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In the train journey, my husband's car-2

In the train journey, my husband's car-2

TT put me on the mattress. Everyone took off their underwear as I lay down. My life dried up after seeing his LND. Everyone was much bigger and taller than my husband.

Backside of the story: On the train journey, my husband's carpenter-1,
seeing my clean vagina, he started sighing, saying- Wow… how much fun it is going to be.
TT told the sergeant and he went out.

TT told me - Look, we don't have condoms. And dropping out is not our habit. So you will have to see it yourself.
I used to take contraceptive pills anyway, so there was no problem in getting pregnant.
Still I did not give any answer.

After this, the sergeant came back and brought a mattress. He laid the mattress between the two seats and TT pulled me and laid me on the back of the mattress.

All the people started removing their clothes.
I understood that now these people are going to make my mince.

TT held my hand and put me back on the mattress. Those people were still wearing their underwear. As soon as I lay down, they removed their underwear.
My life dried up after seeing his LND. Everyone was much bigger and taller than my husband.

Generally, there was more space between seats than there is here.

Two constables lay next to me. A sergeant sat between my two legs. Both the sergeants, who were lying on my arms, put each leg on my legs and put each hand on both my breasts.

TT sat on the seat and pulled out a bag. He took out a bottle of wine from that bag and put four glasses in a tray and began to mold it.
If alcohol does not work in my house and in-laws, then I started feeling uneasy but I was not in a position to make any kind of argument.

TT raised his glass and said while drinking - what are you looking at the brother-in-law, heat the laundia.

The Havildars were probably late to gesture, both the Havildars started caressing and rubbing my breasts, both started kissing my throat and cheeks.

Suddenly the sergeant who was sitting between my legs caught my waist and covered my lips with my vagina. I felt like a current of 440 volts. He started licking the crack of my vagina. Licked continuously from one corner to another.

In a few moments my vagina started releasing water and I started having cramps in my body. I started trying to squeeze my body, but in such a situation, both side constables increased the pressure on my legs. Both the sergeants started sucking my nipples instead of rubbing my breasts.

Although it was not happening on my own free will, but my body was on fire. I do not know in which improvement the two Havildars started putting their hands on the head and caressing their hair. One of the two constables left my nipple and said to TT - Sir Laundia got hot.

TT finished his glass in a jolt and said- Now you guys move, I take care of it.
Everyone left me and went to seat.

TT came between my legs. There was a fire in my body, I spread my legs by myself and whispered - Sir, please hurry up.
He smiled and put his LND on the crack of my vagina and put it in with a stroke.
I also wrapped my legs around his waist. TT filled me in the arms around my back and started giving me mild jerks.

He stopped a while and his own lips adjoined my lips. The smell of liquor dissolved in my nostrils and the taste of alcohol started coming in my mouth too. I looked at the sergeants from the thieves who were drinking and talking with a full glass of glass.

TT released my lips and then started jerking. Gradually the shaking started gaining momentum and after a few minutes he stopped again and started kissing my lips.

I saw the thief again from the eyes of the sergeants, but this time my hue turned up.
One of the sergeants was taking our video with a mobile camera.

As soon as TT was ready to leave my lips and jerk, I said while pleading with TT - Sir, I am doing what you want, then why are you making my video?
TT got up in 90 degree angle and his LND was still stuck in my vagina and my legs were wrapped around his waist.

He looked at me and pulled me and slapped me and said, "Sister-in-law, don't teach me what to do." You do not get a scrub like you every day, your body is amazingly juicy. One, I will enjoy watching this video sometimes and to make others believe that we have enjoyed a tremendous prostitution.

After that I did not say anything for the video and TT started lying on top of me and jerked me. This time, his jerks did not last long and he filled my vagina with his semen.

Stood for a while and then stood up.
He told the rest of the constables - now you guys also deal with it.

One of the sergeants got up and came between my legs. His Av dekha na taav… With one stroke I started trying to insert my LND into my vagina.
But his LND was very long and very thick.

He held my back tightly and gave a forceful blow and his LND ripped inside my vagina. I screamed out of my mouth.
The sergeant smiled and began to jerk slowly.
He too kept jerking for a while and after stopping he started sucking the juice on my lips.

The taste of alcohol started coming into my mouth. He stopped jerking a little again. This time, without stopping at all, he breathed his semen into my vagina and stood up with one stroke.
All the semen was coming out of my vagina.

Soon after that another havildar took place and started jerking.
My thighs started hurting because of constantly spreading legs.
Constant jerking flooded my vagina and got up.

As soon as he woke up, the next sergeant came between my legs.

I folded my hands and said to him - not continuously… Let
me rest for a while. He opened my two hands and separated and went to penetrate my vagina. The walls of my vagina were burning. There was a groan from my mouth, with every shock, a groan would come out of my mouth.

He too, after continuously jerking, left his semen and stood up.
The recording was still going on.

TT said- take some rest and then start another round.

When I saw the time, I came to know that with this I have been four and a half hours and still seven and a half hours to travel.
I was so tired that I slept on the same mattress.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw that two sergeants were playing with my breasts. I saw two times and found that I had slept for almost four and a half hours and I had three more hours to reach my destination.

As soon as I got up, both the constables left me and TT picked me up and made me sit on the seat.
He himself sat in front of me and placed the soles of his feet between my two thighs and started caressing the vagina with the soles on the inside of my thighs.

He asked me - will your pussy be burning so much?
I said yes

He again said - Our Lund has stood up again. Have you ever had an asshole?
My heart started beating hard, I shook my head.

He poured a glass of wine and gave it to me and said - Let's go quickly.
I said - I did not drink it till today and if climbed, it will not land in three hours.
TT said - The train is 6 hours late. Will come down by then. If you do not drink, you will not be able to tolerate it.

I took the glass and drank the whole glass with one stroke. Jham was affected and the entire throat started burning. I just sat for a while and started getting drugged. My hands started trembling, then TT picked me up and placed me back on the mattress and made me stand like a mare on both hands and knees.
TT opened my purse and took out a cream and put it in his finger and started to put it inside my ass.

When enough cream was applied, he applied some cream on his LND. Two Havildars lay down under my breasts from both sides and took my nipple in their mouth and started sucking.

TT put his Lund on my ass hole and started pushing inside. My ass hole was very tight but because the cream was in, LND started going inside.

As LND was going in, the pain was increasing. Eventually the whole Lund went inside my ass and started hitting the TT.
Perhaps it was the effect of alcohol that the pain was feeling less than expected.
He kept jerking and I continued to suffer.

When I turned around, I came to know that a sergeant was making a video.

Well TT did not last long and she shed the semen.

When he got separated, the sergeant who was sucking my nipple went to enjoy my ass and the sergeant who was making my video, caught the camera TT and lay down to suck my nipple.

Havildar put his Lund in my ass and started to bang. Havildar bent down, grabbed my breasts from both my sides and started mashing.
After continuous bumps, he left the semen and broke and lay under my breasts and started sucking nipples. The rest of the two constables also enjoyed my ass without any change.

The story will continue

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