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Married girlfriends fuck

Married girlfriends fuck

My first meeting with him was on Facebook. After talking to her I felt that she could become my sweet friend. How far did our friendship go? How did she fuck me?

I want to thank Renu before writing this story. After reading his story, I felt that I should write my experiences and when I spoke to him, he encouraged me.

I live in Manoj Noida. I am 32 years old and in a good position in a private company.

My first meeting with Shivani was on Facebook. After talking to her I felt that she could become my sweet friend. Gradually we started talking to each other. Now we started talking freely.
We also started talking about sex with each other.

Suddenly one day his messages stopped coming. I too became busy in my life.

Then suddenly one day his message came. He was married yet he had love in a corner for me. We both started talking the same way again.

One day we both made plans to meet. She was going to come to Noida to meet me. I was very happy.

Gradually that day also came. She came to her relatives who were husband and wife and both used to work. When both of them went on the job, I went to his house to meet my life.
When I played the doorbell, he opened the door. I just kept looking at him. What an amazing feeling. The nymph descended from heaven.

He pulled me in and said- Will you keep looking at the door or will you come inside my life?
As soon as he closed the door, I attached him to the wall and filled him in his arms and started looking into his eyes.

She said - what are you seeing, my love?
I said - my sister is seeing your beauty.
Shivani said - I am yours, my king!
And he took my lips to his lips.

We were kissing and sucking each other like crazy and my hand was playing with her hair. The other hand was stroking her bum.
What was a dirty ass

I removed her t-shirt. Tits of that sister in the black bra looked amazing. I could not stay and opened her bra. Now her 32 size Mast Tits were free.
Both of her nipples are brown… wow… my favorite.

I just had a break on both of them! I was biting her nipples and did not know when my other hand went into her panties. His sobs were shaking my mind.

She took off her panties with her hands, my t-shirt too… now she was naked.
What was the great body of sisterhood!

I put her feet on my shoulder without delay and took my face near her pussy. Was it a smooth smooth pussy like you have come full clean for me.
I put my face up. Our eyes met, she smiled as if she was speaking - all is yours, my life.

Without delay, I also put my lips on her longing pussy.

Her pussy was bursting as if she had been yearning for me.

Shivani pressed both her hands on my head and started pressing on her pussy. I was licking her pussy. My tongue was lost in its depths. His siskaris were making the atmosphere more cool.

I also inserted a finger in her pussy and started licking her pussy while finger in her pussy.
Wow, what was his hot juice.

Then she pressed my head very fast on her pussy. She was falling and I was sucking her. He wanted to drink like a strand.
Both of us had gone completely mad.
She was saying - suck my king. Quench my thirst today You tortured me a lot!
The more she was speaking, the more I was mercilessly sucking her.

When she fell completely, I got up and put my lips on her lips. She was also tasting her juice. We were both lost in each other.

Then I raised him in my arms and brought him to bed.
I asked Shivani - how did the sister-in-law start?
Seeing me smiling, then placing my lips on my lips, he said - Mast is king. My husband did not even give me such fun.

There was a strange intoxication in his eyes and I felt myself drowning in it.

I took her lips again in my lips and started playing with her nipples while sucking her lower lips. His breath was getting faster and his hands were moving over my body.
He immediately turned and came on top of me. Looking at me, he said- My life, now my turn!

He bit my lips lightly and started having fun with my tongue in my ear. My hands were playing with his bare body, sometimes on the back and sometimes on his fists.

She was also kissing me lost in me. Then she came down slowly and started kissing my chest. Kissing her chest, she took my nipple in her mouth and started playing with her tongue.

The more she was playing with my body, the more excited I was. I rubbed her Titsi in my hands with great disgust and with as much disdain, she cut it on my chest.
This pain also had its own fun.

I looked into her eyes and said - Come on, now you come down and let me enjoy the fun of my youth.
Shivani looked at me and said - so soon my life!
She came between my legs and was looking at my cock seductively and suddenly attacked her. He took my cock in his mouth and started sucking.

Was the sister in law sucking I grabbed her hair and started to lower her head upwards.
She was sucking my cock with fun like today she will eat it all.

He had made me laugh with his cocks. I hardly stopped myself from falling. She wanted to drink my water but I told her - not now.
I lay her upright and came between her legs. I kissed her pussy once again and started licking it with my tongue.

She was pressing my head between her thighs and I was playing with my tongue with her pussy rash at the same speed.
"Raja is not tolerating anymore, put your cock in my pussy!" Shivani said.

I saw him, it seemed as if he was thirsty for years. I connected my lips to her lips and inserted my cock in her pussy.
Uffff what a hot and juicy pussy it was. It felt like she would burn my cock.

As soon as he entered the cocks, he also took the sig and rubbed his nails on my back.

We were both lost in each other and were enjoying the bumps. Both of us were kissing each other like crazy, it seemed as if they would eat each other. The grip of his feet was getting faster on my waist and I was feeling the movements of the hands on my body.

The whole room was full of siskar of both of us.
"Chodo Manoj, Chodo me, ahhhh ... and faster ... tear my pussy!" Shivani's voice was echoing in my ear.

Suddenly his body started twitching. I understood that his work was going to happen. I increased my speed, he also started to support me with the same speed from below.
After 20 minutes of hard sex we both ejaculated together.

I lay on her side. He looked into my eyes and gave me a strong kiss and said- Thank you Manoj.
I looked at her and smiled.

How would you like my sexy story to be told.

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