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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Mast classmate gets sucked as girlfriend

Mast classmate gets sucked as girlfriend

One of my classmates was Apocalypse. His youth wreaked havoc. The intoxication of his youth hit me so much that I wanted to make him my own. How did she become mine?

I am a resident of Ram Soni, Jodhpur. I am 23 years old My cock is six inches long and two inches thick. I have completed my engineering studies this year and am now preparing for the Civil Services Examination.

This hot sex story is about me and my old girlfriend, who is now married. This thing is a few years old. I was nineteen years old then.

At that time, I befriended my class girl Reshma (name changed). She was no less than a doom. She was one month younger than me. His youth wreaked havoc on him. The intoxication of his youth was such that I would forget everything just by looking at him. His deep eyes like lake took me to which world. Whenever she came out in front of me, all my things used to stop.

I was the most promising student of my class and all the boys and boys used to be very keen to befriend me. But Reshma was somewhat different. She was not just giving me grass. She was in a different section, perhaps she did not know much about me.

That is why I was having some difficulty in beating him. I also thought that when it comes to me on its own, I will be friends with it only.

After some time there was a competition in our college. In it, groups were formed by combining both sections of our class. It was my luck that Reshma was with me. I was very happy to be with him.

I talked to him The topic of the competition, which was found, was somewhat difficult. Although I had no problem working on that topic. But Reshma's air was out.

She said to me - do you know anything on this topic?
I nodded my head
She started to grumble, not knowing with whom I have to connect.
I was smiling at his helplessness.

The competition was about to begin and now there could be no change in any way.

When I looked at my friends, they were all confident in seeing me that I would win that competition.

As soon as the time for the bell rang and the topic started, I looked at Reshma and said - yes tell me… how to do it?
She started looking at me and said - I do not know anything about this topic.

I smiled and in no time solved the topic and got up to submit my text book.
Reshma still did not expect that I have solved it. She was still buzzing.

The result of this competition was to be announced today and the winning team had to get the shield in it.

Till the result was declared, we all had to sit with ourselves. We were both sitting together. I was not saying anything to him.

Now it happened that after submitting the copy, all my friends came close to me and started telling me that today only you can win this competition.

Reshma began to look at me with surprise. He could not believe that I could win the shield.

Well… the result came and I was called to take the shield on stage.
I put Reshma forward - you go.

She started hesitating and said- No, this is your right… you go.
It came out of my mouth that now it is nothing of mine… it is ours.

He looked at me and I shot him an eye. She went to Sharma and went to the stage and took the shield… Although I went along… but I allowed her to take the shield.

Understand that I was dead on this incident.

He later asked me to go for a coffee drink. So I laughed and said yes.

We both sat in the cafe and started talking. On the other hand, I started praising her that you are very beautiful and it makes me want to keep looking at you.
This made her shy.
In a way, it was to propose it from my side.

He looked at me and threw eyes in his eyes, so I pressed his eyes again.
He said - your eye is very insolent… keep it up.
Putting eyes in her eyes, I asked - why to take care?

She said - now they should not be suppressed by looking at someone else.
I asked - why?
He smiled and hit me and said - now these eyes have become mine.

Reshma just got caught up with me. Our friendship started. I took her hand in mine and kissed. She turned red with shame.

I told him 'I love you ..' She also said I love you to ..

We both went out of there and went to our respective homes. Now the conversation started on our phone. At first, we both used to talk about love in general, then slowly we started opening up among ourselves and started talking about sex… and phones started having sex.

I did not know when a month passed while talking like this. Whenever she was with me, we both started molesting each other's body. I used to take his puppy. She used to kiss me. The lust of both of us was increasing.

I told him one day - I want to meet in private.
She said - My mind is also mine, but where do I meet?

I too was helpless.

Then one day he got a call at night… So he told me that his mother and father are going out of town for some work tomorrow… So you come to my house at nine in the morning.

After that we both started waiting for the next morning and we could hardly spend the night talking on the phone throughout the night.

Finally, the day has come, which both of us eagerly awaited. I got up early in the morning and agreed to go to his house and at nine o'clock I called him to open the door.

As soon as I reached her house, she was waiting for me at the door. As soon as I saw him, he just kept looking at him. That day he was wearing a salwar-kurta of red color. She had a younger sister at her house, who was sitting in another room.

We both went to her room and as soon as we closed the door from inside she clung to me and started kissing loudly. The touch of his lips started saluting my cock and I felt his hot hot breaths. When I kissed her, I put her hand in her kurta and braved it from above and started pressing her mummies, due to which she started taking little light.

Then I picked her up on my lap and took her to bed. He pulled me over and started kissing. I also started supporting him. Slowly my hand went inside her kurti and after suppressing her mummies for a while I removed both her kurti and bra. Then I pressed her Mmmon to kiss her behind the neck and ears, so that she started filling Siskariya. Because kissing on the neck and ears gets girls excited more quickly.

So far, my one hand opened her salwar and reached her pussy. Her pussy was wet. I searched the pussy and separated her salwar from her body. Now she was only in panties. After this he removed all my clothes and started sucking my cock.

This was my first experience, so I fell in his mouth in 4-5 minutes, due to which he had a burning fire. Still he drank all the semen.

Then I removed her panty and started caressing her pussy. Her pussy had light soft silky hair. Lying on her mind, I opened her legs and gave her tongue again on the chest. Her ass hurt and she shivered right away. I held her legs and started fucking with her tongue inside her pussy. In less than a minute, she grabbed my head and started pressing on her pussy. Her body suddenly became stiff and she fell in a few moments.

After this he pulled me up on top and started kissing. I also supported her and after some time started kissing her stomach and navel, which started stimulating her back.

She started saying - whatever you have to do… do it quickly… I am not going now.

I removed the condom from my paint pocket and gave it to him and asked him to put it on the cocks. She started wearing condoms on my cock.

After wearing a condom, I set the cocks on her pussy and hit her hard. At first the cock slipped. After this, he grabbed the cocks and set it on his pussy and started giving me pressure from under himself, hinting at me. With this my cock started going in her pussy. The supra of cocks had penetrated into the chutka.

Then I hit a shot hard, then my cock ripped his pussy inside. With this, she started trembling with pain and started trying to get rid of me. I started kissing her while stopping and started pressing her milk.

After some time, she started to take cocks in her pussy while shaking her ass from below. Now I also started to push her slowly in her pussy. She started to shake my ass from below. Slowly I increased the speed and started fucking him with speed.

For some time, he started strutting and biting his nails in my back. She was on the verge of loss. Realizing this, I increased my speed further and with that I fell into her pussy.

When my cock came out of my girlfriend's pussy, there was blood on it. After looking at her, she smiled looking at me and then she took out my condom filled with semen and threw it out and after some time we put on clothes. After leaving my girlfriend, I left for my house.

After this, whenever we got a chance, we would do a lot of fucking. After this hot sex story, I will write next time how I killed my aunt and her ass too.

Friends, this was my and my girlfriend's first fuck… How did you like my hot story? Please match it.

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