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Friday, April 17, 2020

Kachcha Kali-1 of the village

Kachcha Kali-1 of the village

The boy next door to my village house is my good friend. His sister was a new young man. I wanted to quench my thirst by fucking her pussy. Whether my desire is fulfilled or not?

Hello friends, my name is Nihal Singhania. A few days ago, a sexy story of mine was published by
Facebook friend Chudai
. I thank you very much for the love you gave to that story.

I also got mail from a lot of people. All the readers appreciated the story very much and inspired me to write more stories.
That's why I have brought a new story for you guys today. This story of mine is also very true in which I have not resorted to any imagination.

It is about two years ago.

You must know that the girls of the village like the laundries of the city very much. Urban boys are very stylish and live well. Any urban girl who is reading this story will know what I am saying.

A ancestral family lived near my ancestral house in my village. There were many members in that house. There were also three girls in it. The eldest was named Renu, the middle one was Kavita and the youngest girl was named Neha.

He also had a brother. His brother's name is Sonu, who is also a very good friend of mine. Sonu was a boy of my own age. Sonu and I often used to go out for a walk in the village and used to have a lot of fun. Sonu's elder sister was much older than me, so I used to look at her as sister.

Neha, the youngest girl, did not pay attention to me because she was 4 years younger. But I loved the middle girl poem. I liked him but never dared to say anything.

Whenever I used to go to my village, I used to go to Sonu's house with some excuse so that I could see the poem. Kavita used to look at me carefully but she was not expressing it. Perhaps she also liked me.

The poem was a full-bodied mallika. Blond and Rajputana style of color. His figure was 32-28-32. She always wore tight salwar and suit. All the boys of the village used to look at her as if there is no other girl in the village. Everyone's heart longed to touch him but no one could do anything.

Kavita's father was in the police, so no one could think of putting his hands on her. Many times when I was in her house, she was doing some work in front of me. I used to keep an eye on him but I did not let the other people know that I am cracking him.

Whenever she bowed down, her sister-in-law used to get scared that she would come out of her suit. I used to sigh on seeing him. In the night, he used to rub the cocks after hitting his name.

He got married before I could do anything.

After she got married, now I started focusing on other girls in the village. Kavita's younger sister Neha used to come to our house often. I also used to ask Neha about the poem. After that I came to Delhi to study.

After a few months I again went to the village. This time my studies were completed, so I was going to stay in the village for a long time. Now I had forgotten Kavita slowly because she was in her in-laws' house and never showed up even in the village. But Neha still used to come to our house.

One thing that I notice this time is that I felt Neha's style as something changed. Earlier, when I used to talk to her, she did not speak much. Just go back to answering what I asked. She used to be very shy at that time.

Now a lot of changes had come in it. She was starting to open a little. This time she used to sit near me. One day I was late watching TV. She came to me and sat down. I started talking to him. She also kept talking to me very openly.

My attention started to go to him. She was getting young. The new young girl has a different attraction in her body. Slowly, she used to come to me every day and used to talk to me Both of us now started laughing.

Those days, his exams were going on. One day it happened that she came straight to my house from school. I do not understand why he did this. When I saw him in a school dress, he was left stunned. He was wearing a shirt and a skirt.

Seeing her blonde white velvet legs, for the first time, my cock got stirred for her pussy. His Tits in the shirt were also seen in the most amazing shape. Even after the shirt was loose, his Titsi looked very tight.

Seeing her white legs in Neha's skirt, I started to try her. Then she came and sat near me and started teasing me while teasing me.
I also scolded him jokingly - Neha, we will kill you, do not tease us.
If he wants to kill, let's go to the roof above.

I was surprised to hear such an answer from his mouth. I did not expect that she would answer me in this way. I could not understand how I would react to this answer. I just kept quiet.

Just then, her mother came to my house. She scolded Neha and said - I am waiting in your house and you came straight here? Do you know how upset I was?

His mother's words were also not affected by him. She just exited the room laughing. From that day onwards, my perspective on Neha was changed. Now I was very attracted towards his youth.

She was just like a raw bud. The swollen youth of the raw bud of a village was pulling me towards myself. I started seeing a virgin pussy in my friend's sister. The thought of killing a virgin girl's pussy was distracting my mind.

At that time Neha's figure will be around 32-28-30. Friends, you must have understood how she was taking the first step in her youth. Just like raw bud is getting ready to bloom. His tit is not too big nor too small. The ass was also in perfect shape. Neither too thick nor too thin.

I started to see a hot sexy slut in her young growing body. My attraction to him was growing even more than I thought about him. That's why I started thinking about Neha and also started killing her. I could not get rest until I used to wet the underwear with my semen in the name of it at night.

While masturbating, I used to think about the fuck of that young girl. I used to think how I will give cocks in her pussy for the first time, how I will press her Titsi. Thinking this, there used to be such tension in the cocks that the cocks used to throw water.

After fucking that young girl, I had made a complete plan to make her a prostitute. Meanwhile, Neha was also getting closer to me. The laughing joke between us had also increased considerably.

One day she sat asking - Nihal, you will have many girlfriends or not in the city?
I turned back and asked- Why do you think I will have many girlfriends?

Neha said - You are so white, your height is also so good. The body also looks good. You must have made it your own!
Hearing her words made me laugh. I said - you are white too. You are so beautiful to look at, then you too should have many boyfriends, right?
I killed him by saying this.

He blushed and said - Datta, you are talking a lot of bullying. I have asked the question before, so you give the answer first.
I said - No man, I do not like the girls of the city. I have liked a girl from this village.

Out of curiosity he asked- well, tell me who is that lucky girl?
I said - no, I cannot tell about it like that. First, you promise not to tell anyone about this.
She said - I will not tell you right.

I said - okay, but if I tell you my secret, what will I get in return?
That quote - you will get what you want. Tell me what you want
At that time she was sitting on the chair in front and I was lying on the bed. His words had started filling my cock and my cock had started lifting my mouth.

While pointing towards myself, I said - bring your ear here and I will tell you in my ear.
As soon as she came to me, I held her hand. Oh friends, did she have a soft and soft hand? Like his sister Kavita, I had a blond hand which was now in my hand. His wrist was very thin. My cock was starting to turn by touching it.

She said- Hey, what are you doing? Release my hand, someone will see !!
Neha started trying to get rid of her soft and thin hands. Seeing her frightened, I was also a little hesitant that they should not shout at all and people nearby would come to know that I was teasing the young girl. I immediately released her hand. As soon as she left, she ran towards the door. My ass was torn. I thought it would definitely tell someone.

But approaching the door, she started laughing loudly. Then I started teasing me by taking my tongue out and ran out. That day I came to know that this girl is very bastard. Will not give pussy so easily. To fuck its virgin pussy, some other method has to be adopted.

On touching his hand that day my cock left a wet wet material. At the same time my mind started to masturbate. I was feeling that Neha should quench her thirst only by giving me cocks in her pussy, but that bastard ran away from the fire of sex in my cock.

I went to the bathroom and kicked it. Fucking him naked in thoughts Torn her pussy. After licking my mouth twice, my cock sat quiet. Then I lay down and slept.

From that day onwards, whenever she came to me, I used to hold her hand. He tried to grab it and pull it towards him. I used to do all this alone because such things spread very quickly in the village.

Neha used to run away from my hand and run away laughing. I knew that its pussy is moving to fuck, but it is torturing me intentionally. I was also looking for an opportunity to get a chance to heat it up and get a chance to munch on its cool cunts.

One day I got that chance too. How I warmed Neha and enjoyed her by fucking her virgin pussy, I will tell you guys in the next part of the story.

Message me to give your opinion on this story. You can also leave your feedback in the comment box by commenting.

The story will continue in the next part, please give your opinion on the story. I look forward to your response.

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