Monday, April 20, 2020

Loneliness victim

Loneliness victim

One night I found a sister-in-law online. She told that she is alone and getting bored. I befriended her and if I went to her house the next day…

My cocks full of raw buds with hot sisters and new pussy.

My name is Abhimanyu and I live in Mandla and am a contractor by profession. Prior to this I lived in Balaghat and studied from Jabalpur. My height is 5'10 ", sew wide and look attractive.

This is a good and true experience that happens to me that I want to share with you all.

It was 2 years ago when I was 23 and used to be a regular student in Jabalpur. Due to staying in hostels, I got used to waking up for a long time at night because the laundries do a lot of nightingale.

One day I was looking for one or two new goods on Facebook and sent a friend request to 2-3 hot-looking Jabalpur-only sisters. One of them immediately accepted my request. At that time it was 2 o'clock in the night, I wondered why so much hot goods are online in such a night. It should be under your husband. But why is it online? And how did I immediately accept my request?

As my chull was increasing, I immediately sent a message to that hot sister-in-law, 'Hi',
I also got a response to the beautiful goods of that ball.
So I was happy that we will not go black at night.

After talking for a while, I asked her why are you online at night?
So she immediately responded that her husband was not at home and could not sleep alone.
I jokingly told him about this - If I am not feeling sleepy alone, then I will come.

If she did not say anything on my actions, my ass was torn.
I messaged again and said sorry.

Then came her reply - Don't say sorry, I really don't sleep alone, I have become used to sleeping with my husband.
I said - what should be the habit of not sleeping without a husband?
On this, her reply came - if my husband stays, he makes me tired before sleeping; So I also fall asleep instantly.

I became convinced of this thing of that lady and understood her gesture.
So I asked- Well, how does your husband make you tired?
He said - It seems you are a virgin, then you are asking such things.

So I told him- Yes, I am 23 years old and studying right now.
Hearing me, she said - don't you have a girlfriend?
So I lied - no… I do not have a girlfriend.

Now the repaint of that lady came - Ok, can I become your girlfriend?
Hearing this, my ass was torn and I was also very happy that man is such a sexy type of goods. If you get this, you will go on a journey of paradise.

Just like I continued the process of things, then the trend of things started slowly moving towards Sachs and things became more romantic.
Then he asked me where I live so I told that I too belong to Jabalpur.

So when he asked me to meet, I also said yes.
Then I asked- If your husband comes to know, you will not have any problem.
She told that her husband has gone out somewhere for 1 month and she is living alone with her baby and a maid in the house.

So I asked- can we meet?
He gave me his address and mobile number.

Now my ass was bursting with joy and excitement! She used to live in the colony near me and my room was near Sharda Talkies.

What can I tell friends… When I reached her house to meet her, her maid opened the door and that too was no less. Gori Chitty had kajal in eyes, big milk, thin waist and round ass and figure 34 28 36 which I later came to know.
And she also did not look any less picky… It looked like she would give it to Chodne right now because she was smiling constantly after seeing me.

That quote - come inside, only you are waiting.
I got confused a bit.
But went inside and sat on the couch.

Then the prostitute maid went and called her mistress whom I had come to meet. As soon as I saw him, my ass became numb, my mouth became dry. The scarlet sleeveless nightie, which was up to her knees, must have been imprisoned in her impotent body, Omar around 32 and Boobs 36, waist 30, and ass 38 too.

What was Bahnchod causing havoc I just kept looking. My eyes were torn.
And inside, the ass was also bursting inside.

His name was Seema. Looking at the mistress of the dead body like Seema, the corpse of the dead should also stand. The border is such a cool product!
In front of him, I was completely Kaula and new cocks. So my condition was deteriorating like that.

Now when she came, she asked her maid to go.
So that randi said - Didi is comfortable… new and kaula.
Seema said - Do not worry, you will also get.

Now that prostitute looked at me and started laughing and went away. Now only me and Seema were sitting there, so both of us started talking.
Seema asked me about what I do where I live. and many more!
And started telling about herself that she is a domestic woman and how bored she is in private. So she keeps talking to her maid throughout the day. Both share everything with each other.

Oh… so the maid was smiling upon seeing me.

Seema was telling that she is very bored in the night alone. So it stays online on Facebook and WhatsApp overnight.

Then she came to me and sat down, then my ass started exploding. She understood my condition and started asking me if I drink.

So after hearing the drinks, my mouth became watery and I said yes.

She too immediately woke up, brought a Scotch bottle and started making pegs for both.

Now after drinking 2-2 pegs, both of us started talking to each other freely and that too was cool. Then he said - Now I have become your girlfriend. Then why are you sitting so far away? Does anyone sit so far away from his girlfriend?
So after listening to him, I pulled him towards me, so he too filled me in his arms and started looking at me with intoxicating eyes.

She said - tell the truth, do you have a girlfriend or not? Because on seeing that I understood that you have come only for the fuck.
I was astonished to hear his words.

Then I told him that the girl in college was my girlfriend with whom I had sex many times. But now both of us do not talk and that's why I was talking to you and have come to see you.

So he asked- have you come to meet or will you do something?
I said - now you are my girlfriend. And there is so much to do in my arms at this time, if you allow me?

On this, she crossed her two legs in my lap and sat on top of me and stamped yes on my lips with her lips.
I also got angry on this action of the border.

What was it then… We both started kissing and licking each other like crazy. His lips were so juicy, juicy and delicious, what to tell!
Once, I even cut her lower lip lightly. At which she swore and grabbed me loudly and started kissing in full.

After 20 minutes of incessant kissing, the atmosphere was quite hot and both of us were breathing very fast. Our eyes had also turned red with intoxication, but the mind was still not full.

And then slowly started to extend my hand towards my land and started caressing.

Me too soon started standing inside the jeans and I started kissing her again. This time I also started to rub her breasts too, which caused her to scream and she started taking Siskaris - ah… ah… Abhimanyu… press a little harder. Mush them ah… ah… they bother me a lot… umm… ah… and press harder. Squeeze these madchod chicks .. ah .. umm… ah…

Then I put one hand from under her naiti and started caressing her ass and putting her hand inside her panty started caressing and rubbing her ass.
Uff… it is difficult to describe in words the experience of her ass mashing. What an amazing ass! When my ass was rubbed by my strong hands, she too collapsed and gave me a 'Umm… and loud! Was speaking

Both of us were burning in Chudai kamagni.

Then I picked him up on his lap and slammed him on the couch so that his nightie which was already up to his knees got even higher. I started seeing her red colored panties, from which her puffy pussy was looking.

Now it was very difficult to control myself. She also started caressing her pussy, which was a clear gesture for me that 'come and fuck me!'

Just then what was Kamagni and I also climbed on the road. Rubbing her thick and thick thighs, her panty was lowered and she broke directly on her pussy and started licking and kissing her pussy like wildly crazy.

Due to this action of mine, she started to suffer and thrashed with excitement.

Then as soon as my tongue rubbed between the two slices of Seema's pussy on her pussy hole, Seema's full of fun started coming out of Seema's mouth - Ahhhh is enjoying a lot Abhimanyu… Ummh… Ahhh… Hah … Yah… hhh…

After listening to Seema's erotic siskaris, I got more excited and started spreading Seema's pussy slices and licking her pussy hole with her tongue. A wave of fun ran in the body of the border, his body began to tremble.

In a short time, Seema's pussy started flowing, but I kept on continuously sucking pussy, she started pressing my head on her pussy with both her hands. Seema twisting the fingers of both her hands in my hair filled with sarcasm - ohhhhh CEEE Abhimanyu… Basrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... ..

I did not like to torture Seema much, removed her mouth from her pussy and sat up straight on her knees. Then I bended the legs of Seema by raising her knees and spread them on both sides, due to which the pieces of her pussy were spread.

I put the betel nut of my cock on Seema's pussy. As soon as the lump of my cocks hit the hole of her hot pussy, her body ate a jerk and started throwing fun filled cispers from her mouth - Umhhh Abhimanyu Pale Do your cocks… Ahh look no my pussy is shedding its juice.

Seema's pussy was so wet with her Kamaras, so as soon as I gave a slight shock, the supara of my cock shook into her pussy hole and her loud sobs came out - Ceeeee… Hmmm… very strict.

I took another blow without any delay, half of my cock got caught in Seema's pussy and another suppressed sigh came out of Seema's mouth - Ohhh Abhimanyu… Slowly… You are very strict UEEE.

I leaned over him, sucking one of his trunk nipples in the mouth. Seema also tightened her arms on my back. She started pressing my head on her chest and I also sucked Seema's nipple with another strong push and put all my cocks in the depth of Seema's pussy.

"Ohhhhh uhoo… Ahhhahaa… Abhimanyu… died." A loud scream came out of the border.

But I did not pay attention to him and started pulling his cock in Seema's pussy by moving her waist.

Seema started to moan in a trembling voice - Ahh Abhimanyu… Relax… Oh oh slowly, do not… Oh CEEE!

On the other hand, seeing such hot goods in front of me, I felt like a dream from which I never wanted to wake up.

Now I slowly started to put my cock inside Seema's pussy, she was also enjoying it, she was lovingly turning my hand on my back. The lump of my cocks was being rubbed in and out of Seema's pussy walls. On the other hand, Seema also started to support me by bouncing her ass upwards.

Seema said in a full of fun, ohhhh Abhimanyu, my pussy is going to drop water Quickly, EEE Abhimanyu… Chodo loudly! UEEE!

After listening to Seema's words, I got more excited and started shaking my waist very fast, while fucking my cock inside Seema's pussy. Within a few moments, Seema's body swung and her pussy started releasing water.

As soon as the boundary fell, he left his body loose. I could not last too long and finally piled on top of him with two to three strong bumps.

I started showering my semen in Seema's pussy, after some time I got up from Seema and put on my clothes. Seema also wore her late night latte.

Looking at the border, I asked - how was it?
So he said - I enjoyed it.
Hearing this, I laughed out loud and began to kiss him, feeling a loving slap on Seema's crooks.

And he pulled me up on his arm and started loving himself again and I said I love you.
I also loved hearing this.

What happened after this, I will tell you again how I killed her ass.
Tell me what you felt about my experience so far. I look forward to your mail.

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