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Friday, April 17, 2020

Made the neighbor sister-in-law the mother of twins

Made the neighbor sister-in-law the mother of twins

My neighbor's sister-in-law's husband was lax in the matter of sex and he was not able to give his sister happiness. One day sister-in-law asked me to give her the pleasure of becoming a mother. So what did i do?

My name is Shubham and I am a resident of Haryana. My height is 6 feet and the size of the alore is about 7 inches. With the mercy of the wall above, I have satisfied almost every lover.

Talked about when my company posted my Jaipur. I got the flat allotted by the company there and luckily in my neighborhood of the flat, the beautiful sister-in-law lived with her husband.
They had been married 4 years but had no children.

After a few days my life was recognized by the sister-in-law of Pawan's sister-in-law and 1 day they called me to tea at their house.

When his wife Sangeeta brought tea, I kept looking at him for a moment.
The figure of 36-26-38 was cool. Seeing his figure, my land started saluting his beauty.

I had to finish my instant tea and come to my house to kill.

Seeing his ill-fated body, I could barely close the gate, and there was a lot of spitting on the supari with jeans up to my knees, and the standing picture with the tray in his hand was not coming out of my eyes.

I emptied my Aloda from 3-4 pitchers on the floor right there.

Few days later there were voices of quarrels and cries coming from his house.

When I went to the door, I heard that Sangeeta Bhabhi was cursing her husband - neither are you able to give me a child nor are you divorcing. Why not marry me when I have no courage?
Her husband Pawan was saying - You can have children with anyone, but please do not divorce me.
Saying this, the wind moved towards the door and I entered my gate with fire.

As soon as he went out, I went to his sister-in-law and made him calm.
She used to consider me as her friend, so she started crying with arms in her neck. As soon as he touched me, I felt like a current and Aloda started to salute.

Sister-in-law calmed down and brought tea for me. Since I was wearing a lower one today, law-in-law understood that Aloda was saluting them.

She fell on my feet keeping tea on the side and said with tears in her eyes - Shubham please make me a mother. I will be grateful to you all my life.
I picked them up and hugged me, now my Aloda was hurting in her navel.

I asked her if her husband came to know?
Then he said- he himself gave consent.
I told him that I wanted to fuck him from the very first sight and he also had a tremendous mouth in my memory.

Also, I placed a condition that as long as I stay in Jaipur, he should remain my wife.
I even convinced him to have no pregnancy sex for a few days.

For the next one year it was decided that she would be my wife from 10 to 5 in the night. We will not intentionally have any relationship year after year.

While doing these things, it was night and I went to the market asking how to prepare them for honeymoon.

I brought roses and heart shaped balloons from the market to make them feel happy and prepared an SEZ.

While preparing, it was not felt at 10 o'clock.

When the doorbell opened, Sangeeta was standing with food. We finished eating and I closed my eyes and took him to the bedroom.

Seeing the SEZ adorned, his eyes filled up and he hugged me. I rose on her knees and kissed each other. I continued to drink her juice like a thirst for births and she continued to drink.

After that I lifted her up on the bed and brought her to bed and we took off each other's clothes. His round and white blondes sucked mummies like crazy. When my lips came from her navel to her thighs, it was not known.
I told him - now let him see the pussy.
Then he shrugged and spread his legs.

What a sight… completely white pussy… and both light black bits of pussy were spreading the fragrance spreading outwards which was blowing my senses.

I slowly stuck my tongue on both the slices. After that, they were thrown inside, moving between the two. Sangeeta sobbed very loudly and I felt excited.

Then I sucked both the slices alternately. It seemed to me that I would keep doing this till 5 in the morning. But there was a bad situation for my LND.
Sangeeta stuttered.

As soon as I removed my face from the pussy, Sangeeta said - Let me also see the Land King.
She got on her knees and I stood up.

He filled my Alore in the hand and said - Today my and my pussy is not good.
Then he sniffed my land, flipped my tongue over the betel nut, licked it. And then stuffed the lund in the mouth and started sucking gossip.

When I was about to leave in a while, I took out of her mouth and shot 3-4 less shots on her mouth and she lay down quietly with her eyes closed.

After that we cleaned each other's pussy lund and she lay down on my face towards my legs and put her pussy on my mouth and filled Aloda in my mouth.

After a while I rolled her and rubbed her pussy on Aloda. She started filling fast sizzle. I got into a supara pussy by accident. Tears welled up in his eyes.

I sucked her mum sucked her lips without taking out Alore. She became normal.
Then in one stroke, I put my entire Aloda in the sister-in-law's pussy.

He cut me in pain. But I continued to taste her lips and lips without stopping. She became normal again. Now I started gossiping.
After 5 minutes, the returning king left Pichkari Sangeeta in her pussy and made Sangeeta sit up quickly so that my semen gets out of her pussy so that she is not pregnant today.

It was 5 in the morning.

Sangeeta thanked me and told me that never before had such a taste of her soft lips, such a feeling of pussy mat and fuck with such a fat land. She told that she enjoyed having sex with me.

Sangeeta was very happy that now she understood the true meaning of sex. Before now, she had never fully enjoyed sex with her husband.
She told me that she was unchaste at the time of marriage. He did not have any sexual relations with anyone before marriage. She had saved her virginity for her future husband. He had his first sex on honeymoon .

But it was her misfortune that her husband turned out to be a laggard in the matter of sex and he could not even properly find such a beautiful girl.

After this, we enjoyed sex in different positions throughout the year and today Sangeeta Murray is the mother of twins.

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Thank you.

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