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Home made Randikhana-2

Home made Randikhana-2

I had traded the untouchable youth of my young worker to one of my clients and my virgin maid was with the client for her first fuck.

So far, in the first part of this hot sex story,
Ghar Gaya Gaya Randikhana-1
, you read that my partner and my lesbian partner Nasreen was in the room with Chopra for the first time.

Now further:

Nasreen came close to Chopra while walking, so she immediately pulled Nasreen and sat on her thigh.

He turned his hand to Nasreen's milk and said, "Wow, what a good product."

Chopra kissed on Nasreen's lips and started biting her lips.

'Ooo ... mmm ..'

They both started kissing. After that Chopra took off Nasreen's clothes. Now Nasreen was in a new silky red bra and panties. Nasreen also took off Chopra's clothes.

Chopra was soon in underwear. He started sucking one of Nasreen's milk and with one hand behind the waist, hugged it with him.

He slid his tights down and placed the cocks in Nasreen's hand. Nasreen started moving her cock.

Chopra was sucking while pressing his milk. Nasreen was filling her cog with 'Ce ce… ooof ..'.

After this, Chopra laid Nasreen on the bed and in 69, she put her cock in Nasrin's mouth. He started licking Nasreen's clean pussy.

All this went on for a few minutes. Then Chopra left Nasreen's mouth watering. But Nasreen had not showered yet. She was still picking her ass and hitting her pussy on Chopra's mouth. But Chopra had given up sucking her pussy. Due to that loss, something became a bit sleepy.

After some five minutes, Chopra laid down Nasrin directly and opened both her legs and put her mouth on Nasreen's pussy. Chopra started licking Nasreen's pussy again.

Nasreen collapsed after licking a few minutes.

Seeing him fall, Chopra's manly smile came. He licked the pussy for some time and set his cock on Nasreen's pussy.

Chopra shot a shot as soon as the supra of cocks got stuck in Nasreen's stitches. Nasreen screamed and she started groaning with pain. For the first time, Lund got inside.

After some time Chopra's whole cock entered Nasrin's pussy and started licking it inside. Nasreen started enjoying after a few moments of pain. But Chopra was still fucking slowly.

Seeing this, Nasreen laughed and said - Abe brother-in-law. … Like this, it will slowly go in or out loud and its mother will also fuck.
On hearing this, Chopra gave a loud shock and inserted his entire cock inside. Nasreen screamed.

Chopra said with pride - sister-in-law Nasreen randi… Tell me loudly.
Nasreen said with fun - start fucking me… I am not tired.

You all would know how much stamina is present in the women of this community.

On hearing Nasreen, Chopra started pushing him harder. The sound of scuffle started coming.

Nasreen- Aaan… Ah… and do it loudly… and loudly… didn’t you drink Ammi’s milk?
Nasreen was speaking provoking Chopra.
And Chopra was kicking cocks in Nasreen's pussy while doing 'Aaa… le le saali randi… take full cocks… Aha Aha ..'

After about twenty minutes of fucking, Nasreen fell and Chopra left the water of cocks in her pussy. Chopra left his cockpit and piled on top of Nasreen.

After a while he picked up and put his cock in Nasreen's mouth and Nasreen started erecting cocks again.

In ten minutes, Chopra's cock stood again. Now Chopra turned Nasreen back. He started spitting on Lund and inserting Nasrin into the ass. But Nasreen's ass was also a tight ass like pussy.

Nasreen said while crying with pain - come on…… put oil in the ass… and apply oil on the cocks too.

Chopra removed the cocks and after applying oil properly started pouring cocks in the ass again.

This time Chopra's cock entered the ass immediately and Chopra started beating Nasreen's ass.

After a while of pain, Nasreen started having fun - Aaaaah….

Chopra was increasing the speed of ass kicking and he was sucking cocks while slapping Nasreen's ass loudly. One of his fingers was inside Nasreen's pussy. Nasreen was enjoying this very much.

After hitting Nasreen's ass for a long time, Chopra left the water of cocks in Nasrin's ass. On the other hand, Nasreen also collapsed. They were both gasping sharply after the loss.

After some time Chopra and Nasreen bathed together and wore clothes.

Chopra said to Nasreen - there are many chutis… but nobody is found like you… there is a great stamina in you… you marry me.
Nasreen said - but you are married.
Chopra said- I am going to divorce my wife.
Nasreen: Why?
He said - Sister does not enjoy it. Neither suck cocks nor ass.
Nasreen laughed and said- Okay… talk to your sister.

For a few moments Chopra kissed Nasreen and came out. He gave me money He had fixed 22000, paid full amount.

He said - I want to marry Nasreen.
I bid - I will be the loss. Give me 50,000, then do what you want to do.

Chopra gave me the money and took Nasreen with her in the car.

Nasreen will tell in front of it because then I did not meet Nasreen for a long time.

One day when I fell ill, Nasreen came to see me.

Further narration will be narrated by Nasreen:

Hello… You all know that Chopra talked to me about marriage and started taking me in the car.

He said to me - let's go to your house first.
I agreed

He told his driver - Ibrahim, turn the car.
Ibrahim was staring at me in the mirror. I understood what Ibrahim was looking for.

Chapra explained the address of my house and brought the car to my house. Me and Chopra went to the house.

Ibrahim was in the car. Sultana and Shabnam spoke together at home - Apa, you were asking to come tomorrow morning. Who is with you?

I said - I have talked to them about marriage. He is now my husband and your brother-in-law.
Chopra said while watching my sisters' youth - Why are my daughters… How do you like me?
Shabnam and Sultana looked at him and laughed and said - they are a happy couple.
Chopra said- Now all of you are not here… you will stay at my bungalow.

We all became happy after hearing this.

Then we all came to Chopra's bungalow.

Two days later Chopra divorced his wife. Chopra had a 19-year-old boy. When he got divorced, the boy said that I will live with my father.

Chopra had to keep his son with him.

Chopra said - Nasreen, if you are the problem, then Rajiv in the hostel…
I said while talking to him - no, Rajiv is my son too… and you did all this for me, then can I not keep Rajiv. I consider him my son.

After listening to me, Rajiv became happy and he started calling me mom.

Now the three of us and my two sisters, all started living together.

Then one day Chopra had to go out. He said to Rajiv - Take care of your home.
Rajiv agreed.

Chopra said to his driver - Ibrahim if you need anything, you should see.

Having said all this, Chopra Saab, meaning my husband left the flight in the morning.

Ibrahim came that afternoon. I was alone Rajeev and Shabnam Sultana went to watch movies.

Abraham said- Nasreen, I like your sister Sultana very much… and you also enjoy. Chopra has become Budda. Brother in law takes medicine and climbs over you.

I looked at him Abraham's Gabru was a young man. I looked at him with longing, which he also understood.

Hearing that, I said - what are you saying… you are not ashamed?
Ibrahim growled and said - Sister Rand, you are not ashamed… I was still licking me… and now I am turning my face away.

Saying this, he removed my scarf and took it in his arms and said, “Hi, what is good, you are there… I just want to sleep with your sister Sultana.

Then the door of the room opened. Rajiv opened the door and came inside. He was stunned to see me and Ibrahim in this situation.

Rajiv said - I will tell everything to my father.
I bid - not listen first.
I told him the whole thing.

Rajeev said- Okay… hand over Sultana Ibrahim and do Shabnam with me.

At the same time, he kissed Shabnam and said - Celebrate the honeymoon with me.
I used to say something, before that Ibrahim said - Rajiv Baba… you have fun with Shabnam.
Shabnam also blossomed and said - yes Apa… you can enjoy pussy, so why not us!

I was helpless to hear it all.

Then I prepared Shabnam.

Rajiv brought jeans top for him. He said - Dress this Shabnam.

Shabnam wore a jeans top. She was looking very big stuff.

Then Rajiv went to Shabnam in one room and Ibrahim and Sultana went to another room.

Rajiv climbed on top of Shabnam throughout the night and made 3 rounds of chudai and slept. Ibrahim also chided Sultana.

In this way all three of us sisters got cocks. Ibrahim also started fucking me. I now felt like taking Rajiv's cocks. I said this to Ibrahim, so one day later, when I got a chance, Ibrahim and Rajiv bounced together. Both of them fuck my ass and pussy together.

I kissed her a lot and we all started having fun with each other.

It was late to build a randikhana in the house. His work has also started. Now Rajiv and Ibrahim bring their friends into the house and we get three sisters to have sex. Now all three of us have become mortal and our house is called Randikhana.

This was the new juice of your lovely writer Anjali.

Friends, how did you like my sex story, email me and tell me. I will come with more erotic stories and keep getting water out of your cock.

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