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In the train journey, my husband's car-3

In the train journey, my husband's car-3

He was wearing lungi, as soon as he was about to lie on me, I opened all the buttons of my night on both sides. My whole body became naked and he lay down on me.

Backside of the story: On the train journey, my husband's carstar-2
separated from them and I realized that the ass hole was burning a lot and these people had sucked my nipples by sucking them.

Due to fatigue and intoxication, I lay down on the mattress and fell asleep.

Even when arose, all the bastards were there. My clothes were missing.

Before he asked me anything, he himself said - the clothes have gone to Istri, they will come.
Looking at the time, it was found that there is still an hour left.

Seeing the time, T. T. saw it and started saying - 'Sweetheart' is still an hour and the rest.
He was stroking his LND, I looked towards his LND and then towards his face.
He said - what do you think, once again?
I folded my hands and said - both my holes are burning.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me between his legs and pressed my head towards his LND.
He started saying - OK, no problem, it can suck.

I had never sucked LND in my life.
But what would she not die, LND started sucking her mouth. He sometimes rubs my breasts, sometimes rubs my fists and sometimes raises a nipple. After twenty consecutive minutes, he started leaving the atomizer in my mouth. Some goods went down my throat, I spilled the rest.

When he removed, the three Havildars came and sat down.
I said in a whisper - 40 minutes is for the station, cannot take out all three.
TT said in between and said - suck one of them out, kill the other two, that means, shake it by hand.

I shook my head and started sucking the middle person's LND in the mouth and the next side of the LND with my hand. All three were playing with my pussy and my breasts and TT was making my videos.

In about 20 minutes, all three left the atomizer together and got up and started wearing clothes.

TT stopped the mobile and told me that there is a bathroom in the bogie… go and take a bath there, till then I will get the clothes ordered.
I took out some make-up from the purse and took out my Nokia N98 mobile.

I pleaded with TT in a manner that said- Sir, give me the recording curry too.
TT said- Why, what will you do with it?
I said smiling - I have not seen a man like you, I will also remember you.

TT took my mobile and started copying the recording.

I went to the bathroom and started taking bath. After taking a bath, I put make-up and got hair done and came back without clothes.

When I reached the compartment, my clothes had arrived and all the sergeants had gone. Only T. was sitting. I dressed in front of him and he gave me mobile back.
I managed to get my bag and found that it has 5000 rupees.

When I saw TT, he smiled and said - Keep a meek gift from me.
I did not say anything and checked the mobile once. All the videos had arrived.

Tea took out coffee from a thermos and gave me two cups continuously.

All my tiredness subsided. As soon as the station came, TT opened the door and removed me and shook hands and said goodbye to me.

At the station gate, my husband was standing with a taxi.

As soon as I came out of the side, he said - Daisy, sit in the taxi.
I said in anger - I remembered our relationship, I could not remember at that time.
When my husband looked at the taxi driver, I sat quietly in the taxi.

On the way, stopped for breakfast in a restaurant and ordered breakfast in the cabin. After breakfast, my husband asked me - did you do anything with those people?
I was angry and did not speak! With great affection, I sat down and told me that the sister has been found after a long time, tied Rakhi with me and started my aarti. Then fed me sweets.
My husband bowed his head and apologized to me and said - I thought something was different.

I took out the mobile and gave it to them and said- See how well my brothers have taken care of me.
He started watching videos with mobile.

I finished breakfast and we left for the wedding function. The function was for three days and then return by train.

My husband was not at all sorry for his people!
Like how we dealt with the program and we made a comeback program.

I thought in my heart that I will taste my husband so much in return that I will remember him.

We boarded the train on the due date. Because it was an ordinary train, time was going to take longer.

A compartment had 6 seats. Both the seats below were of an elderly couple whose age was around 70. Both the middle seats were ours and one of the two seats above was of a man whose age was around 32-35 and that of a college boy.

When the train left the station, it was seven in the evening. Old man and the college boy were sitting on both the windows of the compartment. I sat next to him and my husband next to me.
The man had not arrived yet.

The train stopped at the station at around eight o'clock and then started running. My husband got up and went to the bathroom. Then that man came and collected his belongings and sat next to my left. Usually I would ask him to sit in front but I did not say anything.
When my husband came back, he hesitated but sat down in front.

Gradually everyone started talking among themselves. I opened the bag and went to the bathroom with a nighty. I took off the saree blouse and petticoat and started wearing naiti, then I choked a bit and I also removed my bra and panty. I just wore nightwear and came back to comportment.

These things continued for a while. Then the man, whose name was Ravi Mahant, proposed to play cards.

However, we do not play cards in our house. But both knew how to play. So both of us were ready and that boy named Neeraj was also ready.

We gave the window to Uncle Aunty. I sat next to the aunt and that boy sat in front of me. Ravi and my husband sat in front of me.

Ravi took out a blanket and we spread it to the waist and started throwing leaves in the middle. Because the blanket was not very big, so we were all sitting very close. My knees were getting hit by Ravi's knees.

As the night started deepening, the cold started increasing. Ravi used to throw his right hand into a blanket after throwing the leaves.

Suddenly I realized that Ravi has one hand on my thighs. When I saw him through the thieves, he was sitting in such a way that nothing is known.
I also did not react and let her hand remain the same.

After a couple of moves, his hand was again on my thighs, but this time he was gently stroking my thighs. I did not respond.

When his move came, he took out his hand and started walking.

I put my hand in and took Naiti up to the waist. I did so carefully that no one would know.

The next time, as soon as Ravi's hand came on the thighs, his hand fell on my naked thighs. He startled and the thief looked at me with eyes. I grinned lightly.
He kept playing with my bare thighs and took my hands up to my vagina twice.

Then Uncle said- If the game is over, now sleep a little.
I saw the time, it was 12 o'clock.

Ravi threw out his hand and I corrected my night.

We closed the game and opened all the seats and made them bad. Everyone went to their beds. My husband also sat in his seat and lay down.
Uncle and aunt soon fell asleep.

But Ravi was not sleepy in his eyes, he used to go to the bathroom frequently and used to rub my breasts while coming and going.
It was one time when I went for the fourth time.

As soon as I came back to caress my breasts, I held her hand and pulled her close and whispered - if sleep is not coming then come to my seat.
He looked here and there and slowly climbed into my seat.

He was wearing lungi, as soon as he was about to lie on me, I opened all the buttons of my night on both sides. My whole body became naked and he lay down on me. He rubbed my breasts in both his hands and started sucking my nipple.

If I kept doing this for 5 minutes, I looked at my husband. Now his face was on our side. I did not know when he turned, which changed my suspicion that he was awake.
And anyway I had to show them all this.

I can't whisper in Ravi's ear - in your own or hotel room, who are doing so leisurely, if someone wakes up then there will be trouble.
He understood this and pulled his lungi up with a stroke. I spread my legs and stuck my LND in my pussy.

He said - I do not have condoms.
I said - no problem… If you put it inside, it will work.
Hearing this, he put his LND in with a jerk and started to jerk slowly. He was trying to make no sound.

As soon as he got hit, he left the water in my pussy in twenty minutes. Stayed on my body for a while, then kissed my lips well and went to my seat.
I corrected my night and slept on the side.

The story will continue

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