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Kamwali Bhabhi's Mast Chudai Story

Kamwali Bhabhi's Mast Chudai Story

I was looking for a lot of sex. But no one was getting In those days, my mother needed a worker. I thought if I found a sexy worker…

Friends, once again I am present with your friend Raj, another sex story. Today's sex story is also my own.

I had become addicted to sex because when I was out of the house, I used to get any girlfriends for sex at any time. But now my job took place in my own city and I was at home for the last three months. I was looking for a lot of sex. But I was not getting any sex.

Then an idea came to my mind. My mother was looking for a laborer, because our old worker had left work.

I thought of a devilish idea about my sex. I told my friends to get some cool bhabhi type work done.

Then what was it… Friends started searching for a workwife and the workmates started coming home.
Two to three Kamwalis were driven away because of their mother not being able to fix the monthly salary.

Then I told my mother- Now first I will meet a worker. You cannot talk about money, I will talk and I will set it for money.
Mother agreed.

Friends, two or three workers came, but I did not understand.

Then a friend of mine, Rajat came to the house and he was told by his mother for the same kind of work. She told that there is a sister-in-law near her house, who is in need. Her husband drinks liquor and has also loaned. She only works
I said, tell me friend.

We wanted to have similar work that would stay at home all day… because my mother is now very old and she does not work.

What was it then, without seeing anything, I told Rajat to talk to him and send him to work from tomorrow.

Rajat got a call in the night that she has spoken, she will come home from work tomorrow.

I kept thinking throughout the night what it would be like not to look useful.

Well… the next morning when she came home to work, friends… what can I tell… I just kept looking at her.

Light dark color, cute face and his cool figure… Ah… I was just looking at his milk. I talked to him and then I went to work.

Now I was just looking for opportunity to be able to enjoy sex with a work-in-law. A few days passed. When I go home in the evening, he makes tea for me and also for himself.

She would sit and drink tea together and I would talk to her about her house.

Every time she would tell me to get my husband in my factory too.
I said - I will get it done.

I was waiting when I could meet him in private. Before that I thought I would try twice.

I was at home on Sunday. Sister came to work in the morning. She was about to enter my room and I started leaving. On this pretext, I put my hands on his milk. She did not say anything. Then I ordered tea from her room and started talking to her.

I heard that your husband drinks too much alcohol?

I had to ask so much that a woman suffering became very emotional. She started telling me everything. In the meantime, I also asked him in many things that he would not be able to make you happy either?

He said - Now what should I tell you… You all know.
After saying this she went away smiling.

I understood that it will soon come under the cocks… and I will not be hungry for much. I could see my thirst quenching now.

Now I started touching her here and there, which she did not mind. A couple of times I tied my towel only and showed him the bulge of my cocks. In front of him, he also gave a hint by crushing the Alore. She simply walked away smiling while looking at the cocks.

One day I lay naked in the room and kept cocks till he came. As soon as she came in the room, I closed my eyes and slept. She kept looking at my cock and gestured lightly to come to me… I opened my eyes and caressed my cock and while acting to see it suddenly pulled the sheet on the cock.

I asked him- Hey sister, when did you come, I was just missing you now.
He laughed and said- Yes, he was looking at me.

I laughed and asked him to come closer. He laughs 'Neither Baba nor… He is very angry with you.' Saying this, she went out.

What was it then… I started staying in the habit of fucking him. Now she was getting closer to me. I often used to get naked in front of her and caressing the cocks and she would smile just by looking at the cocks.

Then that day has come. Mother went out somewhere with the people of the neighborhood. While leaving, the mother said to the sister-in-law - You must stay till late… because Raj is alone.

I was not being stopped as soon as all of them left. I took leave from office that day and stayed at home.

Today my thirst for sex had increased so much that I was not going to stop. As soon as she came to clean my room, I caught her from behind. She was horrified.

She started ridding herself of me. I did not leave her and started kissing her neck. I started pressing her milk.
He initially said- No sir, this is wrong.

But after one to two minutes, she started supporting me and rubbing her ass on my cock. Now her eyes were closed and she was enjoying my kisses.

I turned him to my side without delay and started sucking his lips. She too was giving equal support in sucking my lips. I was also playing with her mother.

Then I laid her on the bed and she was quietly supporting me. I removed her sari and opened the button of her blouse and took out her mumme. I started sucking her mums in turn. The milk was very cool… and her nipples too became very brown and hard.

For the next ten minutes I kept playing with his mother.
She flushed and said - now the milk will be gone… eat the cream.

I understood that the cream shop is down. I stripped her completely and kept my mouth on her pussy without delay. As soon as I put my tongue on the pussy, a slight sigh came out of his mouth. Then she started having fun.

She was chattering while taking ass. Boli-anh… No one has given me such fun till today… And Chato Saheb… There is a big fire in my pussy.

I was drinking his juice with fun. After a minute I put a finger in his pussy. Her pussy was very tight, as if the fuck has not been done for a long time.
Now she started telling me - will you torture me like this… Show me yours too.
I immediately gave my cock in his hand.

He took it in his mouth without delay and I was also being given cocks in his mouth with great fun.
After taking the cocks in the mouth for about ten minutes, she said - No more torture… quickly extinguish my fire.

I did not delay him and made him a mare and put my cock on his pussy and gave him a push. Her pussy was so tight that a little bit of my cock went into her pussy and screamed out of her mouth.
She said - she died… Ah sir comfortably… I am yours all day.

Hearing this, I became more excited and hit again with a loud push. This time the whole cocks got into her pussy. She screamed faster.

I did not pay attention to his shouts and started banging loudly. At first she was moaning in pain, but then she started choking her ass after having fun.

After giving about 20 minutes of bang, we both collapsed together.

I lay in bed for a while. Then I gave my cock in his hand and started sucking his milk. He also put my cock once again with his hands first, then taking cocks in his mouth. This time I started paying him in the second position. Latte Latte After a while I removed my cock from her pussy.

That quote - why took it out… and fuck me.

Sister-in-law was at its peak. I was also very bastard. I told him- I want to take your ass now.
He said- Take anything… Just fuck me.

I just wanted to hear that. I did not delay, I first lubricated her ass and also applied on my cock. Then slowly put his cock in her ass.
In the first jerk, the cock went a little inside. She screamed very fast. Tears also came from his eyes.

She said with pain - Ah she died… It is very painful… Remove from here… It is very painful.

But now where was I going to listen? I inserted all my cocks in her ass.

Aa ha… what a great ass… no one had taken her ass before. She kept crying and screaming - no not here.
But I started my attacks. Initially she was in pain, but later she also started having fun.

After about 15-20 minutes of ass ass, I fell into his ass.
Now I lay down on her.

She said- No one has fuck me till date… You have quenched my thirst today Saheb… Now I am yours… Take me whenever you want.
I told him - you ride my cock every morning in the morning.
He agreed.

Friends, that day, I fuck him 5 times and finished my sex lust.

Since then, she would ride my cock in the morning for four days in a week and give me fun. Sometimes she would give me fun by sucking cocks too. But whenever I wanted to fuck me for long, I used to take my work-in-law to my friend's house and would enjoy it for two to three hours. He is also very happy with me.

How was my sex story Write me for sure I look forward to your mail.

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