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Henna or henna dressing on the genitals

Henna or henna dressing on the genitals

The increasing interest and awareness in sex nowadays motivates the youth to do new experiments. One such trend is the design of henna or henna on the sexual organs on a honeymoon!

Q- Should I apply henna on my private parts to seduce or surprise my husband on the first night of marriage or to entice me?

Hot Mehendi Private parts 
Hot Mehendi Private parts
Answer- First of all, don't you forget that you are part of such a culture where Kamasutra was born. Therefore, you will get to see many such amazing surprises in this country, which can give you a different experience in the rituals and can make your beautiful moments memorable forever.

As far as the first night of marriage is concerned, such experiments may not seem real to you in real life, but you will be surprised to know that such methods have been used in the wedding tradition not only in modern times but also since ancient times. Especially that in the rich upper class society, the practice of henna art on the genitals is seen as a very popular trend and it is also very old. Along with this, this type of practice has been quite common in Middle East weddings.

It is generally considered to be effective in the following situations-
1. To make your partner woo on
the first night of marriage - Mehndi is designed on the first night of marriage i.e. euphoria in the genitals (chest, vagina and anus). . It only depends on the bride's wish when she wants to do this kind of experiment. Usually a day or two before the wedding the bride turns to this.

Erotic mehandi
Erotic mehandi
2. To make honeymoon memorable
after marriage- Couples often use this type to make the first honeymoon after marriage memorable. In such a situation, this is done in order to establish the physical relationship between two bodies (female and male) more deeply.

3. Monotonous couples on marriage anniversary to create new energy in life- It is
often seen that sometime after marriage, for two to three years, the sweetness in the physical relationship of the man and woman decreases. In this situation too, such art is resorted to so that the weakened Kamagni can be instigated again.

Body mehandi
Body mehandi
If you are a bold and open-minded woman who wants to enjoy special moments of life in a special way, dreaming of being special moments on the first night of her wedding and wants to make it memorable for many years. You should prepare yourself mentally to use aphrodisiac and erotic mehndi.

This can prove to be very helpful in giving your intimate relationships a sweet start. So do not hesitate nor be ashamed, it can be very beneficial which takes you into a different world of realization, can make you feel a divine energy.

For example, if you take the Titanic film, then you will definitely see a scene that was shot on the characters of Jack and Rose, which has been a much talked about part of the film.
Don't you think that every man in the world wants to see himself in the role of the same boy and every girl in the world would dream of becoming an art like that at the hands of her man (husband or future husband)?

In addition to the body parts, the henna design also looks quite attractive as a waist belt. Apart from this, many other types of experiments can be done in it. Just like how a rose on the upper part of the vagina can increase sexuality, you can imagine it yourself.

Full Nude Mehandi
Full Nude Mehandi
Such designs on hidden parts of the body create a different thrill in the mind of the beholder. Here the effect of the color of henna is somewhat different. The dark color of henna blooms like a flower on a white body.

Just imagine your future husband or your husband on the wedding day when you are craving to get a glimpse of your vagina and he will get a beautiful design or you will get such an art about which How about if you have not applied

For example, in this, you can make the first letter of your husband's or your husband's name in the middle of this design and make them more fascinated. This will strengthen your sex relations differently. Therefore, such experiments are also very helpful. There are no two opinions in this.

Hot Erotic Mehandi
Hot Erotic Mehandi
On the next morning of the honeymoon, when you will see each other's body in the light of the emerging day, in the sweet sweet alcoholic dawn, then it will become very challenging for you to ignore your body and organs for your husband's manhood. Henna can do well to make those moments more intoxicating and erotic.

You yourself can guess that your spouse can hardly leave his bed without loving every inch of your body. Such magic happens in henna.

Also keep in mind here that in many cases your family or your future spouse may not be concerned with your fantasy and you have to face opposition, in which case you have to act with your discretion.

Here it becomes important that your life partner is also open minded like you.
There is nothing wrong in this. All you need is the will power to stay strong with your mind.

The availability of desirable content about porn and sex through the Internet and the increasing trend of sexual creativity in cinema has started to inspire the girls of modern society to do such experiments, only the need of a sensible and open minded partner After that, nothing is impossible after that.

If you have made up your mind to use this kind of experiment, then you can try it in this
way- Aphrodisiac henna and
vaginal massage on the vagina- Vaginal massage directly means that you are waking up your feminine energy. You are preparing your vagina to reach blood pressure with ease. Her suppressed work is making her more sensitive to intimate moments.

You can have two types of options as an artist for any of the above experiments -
1. Female artist
2. Male artist

You will feel more comfortable in a naked state with a female artist. Even the experience of massage will be quite pleasant and can be completed without any hesitation or inconvenience.

On the other hand, you can be comfortable with the male artist's counterpart only if you are mentally prepared in advance. If you do not have any problem in getting naked in front of an unknown person or a stranger, then you can also go with a male artist.

Male touch- Female body is highly sensitive to any kind of touch. This is why the male touch is well recognized by women. Even women get a sense of the purpose behind the touch that has been done on their body. So men are careful before touching women.

It is also worth noting here that a man's touch is helpful in making your body more sensitive to experiencing orgasm, especially when you opt for vaginal massage.

In this, the pressure and rhythm given on the body also have special significance. A male therapist has a good knowledge about which part of a woman's body needs so much pressure and what kind of rhythm works on which organ. For this reason, male artists are seen more in this area, rather than female artists.

Apart from paying attention to all the above mentioned points, to avoid the side effects of henna or henna, you need to keep a few things in mind. The experiment you are going to do is not on your hands or feet, but the body is going to be on some very sensitive organs.

That is why while using this type of medicine, you should use only natural henna or henna, because the sexual organs are very sensitive. If chemical-rich henna or henna is used on the sexual organs, problems can arise. Therefore, choose rosemary with caution.

Many times artificial products are also sold in the market with the tag of natural. Therefore, choose the right one using sensible sense, because you are going to use it on the most sensitive parts of your body.

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