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I am silky

I am silky

When I went to Delhi for college, I felt the wind of that city, my tone changed. My blooming youth was looking for water, which I found in my own house.

My name is Reshma I am from Darbhanga in Bihar. My father is a government officer in Bihar, so there is a lot of ash at home. Our wish gets fulfilled before coming to the tongue. My mother is also of modern thoughts and she is also very fond of grooming.

I am the only child of my parents in my house, so nothing is forbidden for me. When I talked about studying in a big city after Bahir Vyapathi, my parents immediately said yes. Since there is a lot of money in our house, there was no question of staying in the house.

When I asked for admission in Delhi, my father talked to his friend. Father's friend got my admission in a renowned college in Delhi. I am very happy I had heard a lot about my friends from Delhi, so I was very excited to be there.

Since I was a girl and was from another state, the hostel was also found soon. Dad came to drop me in the hostel and went back a day later. I was new to the city and was not familiar with the atmosphere in Delhi so could not talk to anyone much.

But as soon as I got acquainted with the other girls in the hostel, then I also started to gradually get molded in that environment. Now my room mate had become my good friend. She was a resident of Delhi, so she was very fun.

My shame and reluctance was now opening up to a great extent. By the way, there was no ban in the house too, but the fun that I was enjoying living the hostel girl's life, I could never have felt in my small town.

There was no restriction and no one to see here. Whose mind you had the freedom to do. Yes, but outside the hostel walls, we all had to live like the rest of the girls. But there was a lot of fun and fun inside.

One day my room mate was reading something in her phone. I thought she would be engaged on social media sites like Facebook chatting. But after some time, she started caressing her pussy.

She was not hesitating at all in front of me. Although there was a lot of fun and fun between us, but till date I had not seen him doing such vulgar acts.

When she saw that I was watching her stroking her pussy, she said - what happened? Does your heart not care about pussy?
I hesitantly said - Dutt, how are you talking too man.

She said, don't be shy, tell me.
She was fastening her pussy by giving her hand in panties.
Then suddenly she removed her panty too. Her pussy was completely naked.

I saw that there was sticky liquid on her pussy. She started taking Siskaria in front of me by caressing her pussy with two fingers.
Something tickled inside me that day for the first time.

He said - come to me.
I sat close to my friend. She showed that she was reading Sister Bhai's Chudai story on a Hindi sex story site called Atarawasna in phone.

I said - how can this happen between sister and brother?
She said - Hey, everything happens. At first I did not even think that all this happens, but when I fucking with my elder brother's cock, I also became convinced.

Hearing that, my eyes widened with surprise.
Then he put my hand on his pussy.
Her pussy was absolutely hot, out of which fluid was continuously coming out.

As soon as I placed my hand on her friend's pussy, my own hand started caressing her pussy. She now started enjoying lesbian sex with me, taking her siskaris with fun. I also started caressing her pussy with speed. While rubbing her pussy, my pussy also started getting wet.

For the first time that day I felt such a tickle in my pussy. I put my finger inside Sehli's pussy. She was completely filled with fun and started raising her pussy while reading sex story on mobile phone.

My finger was getting inside my friend's pussy. For five to seven minutes I caressed her pussy and then immediately a lot of water started coming out of her pussy. My whole hand became wet with her pussy water.

Then she calmed down. He gave me his phone. I also started reading sex story on immigration. That day, I first came to know about the Awaswarna Hindi Sex Story. There was a story of a girl and her cousin fucking.

Reading that story, my pussy became completely wet. I also had a cousin near my house. I don't know when I started thinking about his gender. I had never thought of him like this before. But on that day I felt like taking his penis in my hand and having fun rubbing his penis on my pussy.

That night my friend licked my pussy with tongue. I was ejected for the first time and I enjoyed it so much that I got used to it. Now every third day we both had lesbian sex with my friend in the hostel.

Sometimes I used to play with her pussy and lick her pussy, and sometimes she used to press my pussy with my fingers and finger me. It had been a long time enjoying lesbian sex with him.

Now my mind was looking to see, touch and take the penis of a young boy in his pussy. My thirst for my cousin was growing every day. I had thought that this time when I go home, I will stay with her cocks only.

I opened up a lot with my friend. Apart from that, I also had a lot of fun and fun with the rest of my friends. I have got tattoos done on my navel and on my neck. I had got the ears piercing up to the top and put earrings in them. I wanted to go all prepared to provoke my cousin.

Then when the college was over, my father came to pick me up. Once they could not even recognize me. My form had changed. But I was his dear, so he did not say anything. I returned to my home. Within a year, my form had changed completely. Now when I used to look at myself in the mirror, I used to look at myself.

It was summer and my cousin would often see me walking in the evening on the side terrace. The roof of my uncle's house and our house were adjacent to each other. I used to reach the terrace as soon as evening.

One day I was walking on the terrace waiting for my cousin. After some time, he came up to take the air. That day I was wearing a deep throat top, out of which my chest and my cucumbers were almost half naked.

Even on that, I was leaning on the terrace wall. So that the view of my cunt directly into the eyes of my cousin. As soon as he came up, his attention fell on my Titsi. But on seeing this, his face turned red with shame. He turned his face to the other side.

My cousin was actually a very shy type of boy. Was a young boy of 21-22 years. Seeing the lifting of his cock from his shorts, I used to get twisted in my pussy. His face was also good and his body was also strong. But he was excessively shy.

Tried a lot to encourage him but he could not take the initiative from his side. I had thought that I would quench the thirst of my pussy by making her cock stand.

It is a matter of one day that our family members went out somewhere. I called Shailesh (cousin) to my house.
He said - what is the work?
I said - the set top box on our TV has suddenly stopped working. If you know anything about it, take a look.
He said - Okay, I will come in a while.

I came back to my room. I quickly took off my clothes and wrapped the towel and got ready to take a bath. My plan was that I get Shailesh to see my Tits and make him excited.

After some time he was at the main gate of the house. I opened the phone in Hindi Hindi story story and kept the phone near the TV. After that I put the gown up and went to open the gate. Seeing me in Gaun, Shailesh was astonished.
But then I said - well you have come. I was bored without TV.

After that I brought her inside. I lifted my bra and started taking it to the bathroom in front of it. That poor person was becoming water in shame. I said that when I come to take a shower you just look at the set top box. He nodded yes and I went inside.

I did not go in and close the door completely. I saw from inside that Shailesh saw the set top box and went to my phone keeping his eyesight. He took the phone in his hand and started looking.

I had already kept the story of brother and sister's sex and sex in the phone. He started reading the story. His face was turning red all over. I saw that while reading the story, his cock was also taking shape. He was stroking his cock with his hand.

My work was done. I quickly wet my body. Wet the hair too and wore bra-panties and wrapped the towel over it. I came out in three-four minutes.

While coming out, I saw that my cousin was interested in reading the sex story on the phone with his hand on his cock. But as soon as he was told that I was coming out, he put the phone aside and started pretending to check the TV. His cock in his shorts was seen separately taut.

After coming out, I said- Did I know anything?
He said in a hurry- No sister, I see what the problem is.
I came to her The strip of my bra looked different from outside in the towel. Seeing the drops of water lying on my chest, Shailesh's condition started getting tight.

His hands began to tremble.
I said what happened brother, is your health right?
He said- Yes… Yes… It is feeling just like this.
I took off the towel and started staring at my Tits held in my bra.

I said - I am also feeling hot.
Speaking so much, I put my hands on the cocks strung in his shorts.
He said - Didi… what is this… what are you doing. we are siblings. All this… is not right….
I said - ..!

Putting a finger on Shailesh's lips, I put her hand on the cocks held in my bra. His cock started eating jerk. I started to unbutton his shirt. I took off his shirt and put it aside.

I started drinking her lips by gently placing her hot lips on his trembling lips. He also started drinking the juice of my lips while pressing my ass. I opened my bra and freed my nipples.

My thick tits were naked in front of her. He kissed on the tattoo on my neck and started kissing my nipples while kissing me. I put her hand on top of my panty on my pussy.

Her hand was now caressing my netted white panties. For the first time I was feeling the touch of a boy's hand on my pussy. I took her down on the couch right there. Giving hands in her shorts, I grabbed her cock and started caressing it.

We both started playing with each other's organs. Now Shailesh's shame was also exposed. He was stroking my pussy with a fast hand and I was putting my hand up and down on his cock.
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After that I removed my panty too. My pussy was wet. I pushed Shailesh towards my pussy and pressed his mouth on my pussy. I started pushing my pussy towards her lips. He got excited and started sucking and licking my tongue.
I had such fun that I became uncontrollable. I took her shorts and stripped her completely naked. I started sucking her cocks fast with mouth. This is my first experience of sucking a man's cock in the mouth. But the thirst for sex was such that it was very fun.

Shailesh licked my pussy fast with tongue and I kept sucking his cock. When his cock became absolutely hard, I spread my legs in front of him and opened my pussy in front of him. He knew what to do.

He placed the cocks on my pussy and began to rub my cocks on my pussy. Both of us were absolutely naked. There was so much fun and excitement that nothing was left conscious. He kept caressing my pussy with his cock for a couple of minutes and I yearned to fuck.

I said - please put it… please give it to your sister… please.
He hit my cunts loudly and struck a blow in my pussy and his smooth cocks got down from my pussy. I was in a lot of pain once, but I also had the experience of getting my finger in the pussy with my friend, so soon it became normal.

Within two or three bumps, Shailesh removed his cock in my pussy. Now he started fucking my pussy fast and I started being cool. I started drinking her lips. He too lay on top of me and started licking his cock in my pussy.

I do not know if she was a girl's pussy before or not, but her passion was worth seeing that day. Sometimes he was sucking my navel, sometimes he was rubbing my nipples.

In fifteen minutes, she gave my pussy such a pleasure that for the first time my ejaculation was done by the penis. I blossomed to the inside. I pulled Shailesh over me and squeezed his cock into my pussy.

At the same time, semen came out of his cock too and he was ejaculated in my pussy. We both lay bare on top of each other for five minutes. Then we got up and we took a shower together.

Taking the shower, I once again sucked his cock and stood up. She once again took my pussy in the shower and then we came out. I was very tired that day. Now the relationship between Shailesh and me was no longer only of brother and sister.

Since that day, while I stayed at my house, I got my pussy licked by my cousin. Sometimes on the roof and sometimes in the bathroom. Sometimes in a hotel and sometimes in a deserted area. Now I had become a complete cocktail.

Friends, my life had changed by going to Delhi. I got to learn a lot in hostels and I had a lot of fun.

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