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Lady boss bang

Lady boss bang

A ma'am joined my office. Her ass in jeans looked very sexy. Wanted to eat their ass. How did I get a chance to fuck Mam's pussy?

My greetings to all readers and readers.
I am going to bring my love to you all through this sex story. This is not a story, it is an incident in my life which has already happened 4 months ago.

Let's start the story now. Readers and readers who like my story can contact me through mail.

My name is Arpit and I am 31 years old and I work in a company in Bhopal.

A new madam joined my office 6 months before today and later she became my boss. His name is Deepa and he is 45 years old.
She is not very beautiful to look at, but she has a different appeal. His figure is 35–32–40. Her ass looks different in her body and when she walks, the ass licks like waves are rising in the sea.

She always used to come to the office in western dresses. Her ass looked very sexy in jeans or trousers. Wanted to slap his ass very fast and eat it. Big ass is my weakness. If a lady's ass is sexy and big then she can do anything in sex with me. Just let me do what I want with my ass.
You must have guessed from my words how wild I am in sex.

When Madam joined, I did not talk to them much. But later when she came to my department as my boss, then both of us started talking regularly.
His talks revealed that his husband is an engineer in the Central Government and is currently posted in the North East. He has a boy who is currently doing engineering from Delhi and Madam lives alone here.

With work, we started sharing our personal things like family, about my girlfriend.

After talking to her I felt that she is very lonely and she has a lot of feelings that she wants to tell but there is no one with whom she can share.

Sometimes due to late seating, both of us had to work till night and then I used to leave them leaving home.

One day I was going to leave them home, then Mam said - come and drink tea together.
I went to his house which was a 2BH flat and I sat in the hall and he said - I change it in 1 minute and make tea.

He wore a gown and started making tea. Then they gave me a voice from inside - come here, talk in the kitchen.
I went to the kitchen. Going to the kitchen, standing near the stand and started talking.

I saw that she looked very sexy in a red gown. His boobs were seen bulging out and his cleavage was also visible. His ass was lowered outwards. The gown was red in color and her throat was very big. The bottom was tight and their line of panties was visible.

Seeing this, I just stood up and was hiding by roaming around here. But Madam had noticed my standing cock. She was repeatedly showing me her boobs and I was going crazy.

In talks, she told that she misses her husband very much. But what to do, Husband is able to come once in 2 months. And sometimes their boy comes in between.
Then when tea was made, both of us sat on the couch and started drinking tea.
He asked- what will you do for food?
I said - I will either make something or I will order it now.

He said - do one thing, order it here, you go after eating.
I said - okay.
And we ordered food.

He said - it will take time to get food now, you are a little fresh.

I went to their bathroom to be fresh. I saw there that the under garment of mam is hanging. Her bra was pink in color and panty black and cut and looked very sexy. I kissed her panty and bra and then came out freshly.

After coming out, we both started talking again. She was sitting leaning towards me so I could see her boobs. They saw that I was watching their boobs. She still sat like this.
She was playing with me by holding my hand in other things. Then we both got our eyesight and both of us started looking at each other with our eyes.

What happened suddenly… kissed each other. I kissed her for a long time and she also supported me.

After that my hands moved on their boobs and I started pressing their boobs. Then my other hand started pressing his ass behind them. Now she was filling her siskaris. Then both of us stood up to kiss.

When I wanted to take off his gown, he said - you don't mind what we are doing?
So I told him - I am very happy that today I am able to spend some moments of love with a beautiful lady like you.

Then I removed his gown. They also started undressing me. He took off my shirt and then opened my trouser too. Now I was in vest and underwear and that only in bra and panty.

I told them - go to the bedroom?
And food arrived in such a long time. As soon as the door bell rang, we both panicked but then they put on a gown quickly and said- I bring food, you go to the bedroom.

Then she brought food to the bedroom. I was lying there. As soon as he came, he removed his gown and lay down on me.

I started kissing them again. After some time I came over them and I started kissing them on their body, kissing them everywhere, on their forehead, cheeks, neck, ears, chest!

And then I removed her bra and my vest too!
Then I started kissing their boobs and sucking Mam's boob's nipple in my mouth, started biting, loving them and pressing them. She kept screaming very loudly and kept pressing my head in her boobs.

I started kissing on his belly on his navel. And then I overturned them and then I started kissing on their whole back, started biting. I started licking everywhere, on their back, on their arms and on the lower part of their stomach.

And then I started unloading mam's panty. While removing the panties, I kept moving my lips along. After coming down, I started kissing her feet and threw her panties off.

I started going up again while kissing their feet and kissing their thighs. After kissing the thighs, their buttocks, or shall I say, kissed the legs of the ass and started biting them with their teeth.

She just kept doing ah ah ah ah and started saying - Enjoying a lot man, offering it… It is very fun. Pay and do… and do.
And I kept kissing his ass, cutting it.

And then I turned them over and started kissing them on their thighs. Then I spread both thighs and started looking at her pussy. Looked very cute, absolutely pink… Short hair was around the pussy which looked very cute.

Then I immediately attacked Mam's pussy and started licking her pussy. My lips became completely wet with the juice of her pussy… and my saliva also started to wet her pussy.

I spread my pussy with my fingers and put the tongue inside and started sucking, licking. He started cutting both parts of his pussy.

Ma'am went mad, shouted - I will die. Ah ah ah i'm gonna leave
She bid - and offered loudly… and lick… eat my pussy… let out all its heat.
I licked Mam's pussy.

And then I got up, I took off my underwear and told him - now you suck my cock.
I extended my cock towards her mouth, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously. I was grabbing his hair and penetrating my cock inside.

After being sucked like this, I said - let me put in the pussy inside?
She said - Since when have I been waiting. Tear my pussy… erase its itch.

And then I spread both his legs and put my cock inside in one stroke. A very loud voice came out of his mouth and then he said - Take it easy, my love.
I took out all the cocks comfortably from Mam's pussy and then put them inside.

I kept jerking like this and then said to him - change the position.
And she came on top of me, sat up and took cocks inside her pussy and started jumping on her, she started taking cocks of surprise. Their boobs were also moving up and down. Mam looked very sexy.

I kissed them and then said - you are an expert in sex.
So that quote - paid, you also made me happy. Wiped out all my pussy fire

I said - Come in Doggy style.
And she became a bitch. I put cocks in her pussy from behind and started jerking fast.

Mam's ass looked exactly like Apple's and looked very big by spreading. I was mad at seeing the ass. Waves were rising in the ass with every shock.

And then I grabbed his ass with both my hands and started hitting sharp blows. Ma'am's ass hole was pink. Absolutely… he probably had his ass hole bleached.

Then I said ma'am - I have run out of water twice. Now I am in pain. Have been doing this for so long, now take it out.
So I said - OK.
And I started hitting very fast shocks.

I said - I'm going to leave?
That quote - My operation is done, let me go inside, there is no fear of pregnancy.

Then I put all my lava in their pussy volcano.

That night we kept having sex all night. I fuck them 5 times, and sometimes put ice cream on their pussy, sometimes put honey.

Then in the morning we both got ready from there and went to office.

After that, till now I have fucking them many times. We often have sex even when we are in the office, she licks my cock or I lick maam's pussy.
She says that she does not like anything without my cock and she wants me to always fuck her.

Did you like my ma'am's sex story or not? Give me your opinion on this mail id. Till then salute all of you lovely cuties of my cocks and my best greetings to the remaining cocks.

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