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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Mast bhabhi ki chudai of Jharkhand

Mast bhabhi ki chudai of Jharkhand

I am a doctor in a hospital in Delhi. I am single I befriended a lady on Facebook. Video calls were also made after talking on the phone. After that what did we do, how did we do it?

My greetings to all friends. My name is Doctor Rishi affectionately call me Rishu. I am a resident of Delhi. My penis size is more than 8 inches. I work in a hospital. I come home from the hospital and sleep.

This thing is 10 days before today. One day I was working in the hospital, then I got a request on Facebook called Riya. At that time I was busy, so I did not notice it. Then after coming home from the hospital and messaging him, he also responded to the message.

We both started talking. She went offline after some time by saying work is there.

I started checking his profile. First of all let me tell you about Riya. Riya was 39 years old, she was a cool sister-in-law. He had two children. But as I saw him in the photo, his figure was from 36-32-38. His eyes were very intoxicating. She was from Jharkhand.

I started talking to him. In a few days, they were quite open to each other and started chatting for a long time.

The problem for both of us was that if I were ever online, it was not. And when she was online, I would not.

One day I messaged Riya, so there was no response for a long time. I messaged her again but still no response.

This thing happened a week. No message came from his side. I would just open Facebook and be in awe of looking at the inbox for his message.

After 10 days, his message came like this - Hello.

The bell of notification rang so I quickly messaged him - Hi.

Then we started talking. Then it was found out that her husband is in CBI and came home. Because of this, she was not running Facebook.

Now we slowly started to learn about each other. Neither of us had talked about sex yet.

One day I asked him - You are very lucky.

He asked- Why?

I said - you have such a good husband, you are so lucky. They also do a good job.

She became sad after listening to me. He sent a sad emoji.

I asked what happened… Why did you become sad.

He said - What am I lucky… My life is ruined.

I asked - how?

She told that her husband comes home once in 3 months.

I was happy inside of him, but I grieved about this.

Then she said - you leave these things dear.

I sent a smile emoji.

He said- and tell… you have a girlfriend?

I did not write.

He wrote - Why?

I did not get like you.

At this she started laughing and said- I have become old.

Me- you are crazy… the real fun is just like you.

She started laughing after hearing this.

After some time, he himself messaged his phone number and asked for my number.

I also messaged both my numbers.

He asked- talk on the phone?

I said - I apply.

I just started talking to Riya on the call. His voice was very melodious. If she used to laugh, the tingling would go on inside.

Our phone chat ended after talking for a long time.

After this we both used to talk. She would give me a missed call and I would talk to her on the phone as soon as I was free. We both left open. First simple jokes and then sexy jokes also started running. He also started talking to me.

One day I jokingly told him - if you find someone like you, life should be made.

He said - OK sir… if you get like me, what will you do with him?

I said - enjoy… love!

She said - am I bad?

I said- No man where I have said such a thing.

On my talk, he said - you did not talk about meeting me, so I said that I am bad.

On this, I told him that you are very good, dear sister-in-law… I would have got you… So my life would have become.

She laughed at this. He said softly - If you can try, do it.

I also laughed - of course.

Gradually we started talking and talking sexy to each other.

He started asking about my life… and I slowly started telling him everything about my life.

After some open talk, I asked - what is your size?

He told what his size is. We started talking very sexy. I slowly began to get drunk on him. Was and she was also getting very good with my words.

He asked- how big is your little one?

I said that it would be better than measuring with an inch tape, when Taylor himself would go to the trial room.

Sister-in-law laughed at me and said - the meaning of the trial room will tell your small size inside?

I said - sister-in-law is holding it right.

She blushed and giggled.

In the same way, we both started talking sexy all night. She used to abuse me with love, I also used to fuck her on the phone.

After this he told himself to talk on video calling. I was waiting for this I did video calling Sister-in-law was in a cool nightdress. She wore a sleeveless maxi sleeveless maxi. This maxi was fluffy. She did not even wear a bra inside. Her red colored panty was clearly visible from below her maxi.

Sometime I praised her beauty, she also praised me.

Then he said - Show me shorty.

I said - he is sleeping now.

Sister-in-law said - I will wake her up.

I took off my clothes and came in only one Franchi. Seeing this, he loosened his maxi chord, which caused him to see his sweet milk. Seeing his cock, my cock began to take a grip. My Franchi started blooming.

Seeing this, sister-in-law Chhotu is awake. He must be hungry, he will have to feed.

I saw that the sister-in-law opened her maxi from the front. His cool mother became naked. Ah, what was a hot chocolate nipple. My cock got upright and I removed my Franchi.

On seeing the erect cocks, the sister-in-law's treatment went out - O my God… it will tear me so big.

I said - how can you get out of mobile in your pussy sister-in-law.

For some time, we both continued to have sex in the same way. Sister-in-law opened her pussy Both of us kept bare and extinguished each other's fire.

Both of us were going crazy for each other now.

This lasted for four days from this side.

Then on the fifth day he said that can you come to Jharkhand to meet me?

I said - yes I can come at all.

The program to meet both of us was fixed.

He booked a room in the hotel for me and I reached there to meet him.

Bhabhi herself came to the station to pick me up. I came to the hotel sitting in his car with him. We both came to the hotel room. There was no stopping both of us. I filled her in my arms and started kissing her.

He also told me while kissing - what is the hurry. Today we will meet each other in every way.

After sitting for some time, when both of us again got wrapped up in each other, nothing was known.

I started kissing him again. Now I was going crazy to fuck my sister-in-law. I started pressing her bobe and she was also supporting me.

He said softly - I have the same clothes… I have to go home too.

On hearing this I understood that sister-in-law has to be naked.

I opened her sari and set it aside. There was no worry about the blouse petticoat. I started putting her hand in her hair and caressing it and slowly started to fold her hand on her waist.

She was going mad with the action of my hands. After kissing for 20 minutes, I started pressing her mummos wildly.

He said - will everyone do from above?

I opened her blouse and dropped it down and started sucking her nipples from the top of her bra.

Sister-in-law started giving milk in my mouth with her own hand. A few moments I started sucking her navel. I sucked the navel while sucking it down. She lay down and I started kissing her stomach. After this, I removed her bra and put it on the side.

The sister-in-law's mamme started increasing my passion. I started sucking a nipple.

Then I gently bitten her nipple with a tooth.

Sister-in-law screamed - Oi mother… what are you doing… Do not bite.

I was getting drunk on her sexy body. Then I started kissing on his back, on his neck.

She was very hot. He was getting intoxicated with sarcasm.

Seeing this, I opened the pulse of his petticoat. Petticoat pulled apart. Sister-in-law was now running in my arms in only one panty.

I started kissing on her thighs like butter. Sister-in-law put her panties down, so I understood. I removed the sister-in-law's panties. Now she was lying in front of me Madarjat Nangi.

I turned him over and started sucking his ass. Sucking her ass, I turned her back again and her smooth pussy was in front of me.

I started licking her pussy.

So sister-in-law shuddered and said - Ah, what are you doing… I really enjoyed it.

I went on licking and sister-in-law became a shola of hot fire.

Now she started screaming and started shouting 'Ah ah ..'. I went on licking his pussy for a few minutes like this.

Chut started releasing water and after a few moments the sister-in-law strangled the body and left it under control.

Water started coming out of her sister's pussy. I drank all the chutras.

After two minutes, sister-in-law said - You look very express.

I looked at the law with intoxicating eyes and said- Yes, I came to see the film for you.

Now it was his turn.

He opened my jeans and caressed my cock and started sucking cocks. Seeing the size of my cock 8 inches, sister-in-law said - Wow I enjoyed it.

Sister-in-law started sucking cocks like lollipops.

When the sister-in-law was sucking my cock, I was on the seventh sky. I can't tell you how much fun I was having at licking cocks. I started grabbing her sister's hair back and forth. Chodne started thinking of her mouth as her own pussy.

After kissing the cocks for a few minutes, I told my sister - I am going to be.

He said with a hand gesture - Never mind… Take the juice out of my mouth.

As soon as I got his hint, I moved the penis and my semen started coming in his mouth. She kept my cock in her mouth and drank all my juice.

After that, then both of us started kissing. After kissing for some time, sister-in-law said - Let's start the game now.

I started heating it. I started kissing her belly on navel, then on pussy.

Sister-in-law got hot and said that just do it now… please no longer going… You should tear your 8-inch cock into my pussy and tear it.

I did not stop sucking the pussy, then she started abusing me - why madder Is craving… why not fuck.

Hearing the abuse from her mouth, I put her in the position of fuck and licked my cock in her pussy.

As soon as I put my cock in the pussy of the law, then she screamed right - O mother is dead… it is too big… Ah take it out… it is hurting… I put my brother in law… Ah my husband It was small… you are very big… please take it out.

But I did not agree and I kept on jerking off. After two minutes she started supporting me. Slowly, I started enjoying sex.

After some time, I started fucking him by making him a mare. Then in different rugs, I spit the law for 15 minutes. She had fallen twice during this fuck.

I was still fucking her. She would get hot again and again.

She said during the third time - ah and fast… and fast please babu and fast and fast babu chodte… Keep me chod… ah make me your prostitute. Madar Chod is so cool! Ah.

She started abusing me. I was also abusing him.

Me- in Chud-Sali Randi… Your mother's chodu maa ki lori…

We both came to the extreme.

Then after 5 minutes I said that I was going to be.

He said - leave it in me… My baby girl is out.

I started to fuck him

After that, mine also happened and I fell on top of it.

That night I had him four times in different positions and he had made my condition worse. Don't know how many days she was thirsty.

We both fell asleep after sex. In the morning I made preparations to leave. She started crying.

But had to go. He also gave me money.

When I refused, the sister-in-law held my ear and said- Keep my life… buy something for yourself.

I returned with goodbye from him.

How did you guys like this sex story, this is my real story. Please do tell by mail.

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