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In the train journey, my husband's car-1

In the train journey, my husband's car-1

My husband owns some bizarre nature. They used to talk dirty things to me in bed and it seemed that they used to provoke their relationship with someone else.

My name is Daisy Parveen. I got married only a few months ago. My complexion is dark, full of body, sharp nose map, beautiful face and I am the mistress of attractive body.
After a few days of marriage, I realized that my husband is the owner of some strange kind of tendency. They used to talk dirty things to me in bed and it seemed that they used to provoke their relationship with someone else.

At first, I did not resist much, but once he said directly to me that I would spend one night with one of his friends and he would hide and see, my anger broke out. I shouted and said - what have you kept me thinking, I will die dying but I will not let anyone else put my hands on it.
He looked at me angrily and said slowly - see.

After that, he did not repeat that thing again for two months.

We had to go to a wedding, it was an 18-hour journey. If it was necessary to go, then my husband got the reservation done.

I wore a maroon color saree and deep throat blouse, for the first time when I was going out with my husband, I did a lot of makeup. My young body of 21 years was getting very tired. My mother-in-law took my eye and I left with my husband.

He told that the reservation has not found a place together, after some comparison, I have a seat. He told that he will get a seat change in the train.

On reaching the station, he said that I give all the money to him, the train can be stolen.
I also thought that he was speaking right and gave all the money to him.

We boarded the train. He sat on his seat and seated me on a seat. They started saying - When TT comes, we will get the seat changed.
The train did not reach the TT for about 6 hours.

After 6 hours TT came and started asking me for tickets. I told the seat number and said that my husband is sitting there and he has the ticket.
He left without looking at the tickets for the rest.

After about 20 minutes TT came back and called me out. He stood near the gate and I too stood there.
He asked my name and checked the list. Then said to me - Madam, your name is not in the list and I could not find your husband anywhere.
I told his name, then he looked at the list again and said - there is no man by this name.

When I told the seat number, he summoned a railway sergeant and sent him to summon the man. My heart was beating hard. When I saw my husband coming with that sergeant, I came to know life.

As soon as he came, TT asked - Mr. Mister, where is his ticket?
They looked at me and said- What do I know? I do not know them
Bite me, there is no blood… I said haggard - what are they saying?
TT interrupted and asked him - what is your name?
He said- Vishwajit Singh.

He told me - Vishwajit Singh and Daisy Parveen, what is Intercast Marys?
I said - they are lying.

TT asked me - where did you go?
I told the name of the city. Then asked him if he told some other name.

TT again asked him - do you have any proof?
He took out a card and gave it to T.T. TT first saw himself and then showed me.
In fact, the voter was an ID card and his name was written with his photo Vishwajit Singh.

TT again asked - Madam do you have any proof?
I thought for a while, the forehead was wet with sweat. I said softly- I have the same in their bag, I can tell what is in it.
TT again sent the sergeant and got the bag.

When I told my things, he started looking inside. In a short while I said that now you are convinced.
He turned the whole bag in front of me.

I missed sixes.
There was only manly stuff in the bag and nothing else.
TT told me - Madam you will have to take a ticket with Fine.
I asked, how much. He told that 2250.

When I opened my purse, I remembered that I had already taken the money. I said hesitating slowly - I have no money.
TT said- Okay, then get off at the next station.

It was also not right to land in an unknown city without money. It would have been worse.
I said softly - I don't have to get down.
TT gave voice and called the sergeant and said to me - Madam you will have to come down.

Suddenly, my husband told TT - come a minute.
TT split up with them.
The constable was standing far away, but when I was near, I could hear his words.

He said to TT - where he is talking about going, he has 12 hours in it.
T T said- So?
He said - are you blind?
T T spoke - what?
He said - do not look young, is it young, no money, no money to go, no landing.

If he kept watching TT for a while, he said further - if there is any place in the train, then let's take it and enjoy 12 hours.
TT turned around and looked carefully at me and said - You are right, money and finances keep coming and going; such goods are rarely available. Let's talk and see.

In such a long time I understood that they are trying to get revenge from me. But there was no hope to get out of this situation.

TT came back to me and said - Okay Madam, I do some adjustments. You come with me
Now TT was ahead and I followed behind.

After two bogies, a box arrived which had only one compartment and the rest was full.
He stopped me there and by then other people also came.

TT told me - Madam, you can stop here. It is always free. And the charge is also less.
I asked - how much will be charged?

TT brought my hands from both sides and stroked my ass balls - now you will not take a little money from you, you give something else.
I shook his hand and said- I cannot do this.
He abused a lewd and said that he would throw me down at the next station.

I could not understand any other way, so I said slowly - do not take off the train, I will do what you say.
TT again grabbed my ass and said - I will sack your tikka throughout the journey and my three men will also stay with me and will do as I wish.
I bowed my head.

Suddenly he said - and sir?
TT saw them and asked - why you?
He said, "What sir, I suggested and they are driving me out." Well, I will give you the money for its finances.
TT thought for a while then said - OK you too come.

When she asked me to go inside, I went inside.
Those people also came in and TT closed the gates of the competition.

TT and a havildar sat on one seat, my husband and a havildar sat on another seat. I was standing in the middle of both the seats and a sergeant was standing in front of me. He pulled my pallu and dropped it down. Once I got my hands to cover my blouse but then I did not do it.

That havildar grabbed both of my breasts in his two hands from above my blouse and started mashing.
When I looked at my husband, he was smiling.

If streaks of pain emerged on my face, my husband said - Brother, why are you so desperate?
The sergeant reduced the speed.
TT said - Abe brother-in-law, will play alone that will show us the goods too!

Havildar understood the matter and quickly started opening the button. In haste, two buttons of my blouse broke.
My husband again spoke - We have nothing to wear it, at least don't tear clothes.
Havildar slowly removed the blouse and after opening the hook of my bra, took my bra off my body too.

My breasts became naked but I did not try to hide them either.

TT gestures to the sergeant and drags me and sits on his lap. TT started playing with my breasts and rubbing my breasts vigorously.
My husband said again - Relax sir, let Laundia fit for us.
TT slowly started to spice up.

I was very angry in my heart for my husband, I was feeling like teaching him a lesson.
I said softly in TT's ear- you were saying that you will do your mind. But here someone else is giving spades

TT kept thinking for a while and took my nipple in her mouth. After sucking the nipple for a while, she gently cut on my breasts.
My husband again spoke - Easy sir, what are you doing?
Suddenly, you have to teach T-Bifar - you will teach me what to do and what not to do, I have been watching for a long time.

TT took me off my lap and made me sit next to him and said - I took a mistake with you, brother in law will spoil the fun by doing a finger.
A sergeant said - correct the mistake. Rafa do it from here.
My husband could not speak and the constable started pushing him out.

TT also followed them. They pushed my husband in the next coach and closed the door between the two coaches. The rest of the doors were already closed.

After doing so, they came back towards the competition and entered inside and closed the door.

I stood up, my pallu was lying down, there was not a single cloth above my waist.
TT said- Now we will enjoy your youth comfortably.

Having said this, TT put a finger near my waist from both sides inside my petticoat and pulled the finger down tightly with a finger inside the panty.
I tied the petticoat a little loosely, so my sari, petticoat and panty moved down from my waist like an elastic paint.

I clean the bottom hair twice a week and did it only in the morning.
Suddenly I got the thought that I had gone carefully in such a chaos. These people are four. And will I be able to get four people together?
With this much thought, my sweat was relieved, but what could have happened now, I will have to do it.

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