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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Illegitimate relationship made between two girls

Illegitimate relationship made between two girls

Hello friends, my name is Ashish and I am from Mandsaur. I am now doing my job along with studies. I easily befriend any girl, but so far I have not fuck with anyone. The reason why I have not been fuck yet is that I am not going to fuck anyone until I make my career. Right now I am only 20 years old. I may stay away from sex, but my land is so big that tearing a girl's cock makes her a cave. 

Even after keeping away from sex, I had sex relations with two girls and they had a lot of sex. Today I am going to tell you about the two girls whom I had kissed. One of those two girls was named Rashmi and the other girl was named Shalini. First of all I would like to talk about Rashmi, so let's start.

Rashmi was a very sexy 19-year-old girl. I met Rashmi in my coaching. My body was very tall, beautiful and attractive and I also kept my personality quite amazing. Rashmi used to see me in coaching throughout the day. Rashmi's blonde body, I would have loved to see her face innocently, but I kept a lot of control. The rumor spread by the girls in coaching showed me that Rashmi had fallen in love with me. But even after knowing all this, I did not give him a sense. One day Rashmi was sitting very close to me in coaching due to shortage of space. I saw his body so closely for the first time. In her figure, as well as her ass and boobs were also excellent. Rashmi was sitting very close to me, so I could feel her body very well. By the touch of his body, I had finished a long tent in my paint. 

During this time Rashmi was also staring at me and she also saw the tent made on my paint. That is why she was smiling, showing me her showy temper. I again remember that I have to focus on my career, so I quietly concentrate on my studies. Shortly after, Rashmi deliberately drops her pen under the table and starts bowing down and lifting her pen. At this point, my attention goes to its top, from which one can see the glimpse of Boobs. Seeing her boobs, my eyes were not taking the name of moving away from there. Due to bending her top was also up, so that I was able to see her gaur and bare waist too. Seeing this scene, my land was standing. After some time Rashmi stood again and smiled seeing my tent. I could understand that Rashmi had put her hand on my thigh. My cock was so tensed with that touch that right now it will break and come out.

We get a coaching leave shortly after, but I understood that Rashmi is hungry. I had to focus on my career, so I did not want to get involved in Rashmi's affair at all. From that incident in that coaching, I understood that Rashmi is not a love person, but a material material. After coaching, I often used to go to my friend's school for some time. At my friend's house, I meet another character of my story ie Shalini and I would like to tell you that Shalini was a very good girl. Shalini was a cultured girl who wanted to stay away from boys and study for her family members. Shalini had never even talked to any boy, far from making relation with anyone. I was determined that if I get married, I will do it with Shalini. Shalini and I started liking each other because of my friend's reading here for a few days and one day Shalini's message also comes on my WhatsApp. I did not want to kill my friend's sister. But what I also do was that I fell in love with Shalini. Daily Due to the chat, Shalini had started growing closer to me and one day Shalini told me that she loves me. Since that day, I had accepted Shalini as my everything.

After meeting Rashmi in coaching every day, now my closeness with Rashmi also started growing, but after falling in love with Shalini, I thought that I would be just a friend with Rashmi. But I did not know that Rashmi started loving me very much. Rashmi used to harass me by calling me again and again but I would not pay so much attention to her phone because of talking to Shalini. Because of this Rashmi used to get very angry with me. One day Rashmi called me and called me to meet in a park, at first I refused, but after much stubbornness, she went to meet Rashmi in the park. Rashmi was sitting in the park wearing a black hot dress. I sat near him. Even though I loved Shalini, Rashmi was leaving no stone unturned to drive me crazy with her actions. While talking in the park, Rashmi told me that she loves me, but I also told her that I love someone else.

Rashmi had understood that I am not going to get into her deception anymore. So he turned the talk and started talking to me and he started to put his hand on my thigh. His way of touching and his cute things immediately excited me. I was stuck talking, as if I am losing my senses. In many cases, Rashmi started kissing me and I also started kissing her lips. His lips were quite soft, I was becoming a little crazy kissing him. After some time I think of Shalini and I immediately push Rashmi away from myself. I understood that if I have sex with Rashmi, then she is not going to leave me for her whole life. His lips were quite soft, I was becoming a little crazy kissing him. After some time I think of Shalini and I immediately push Rashmi away from myself. I understood that if I have sex with Rashmi, then she is not going to leave me for her whole life.

From that day onwards, I used to talk only to Rashmi. But I never used to go to meet him. I had spent 1 year talking to Rashmi and Shalini and I also got a good job. I was married to Shalini only a few days later. My life was going well with Shalini, But Rashmi, even after knowing that I was married, did not stop harassing me by calling. Shalini was a very cultured girl, so I did not even put her hand from Suhag night till after marriage. But Shalini always felt that I do not spend much time with her because of not getting sex, but it was not so. I loved Shalini wholeheartedly. Shalini was a very straight girl, so she felt that sex is very important to strengthen the relationship.

When Shalini and I were sleeping one night. Then Shalini started removing her sari from her chest and turning her hand on my thigh. My sudden sleep was broken by this sudden action. I understood that this cultured girl is in full mood today and I too before marriage Since then, Shalini had longed to be wooed but I never thought of giving her a wicket without her permission. But today I too was ready to give him the pleasure of sex. I started kissing Shalini while hitting on the spot. Shalini's body also looked like a cool product. While kissing, Shalini tried to distance me from herself many times, but my patience was already broken.

I started kissing Shalini from her neck to the upper wall of her boobs. Shalini, who looked naive due to my kiss, was also thirsty for sex.

In no time, I removed all of Shalini's clothes and also had her boobs completely freed from her clothes. I started sucking on her juicy boobs while mashing them. Shalini's mouth was causing a sharp sizzle. I was enjoying sucking her pink nipples and big boobs. Seeing her boobs, my tool was turned to the body in no time. I also started kissing her navel and thighs to increase her excitement. I saw that Shalini is now going to fuck me. I did not make him wait at all, and removed his panty. Now I was going to fuck her naked seed with my tongue. Shalini was having fun with her mouth ah ah oh.

By now I was fully prepared to let Shalini quench her thirst. I did not wait much and kept my cock on Shalini's pussy. I had filled my cock in Shalini's pussy within a single shot while placing my lund on Shalini's pussy wall. Shalini was screaming in agony and started saying "get it out quickly". But I was also going to agree. I started fucking Shalini while jerking hard. Shalini was crying in pain and started crying with the sound of ah ah. But I was going to fuck at the speed of a machine while keeping his mouth shut. After some time, Shalini too started forgetting her pain and started to enjoy sex. I continued to fuck Shalini in different positions again. For about 20 minutes my LND was rubbing in the warm flesh of Shalini. After this, I lost my hot and thick semen in the relaxation of Shalini.

After that day, Shalini and I kissed her repeatedly but till now Shalini could not fuck me freely. From that day onwards, my cock was feeling hungry, which was not taking the name of erasing. On the other hand, Rashmi was also married but her phone calls were not stopping. But I also did not pay attention to his phone at all. One day Rashmi was very angry with me. So he called me at one to meet. She also wanted to forget me now but she wanted to meet me in the park just once. According to Rashmi, one day I went to meet her in the park. Rashmi was present in front of me in a black hot saree. She looked very beautiful. I just kept looking at him. His boob was lightly visible in his blouse and he made my cock stand. She also wanted to forget me now but she wanted to meet me in the park just once. According to Rashmi, one day I went to meet her in the park. Rashmi was present in front of me in a black hot saree. She looked very beautiful. I just kept looking at him. Her boobies looked light in her blouse and made my cock stand Dia, we both were sitting together talking about forgetting each other, but during this time my eyes were not moving away from her boobs. There was a little mascara in his eyes, which was taking my life.

I could not wait anymore. Rashmi was talking to me that I started kissing her by putting lips on her lips. After marriage, his body was quite embossed and looked great. She was also going to kiss me with fun. After some time Rashmi kept me away from myself and said, "Stop now, this is not the right place". Rashmi's pussy was also very itchy and it was necessary to erase it too. Rashmi, who has been following me for a long time, also needed Chodna. I immediately went to a hotel with Rashmi. The owner of the hotel was my friend, so without making much inquiry, I went straight to the room with Rashmi. As soon as I entered the room, I started kissing her by placing her lips on Rashmi's lips. Rashmi was also going to hold me with her hands and kiss me. Now I picked Rashmi and took her straight towards the bed. I first climbed over Rashmi and while opening her blouse and bra, I completely freed her pink and big soft boobs. Seeing her boobs, my cock was even more tan. I started sucking her while pressing her boobs Was given.

Rashmi started getting more excited by this. He immediately laid me on the bed and started sucking me out while taking out my 7 inch LND. She seemed quite adept at sucking LND. I was very much enjoying sucking cock. The sound of "Oh ah fun aaya gaya" started coming from my mouth. Seeing me, Rashmi was being sucked while shaking my LND with quickness. Shortly after, I started fingering her in her vagina rapidly, and started to finger her. Due to my fast finger, her mouth became like a woman. After some time like this, her vagina released water. Seeing all this, my cock was even more tanned and was completely ready to go to Rashmi's wet pussy. I did not immediately grab Rashmi's petticoat and tore it and put her legs on her shoulder and removed my cock in one stroke. My cock was directly inside her pussy. During this, Rashmi screamed loudly and tears started coming from her eyes. Rashmi is like crying for a while Had gone but I continued to fuck him and seeing him, Rashmi also started to enjoy sex. Rashmi went to Chud with me in very different positions that day. After that day, I never saw Rashmi again and just started living happily after spending my life with Shalini. 

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