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In the train journey, my husband's car-5

In the train journey, my husband's car-5

I was made an opportunity to humiliate my husband. In that case, even if the men of the entire train quench their thirst with my pussy, I do not regret it.

Back of the story: My husband's carriage in the train journey-4

After a while both of us also reached the compartment. The young man said to my husband - Yes! Now it is reassuring, you guys are absolutely clean. Just once I confirm with my senior too.
He asked for a ticket by pointing to my husband.

My husband removed and gave him a ticket.
He said that he is coming to confirm the ticket in five minutes.
My husband didn't say anything and he left.

But when he did not return for 15 minutes, the tone of my husband's face started flying.
I had understood that he has gone some way or the other. And truth be told, I was made an opportunity to degrade my husband. In that case, even if the men of the entire train quench their thirst with my pussy, I do not regret it. He just apologized to his people.

As expected, in a short time TT threatened to come with a new RPF jawan and asked for tickets from my husband.
My husband told them that a young RPF ticket has gone to check.
TT said - no RPF personnel are present on this train.
It was clear that TT was lying.

My husband did not want to explain lakhs, but he was not ready to understand. After all, he took out the purse and asked him to make a ticket with Fine.
TT said that he will not make a ticket and arrest my husband at the next station.
My husband said to the lady - Don't get arrested, take a little more money, spend water.

Suddenly, TT's attitude changed and he started to look more angry. He said - you know that I do not take money and spend water from different types.
He further said- I bring the expenses until you decide whether to get a ticket or go to jail by paying a fine.

TT saw me and said - Come with us.
Before I say anything, my husband asked- Where?
TT said - We bring the expenses with water, we spend the water for this type. By the way, your body is very tight, maybe you have a new marriage. Today will be a lot of fun. My husband said - this is too much.

TT said - it is also a crime to punish a government officer.
My husband said again - okay then send me to jail.
The RPF jawan said- It is not so fast, you should think easily, when we come.
My husband said - I don't think anything.

Then the RPF jawan struck a slap on my husband and said - now you go to jail or fine, we will bear the expenses. If a lot of champaur is spent, then after consuming water, we will throw both of them from the moving train.
When my husband was about to say something, TT slapped him and said - If you open your mouth, you will make your face red, and sit with your mouth closed.

Now my husband got calm and TT said to me - Hey, Chhamkhakallo, invite you to…… take off clothes quickly.
I looked at my husband who was sitting with his head bowed.

I opened the night button one by one and as soon as my breasts were seen, TT said - what are the breasts. It will be fun to mash.
I opened the button of the night till the bottom, I removed it and kept it aside. Seeing my pussy again said - what is tight pussy, today is going to be really fun.

The RPF jawan said something in TT's ear and TT told me - Let's walk in the corridor of the toilet.
I asked wonder- just like that, without clothes?
I got a slap and TT said- If you are a prostitute, then there is no one else here and you would have got two or four customers. Now walk silent arc.

I got out and reached the corridor with fast steps.

As soon as both of them arrived I put my back from the gate. TT came to me and pulled me in the middle and said - not like this, with a different type.
Both took off their paint and underwear and took out their LND.

TT came in front of me and he caught my bum and inserted his LND in my pussy. As soon as his LND entered, the other person started to insert his LND into my ass hole. Anyway, my ass hole had opened, so LND entered after some trouble.

After pausing for a moment, TT supported his hands from under my thighs and the other put both his hands on both my breasts and started banging. Both used to enter their LND at one time and at one time used to withdraw taxes. The middle one used to crush my breasts tightly and I used to throw the head back with jerk.

At this very moment, TT used to kiss my chin.

When I saw the thief in the middle, I came to know that my husband is hiding us. After continuously pushing, he left water in my pussy and ass.

TT, who was a little Omar, had climbed his pants but the other had raised his LND again.
He made me sit on my knees and put my LND in my mouth.

There was no way… so soon I started sucking her LND. There was not much time and he removed his LND from my mouth and drenched my breasts with his water. When I was wiping, he refused and offered me his pants and left me to my compartment.

I sat near the window without clothes and cleaned myself with a handkerchief and lay down in night.
My husband said - now make a ticket.
TT took the ticket out of pocket and gave it to them.
That was our ticket.

When my husband looked at it with anger, TT said - Present from my side.
And both got out laughing.

After leaving T.T. I lay down with my eyes closed. My husband did not say anything and he too lay down.

After about an hour, he got up and left the toilet. Two minutes after his departure, those three boys arrived. All three of them started to shake hands on my body. I quickly opened my eyes and said - what are you guys doing here, leave it and my husband will come.
One of them said - Sister-in-law, you have made so many people happy, even the three of us will not take much time from you.

He was constantly playing with my body.
I said in whispers - but my husband?
He then said - The gate of the toilet has been closed from outside.
Smiling I said- you have come with complete preparation, when you have worked so hard, how can I refuse you? But just deal with it fast. And I have one more thing to do for you guys.

I explained something to his ear and he agreed.

All three quickly opened my night button and naked my body. All three took off their pants and underwear. I moved down a little and sat down with one of my heads on my lap and started kissing my lips with a cheek. Sometimes kisses, sometimes sucking, sometimes licking, sometimes even biting.

The second sat on my waist with a briefcase and took both my breasts in his hands. He was rubbing my breasts and sucking my nipples in between.

The third spread my legs and inserted my LND into my pussy. He grabbed my thighs and started banging. He was pushing in such a way that the rest do not face any problem.
After all, it was the boy of the college, could not stop for long and sat down on the side seat after ducking her pussy.

The boy sitting on my head came between my legs. As soon as he inserted his LND in my pussy, my eyes went towards the gate. My husband and sister were standing there hiding.
Maybe someone has opened the toilet door.

The boy quickly inserted his Lund in my pussy and started to bang.
He was also a novice, could not hold back even five minutes and fell down.

The next one took place as soon as he woke up. He got his Lund into my pussy and started to bang. Within two to four strikes, I realized that he is a reached player.
And he kept pushing. I was moving upwards due to the speed of his bumps. My breasts were moving like water filled balloons.

When I felt that the blows were less fun and more punishing, I wrapped my legs around his waist. But the velocity of his bumps did not decrease.
Seeing him, both were stroking their LND.

I felt that if they started the second round, then I went. So I asked him to remove LND. He took out LND and sat between the two. I sat down on my knees and started sucking her LND in the mouth and started licking the LND of both the adjacent ones.

Whose LND was in the mouth, he grabbed both my breasts and started rubbing them. And both boys started pressing on me holding each but one.

At about the same time, all three left the water together. He sat down wearing his pant. I cleaned myself in front of them and wore nighty.

After that they left and I sat near the window. My husband came and he also sat on the seat but said nothing.

When half an hour was left for our arrival at the station, I closed the compartment gate and started wearing a saree. I put on light make-up and then walked towards the bathroom.
I was pissed or else I stayed back for two minutes.

Before the gate of my compartment, I opened all the blouse buttons and moved the bra up. My boobs got naked.

I gestured to the boys sitting in front and two of them came in front of my compartment gate. They stood there for two minutes so that my husband could get his attention.
Then he took hold of my hand and made me stand in front of the gate of the compartment and said to me - Are your sisters in law awesome? If you do not mind, then enjoy them for some time.

Without saying anything to me, they started playing with each of my breasts and sucking each nipple in the mouth. For about ten minutes, both of them kept playing with my breasts and left me and went back.

After he left, I entered the compartment and sat in front of my husband and fixed my bra and started applying blouse buttons.
Then I sat quietly.

The station came and we both came out.

The driver had brought the car, but my husband gave him money and asked him to come by taxi. We sat in the car and started driving the car.
Suddenly said - Daisy! Just went wrong with you many times. But at times I felt that you were involved too, am I right?

I said yes. You find comfort in seeing me in the arms of a foreign man. At that time, you had thrown me into the wake of four people that they could use me as a prostitute. There I thought that when I want to spend my whole life with you, then I should adapt to you. That's why I took full care of your fun while coming. After all, that's what you wanted.

He said slowly - I did not enjoy it.
I said in a way of hitting the tone - maybe you enjoy watching the video. Enough today, I take rest for two days then I will go out. I will show the jerks hanging with a little, four or five men will be slipped on me. Going to a room in a hotel with five people, I will show my body and bring all the videos to you. You don't worry at all.

He said in anger - I made a big mistake! Forgive me, there will never be such a mistake now. I promise
I did not say anything, just fell silent.

It is not that after that, I never tasted anyone else's LND. Tasted… tasted many.

If there was no movement in your LND due to both these incidents, then my claim that after listening to me and your tragedy, your LND will definitely collapse.
But he never again.

Anyway, the fun of taking more LND together is less and more intoxication.
And I too got used to it while coming and going.

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