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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Home made Randikhana-1

Home made Randikhana-1

This is the story of a girl who had to work in homes to feed her two sisters after the death of her father. I also had a house in them. Seeing the young girl…

Hi Friends, I am present with your new sex story Anjali again.

Friends, my last sex story
stomach and pussy fire has made a
prostitute, but I got a lot of emails from you but I cannot reply to everyone. I apologize to all of you on this matter. Some people even do unnecessary mail, I do not pay attention to their stupid things.

I am a regular writer writing sex stories. All the stories I have written so far have been in truth. While changing the story as a story, I have changed some names, but the story is true.

By reading this true sex story of today, water will come out of all your cocks and women will get wet.

Where I lived, there was a settlement of other religions. All the people living there were from poor houses and all the laborers lived.

There was also the house of a woman named Razia Sheikh. Razia's husband had 3 daughters from his first wife. The elder daughter was Nasreen, she was 24 years old. The second name was Sultana, who was 22 years old and the last name was Shabnam, she was also nineteen years old. Razia was forty two years old but she was very sexy.

Razia's husband Alam used to go to a private garage. He was earning well. Alam opened his own garage in a few days. His garage started running well.

But it is said that when trouble comes, nobody can do anything. Something similar happened with Razia.

One day, Razia's husband became an accident. Many attempts were made, but the husband of Razia could not survive… He died. After the death of Shauhar in this community, the wife has to sit with another man for three months after performing the second marriage. Razia was not much old, she could do another marriage. But she refused to do another marriage and she agreed to live as a bewa. She could not bear the shock of her husband's death and had a mental problem.

Now all the responsibilities of running the house fell on his three daughters. The eldest Nasreen was the only one at home. Nasreen started looking for work in homes. He got 2-3 houses nearby. One of them was also my home. Nasreen also used to work with me. I used to help him a lot. I started seeing my jugaad in Nasreen.

Let me tell you that I run a small parlor. Earlier I used to give massage to women. But once a friend of mine gave me the idea of ​​giving massage to men. I myself started massaging men alone. At the same time, I also started enjoying sex. I started giving work to some of the cool girls who had no qualms about taking cocks.

This work of mine was over. In this work, no girl used to give me more customers, so I used to look for new girls. I started seeing a new girl in Nasreen. She started coming to work in my house. So I started opening it.

One day I told Nasreen- Nasreen my body has been very sad. Can you give me a massage… for this I will give you money separately.

She agreed and I started massaging her. On the first day, I got massaged wearing a nightie. But the other day I opened the night and asked him to massage my bare body.

He was shy at first, but then he started turning his hands on my body.

In this way, in a week, she had opened up completely from me and now she was also naked and started massaging me with oil. During this time, I used to press her fingers and laugh or finger her pussy. She started being happy with me.

One day I told him - today stay with me at my house.
He agreed.

That night I enjoyed Lesbo by lying naked with her. She was also young, she also wanted sex.

I used to help her with money. I also enjoyed fingering and getting her ass in the ass. She had now become a perfect pussy for my parlor.

One day Nasreen's mother had to be admitted to the hospital and a problem arose for her for hospital fees.

Nasreen went to everyone but no one helped. Nasreen also came to me and I went to the hospital with Nasreen. I helped him with money and also talked to the doctor.

I told the doctor- Whatever it is, Sir… Razia should be nothing.

There was a lot of treatment, but Razia could not survive. He too passed away. Now only 3 sisters were left in the house. I started seeing the goods for myself.

Nasreen had taken a loan from me. I was also looking for an opportunity… and that opportunity came.

Nasreen came to work two days after all the methods were done after the death of her mother.
I have come Nasreen… how is it?
Nasreen- Didi is fine.

Nasreen used to call me sister because I was older than her.

Me- Hey Nasreen, give the money you had borrowed, now give it… How long will you give?
Nasreen- Didi you know, I will not be able to do it now… You have helped me so much… I owe you.
She started crying while saying this

Why are you crying? … See you do anything… give me money, I do not know. If you do anything, I give you a week.

Three days later Nasreen deposited some money and came to give me.

I had spent twenty five thousand treating her mother and she had brought only three hundred rupees.

I said angrily to him - I will not do this… I want my money.
Nasreen- Sister, I will not be able to hurry, I will do whatever you say instead… Give me some time.
Where will I give? Could not give it till now I don't know anything… or you do one thing… I will say, do that?
Nasreen: Whatever you say, sister, I will do it.
Hearing this from her mouth, I said- Come to my room.

Nasreen understood that I would have sex with her. That happiness happily arrived in my room.

I removed the cover from Nasreen. Nasreen was in Salwar Kurti. I pressed the mums of Nasreen and said - Your milk has become very hot… Now it is 37!
Nasreen- G. Didi… how do you know?
I said - you will not understand this. You go back

Nasreen turned around, so I slapped her ass and said - it has become 39 inches, isn't it?
Nasreen- Yes sister… but why are you checking all this?
How will I recover the loan, which you have taken?
Nasreen- I did not understand didi- I
see Nasreen… I give massage service and also enjoy sex. You will also do this work with me… will earn a lot of money.

Hearing this, Nasreen became red with shame and said - Didi not have any danger… I was caught somewhere… then?
I do not take some tension… I am there. I have another house, where I give all this service. No one comes there… there is not even a neighborhood around it.
Nasreen agreed to listen to me.

That day I told him - come at night, I will fix your figure.
She started nodding yes.

I said - now take off your clothes and give me a massage.

She quickly took off her clothes and brought oil. I also took off my nightie and lay down on the bed completely naked.

Nasreen started massaging my nipples.

I asked her to come and chat in 69, so she came to bed as I said. I started licking his pussy and thinking that this hole of his will make me earn.

His pussy was very tight. I did not even finger her pussy. Just used to keep finger and radish in her ass etc. Even today, I had thought that I would loose my ass with a dildo in the night.

After some time, I took four naked pictures of Nasreen, and told her to go. I told him to come at night.
She was happily gone.

Then I called one of my clients - Hello Chopra sir, how are you?

Chopra- Hey Anjali… How did I miss today? You heard… someone new has come or everyone is running old.
I- Hey Chopra sir, a new goods Nasreen has got her hands… Jawan is cool stuff. If you speak, then send the picture… Look once and then tell.
Chopra- Hmm… from this name it seems that *** is the goods… they are beautiful… okay send a picture.

I sent four pictures of Nasreen to Chopra.

Chopra's call came after only two minutes- Anjali… Your goods sounded good… Please rate this.
I have a blank bag… will take 25,000 for the first time. Do whatever you want.
Chopra - friend, this is more… I will give 25,000 not 22000.
I bid - ok. When will you come?
Chopra - I come till 8 in the night.

After cutting the phone, I saw Nasreen and said to her, "Come on, let's get ready well ... Clean your pussy hair and waxing."

I dressed Nasreen completely and saw her pressing Mmme. There were great titas. Nasreen's pussy was also sealed pack.

I asked if I had ever put a finger or radish etc.
He refused, blushing.

At exactly 7 o'clock I took Nasreen to my second place. Nasreen called Sultana at home and said that tonight I will stay at Anjali Didi's house… Both of you take care of yourself.

Then Chopra ji's car arrived at 8 o'clock. The bell rang at the door, so I opened the door and welcoming him said - Come, Chopra sir.

Chopra kissed me and said- Where is the goods?
I - I am in the room.

I wore a Punjabi dress to Nasreen. The room had a bed and a sofa was full and nothing else.

Chopra went to the room and closed the door. But I had a hole made on the door. I started seeing both of them.

Chopra lifted Nasreen's chin and asked - Have you come on your own?
Nasreen- G.
Chopra sat on the couch and said - Walk once saw the backyard.

Nasreen turned around

Chopra growled - Bhosdi's not once… keep moving.

Nasreen got scared once but I had taught her enough, so she became restrained and started going round and round. Chopra was shaking his cock on seeing him.

Today Chopra's cock was going to be in Nasreen's pussy. I was enjoying this thinking. Nasreen was also very hot about her first fuck.

What happened after Nasreen's first chut chudai story. Whose house has become Randikhana… I will write it all in the next section. Please let me know by mail.

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