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Friday, April 17, 2020

Mamiji gets Choda-1 in the field

Mamiji gets Choda-1 in the field

One day I saw a aunt taking bath in maternal uncle's house. Seeing this, there was a fire in my body. My land became desperate for aunty's pussy fuck.

I salute all the nobles of cocks and maharajas of cocks. My name is Rohit. I am 22 years old. My land is 7 inches, which can tear away the pussy of any sister-in-law, aunt, aunt, aunt, virgin girl. If any pussy gets sucked from my land once, then that pussy cannot live without eating my cock.

Now I do not bore all of you pussy and cocks, come straight to your family sex story.

This story is from two years ago. At that time I was in college. My focus was more on studying only, so I did not pay much attention to any pussy.

Winter was going on in those days. I was getting bored at home, I made a plan to go to Mamaji's place. My maternal uncle lives in the village. I reached my maternal uncle's place two days later.

As soon as I reached home, uncle and aunt asked me about my well being and then we had dinner together.

I have four uncles. That day I stopped at my other maternal uncle's house. Mama, Mama and their two children are in Mama Ji's house. The rest Mamaji lives in another village. My aunt is about 36 years old. Mami is not very beautiful, but Mami is buried like a guava. Mami's size is 34, 30, 36. Mami's bobbes are very big. Aunt's ass is also very thick.
I did not pay any special attention to Mami. My intention was not to fuck aunty's pussy. I was staying well with Mamaji.

But it is said that if something is to be found, then that thing is found.

Once upon a time, both the children had gone to school and Mamaji had gone to the farm. Mama's bathroom is not built here. Bathrooms have been installed outside the house with tarpaulin around it.
Mamiji was taking a bath in the bathroom outside. Mami had forgotten the bath soap, so Mami asked me to bring bath soap.
I went to Mami with a bath soap.

When I saw Mami, I was absolutely shocked. Aunt was naked from above. Both of maternal aunts were hanging. Both of Mamie's sons were very big. Mami had soaked her body with water. Mami's entire body was wet. So Mami's petticoat was also completely wet.

Seeing this view, my body was set on fire. My cock was completely tanned. For a while, I kept watching Mami like this.
Then aunt said - what happened?
Then I came to my senses, I said - nothing!
And I gave Mami soap.

In a while, water came out of my land.

Now my land started getting desperate for Chickane's aunt. But I had a lot of respect for Mamiji. I had never thought of Mamiji fucking Chodne before. So I gave up my intention to fuck Mamiji.

The next day Mamiji said Rohit - Today your uncle is not on the farm, so if you are free, then walk with me on the farm. Will take buffalo along. Today buffalo have to be made green.
I asked Mami - what is it to make Mama Ye Hari Karana?
Mami said- Buddu, you don't even know much?
I said - no aunt, I do not know.
So Mami said - walk on the field and see.
I said - okay.

And I agreed to walk the farm with Mami.

We went to the farm with buffalo. Mamaji's field contained wheat and vegetables. A scaffold was already tied there. We tied the buffalo near the pada and left the pada open.

Now Mami and I sat close by.

Mami said- Now let's see how green.
I said - Okay aunt, see.

Now the pada started sniffing the buffalo from behind and slowly the tree of the pada started coming out. Now Pada climbed on the buffalo and began to fuck the buffalo buffalo.
Mami and I were sitting and watching all this. Seeing all this, my land started storming. My buff was seeing another buffalo in front. I tried to convince the cocks very much that this buffalo would not give pussy but did not consider cocks.

Now I was forced to ask for aunty's pussy.

Meanwhile, suddenly the buffalo broke the rope and ran away. Then Mami and I ran to catch the buffalo. Mami back and forth and I back!
Then suddenly the aunt slipped on the ridge of the field and suddenly I also slipped and fell on the aunt.

I was already desperate to fuck Mami. We stayed like this for a while. Then my lips went directly to Mami's lips and I started kissing her.
For a while Mami was also drunk. Then after a while Mami regained consciousness and got up to remove me.

Mami scolded me a lot and I apologized to Mami. But my land was still standing and spreading pussy.

Then Mami said - Let's catch the buffalo and bring it.
Then we brought the buffalo and tied it again with a peg. Now Paada started sniffing the buffalo again, but the buffalo was not giving him any sense. On the other hand, I was also engaged in persuading Mami but Mami was not agreeing.

At that time, Paade hit a loud push and the whole land was bitten in the buffalo's pussy. Now the buffalo was silently fucking.

Now I was not patient, I was looking at my aunt with seductive eyes. Maybe even Mami knew my feeling. Mami was silently watching the buffalo and the chudai standing. And I was looking at Mami.

Now I had thought that if you want to take pussy from Mami ji then this is the right opportunity. The iron is hot, the hammer kills.

I dared to hold Mami ji from behind and stole my land in Mami's ass. Grabbing both of Maami's bobs and lashed out.
Mama ji started doing nothing and tried to remove me - I am your aunt and we cannot be like this between us.
I said Mami ji, you are first a pussy and I am a cock. Therefore, first of all, here both of us have relation of pussy and cocks.

Mamie knew my intention clearly. Mamie started saying - If anyone comes to know, I will be disrespected.
I said - Auntie, no one will know. Only me and you are here. Whatever happens will only be known to you and me.

Now Mami was slowly calming down. Mami ji said - ok, do what you want to do but nobody should know anything.
I said - Aunt, okay no one will know anything.
Friends, I was just going to get heaven. I was very happy.

Then Mami said - Wait a while, let the buffalo turn green.
After a while, Pada had finished buffalo.
Mamie said - Now see how buffalo is green.
I said - yes aunty, have just seen you yet to see.

Now I said Mama ji, Mama ji, now Patience is not happening. Hurry up you.

Then I grabbed Mamiji and put her hand in Mammy's petticoat. And my hand went directly to aunty's pussy.
Mamiji was completely shocked and Mamiji removed my hand.

I could not be patient now. My land was storming inside my pajamas.
Then Mama ji said- someone will see around here so there is nothing to do here!
So I said - Then you tell me where to do it?
Mother said - Let's go to the mustard field. We will not even see both of us there.
I said okay auntie.

Now Mami ji was walking back and forth and I followed her backwards.
That day Mami Ji was wearing a green sari. Mami Ji looked amazing in a green sari.

Now we entered the mustard field. There was nobody near you. Mustard flowers had arrived at that time.

I could not be patient now. I immediately caught Mami ji, dropped them in the field and started to kiss Mami ji.

Mami ji was about to say something, but I had also touched Mami ji's lips badly, so Mami ji was just doing Aa Aa Aa U.

Mami ji's lips were juicy like petals. I was constantly sucking Mami ji's juicy lips. For a long time we were sucking both lips.
Then Mami ji said- Whatever you want to do, do not spend too much time hurrying.
I said - if you want to fuck now, then aunt!
Auntie said- If someone comes?
I said - no one will come here.

Now I started kissing on Mama ji's neck. I was having a lot of fun kissing on the neck. Mama ji started moving her face here and there.

After a while I broke down on Maami ji's bobs. Now I started kissing on the juicy curvy bobs of Mami ji. Out of Mamie's bobe blouse, she was moving here and there. Now both my hands reached Mami ji's bobs. I grabbed Mami ji's bobs and lashed out loud. Mama ji screamed outright. Mami ji started removing my hands from the bobs, but I was constantly rubbing Mama ji's boob.

Mamie's Bobby was very cool. There was a lot of juice in them. I was enjoying my madam maamji's youth . I was constantly rubbing Mami ji's bobs. I mashed both the bobs very well.

Now I moved down a little and started kissing Mami Ji's sexy creamy belly. My aunt's stomach was very smooth. I was having a lot of fun kissing Mami ji's belly.
Mami ji was now breathing very fast, she was now uh ah ah uh o.

After kissing my stomach, I now climbed back on Mami ji and kissed the boobs and started sucking Mummy ji's juicy lips directly. Mamie was getting drunk now. Now Mami ji lovingly filled me in my arms.

In the next part of my family sex story, I will tell you how I Chodi to Mami Ji.

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