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Many men fuck for the future of son-2

Many men fuck for the future of son-2

I agreed to get a son from a police inspector for the future of my son. But other than that, whom did I present my sexy body to?

You have read the sex story so far for the
son's future in Chudi-1 from many men
that I had agreed to get a son from a police inspector for his son's happiness.

Now further:

The inspector stood up and took off all his clothes and lay down. I understood that I also have to please him by sucking his cock.
I also sucked cocks for a while and started having fun.

After some time he put me in the position of fuck and put his cock on my pussy and gave me a loud blow. His whole cock had penetrated into me. I screamed 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… ’because his cock was very thick.

In a couple of shaking, the cocks made a place in the pussy He started fucking me. I started enjoying a lot. Today, not knowing how many days Lund went inside.

I was getting extreme pleasure. I started taking sensual sobs and loudly started shouting 'Uff Ahh Yessss Oh Oh Uff Yehhh ... Fakk Me… Uffff ..'.

After fucking my pussy for some time, Inspector Saheb turned me upside down and put a little oil in my ass and put my cock inside me in one stroke.

This time I was in a lot of pain, but he inserted my mouth into the pillow and started fucking me very hard.

After some time, the inspector made me sit upright and got myself under the bed. He gave his cock in my mouth and started fucking me. After some time he burnt the cocks in my mouth.

When she was free from sex, she saw me smoking a cigarette and said, "You must be very good."
I put on my clothes and asked the inspector - what do you say to my son?

He said - now you be sure… now your son will not have anything… but just keep taking care of me like this.
I did not say anything.

He said - Let me leave you home.

One of my problems was easy. Now the problem of my son's school was left. In the next day, getting up early, having a bath was ready and then became very sexy.

My son was still sleeping, so I did not think it right to lift him and I left for his school.

When I reached school, I went straight to the principal office.

Principal sir was sitting inside. I saw that he was about 50 years old, but he was very fat.
As soon as he saw me, seeing me as if the resin dripped from his mouth.

When I said hello to him, he asked me to sit down. I talked to him and told him everything. I again asked him to let my son attend school.

Then my son's class teacher also came and he sat in the chair next to me. The Principal introduced me to him and I told him all the things.

Both of them started saying that their re-admission is very difficult, because the police case has been done. Now this will spoil the name of our school.

In such a time, I realized that my son's class teacher had started to stick his arm with my body.

I immediately put my hands on the teacher's thigh and said - Please agree once sir, I am ready to do whatever you say.

Perhaps the teacher gave the principal some hint. With my happiness, both of them also understood that the goods themselves were asking to be fuck.

Principal said to me - see you come to my room in the evening, then let's talk. Let's see what can happen.

He gave me his mobile number and called me to school in the evening. Principal lived in the same school. I understood that I would have to give my pussy to both of them as well.

I came to school again in the evening and his class teacher came to take me to the principal's room. I understood that these two would together fuck me.

When I went inside the principal's room, I saw that the principal was sitting on the front bed. I sat on the couch facing her and the class teacher sat on the side.

Now the three of us started talking. They were not ready to keep my son in any way.

I started the play and started crying while talking about my emotional.
Seeing my weeping condition, the class teacher came next to me and started comforting me. Putting my hand on my shoulder, started caressing me.

Then the principal also came from the other side, he too put his hand on my thigh.

When I did not protest, they both started caressing me and silencing me.

I too put my hand on the principal's cocks and fell into her lap. Seeing this, the teacher started turning his hands on my mother. I also started playing in both of them. They both started kissing and caressing me. From the top of the principal blouse, my nipples started to crush.

Then both of them took off my blouse and both started rubbing, pressing, sucking, licking my fingers.

After a moment, the principal lay straight on the couch. He opened his zip and pulled out the cocks and placed it in my hand. Principal cocks were 6 inches.

First, I stroked the hand and made the principal's cocks, then bent down on the couch and started sucking cocks.

Then the teacher picked up my sari from behind and put his cock in my ass and started fucking me. His cock also seemed to be only 6 or 7 inches.

After some time both of them took me to bed and in turn both of them killed my pussy and ass. First the principal rubbed the cocks in my mouth, then the teacher also gave me juice.

When the fuck was over, I dressed and looked at him with questioning eyes.

Principal said- Send your son to school from Monday. Now if such a thing happens next, then we will not be able to do anything. You too will keep us happy at the same time.
After listening to them, I came home happy.

My son asked- Mother, where did you go?
So I lied to him that one of my friends was admitted to the hospital, had gone to see him. Yes, you have talked to your school, you have to go from Monday… but first promise that what happened, will never happen now.
He promised and said - Now I will study with a lot of heart, but you tell me how my schoolmates agree?

I lied to him - your father had a friend, had made a call from him only.
Now what do I tell her that your mother is the most sexy.

Son said- Mommy make me do another job.
I said what?
He said- I was in sports and once he quarrels, get him out of sports, get me into sports again… please mummy… call me uncle.
I said - okay.

Now Monday came and my son went to school. I had to go to Chudwana from his sports head too. I meant to go to it again in sports.

Today I put on a short skirt and put shirt white on top. I went to school At the gate, I asked about the sports head. He had his room in some different place. His room was after the volleyball court at the very last of the school. I went to their room.

Everyone was looking at me because of this dress, but I had to avoid my son in this dress. If he used to see me in his school, it would have been a problem.

Before reaching the sports head's room, I opened a button on my shirt, which made my cleavage look more.

I entered her room with her. He was alone and doing some work. When I reached her table, she raised her head above her.

As soon as they saw me standing in this heady style, they just kept looking at me.
I said to divert their attention from myself - you are the teacher of the games here.

He immediately stood up and asked me to sit down.
He said- Yes I am. Tell me what do you do with me?

Then I told him my whole thing, then he said - see Madam Sorry, I cannot help you in this.
I was very disappointed.

Then one came to the door with water, then he got up and started drinking water.
Sir asked me for water too, so I refused.

He drank the glass and gave it to Aya and she left, wiping her hand and mouth with a handkerchief.

I got up and went to them and sat down and started requesting them by holding their feet.
Suddenly, this got nervous and said, “Hey, wake up… what are you doing?

I slowly started getting up and caressing her feet. Then I stood up and I hesitated to put my hand on his cock and started caressing it.

Sir started speaking - what are you doing
I said while flaunting - why not like… take off my hands!

Hearing this, he became silent and then I stood and put both his hands on my fingers and started licking his cock out of the pants.

Now that too first, slowly, then fast, both of my moms started pressing. After a few moments I sat down and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. He also extended his hand and closed the door from inside and closed his eyes and started licking cocks.

The cock of these heads was 8 inches, and it was very thick.

After kissing his cock for some time, Sir raised me and kissed me on the lips. He opened all the buttons on my shirt and removed my shirt and kept it on the side. Sucking and sucking both of my mums started to lick and suppress my bra.

After a while, Sir also removed my bra and enjoyed with both my bare mums.

Hot Sex With Teacher
Hot Sex With Teacher
Then he laid me straight on his desk and took off my panty and started licking my pussy. I also started enjoying, so I also lifted my legs in the air and started enjoying the chutai.

After licking them for some time, they pulled me down and inverted me and laid them on the table. At this time both my legs were on the ground.
Then he grabbed my waist and raised me a little and put his full cock in my pussy.

With an intoxicating moan I soaked his cock. Sir, I started fucking and my erotic sissaries started coming out. 'Uff ugh… Ummh… Ahhh… hhhh… yah… fak mi yssss… Ufff Ahhh.

I was enjoying cocks in my pussy while making similar alcoholic sounds.

After fucking my pussy for some time, he took out his cock and started shaking my ass hole while shaking. Sir put a lot of spit in my ass and made the ass loose and smooth.

From this I understood that now the ass will be killed. The same thing happened, sir put his cock inside my ass. As soon as his cock entered my ass, I also enjoyed it.

Now he was fucking my ass in his full speed. After some time, he straightened me and made me sit down.
Sir put his cock in my mouth and started fucking me.

After about two minutes, they left all their goods in my mouth and I also drank all the juice of their cocks.

After couple of minutes we both put on clothes. When I asked him for my son, he said - you give your number, work will be done.

After fucking my head, I came home.

When my son came in the afternoon, he was very happy.
I asked - what happened?
He said - I got selected in sports.

Now I and my son both of us were spending our lives happily… but I have yet to pay the price of this happiness by kissing different people.

Those who had given me a fuck, they would call me whenever I wanted and fuck me a lot. So far, I have been with these people many times. Now I also enjoy fucking them.
Your mail will be waiting
Thank you.

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