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Friday, April 17, 2020

Mamiji gets Choda-2 in the field

Mamiji gets Choda-2 in the field

Read in the story of sex in relationships that when I saw my aunt naked, my mind became restless for their sex. How did I fuck aunt's pussy in the field?

In the first part of this desi story of sex in relationships, you read
Mamiji in the farm in Choda-1
, how I saw my aunt naked then my mind started getting restless for her sex. I even convinced aunt to fuck me in the field.
Now further:

After kissing my stomach, I now climbed back on Mami ji and kissed the boobs and started sucking Mummy ji's juicy lips directly. Mamie was getting drunk now. Now Mami ji lovingly filled me in my arms.

I was constantly sucking Mami ji's lips. It was like a lottery. Today I was enjoying a fantastic, sweet, sweet pussy.

Now my feet started moving. Now I stuck Mami ji's legs in my legs. I was rubbing Mami's legs. My land was very tight and was right on top of Mami ji's pussy.
My land started trying to enter into Aunty's juicy pussy, but there was no way to get my land. I was constantly sucking Mami ji's juicy lips.

After a while I turned over to Mami ji. Now Mami ji's mouth and pussy were on the ground and the ass was up. Many mustard leaves and plants stuck to the ground and became beds. Some leaves were also affixed to Mama Ji's body and ass.

Now I came directly to the aunt's aunt and started rubbing the ass from the top of the sari. Mami ji's ass was very big, so I was having too much fun in rubbing the ass. Mami ji's sari was getting stuck in the rift between the asses.

I started licking Aunty's ass from the top of the sari. I was having a lot of fun licking and mashing Mami ji's ass. After a while, I completely climbed over Mami ji, now my land started pressing under Mami ji's ass.

Now I was kissing on Mami ji's neck. I was having a lot of fun kissing my aunt's back and neck. I kissed and licked Mami ji with all my heart.

I was no longer patient My land was very much tanned. My cock was desperate to go into aunty's pussy. I immediately unbuttoned all my clothes. Now I was only in underwear in front of Mami ji. My underwear had become a storm in my underwear.

I turned and straightened Mami ji. Mami's eyesight caught on my cock. I opened the pallu of the sari entangled in Mami ji's petticoat. The entire sari became loose as soon as the sari's pallu was opened. Now I started to open Mami ji's sari but still the sari was stuck in Mami ji's ass.

Now I lifted up the ass of Mami ji a little and opened the whole sari. My beloved aunty was now in front of me in a petticoat and blouse. Now I opened the pulse of Mami ji's petticoat and opened it.

Mami ji was now wearing only a small panty below. Mami ji's panties were completely wet. Now I broke on Mami ji's blouse. I immediately unbuttoned the blouse and as soon as I opened the blouse, my great juicy Bobi came out. Mami ji's bobe was very blond and soft.
Open the blouse and put it aside. Now Mama ji started blushing.

It was amazing! The aunt that I used to respect so much, today I am going to fuck my beloved aunt's pussy. The bobs whose milk Mami Ji had given me in my childhood, will drink the milk of those bobs today. I was sitting on top of Mami ji's pussy. All of our clothes were scattered around us. Now Mama Ji's naked body was on mustard leaves.

I could not bear it now. I came down, I lifted one of Mami's legs and started kissing her leg. Mami's legs were shining like marble. Kissing the leg, I reached Mami ji's pussy.

I started licking Mami ji's pussy from above the panties. The panty was completely wet. I started sucking on the pussy from the top of the panty.

Mami ji's pussy was leaving water. Now she started filling her siskaris. Now I lifted up the second leg of Mami ji and kissing the leg reached the aunt's pussy. The smell of aunty's pussy was driving me crazy now.

Now I immediately unbuttoned my underwear. My pestle-like cock had come in front of Mami ji. Mami ji was admiring my land.

I immediately slipped Mami ji's panty and threw it away. Now my beloved aunty's pussy was absolutely naked in front of me. I became mad at seeing Mami ji's pussy. Today I saw my beloved aunty's pussy for the first time. Mami ji's pussy was very big. There was also a small forest of jaunts around the pussy. Mami ji's pussy was very wet.

I inserted my finger in aunty's pussy. Mami ji snapped right away. Mamie started flirting. Now I started to put the finger in the pussy. I was having a lot of fun getting the finger inside my pussy. Mami ji's pussy was getting hot like a furnace from inside.

I was not able to tolerate, I immediately put my mouth on Mami ji's pussy. I started licking Aunty's pussy.
Friends, what can I tell you… I was going crazy with happiness. I was having a lot of fun licking aunty's pussy.

Mami ji was slowly filling up the sycophanies. They started turning my hand. I was continuously drinking Mami ji's pussy juice.

After licking the pussy, now I again started to insert my finger in aunt's pussy. As soon as my finger got penetrated in the pussy, Mamie was completely shocked again. Auntie started moaning. Now I started to take out finger in aunty's pussy. I was having a lot of fun to finger aunty's pussy.

Mami ji was getting mad, she started doing ah, uh, oh, o. Now I climbed up on Mami ji. Probably now Mami ji started pricking mustard leaves. My land was dilapidated.

I once again broke down on Mami ji's bobs and started rubbing the bobs with both hands. Mami ji screamed straight away but I did not pay any attention to Mami ji and kept bobbing loudly.

I took Bobo's nipple in his mouth and started sucking. Mami ji's bobe was filled with juice. I was enjoying sucking the bobs a lot. I sucked the bobs for a long time. Today Mama ji's booby had turned red.

Now once again I hit Mami ji's lips vigorously and sucked Mami ji's juicy lips.

My land was desperate to enter into aunty's pussy. I came to Mami ji's legs. I lifted both legs of Mami Ji and placed it on my shoulder. Mami ji's pussy was now in front of my land. Mami ji's pussy was very wet. I set the cocks on the pussy. Before putting the pussy in the pussy, I once spread the pussy with my fingers. The pussy was wet and pink in color.

I put my cock on the pussy and put a strong push, then half of my cock was covered in aunty's pussy. Mamie started to moan in pain. Mamie started banging her hands and legs here and there.
Mami ji started asking me to take the cocks out.

But I did not listen to Mami ji. Now I push and hit one harder. Now my whole Aloda had reached the root of the pussy by tearing the aunt's pussy. Mami ji was screaming with pain, perhaps Mami ji's pussy was big today.

I closed Mami ji's lips with my lips. Now I started sucking cocks in Mami ji's pussy. I was constantly licking cocks inside.

Mami ji was getting calm now due to constant attack on her pussy. Mami ji was also having fun in Chudwane now. Now Mami ji had caught both legs between me. I was constantly getting cocks in Mami ji's pussy.

It was amazing… In the middle of the mustard field, today I was fucking my dear aunt. There was peace all around. There was only the sound of cocks going out inside the pussy.

Mamiji's pussy left the water. My land aunt was busy in fucking her pussy. Due to the wetness of the pussy, now the voice of Dach Dach Fach Fach was echoing. I was constantly fucking Mami ji. Mami ji was also fully supported in Chudwane.

My land was about to leave water, so I asked Mami ji, Mami ji, I am going to leave. Tell me where to put water
Auntie said - Please put it inside.
My cock left the water. In a short time, aunty's pussy was completely filled with the juice of my land.

I drifted off. Chick's aunt had become Bhosda today. Water was coming out from aunt's pussy. Now it was evening. I once again sucked the juicy Bobo's juices well and drank the juice of the Bobas. Now we both put on our clothes.

Today I was very happy with my beloved aunty's pussy Chodkar. Mami ji also looked very happy today. After a long time today, Aunty's pussy tasted of cocks. Now Mami ji was walking in front of the ass and I was looking at Mami ji's ass.
Mami ji was very sexy ass.

Now we reached home with the buffalo.

How did you like my desi story of sex in relationships? In the next story, I will tell you how I have Chodi again.

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