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Many men fuck for the future of son-1

Many men fuck for the future of son-1

I am very sexy But am widowed. My son did some big mischief in school, a police case was made. So what did I do to save my son.

Author's back story: Fucking non-men in a subjection

Hi Friends, my name is Sonal. I am 36 years old and my figure is 36-29-38. I am from Meerut. I am completely white, milk white and my boobs are very big and tough. My ass is also very full and thick.

Sluty Saree Sexy Lady

Sluty Saree Sexy Lady

I often wear chiffon flax saris. The blouse that I wear with it is very deep-necked. My blouse is quite open from both the front and the back, in which my good special moms fill everyone with sexuality.

The cleavage of my mummies looks very beautiful with this deep-necked blouse. Since my blouse is sleeveless, it spreads even more sexuality.

I also tie the sari under the navel, so that my navel and entire belly are very clear. This means that most of my body's waist is visible by wearing a saree blouse. This makes me look even more sexy. Whoever sees me once, just remains watching.

This is the case when my husband died 2 years ago. I got married at an early age. I also have a son who currently studies in a small school class. After the departure of my husband, how many problems I faced, I am writing to you in detail about my tragedy.

It happened that the life of all three of us was going very well. We were very happy with our life. Then our happiness got noticed by someone. A year ago my husband was coming home from outside at night and both I and my son were waiting for him to come, then I got a call from the hospital and I was called as an resident. I ran to the hospital with my son. By the time we reached the hospital, my husband had died.

After the husband's departure, both of us had gone completely broke. My son did not go to school for two months. He too had made up his mind to leave school.

Then one day a friend of mine came to the house and after seeing the condition of both of us, he explained to me that the one who had to go, he was gone. Now your son's life will also be ruined because of you. Take care of it and yourself. I understood his point and from the next day I started trying to be normal.

By now, 8 months had passed since my husband died. I told my son- son, from today you go to school every day and study hard.

After explaining for some time, he too agreed and I too started busy in household chores. Everything continued normal for a few days.

Now, in the meantime, I was seeing a lot of change in my son's behavior. Tried to talk to him many times, but he did not talk at all.

All this went on for a few days. Then one day I got a call in the afternoon. When I picked up the phone, I heard a voice saying that I am speaking from the police station, your son is with us, come and get us free.

Until I could ask something, she kept the phone. Now I was very nervous. I could not understand what to do.

Then I remembered that my husband's friend is a lawyer. I called them and told the whole thing.
He said - sister-in-law, you don't worry… you get there, I also come.

I reached the police station and at the same time, the lawyer also came. When he went to the police inspector, he told that your son had a fight in the school. It has broken the head of a boy. He goes to school after drinking liquor.

I was shocked to hear all this.

Lawyer gave the bail papers of the son and after some time the police released my son. The police took my number and let us go.

We both came home and my son went to his room. I was very angry, but it is not right to talk to him right now.

In the evening it came to my mind that let's talk to him. When I went to her room, my senses flew away after seeing the scene. He was going to commit suicide by hanging himself.

I caught him and lowered him down. I hit him hard and started crying. Then, immediately, he too caught me and started crying and started telling the whole thing what had happened.

My son told that after Papa's departure, one of his friends had drunk Daru to remove this sorrow. The boy who killed it always used to say that your father is dead, so send your mother to me.

My son started crying after saying so.

I explained a lot to him and said - you read and write and show me something, promise me this.
Then she said- Mommy, I have been expelled from school.
I said - you don't worry about that, I do something.

After speaking so much, I came out and started thinking what to do now.

In the evening I got a call from the police inspector - I want to meet you… there is some work.
I said - you come near the house, I come.
Because my son would have regretted calling him home.

I got out of the house and stood some distance away and asked- What is the matter?

He said - Madam has given a bail to your son, but is not accepting the parents of that child.
I said - Sir, do anything… but please save my son.
He said - you have to spend money.
I said - Inspector Saab, I do not have this much money.
He said - See, you understand and tell me tomorrow.

His inferiority was visible in his eyes, which made me understand that he is not the right man. Because he was talking to me. But his eyes were on my mother and my whole body.

I kept thinking all night from where to get so much money. Then I thought why not give it to anyone who wants it, it will do my work. I did not want to do this work, but I had to do it in compulsion. He had to get his work done out of his body.

The next day in the afternoon, the police inspector got a call - what happened, Madam… you thought something?
I said - Sir, I want to talk to you… Can we meet.
The police inspector said- come to the park at 6 o'clock in the evening.
I said - Which park?
So he told me the name of a park and said- Meet there.

At 6 o'clock in the evening I went to take a bath and started getting ready. I wore a light blue color saree and was ready as always.

Like I told you earlier, I always wear a sleeveless sari, which has a deep throat from the front and back and also tie the sari below the navel. I got ready after dressing very well. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was looking very sexy. I came out of my house with a sari pallu wrapped because my son would have suspected it.

I told him - I am going here with one of my friends… It will take some time to come.

When I got out of the house, I put the sari in the pallu side and removed a little from the front, so that my milk would look good and the navel also started showing.

Seeing this sexy figure of mine, everyone was staring at me like this… as if it would take me by its eyes.

I got a taxi and reached the same park. The scene there was something else. All the boys and girls were lying there among themselves. If someone is kissing a kiss, a boy was pressing a girl's pussy. On entering the park, I saw that a boy was sucking his cock.

Seeing all this, my mercury also increased. Then I too sat watching a nice deserted place.

After some time, his call came and I called him to me. Now he looked at me staring and said - Madam, what to talk.

He was staring at me from top to bottom. After staring at me completely, his eyes fixed on my pussy. I was also deliberately sitting down on her side, so that my tears were clearly visible to her.

I said - see sir, recently my husband has died. I do not have this much money, where can I give it to you?
Speaking so much, I started crying while doing a little drama.

He placed his hand on my shoulder and said - Madam, don't you cry.
As soon as I turned his hand, I leaned towards something else.

Turning his hand, he brought me to my entire back… so I too put my hand on his thigh and started caressing him.

After some time he put my hand on his cock and I started caressing his cock.

He understood that I had agreed, so he pressed both my mums and took out his cock. His cock was like black pestle… it was very thick. The length of the penis would also have been 8 inches. He gestured to take cocks in my mouth.

I also bent down and started sucking his cock. At first I felt all this very bad, then my son got the idea in my mind, then I started sucking with fun again.

Licking his cock, he said - this place is not right. You go to my room

I also agreed to go.

When he came by car, we both came to his room. As soon as he entered the room, he locked the door and smashed at me like a hungry lion.

First he kissed me a lot. I also supported him. Then she laid me on the bed and removed both my sari and blouse. Now my 36 big boobs were naked in front of him. He started sucking and licking her.

He sucked so much that both of my boobs became red. I was also in pain, but I was also having fun. Today, for the first time after my husband, I was going to fuck someone else.

After that he put my petticoat up and said - I am looking for such a hot pussy for the first time… I have not found such smooth jasmine pussy yet.

There was not a single hair on my pussy. Then for some time he licked my pussy and started to put his finger in my ass hole. My ass seal was also open because my husband used to kill my ass too. I was just filling up the sip.

In this sex story of mine, the story of my sex story is left. I will write the entire incident in the next section. You can write me mail

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