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Friday, April 17, 2020

Landlord's thirst for body

Landlord's thirst for body

I was looking for a new pussy. If my landlady used to talk to me with a laugh, I thought I should try it out. When I started going to them…

Hello friends, you all know about me. I am very fond of writing and writing saxy stories from Raj Sharma Chandigarh. LND, I always stand everywhere at all times.
I request those readers who mail me only to ask for the number of my female friends. They should stay away from my stories. Read all the stories written by me as a sex story and enjoy it. Do not contact me to know someone's number unnecessarily.

The last story in the series
fuck thirsty pussy neighbor law
where you read I was in pursuit of a pussy fuck. But with him, I got the chance to fuck two more pussy.

Now I used to fuck him according to the chance. Now I used to be a little careful that no mistake should be made from me and I would be caught.

After some time, the job of the girls with the roof started elsewhere, then she changed the room and left. But sister-in-law was still there which was my only support.

I just had a taste of different pussy fucking. So now I started looking for new pussy jugaad.

My landlady used to talk to me with a great laugh and then thought that I should be beaten once by them. If the patting is correct then the neighboring neighborhood is still left. Will think of beating him.

Landlords used to work in some office. Used to leave office time in the morning. They had a daughter who used to go to school, so my path was clear.

He was also very good looking. But thinking of being a landlady, I had not spoiled my eyes till now. But now LND had to go to the new pussy, so I too started going to the landlady.

She also used to talk to me a lot. If the landlord went to his office, there were many chances to impress him during the day.

I said one day, sister-in-law, never come to my room and drink tea so that the account can be kept equal. Otherwise you will say that you keep giving me tea!
"Hey there is no such thing. Your time cuts my good time, keep on coming. Where would you know to make tea? "
“Sister-in-law, he said without drinking? Come on up today, then I will tell you what I want to make. You probably don't know that I make food for myself at home. "
"Okay, this is the case? So let me come. Till then you make tea. "

That day I also made them Pakoras with tea and feed them.
Then this journey started. Sometimes they would always feed me by making something to each other.

Now both of us were quite open, by then it was cold weather.

My fuck with the above sister-in-law was on, now I used to joke openly with the landlady. Sometimes I used to beat her hand here and there with excuses, then she did not mind. If he ever saw eyes, he would smile and speak accidentally.
His life was going well and mine too!

One day he told in talks that brother Saheb is also fine in Chodne. They used to fuck three days a week.
On asking about me, I told him- first I had a girlfriend, with whom I used to have fun now.

Now that we were already very open, I had to start further action so that it could come under my LND too.

One day there was a very cold wind outside, I entered the blanket and was watching TV. She came upstairs with tea and chips from below and said- Come go Raj, drink tea together.
“Sister-in-law, I am not going to come out of the blanket. Move the table here and you also come inside the blanket. Into this, you will also watch TV and drink tea. "

She had opened up to me, so she had no problem coming.
"Close the door of the room before sister-in-law; Big cold wind is blowing. Out and door is making noise again and again, even watching TV is not fun. ”

Closing the door, sister-in-law came and sat near me and we both started drinking tea.
Crime petrol was running in the TV, showing how the landlord's relationship with the tenant became. I had become hot, maybe sister-in-law was also hot after watching the scene.

I grabbed the sister-in-law's hand and started caressing it. He probably liked it too. He did not say anything.

After a while I put my hand on her thigh and started waiting what she does.
But when he did not say anything after watching the hot scene going on TV, I started caressing his thigh.

When I took my hand inside and reached his pussy, he grabbed my hand - Raj, that's it. How far are you taking your hand? If I did not stop you, then you started reaching out to No Entry too.
I said smiling- If law is no entry then take the fine. I am ready to give.
"Where is your fine? See, what is the fine for paying no entry? "

I held his hand and put it on my LND.
He first wanted to remove his hand, but I pressed his hand on it - this is the law to go there. If you like it, then let me go too.

He was hot… His eyes flashed as soon as he went to the standing room.
"The penalty is very good. So okay let's move the car forward. " On saying this, he laughed my LND.

As soon as I got permission, I started caressing her hand by moving her pussy over her pussy.

"Brother-in-law, the road is wet. If you speak, then take your car off on this wet road. Both of us will come back after a long walk with great ease. ”
"Do whatever you want, now king. I have wanted this for so long, but now you can open it so much. ”

"Did you also come to fuck me in law?" I had never imagined this. "
"Can you think of fucking me? Seeing a smooth like you can make someone's pussy wet. I had given you the room so that I could fuck you. "

Here, the Sala case was already fitted. I was empty only, so I did not think it is right to delay now.

I told sister-in-law, when you want to have fun, now there is no use to delay. So come close, now you have to give an invoice to enter No Entry, why not run your car on this road for a while now.

I pulled them to myself and put my lips on their lips. What cool lips were Gradually, she also started heating up.

I put my hand inside her blouse. Wow, what was her cool pussy! I slowly pressed them and started sucking their lips.
After a while I put my tongue in his mouth, he started sucking my tongue too.

I removed her blouse, sister-in-law did not wear bra. I started sucking her nipples and pressing with one hand and caressing her thighs with the other hand. Sister-in-law was also taking siskaris.
She said - Just press my king… Do you have the strength? Vehicle speed increased!

I started rubbing her nipples very hard and also used to bite her nipples in between. I also removed his sari and petticoat. Sister-in-law wore black bra panties and looked more beautiful in it.

I started pressing her pussy on the law and she started taking Siskaria, then I removed her panty.

Wow cool pussy was sister-in-law I came in between his two legs and as soon as I put my tongue on her pussy, she started giggling. I started licking her pussy. Sister-in-law's pussy started leaving water.
After sucking pussy for a while, she started pressing my head inside her pussy.

Now my cock was in bad condition, so I removed my pants and underwear and put them on the side and stood in front of them.
I told sister-in-law, please suck my weapon and make it smooth.
After a while, he took the cocks in his mouth and started sucking.

Then we came to the stage of 69. She was sucking my cock gossip and I was cleaning her pussy with my tongue. She quickly warmed up and held me tight. After a while she fell, so I licked all her water.

She said- Raja, you made me fight like this. Let's start the real work now too. Don't torture me now and put me on you

I rubbed her pussy for a while and licked her pussy. Seeing the right opportunity, I widened his legs and put his full weight on him by putting the cocks on the pussy at the right place. In one stroke, my whole cock penetrated into the depths of his pussy.

Ah came out of his mouth. I kept kissing her and sucking her nipple after a while, I shook my back and enjoyed it.

Now my cock was getting in and out inside her pussy, and she was taking sobs. She said - you tore me today. She was going to fuck you since last year. Play my king… Now my pussy. Since when I wanted to take this young cock inside my pussy. Ah and put it in.

"Sister-in-law, today I will fuck you so much that you will come to fuck me again and again."

After some time the work of sister-in-law started all over. Some loud shocks and as soon as she started reading, she started speaking - Raja, I am gone.

Now my cock was going to be disturbed, so I gave a jolt and asked - I am going to come too, tell me where to get out?
"Raja, fill your water only in my pussy full of pimples. Only then will its thirst quench. "

I caught them tightly and started jerking harder. After a few shakes, I filled all the goods in the sister-in-law's pussy. She too fell with me.

We lay like this for a while and then asked him- sister-in-law, enjoyed Chudwakar?
"Yes ... very much fun." There is a lot of life in your LND, you are very good fucker. Now this pussy has found peace. "

“Sister-in-law, brother, you are fucking us. Then how did you think of fucking me? Doesn't your mind fill up even after so much sex? "
"Hey, does anyone fill my mind with sex?" I had many boyfriends before marriage. She used to fuck a lot! But after marriage, one had to live through the same LND. When you came to ask for the room, she was sitting on the same day thinking of fucking you. But there was also a little hesitation what would you think of me. "

Sister-in-law said ahead - when you started thinking of beating me, my work also became easy and today you got chud. Now whenever I get more itchy pussy, I will come to erase you. Will not you erase this pussy itch?
"Is this something to say, sister-in-law?" When you feel like coming to ride my LND. Let's do it once again. "

Once again, I changed their posture and made them fuck again and filled their pussy with their goods.
"Sister-in-law, is it a problem inside?"
"Not as much as you want, and where you want, drop your stock." There is no problem. I have the operation done. I also like to drink goods when you can drop the goods in your mouth. ”

"Sister-in-law, this is not the case… next time I will give you my food."

Then we put on our clothes and she gave me a kiss and went to her room.

Now I was lying in bed thinking that I had taken it from Choda or it had taken me away? Whatever has happened… LND has got a ride of new pussy.

Please give me invaluable suggestions on my story.

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