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I got my wish after 12 years

I got my wish after 12 years

As soon as I was young, I started to like my cousin, I fell in love with her. I started living in his thoughts but could never say. How did I get my first love? Read my story.

Friends, this is my first story and is based on a true incident. I am giving the story of this true incident as a story. The special thing about this story is that this story is the story of my first love.

You must be thinking that I am going to write about my girlfriend. But my first love was someone else. You will find out about it in the story. So now I am starting my story without delay.

I am above 27 years of age. This is the case of those days when I was young. My attraction to girls was at its peak. I used to stare at the beautiful girls. Mouth was also a daily habit.

I do not know when I got my attention on my cousin. Her name is Naureen and she was also my age. Looking at him, it seemed that I should talk to him, spend time with him. I never thought of brotherly sex. But all this will happen to me, I found out only later.

The figure of Naureen is very similar to that of Katrina Kaif. He is also a perfect cracker in appearance. On seeing that, the faith of anyone should be shaken. As my youth was on the rise, my attraction for Naureen was increasing.

I don't know when I fell in love with him while watching him. Now most of my time was spent in the thoughts of Naureen. Whenever she was in front, I used to feel like watching her.
I tried a lot to make him happy. Used to sit with her all day and watch girls 'programs and in-laws' serials.

I was not interested in such serials, but there was no good excuse to spend time with him at that time.

Then one day we got into a fight over something. We both did not talk to each other for 3 years.

My love for him continued to grow while staying away from him. Wanted to tell him about my heart. But I was afraid that he might tell my actions about this to his family. That is why he kept quiet.

When I could not live, I figured out an idea. I searched his Facebook ID. I got his ID. I sent him a Facebook request and he accepted it as well. I thought that she would not take the request.

After that both of us started chatting on Facebook. We both used to chat for hours. I turned my brother and sister relationship towards friendship. He used to try to flirt with her after getting the chance. But that was also a very current thing. She used to twist my point very clearly.

Sometimes I used to feel that she too loves me but is shy to tell. Then sometimes it seems that she is just passing the time. I still kept chatting with him. One year passed like this.

After that it all stopped too slowly. I kept busy in my further studies and she had also stopped replying to my message. Perhaps he had beaten some other boy. But I used to think about it now.

She had done it in my heart, I tried to find her in every girl and would fail. Then the time passed and we were 21 and she got married. I was very sad to hear about her marriage. I could not convince myself that my life was lost to someone else.

The most sad thing was that I could never tell my heart to him. Even more sad that he could not even fuck her. While I knew it was on. My wish remained unfulfilled like this.

After 4 years, she had a daughter, who I thought was my daughter.

Now I too had moved forward in my life. I was also married. I found a girl like her whom I married. My heart was still stuck in Naureen. No one could take his place in my life.

2 years passed while doing so. I was happy with my wife but I was not able to remove Naureen from my mind. Whenever I used to fuck my wife, I used to think as if I am fucking Naureen. My desire to fuck him was not only decreasing, but was growing more.

Then one day I thought that now I will live by convincing him by telling the whole thing to Naureen. Only then came the time of my younger sister's wedding. We were getting married to our younger sister in a hotel in Udaipur.

At the same time, I came to know that my brother-in-law i.e. Naurin's husband is going abroad for 10 days. He was not even going to come to the wedding. I thought of taking advantage of this opportunity.

We all arrived in Udaipur 10 days before the wedding and Naureen was also with us. We had a function that day. There was a small function in the evening, so we all gathered in the garden at 7 o'clock.

Naureen came ready and came and stood near me.
He asked- How do I look like Chiku? (She used to call me Chiku affectionately)
I was with all the people, so how would I answer her in front of all of them, so I said that you are looking good, not the most beautiful.

He too understood my gesture. Then the party started. Everyone had a lot of fun Then after the party was over, both of us sat talking in the terraced garden of the hotel and we spent 3-4 hours talking. After that we started going to sleep.

In my mind, I was thinking that I should tell him the words of my heart. My wife also did not come to the wedding. It was four days before the wedding that we planned to watch a movie together. Everyone watched the movie together and went shopping.

If I had to do some work, everyone else left but I stopped Naureen with me. I finished that job and we were going back to the hotel. During that time, I and Naureen did not talk. Similarly, we reached the hotel without even talking.

Everyone had gone to their respective rooms. I grabbed Naureen's hand and took her to the terrace. Taking him there, I made him sit in the garden. Holding his hand and said to him - I want to tell you something.

She was looking at me with confused eyes.
I said- Naureen is either unable to understand you or she is pretending not to understand it consciously.

He said what? What am I unable to understand?
I said- Look, I love you very much and want to get you and love you.

As soon as she spoke, tears started coming in her eyes and she started crying. Then I hugged him. After 2 minutes she started hitting me with her hands and said- It took 8 years for you to speak such a thing?

In a complaining tone, he said - what did you think there was nothing for me from you? I love you too since childhood and wanted to have you. But you never showed the courage to speak.

I said - I never spoke to you in fear.
She said - Yes, I did not even speak for fear.
Then I kissed her lips and kept on kissing. She was also supporting me.

Then suddenly got up and said- I have to go see my daughter.
After saying this she went down. I also let him go. I had spoken to him about his heart. Now I could fuck him anytime.

The next night again there was a function and Naureen was looking beautiful in that night and I was a bit crazy after seeing her. Then the function was over and everyone went to their respective rooms.

Naureen was pointing at me on the go and I understood that gesture. Then after 45 minutes I got completely refreshed and reached Naureen's room and opened the door.

After reaching inside, I see that he had made complete preparations. He put his daughter to sleep with her grandmother. As soon as she entered, she broke on me like a lioness and kissed me.

I also started kissing him harder. After kissing for 5 minutes, I said - today you are not ashamed?
She said - I have already fallen in love, so now what is shame!

Then I started kissing her again. His cheeks, neck, lips, head, hands, back, stomach. There was no place where I did not kiss him. Then he took off my shirt and started licking my body.

I also removed her top and her boobs were desperate to come out of her bra and I lovingly removed her bra and started pressing and sucking her boobs.

Now the atmosphere of the room was very hot and she was taking Siskaris loudly. Ah… ah… uh… uh… hah… huh… huh. I was getting more excited by his erotic sips.

Then, coming down from her boobs, kissing her belly, her navel, removed her pajamas and my life was now just in panties in front of me.

I was just looking at him and thinking that my dream is going to be fulfilled today. Then I removed her panty too. I saw Naureen for the first time like this. I was thinking that if it is naked at all, then it looks even more fun.

As if his fair body was shining. I was losing my senses after seeing this scene. Then Naureen woke me up from my sleep - what happened to Chiku? Where are you lost?
I said - nothing.

He saw my raised Alore in my pants and started looking at him with his hand. As soon as he felt his hand on my cock, it ran into me like a current. The moments I waited for 12 years were those moments.

While clinging to my body, Naureen took off all my clothes and started sucking my cock. As soon as he took the cocks in my mouth, I was shocked. The fun was so much that don't ask, surprised because she was an expert in sucking cocks.
He sucked my cock for five minutes.

Now it was my turn to make him happy. I started licking her pussy. For ten minutes I kept licking her pussy. She kept on sobbing - ah! Ahh! Uh! Uh… huh… huh!

Then I kissed him on the lips and said - darling, the time has come to take a trip to heaven.
I had so much to say that he held my cock and rested on his pink pussy and said - Chiku, please do my wish… I too am very fond of your cock.

I slowly started pouring cocks inside her pussy and piled all the way inside. She had only a little pain because she had never known her husband many times before.

Tears were coming out of his eyes. Perhaps he was happy to get my love and I continued kissing him too. I was going to bang and the room was buzzing with the sounds of FUCH-FUCH-FUCH and that too ah! Ahh! Uh! Uh! Yes! Was making sounds of

She was saying - Chiku for your love and cocks, I was suffering for so many years.
I said - I too my life, I was relaxed in his eyes and a lot of love was clearly visible for me.

I too was melted by seeing his love. Our fuck continued for 8-10 minutes and then I thought of changing the position. Now she came on top of me and started taking my 7 inch cock up and down in her pussy.

She started jumping with cocks in her pussy and started taking siskaris- Ahhh ... Ahhh, Ahhh ... Yahhh ... Ohhhh ... while she was getting intoxicated with fun.

Now I again took her under me and started her strong fuck. Then I increased my speed and continued to fuck with all my strength. With my enthusiasm, his voice became more loud. She started screaming like that. With her screams, my excitement was also increasing and we both enjoyed the fuck too.

In this 5 minute tremendous fuck, she had fallen 2 times but my goods were yet to come out. I continued playing her pussy in the same passion. Then we both collapsed together.

It seemed that a storm had come to an end. We both kept calm and fell on each other. They were lying in each other's arms. Then she suddenly said - Chiku, will you love me like this forever?

I told him what to do- now my love will grow even more.
Hearing this, she collapsed in my arms. It was 4 o'clock in the morning wrapped with him, but did not feel like leaving it at all.

The world also had to be taken care of here. In the eyes of the world, both of us were married and brothers and sisters were also seen in the relationship. Hence the love affair had to be bowed down to the brother-sister relationship.

Despite not wanting, I got up and left him and I kissed him with love and then put on my clothes and came back to my room. In the morning we got up and had breakfast with everyone. Everything seemed normal.

My sister also got married with great pomp and show. Since that night, there was a new twist in my relationship with Naureen. In the eyes of the world, both of us were siblings, but inside we started dying on each other.

Whenever we got a chance, both of us started giving a lot of love to each other.
Friends, this was the story of my first love. My first love story of Chudai, if you feel right, then tell me. Tell me through your comments whether our relationship is wrong or not. I look forward to your responses.

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