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Mast chudai with sister-in-law

Mast chudai with sister-in-law

Hello friends, my name is Rajesh and I am from Azamgarh. I am married as well as I have a small child. My wife is hot but still I am a very sensual person. So far, I have finished fucking many girls including my aunt's girl and Bhua's girl. Even if someone befriends me, I do not leave the girls engaged in his relationship. Simply put, I am addicted to sex that I am not able to give up. Today I am going to tell you about a true incident because it was the best fuck of my life. So let me move on to my story.

So it was about two years ago when I was newly married. We had no house of our own, so my wife and I rented a house in Azamgarh. The people where we took home were much better. Also a family lived near our house. In which an uncle aunt used to be his son and also his daughter-in-law. His daughter-in-law, whose name was Roshni, I used to call him sister-in-law. Roshni used to be very good with my wife. Roshni Bhabhi always used to come to my house and talk to my wife for hours. By the way, I had almost given up my sex addiction but I do not know why my cock used to be erected just after seeing Roshni Bhabhi.

I explained myself a lot, but my patience was just breaking. Now I was becoming more and more eager to give a light to Roshni Bhabhi. I was probably not able to stop myself because Boobs of Roshni Bhabhi's Gaura Badan, innocent face and Tide looked like sari was going to break my patience. Now I slowly started talking to the sister-in-law and started making good contacts with her. His voice sounded very innocent, which used to become like a tent in my cock. I found out from her sister-in-law that her husband was an army officer and he lived mostly outside the house. Seeing this, Roshni Bhabhi had also become aware of my dirty destiny and perhaps she too was addicted to talking to me now.

Sometimes when my wife was not at home, I used to talk to each other a lot in the light. Roshni Bhabhi's brother-in-law, father-in-law and husband used to stay out of their work. He had a mother-in-law who used to sleep with pills and pills throughout the day due to his prolonged illness. There was a time when my child had a school holiday. My child had been insisting on going to Nani's house for a long time, so my wife and child had gone away for some days. When my wife was at home, I used to control my sex addiction very often. But when he left, I used to be like an open bull who would see whatever he believed in.

I would often stare at her sister-in-law after my wife left. In return, sister-in-law also got used to staring at me. I could see Roshni in the eyes of her sister-in-law that she too is desperate for sex. One day when I was at home due to office leave. Then suddenly Roshni Bhabhi comes to my house and says to me 'Brother, I am very upset'.

Why what happened sister-in-law? - I said while replying

Then Roshni Bhabhi said - Look, your brother and my brother-in-law are not at home. It is very hot and my cooler has also deteriorated. I am getting very upset.

'This is the only thing I fix, I'm free today anyway - I said while answering

Then Roshni Bhabhi said - Thank you very much, you are free and come immediately to my bedroom. I immediately finished all my work that day and went to Roshni Bhabhi's bedroom to fix the cooler. I went to Roshni Bhabhi's bedroom and took down the cooler to fit it. Roshni sister-in-law was also sitting with me. That day their boobes looked more bulging than before. Also, her boobs from her blouse were also seen dropping out. Seeing such a scene, a 7 inch tent was made in my paint. My attention was distracting from work, but even after doing it like I did, I had already fitted the cooler. When I was tired enough, sister-in-law went to get water for me. After the sister-in-law left, I saw that the bra of the sister-in-law and panty is kept in the drawer of the cooler. When my cock was erect, I was so seduced that I kept my sister-in-law's bra and panty in my pocket and I left quietly from there.

When I went home, I smelled those bra panties and I smelled a lot of perfume. I started rubbing the panty of the sister-in-law with my cock and saying "Ah bhabhi" and started fisting. I had kept my eyes closed during this time and after some time my goods had come out and washed in the sister-in-law's panty. As soon as I opened my eyes again, I found the sister-in-law holding tea in her hand.

I said trembling - sister here you? Forgive me sister-in-law, I just…

Yes, I made tea for you, but you came home. - Sister in law replied

I said - sister-in-law forgive me everything you saw… ..

Oh oh no problem, I can understand that your wife is not at home, so what must be passing on you. My husband also does not stay at home. But you spoiled my panty. You have corrected my cooler, now give me a chance to do some service too. As soon as I said this, Roshni Bhabhi moved towards me and both of us started kissing each other. Kissing Roshni Bhabhi's juicy lips, my aloda had become 7 inches. While kissing, my cock was being rubbed from her sister's vagina. Sister-in-law and I fell on the bed kissing each other.

I took off all the clothes of the sister-in-law in a short while. Sister-in-law also left no stone unturned to undo me one after the other. He immediately started naked and sucking my cock. While saying 'Ah bhabi how good you are', I was going to raise my enthusiasm with lights on my head. Shortly after, I also started fucking her vagina with her finger. When my finger came out of her vagina, her sister-in-law Kamaras came out. Sister-in-law was looking very much in mood. Roshni Bhabhi grabbed my 7 inch cock and pressed it into her boobs and started rubbing it with the boobs. I was enjoying it so much that I could not tell. With the help of sister-in-law, it was known that she had been waiting for sex. In truth, I had not seen an erotic woman like Roshni Bhabhi till today.

Shortly afterward, my 7-inch instrument was ready to be graced with sister-in-law's wet pussy. Without taking much time for me, I first laid the sister-in-law on the bed. Now I had lifted my cock in the law's sister's cock and lifted her in my lap. I was being jerked into her vagina with my cock while bouncing it. The loud screams of her sister-in-law were being heard throughout the room. Their booms were hitting my mouth while bouncing. Now I took down her sister-in-law and kept one of his legs on the table and started fucking her in the vagina. I had Choda in different positions on that day. Sister-in-law had also been fucking me for a long time. I had fallen twice that day, once I left the semen on the sister-in-law's mouth and the second time I had put it inside her vagina. Even today, when I remember that crazy sex of a sister-in-law, a tent is made in the paint and the mind gets rested only by fisting.

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