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Friday, April 17, 2020

Hot sexy bhabhi of the neighborhood

Hot sexy bhabhi of the neighborhood

Seeing the thick busty and blonde color of a sexy bhabhi living in the neighborhood, I started dreaming of her fuck. How did I quench the thirst of my cock by fucking sister-in-law?

My name is Mahesh. This is my first story. It was a matter of time when I was 24 years old and lived in Pune. My father and I lived in my house. Another family lived in our neighborhood. There was a husband and wife and a child in the family who was two years old.

She was around 32 in the neighborhood. I used to call her as sister-in-law. I will not speak his name here due to confidentiality. She was very beautiful. His figure was 38-30-36. It was completely white with color. I used to visit his house often.

In the afternoon most of the sister-in-law used to live alone. In fact, whenever I used to see him, I used to get confused by seeing his shapely body. I used to try to measure every part of his body from outside the clothes.

I wanted to see her sister in a naked state. As soon as I thought about them, my penis used to get tense and my penis would not let me rest till I used to rub my penis with masturbation.

It was a matter of one day that I needed ice. There was no snow in my house. I thought I would bring it from here. You will also get a chance to see sister-in-law on this excuse.
I often used to find similar excuses so that I could see them.

When I went to her sister-in-law that afternoon, she was sleeping at that time. Although the door of her house was always open, but when she slept, she used to sleep by putting the door. So I came to know that she is resting.

I rang the doorbell at the door. After a while, sister-in-law got up and came to the door. After seeing them, my eyes started sliding on her body. At that time, sister-in-law was wearing a night dress.

In that night dress, her sister's cunts were half naked. My eyes were fixed on her mother. When I kept staring at her pussy, she slapped me on the cheek and said - Where are you looking?

I was shocked. I could not think of any answers and I turned my eyes down.
I said - can you get ice here?
She said - have you come to take ice or eat milk ice cream?
I could not understand the meaning of her words at that time, but she knew what was on my mind.

He asked me to come inside. When I went inside, he asked me to sit. I sat on the bed.
She said- Wait a minute, I will see if there is snow or not.
She went to the kitchen and started looking in the fridge.

When she was looking inside the fridge, looking at her ass in her night dress, my aloda stood up. Started thinking that I should remove its nighty. I shall take it naked and suck its body fiercely.

Suddenly he looked at me. I was staring at her ass. But as soon as I saw him, I turned my eyes to the other side and started looking at the walls of the house. She probably knew my heart's desire.

He closed the fridge and came to me frantically. Coming to me, he bowed his chest in front of my eyes. I saw half-naked on his chest, his thick balls.

My Aloda jumped. He said intoxicatingly - There is no snow yet, if you want anything else, tell me. Maybe I can give it.
I said to the stuttering tongue - No law, I go. It doesn't matter if there is no snow.

As soon as I started getting up, he grabbed my hand and said - Where are you running? What do you think I will let you go on a similar mistake?
I said - what mistake have I made?
She said- I all know where you were looking. If you don't tell, then I tell myself.

Hearing her, I got nervous and lust was also rising. I could not understand that she really wants to punish me or enjoy it.
I still confessed my mistake and said- Sorry sister, she… she… my eyes had slipped a bit.

She said - what little, your eyes had entered inside itself. I was watching everything. Okay, if you have accepted the mistake, then keep paying now.
I got a little scared. I thought it might not tell anyone.

Sister-in-law said, well, tell me what you were looking for?
I said - nothing sister-in-law… she… your…
she said - what is mine… Why are you so nervous, I will not eat you a little?

I boldly said - Sister-in-law you are very beautiful. Seeing you, I feel like catching you and doing them.
He bid - what do you want to do?
I said sex.

She said- Ohhh, so this is it. What do you like inside me?
I said everything.
She said- well, do you have a girlfriend?
I said - No sister-in-law, not yet. Where can I get the good you like? Where is my beautiful nymph in my luck!

Sister-in-law has seen the beauty from outside or has also seen the views inside.
I said - if the views are found inside, then I will become the luckiest person in the world.
She started laughing and said - things are very sweet.

I said - love too sweet. If you show the beauty inside, then try it.
She said- Well, what do you want to see?
I said - I want to see your body without clothes.

He said - just want to see?
I said - show it once, then see for yourself what I want.
She retreated and opened her knit dress.

My mouth was watering. Aloda had become very strict. He opened the cord of his dress and removed his nighty from his body and separated it.

Now she was standing in front of me in bra and panties. Her thick fat tits were held in her bra as if she was pleading to come out.
I said - Let these peaks be a little windy.
She said - do not fly in the air too much. Will die soon.

Hearing her erotic talk, I caressed my cock with my hand and said - try it and see it. You will find out for yourself.
She said while pressing her tits over her bra - think.

I said- I rub my weapon every day after thinking, now I am requesting for darshan.
He looked at my Alore and then biting his lower lip with his tooth, caressed his nipple.

A wave arose in my cock. She was doing very erotic acts. Now it was difficult to stop. It felt like tearing her bra like this and pressing her tits very hard.

But before I was out of my control, she started to unbutton her bra. In a few moments her mums came out free. The sister-in-law was much bigger and happier than I had imagined.

Now I was not stopped and I proceeded to take her Titsi in my hands. He overtook me.
She said- No, you talked about seeing. They are not allowed to touch.

I thought - now why are they doing tantrums, yet I kept myself under control and said - after seeing them, no one would want to touch them.
She said - No, not yet.

Then, get the darshan of the one below.
He removed his panty as soon as I said. Her pussy became naked.
I just kept looking at her pussy. White blonde did not stop me from seeing her sexy pussy with light hair in between her thighs. The cleft of her pussy was very clean and fair. I saw such pink pussy for the first time in real.

Now I could not stand and I moved forward to touch her pussy. He stopped me again and said- No, show your cock first.
I took off my pants immediately. My Aloda was hurting by giving shocks.

Along with the pants, I also pulled off my underwear. My cock, which was 7 inches, was raising the fun in front of it and was jumping like a cobra. She was happy to see my cock.

Then came to me on my own and put my lips on my lips. I started sucking her lips like crazy. One of his hands reached my cock. I had one hand on her mummies and the other hand I was moving her pussy.

After having fun for a while, I grabbed their mums and started sucking them.
He sighed and said- Ahhh… suck, suck a lot. Ah! Now I was sucking both her mums and she was holding my cock to lie on the bed.

Pulling my cock, he laid me on the bed. His mouth turned towards my cock and his pussy turned towards my mouth. The matter was already hot so I started sucking her pussy while not delaying.

The next moment he filled my cock in his mouth and started sucking. It seemed as if I am walking to heaven. I started licking her pussy and she started sucking my cock.

She was sucking my cock very fast in her mouth and I was also putting my tongue in and out of her pussy. After about 10-15 minutes we both parted and then started sucking each other's lips. I was rubbing her pussy and she was rubbing my cock.

She was very hot. Laying on the bed, he said- Fuck my mummies with your cock.
I sat at the top of his stomach. I did not put all the weight on his stomach. In between her hips, I put my cock and then started back and forth.

When my cock was in front, she would bring her mouth and suck it with her mouth. I was having lots of fun in fucking her cunt with my cock!
After a while he said - can not live anymore, put cocks in my pussy.

I came down and grabbed both her legs and spread them. Then he put my cock on her pussy and I slowly started to take out Alore.
He sighed and said- Ahhh… give it to me, fuck me inside. It will be fun to take such a big cock. Get in!
I inserted the whole cocks in a fast shock and ah… came out of her mouth.

Now I was fucking her fast and she was also supporting me by lifting her bum. She became a mare after fucking for 5 minutes. I grabbed her hips and placed my cock on her ass hole and her pussy.

After that, I gave cocks to her sister-in-law and started fucking again. The room was buzzing with her siskar and I was going to fuck her without stopping.

He said- Chodo and Chodo! I never had this much fun.
I too was enjoying doing hot pussy fucking of sister-in-law and I was fast engaged in fucking sexy Chudakkad bhabhi.

After ten minutes of fucking she fell and she licked my cock out. For some time I kept playing with her boobs and she also played with my cock.

When she got hot again, she asked me to put cocks again. I spread the slices of the sister-in-law's pussy, put the lump of my cocks on her pussy and pushed the cocks inside.

This time, cocks slipped in comfortably inside the sister-in-law's smooth pussy. I started fucking Bhabhi's pussy once again with speed. She also started fucking in fun.

After ten minutes of fucking, I got semen. I said - I am going to be.
She said - I want to drink your goods.
I put the cocks in her mouth and started banging the cocks in her mouth.

She was sucking my cock in fun and then suddenly the semen of my cock came out and started falling in her mouth. He drank every drop of my goods.

Then both of us tired and lay down. I kept rubbing her nipple nipples and she kept playing with my cocks. Then she got up and went to the bathroom.

After bathing she came out. Then I too was fresh and went to my house wearing my clothes. I did not get any snow, but got hot pussy of sister-in-law.

After that she often called me at her house. I also used to reach him immediately. For many days I enjoyed sex with sister-in-law.

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