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Master and principal double fuck my mother

Master and principal double fuck my mother

Master gave my mother's pussy The next day the master took his principal and came to our house to fuck my mother. Both of them killed my mother's pussy and ass together.

In the previous part of my story, in the
neighborhood girl's Bur Chodan's Tamanna-2
you read that I also gave Chud the pussy of Tanu, the daughter of Master Rajesh. By breaking the seal of her pussy, I opened her pussy.

When the second round of chudai was going on with her, my mother also came in the same room in which I was naked and lying naked with Tanu.

The mother cleaned the blood on Tanu's pussy after coming and then cleaned my cock too. Seeing the wide ass of my mother Tanu expressed the desire to see the fuck of our mother and son.

I told him that if he promises to get every girl and woman's pussy in his house, then I am ready to fuck my mother's thick ass in front of him.

Tanu was very keen to see the fuck of mother and son. She agreed. After that, I put cocks in my mother's mouth. My mother was sucking my cock like a lollipop. Tanu's mind was also trying to suck my cock.

After kissing my mother for a while, I put my mother's sari up. Tanu was surprised to see my mother's naked ass. He could not believe that a woman's ass could be so wide.

I told Tanu to suck my mother's pussy. He refused at first that he found it all dirty. He started saying that she would not be able to do this.

I said everything is justified in sex. I also lick and suck her pussy before fucking. When you do it twice, you will also enjoy it. Try once.

Meanwhile, the mother took my cock out of her mouth and took it in her hand and started caressing it. Tanu came in between her mother's legs and started licking my mother's pussy. Here I started sucking mother's lips.

After kissing for some time, I made the mother a mare and started licking my cock in her ass. Mother used to enjoy her ass so much. She was fucking her ass in fun.

Here Tanu started playing with my mother's thick asses hanging below. Sometimes she was looking at her mother's pussy and sometimes she was trying to drink them.

Chuding my mother Shalini, I was having fun like heaven. My mother was also enjoying her ass fucking. After ten minutes, my cock got out of the water.

When my semen was about to come out, I immediately took my cock out of the mother's ass and immediately gave my cock in Tanu's mouth. As soon as I entered Tanu's mouth, semen came out of my cock and I pressed Tanu's head on my cock.

I dropped all the semen in Tanu's mouth. Tanu got a drop of my semen. After that I put Tanu on my own. Mother also slept next to him.

I was also getting tired after paying two rounds to a virgin bur and then fucking my mother's ass. I slept with them both. All three of us slept bare for a long time.

My eyes opened in the evening. When I woke up from sleep, my sister was sleeping at my mother's place. Friends, I have two sisters. My elder sister Didi is married. He is in his in-laws house.

The sister who slept next to me was my younger sister. She had gone out since morning. Don't know when she came. Tanu was still lying on me. When the eyes opened, he found the younger sister sleeping next door.

In my family, I have made sex from my mother to my sister-in-law and my younger sister. Just my big sister's pussy fuck I could not do with my cock.

Seeing the sister lying on the side, I started pressing her nipple.
So Didi said- You have all got Chod. But father and brother have not been able to join our game. I also want to take Dad's cock in my pussy.

I said - but why are you trying to get Dad's cock?
He said - Papa is also included in this game, then the way will be easy. I want to be able to enjoy sex with anyone in this house with whom he wishes. By the way, you also say with great pleasure that you have great fun in fucking the evil with which you have come out yourself. I also want to get my pussy fed with the same cocks that I was born due to the cocks.

While agreeing to that, I said - your point is correct, but the father will first pay attention to the daughter-in-law's fuck. The care of daughter's sex will not come to her mind immediately. For that we have to apply some other tricks.
She said- Come on me now brother, I have been waiting for you since.

I got up and put Tanu on one side and came on top of Didi. At that time I was completely naked. While lying on top of my sister, I put my mouth in her cunts. Didi started pressing my ass.

Didi put a finger in my ass while stroking my ass. She started to finger in my ass by giving finger. I started feeling pain. She started sucking my ass with her finger. After that she started caressing my cock.

Sister started caressing my cock by hand. She started licking my cock with speed. I started having fun. Didi was vigorously running her hand on my cocks. In a short while, Dadi kicked my cock and removed the water from my cock.

After that I got up and put on my clothes. I came out. It was night time. Father had not come home yet. My sister-in-law was cooking in the kitchen.
I asked my mother - Father has not come yet?
Mother said- No, he will stay at his friend's house at night. His friend's son has a birthday party.

I told my little sister about my mother.
Mother said- Okay, I will talk.
I asked - will you directly talk to her about sister's sex?

She said - Your father knows that you fuck me. When now they only fuck me. When we were married, he used to be very chodu. It was from this habit that I too started getting used to fuck non-men. I myself have kissed many of your father's friends. Your father also used to fuck his friends' wives.

I said- Then the talk of Didi's fuck can also be direct. Do this, give Didi
Chudwa directly . Mother said- Okay.

I said - what are you doing tonight?
Mother said- Rajesh Master will come after some time. Tomorrow they have got the pleasure of fucking my pussy. Today he will fuck my pussy all night. That is why you quickly take your sister and sister-in-law to your room.

Didi and Tanu were in a room. My sister-in-law was in her room. Me and mother Rajesh were waiting for Master's arrival.
Mother bid - Rajesh Master's cock is very thick. Fucks just like animals. After a long time, I got pain during yesterday's fuck. If he thought of fucking your sister-in-law and sister, what would happen to them! They do not pity at all.

We were both talking that Rajesh Master's call came. Mother turned on the loud speaker of the phone. Rajes Master started saying to my mother - Shalini Darling, you have to do one thing for me. I have to get a job out of the principal of my college, for that you will have to fuck your pussy. Clean your pussy licks before getting fuck.

The mother said yes to the work of Rajesh Master.

I told my mother - today I will clean your pussy.
I took the mother to the bathroom and cleaned her pimples.

After that the mother went to sleep in her room. I turned on the night vision camera in the mother's room. Mother and I only knew about that camera. I installed that camera to watch live fuck of mother and father.

Then I also called the sister-in-law in my room. On seeing the live picture of the mother's room on the screen in front, the sister-in-law understood.
Sister-in-law said - Today Sasu Ma's tremendous fuck is going to happen. After many days Sasu is going to see mother's fuck.

Then we saw that the ring of mother's phone rang. Mother got up and went out. I came to know that Rajesh Master has arrived. After some time both Rajesh and his principal came to the mother's room.

As soon as they came inside, both of them locked the room from inside. They both broke like a hungry dog ​​on the mother's body. Within two minutes my mother was left in bra only. Seeing him in this condition, my cock was also tanned.

Both Rajesh Master and the Principal were completely naked. The principal was staring at my mother's body. He immediately hit my mother on the bed and started pressing her nipple. Then started drinking my mother's teat.

Principal said- Man, it is very fun to rob the youth of such a dead body.
After that, he put a pillow under my mother's ass and spread her legs wide. He put his cock on my mother's bur and then pushed it inside.

The cock of that principal and Rajesh Master was really big. On the other hand, Rajesh Master started playing with my mother's pussy. As soon as the principal's cock went into the pussy, the mother screamed out of her mouth.

Principal said- Man, Rajesh, where did you get so much good stuff?
Rajesh said - This is a very hot product. The fun of fucking it is something else. Today, I want to fuck his ass and Bur together.

Mother said- I am not stopping for sex but take the bur and the ass in turn.
But Rajesh was not considered a master. Principal had already lobbed the cocks in Burr. Then the master also lied my mother on herself. He put cocks in my mother's ass.

Now my mother had the principal's cock in her pussy and Rajesh Master's cock in the ass. Both cocks were very large size. My mother had never taken the two men 's knocks together in ass and bur. Both of them were fucking my mother and making her pay for her bur and ass.

My mother was calling out a scream while taking two lores together. But both of them were not stopping. For a few minutes, both of them took my mother's bur and ass fuck together. After that the principal asked her to be a bitch.

My mother came into the bitch's position. The headmaster poked cocks into my mother's ass from behind. Seeing that view at that time, my cock was also bouncing loudly.

I started pressing my sister's pussy. After a few moments my cock was in the pussy. I was enjoying the fuck of sister-in-law. Simultaneously, the fun of mother's fuck was also being found.

After fucking my mother's ass for a while, that principal dropped her stock in my ass. After that he tired and lay down on one side. Then Rajesh Master started feeding my mother's bur from behind.

Danadan was paying my mother's burp. My mother was getting a lot of fun in Chudwane from Rajesh Master's cock. Ahh… oohh… ahhh sounds were coming out of his mouth which were heard even in my room. Rajesh was engaged in feeding my mother's evil with master's thrust.

After Bur Chudai, he immediately took out the cocks and put them in my mother's mouth. After a couple of pushes, the goods came out of his cock and my mother drank the goods of Rajesh Master. After the tremendous fuck of the mother, both the principal and the master started wearing their clothes.

My mother also started following them. Mother Nangi was going after them. I also stood on the side. I saw that my mother was not even going. The mother's condition deteriorated with both of her bodybuilding cocks.

While leaving both of them at the main gate, the principal said - Your fuck really made my heart happy. Never come to college to squeeze your nipple.
Mother said- Yes, see you later.

After that she closed the door and came. I took the mother to her room. I saw that the goods of both of them were coming out of my mother's pussy. After that, I threw a thin sheet to my mother.

Then I came to my room. My cock was still taut. I put cocks in her pussy and started fucking her pussy loudly. After ten minutes of fucking, I removed the water in her sister's pussy. After that I fell asleep holding his soft body.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, I saw that the law was not with me. When I saw the time in mobile, it was 6 o'clock in the morning. Being fresh, I went to the mother's room.

At that time, taking a bath, she was sitting only in a petticoat on her bed.
I asked- how are you mother?
She said - I still feel the pain of last night's fuck.

After that I pulled the pulse of the mother's petticoat. I started looking at her ass hole. His ass hole had opened up a lot. I realized that last night's mother's ass has added a very thick object.

Then I started licking the mother's ass hole. Soon, water started coming from the mother's pussy. I licked that water. Then I put my cock in the pussy and mother began to fuck.

Even before this, I had given my mother's pussy to drink many times. But today she was enjoying something different in her pussy fucking. I was very excited to hear his words. Last night's Chudai scenes were coming in front of my eyes again and again.

I got excited and started fucking pussy. After that I licked the cocks in her ass. Mother's ass had taken cocks even at night. Today, her ass looked more open.

Mother started screaming loudly - Ah Chod give son to my ass, fuck it so much that it explodes.
After listening to my mother, I started to lick cocks in her ass in full enthusiasm. After drinking cocks in the ass for some time, I left water in his ass.

Then we mother and son clung to each other and lay down.
I told the mother - today give Chudwa the sister's pussy with papa's cocks and give it to the sister-in-law's pussy too.
Mother said - yes you are right. Today, your father's cock should go in your sister's pussy. After that, your sister will also go into pussy.

Then I got up and went to my room. It was thin there. I told Tanu that your father is going outside two days. You don't have to go to college for two days now. Stay here.
She said - okay.

After that I talked to him for some time and went to sister-in-law. Today was the turn of the sister-in-law to fuck her father. So I went to the sister-in-law's room to prepare the atmosphere.

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