I was also an old player of the game. I did not say anything and asked him to lie back. She lay down, so I came over her. Both of us were lying in 69 positions at this time.

I came in this position and started licking her pussy. As soon as I put a tongue on her pussy, she could not handle herself immediately and started loudly 'Ahhh uhhhh eee ehhh ..'. And after a few moments he also took my cock in his mouth. As soon as the cocks were in his mouth, I came to Taranum. She started sucking my cock very well.

Now I also started licking her pussy with fun. When I put my tongue inside the pussy. So she immediately yearned… and fell.

I stood up and lay down with him and kissed him. I started putting a finger in her pussy. Due to the loss, her pussy was completely wet. I slowly put my whole finger inside. The pussy was completely hot. She started to suffer like a fish again.

He told me - what have you done to me… I am not conscious… do something quickly… otherwise I will die.

Now I understand that this is the right time. I went in between her legs and put pressure on the cocks right from the pressure. Due to the pussy being very juicy, the cap of my cock went inside the pussy.

As soon as the cap went in, Sarita shouted loudly - she… died… and not in… quickly.
I placed my lips on her lips and started caressing her mums. When she got it right, I gave it a loud blow with full force. This time half my cock went inside.

Sarita wanted to scream loudly, but she could not scream due to my hand on her mouth. But she started trying to separate me from herself.

I held her firmly. So she could not remove me. I remained calm for a while and later I got behind and hit another blow. This time my whole cock started going to the root of the pussy. His eyes had turned red due to tears. I slowly started caressing her and lifted her hands from her mouth and put her lips… she started kissing him.

When Sarita became normal, I cleaned her tears and kissed her on the forehead, eyes. Then slowly it started happening back and forth. Now she started enjoying it and she started supporting me.

In a few moments, the sounds of Fuch Fuch started coming in the room. Siskaris were coming out of his mouth. She was doing 'Ahhhhh… with shock'. She collapsed after some 5 minutes of fucking.

Now due to wet pussy, the cocks were getting out easily. Now I was fucking him at full speed and there were voices of fuch fuch in the whole room. I was going to be there after ten minutes. I put 10-15 blows fast and released the semen inside it. I lay down on it after falling. It was really fun. Like I have reached heaven.

Five minutes later I stood up and looked at the bed sheet, then the sheet was completely red with blood and semen mixed blood was coming out of her pussy. I picked him up and took him to the bathroom. She could not walk properly. After going to the bathroom, cleaned her pussy, later lifted the sheet and put it in the tub.

Did you enjoy the first fuck of my uncle's young daughter? I look forward to your email.

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