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Honeymoon with younger sister

Honeymoon with younger sister

I beat my younger sister and gave me Chod at night. The next morning she started going to college, so I stopped her, said that today I will celebrate a happy day with you.

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The next morning, the father went to the maternal uncle's house with his mother and said that he would return tomorrow morning.
Jyoti was going to college after leaving her home.

I told Jyoti - you don't go to college today.
So Jyoti asked- Why?
So I said - I will celebrate a happy day with you today.

Jyoti said- I am not your bride.
So I said - then I will make it. Will you be your brother's bride?
He said yes… but brother, your expenses will increase to make me a bride.
I said - you get ready, don't worry about the expense.
So she bid - ready then the beauty parlor will do.

After this I took her to the beauty parlor at ten o'clock and brought her back at two o'clock.
I took a lot of roses from the market.

I had called Manish and Pihu and said - I am going to a relative, see you tomorrow.
The beauty parlor lady did a very beautiful makeup of Jyoti.
After coming home, Jyoti said - Brother, you wait for a while. I come prepared

At home, she took off the salwar kameez and wore a red colored saree. When she came in front of me wearing a sari, I kept looking at her.
Seeing him, I started thinking that the person in my life may have given me the goods late, but whatever he gave was excellent.

She said looking at me, what are you looking at, brother?
So I said - I see that there is a nymph in my house, which will soon be mashed in my arms.
Jyoti said- Brother, let's first punish Suhag's SEZ.

After that we both went to the bedroom and put a bed and put a white sheet on it and made a heart with rose petals and wrote Jyoti and Raj in it.
Then spread red petals all over the bed.

After this Jyoti said- Brother, let's get married now.
I filled the demand of Jyoti with vermilion.

After that I took Jyoti in my arms and asked her - now you are my bride. Are you ready for honeymoon?
So he said - sir, not a honeymoon Sayi ji, say a honeymoon.
I said - yes my love, tell me that my sweetheart is ready to fuck on a honeymoon?

Jyoti filling me tightly in her arms said - Yes my love, I am ready.
After that, I took her in my lap and brought her to the bedroom and sat on the bed.

I lifted her veil and said- Jyoti, you are really very beautiful. Today you are looking for a nymph. Am I allowed to love this nymph?
So he said - Brother Saiyan Ji, you have to show your mouth to your bride and sister.
So the chain I wore, I took it out of my neck and put it on the neck of my bride sister and said - Your mouth is visible.

After that I asked him - can I touch you now?
So he said yes.

And I filled her face with hands and kissed her on the forehead.

Now, taking both of his lips together in his mouth, his lipstick sucked from his lips.
After sucking Jyoti's lips, I put my tongue in her mouth and Jyoti started sucking my tongue.

After sucking my tongue for some time, he put his tongue in my mouth. I also started sucking her tongue.

After sucking her tongue I said looking into her eyes - Jyoti Meri Jaan… I love you!
So he said - Brother, my life… I love you!

I said - Jyoti darling… you are really beautiful. It will be very lucky that wife Chodne will get like you.
Jyoti told me - brother, you are lucky. I am your bride. You are my first fuck.
I kissed on his forehead and said- Yes, my darling, I am lucky to have got a beautiful angel like you to break the seal from your land.

Then I dropped the sari's pallu off Jyoti's shoulder. While filling Jyoti in my arms, I lay on her bed and climbed on top of it. He started kissing Jyoti's face with his hands.

Jyoti filled me tightly in her arms and slowly started sighing, 'I love you my life… I love you!' Started saying.

After kissing my sister's face passionately, I took her in my arms and turned her upside down. Tucking her legs in Jyoti's legs and pressing her ass with both her hands, she said - My dear, kiss my face.

Jyoti started kissing my face and started saying 'Love you know… I love you…'.

After kissing my face for some time, he put his tongue in my mouth and I sucked his tongue and turned it down and climbed on top of it.

After sucking her tongue I got up from her and removed her sari from inside her shadow. She lifted her ass and I removed the entire sari.

Now Jyoti was lying in the shade and blouse in front of me. I removed my t-shirt and vest.

I bent down and started kissing Jyoti's stomach and started licking her chin. Jyoti grabbed my head and stroked my hair and started sighing by saying 'Jan I love you… Jan'.

After that I started unhooking the hooks of Jyoti's blouse. After opening the hook I picked it up and sat it down and took out the blouse and separated it.
Opening the hook of her bra to her sister Jyoti, attached to her chest.

After taking out Jyoti's bra, I put Jyoti on the bed. After sleeping on the bed, she opened her lanyard. When Jyoti started removing her shadow, Jyoti lifted her ass and I removed her.

From the top of my younger sister Jyoti's panties, I also removed her panties on her bur.

Jyoti was now completely naked in front of me. I could not tell how beautiful his blonde body looked. His legs were covered in pink with anklets. Her hands were covered with red bangles and mehndi.

And most amazing… He wrote RJ with a heart on his bur.

He had a heart on both his aunts, both of them had written my name.

I asked Jyoti - when did you do all this?
So she said - I already knew that my mother will go to my maternal uncle tomorrow. That's why I did the whole night to surprise you.

He said - How did my life feel?
I kissed him on the forehead and said- I love it, sweetheart.

I told Jyoti, sweetheart, now get up and give me your teat with your hands.
So Jyoti got up and said- Which teat will my king son drink?
I said - will drink both.

Jyoti gave her left tit in my mouth and started caressing my head hair.
I started sucking her right nipple and rubbing her right nipple.

After some time, I took his right nipple in my mouth and started rubbing his left nipple.

After drinking and munching on her boobs, I put her on the bed.

Now I came to his bur kissing both his legs alternately and spread both his legs and sit between them and started sucking on his bur.

For seven to eight minutes, his burr sucked, then Jyoti's burp left the water and her body began to swerve and she started pulling my head towards her bur.

After this, Jyoti was turned over and kissed her ass on both her legs, kissing her ass.

After kissing on his back, I said in his ear - Jyoti, today after killing your wife, I will kill your ass too.
Jyoti said- Brother, now I am yours. Do whatever you want to do. I will not stop

I lifted Jyoti and made her sit and gestured to suck her land, then she started sucking my land in her mouth.

After sucking her land for some time, I said- Jyoti, ready for fuck.
So he made a gesture of yes.

I spread both legs of Jyoti and sat in between them and started sucking my sister's evil. After sucking his bur for a while, spitting a little on his lund and placing a little pressure on his bur, my lond went easily into it due to the wetness of the bur.

Now I started banging Jyoti very hard.

When my excitement increased, I would stop banging on her bur and would suck her lips and start drinking and rubbing her nipples.
Then after some time, his burp would start hitting him.

After fucking Jyoti for about fifteen minutes, Jyoti filled me tightly in her arms. His body began to stiffen and his Bur gave up water.

After this, I made Jyoti a mare by holding her back and started fucking her. After fucking like this for some time I lay down and gestured to Jyoti to come over me.
Jyoti sat on my bur hole with my LND.

Now Jyoti was on me and she was fucking me by shaking her back. I was pressing both his fingers with my hands.

After about ten minutes I got up and sat in the same way. Now Jyoti was sitting on my lap and my land was in her bur. I was hitting Jyoti's burr from below, Jyoti from the top shook my back and supported me.

After fucking Jyoti for a while, I laid down Jyoti and came over her and started fucking her.

After about fifteen minutes I kept fucking Jyoti, after which my excitement increased. I started banging Jyoti very loudly in Jyoti's bur and after some time both I and Jyoti fell together.

I crouched down and lay on her and Jyoti filled me in my arms with love.

After lying in the same manner for some time, I changed sides and put Jyoti down on myself and started talking to her.

Jyoti's soft pussy was buried in my chest and I started talking to her waist and ass.

After about half an hour my land started standing again. I told Jyoti - Jyoti, now I will kill your ass.
So Jyoti said - Okay brother. Pour over Otherwise it will be very painful.

I said - you are not disturbed, I will put it very comfortably.
I made my naked sister a mare. Putting cream on his ass and his lund, put his lund on his ass hole and pushed it lightly. So the front part of my cocks nut went into his ass hole.

I held Jyoti's waist tightly and gave a loud shock and half the land went into her ass hole.

Jyoti's scream went out and she said to me - Brother, take it out, it is hurting.
So I said - just for a while… and then this pain will also end.

After some time I asked Jyoti - did your ass pain ease?
So he said yes.

Now I took a blow and put my whole land in his ass and slowly started to bang his ass.

After beating Jyoti's ass for about twenty minutes, I took out my land from her ass. Then I put cocks in my sister's pussy and started fucking her pussy.

After some time I put Jyoti on my back and started fucking her pussy.

After about half an hour and his fuck, the two fell together.

I kissed Jyoti on the forehead, and lying next to her, filled Jyoti in her arms and started talking.

In that day and night I burnt Jyoti five times.
The next day I had to come back on duty.

Friends, by fucking my sister like this, I celebrated a happy day with her.

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