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Girlfriend's seal broken in Nainital

Girlfriend's seal broken in Nainital

When I liked a girl in the office, she expressed her love. But he postponed it as a friend. I wanted to fuck her pussy. How did I break her pussy seal?

My love to all girls and sisters-in-law on affection, my love to their pussy. My name is Ayush Aggarwal and I am a resident of Nainital (Uttarakhand). I am 25 years old and I am still a virgin. The size of my cock is 7 inches.

Do not waste your time, I come directly to the point. Means on my sex story.

This incident is about 4 years ago. At that time, I used to work in an office in Nainital.

In my office there was also a girl named Mahi (name changed), who was a hill. Friends, whatever be the hill girl, but they are very good in appearance. Their color and figure is amazing. Mahi was also like that.

Mahi's figure was 34-28-32. If you see him once, then you can see that if you are not able to live without going mad. I did not even know when I fell in love with him.

I thought of telling him this thing. Courageously, I told him my heart. She was not angry but she did not understand this relationship of both of us more than friendship.
I told her many times that I love her boyfriend-girlfriend but she used to avoid talking every time that we are just good friends.

I used to think that she also wanted me but she was not wanting to openly show her love so she used to make an excuse for friendship. She was a bit shy. Perhaps he was afraid that the matter might not reach any of his family members.

Days passed while doing like this. Then one day something happened that I could never forget.

The day was 31 December. That day my office was to be closed. She lived in the room with one of her friends.

Mahi's friend had gone to her house a day earlier. Mahi was now going to be alone on the room. I was worried about him. Well to be honest, I wanted to fuck her. That's why I was trying to stay with him again and again.

I also told Mahi that your friend has gone home and you will be alone in the room.
She started saying that she would stay.
I expressed concern to him and said that if he feels right, then I come to his room for one night only.
Mahi refused.

Hearing this, my mouth went down. Seeing my sad face, she was also thinking. I did not really mind anything about it. Was just pretending to be angry in front of him.

She agreed after seeing my landed face. Later he gave me permission to come to his room.
I was happy. I went with him to his room.

He prepared food for both of us by going to the room. We both had dinner together and then he put two beds for both of us. Seeing two beds, my forehead got cold. Where I was planning to fuck her and she was putting a separate bed for me.

Then I lay down near him, making some excuse. On asking her, I said that I am not used to sleeping alone at night. He did not say anything when I said this. At the same time I also said that until now I do not sleep, then I lie down on the same bed, after that I will go to my bed and sleep. He got a little comfort from my words.

For some time, we both kept talking about the office. She also told about her friend's boyfriends. Hearing all this, my cock also started getting up in my pants. But I did not let Mahi feel it.

He fell asleep while talking. When she stopped speaking, I saw that she was asleep. Seeing her bulge in her night dress, my mind began to drift. I looked lightly at her pussy. He did not respond.

Then I tried to press her pussy gently. Even then he did not give any reaction. Now my courage increased and I put one hand on both of her boobs.

Slowly while pressing her pussy, I started having fun and my cock stood up from the tank. Now I was not stopping. I put my hand in his night top. He started pressing his cunt inside. My hands were pressing her nipples from the top of her bra.

Suddenly she took a deep breath and she started moving to the other side. My heart was shocked. I thought it might have woken up. I pulled my hand out before he turned.

After that I waited a little bit. When there was no response for one or two minutes, I thought of trying again. You know, friends, when a young girl is sleeping in front, how difficult it is to control.

After waiting for two minutes, when I felt everything was right, I started pressing her pussy again. Now I was stroking her boobs more vigorously than before. It was also forgotten that she is my friend.

When I pressed her nipples with speed, she woke up. As soon as she saw that I was teasing her boobs, she got up and sat down. He looked at his top and took it down on his stomach again.

Knowing that I was teasing him, he looked at me angrily. But then he started crying. I was afraid that now I will tell everyone by screaming. My ass was bursting.

That's when I handled the matter and said - Sorry Mahi, it all happened by mistake. I could not resist. I love you very much I do not want to take advantage of you wrong.
He was comforted after listening to me.

After convincing him with great difficulty, I got him silenced. Then he looked at me and I looked at him. We both got our lips together for once. But I do not know exactly what happened to him that he pushed me back.

But now I had become uncontrollable. I caught him again and grabbed his neck and started sucking on his lips with his lips. At first he started splashing but in a few seconds he started enjoying it. Now she started supporting me.

Slowly, while enjoying sucking her lips, I started pressing her nipples again. She was getting hot now. She started giggling lightly and I was also touching her Titsi.

After that, I also removed his night dress with his hands up. I started pressing her milk from above her bra. On one side I was pressing her nipples and on the other side I was sucking her lips. While sucking her lips, I removed her bra too.

I nailed Mahi's Tits. Took one teat in his hand and took the other in his mouth. Ahh… it was fun when she had a mouth on her nipple. I started drinking her nipples in fun. In a short while, I made her pussy sucked red.

Now her breasts were hardened. Now he was enjoying it. She was also getting a little pain because I was pressing and mashing her boobs very hard. Her nipples were tanned and tanned.

By doing this slowly, I started kissing her whole body. Sometimes on her belly and sometimes on the navel. Sometimes on his shoulders, sometimes on his cheeks. Was feeling like I would eat it.

While sucking her neck my cock was just above her pussy. I sucked her body a lot and caressed it. My cock was repeatedly grope her pussy hole. Was rubbing on top of her panties.

Now I did not stop and I removed her panty. His pussy had started releasing water. Her pussy was looking wet outside. I sniffed her pussy and then kissed her. As soon as I kissed, she shivered. He held me tight in his arms.

In the meantime I took off my pants and I put his hand on my cock. She started removing her hand first, but then later she caught my cock. Now his hand was caressing my cock.

I felt like giving cocks in his mouth. I picked him up and put my cock in front of his mouth. She started tantruming. But I did not give up.

I gave finger in her pussy and started to finger her pussy with speed. Siskaris started coming out of Mahi's mouth. The entire room was heated. Both of us were starting to sweat.

When she could not keep up with it, she woke up and she pulled me over herself. He sucked my lips and I rubbed the cocks on his pussy. Then I again did the cocks near her mouth and she took my cock in her mouth.

When he took cocks in the mouth, I enjoyed it very much. I grabbed his head and started licking his cock. Now, sighing was coming out of my mouth, sigh and when the cock was going in his mouth, there was a buzzing sound in his mouth.

Then we came to the 69 position. I gave her tongue in her pussy and she started sucking my cock. Soon he got out of control. My mind was too hard to fuck her.

He said- Ahh… now Ayush is not going, now pour it in.
I said - should I put my life inside?
said- Put your own. I said - what do you tell her, say it once.
She said - Put your cock.

I asked where to put it? Your cock.
She said- Put your cock in my pussy.
I got relaxed after listening to this. The girl who was refusing me earlier, now she was yearning to take my cock in her pussy.

Putting the cocks on her pussy, I asked- Have you taken it, honey?
She said - No, she used to finger with just finger.
I said - Okay, then today I am going to inaugurate your virgin pussy. Get ready.
She said yes, put it, I am ready.

I said - but there is no condom.
She said - just put it like that.
I said - okay sweetheart.

I put my cock on her virgin pussy and gave a push. The pussy was tight, so for the first time, the lump of cocks did not go inside and slipped from the pussy.

If I hit hard again, the cock entered her pussy. She cried out in pain but then I closed her lips with her lips. Now I stopped. It was the first fuck of her pussy, so it was not right to give her so much pain.

After stopping for some time, I again started moving the cocks inside her pussy. I was sucking her lips and I was also moving the cocks from below her pussy. Slowly I inserted half the cock in her pussy.

Then I gave a jerk and removed the whole cock in her pussy. She bounced once again and I pressed her lips. After stopping for some time, I started to bang the cock in the pussy again. It took two-three minutes for his pain to subside. Now I slowly started to fuck her pussy.

Both of our bodies were naked. I was pushing her pussy in her pussy and she was sucking my lips. Shortly, his ass started coming upwards. Now she was enjoying her pussy fuck.

Now I accelerated my shock and started fucking her pussy with speed. She also started to fuck her coolly. Within three-four minutes, her pussy left water. Due to the water coming out of the pussy, when there was going to be cocks in the pussy, then there was a loud sound in the room. Now my cock was being rubbed in and out of her pussy like cream.

He sighed in fun when he said- Ahhhh ... Chod do yaar aaj ... This pussy was virgin till now and I was also a virgin.
I said - yes my love, my eyes were on your pussy long ago.
He continued to lift my ass while sucking my lips. I was also very happy to kill her tight pussy.

After ten minutes, she once again collapsed. Now my goods were also out. I put two-four shocks in her pussy with speed and when the goods started coming, I quickly removed the cocks and gave them in her mouth.

He took my cock in the mouth and had sucked twice a time that the semen at the start of my cock started to drop. My whole body began to stiffen. After giving the shock, I dropped all my goods in her mouth and she also drank it.

Then we both lay bare. After a while, he himself grabbed my cock and started caressing it. Then he said without sucking my cock in the mouth for five minutes and sucked my cock again.

Once again I kicked her pussy. This time I got him fuck in doggy style. Fucking like a bitch was very fun. He too enjoyed this position a lot.

That night I fuck her pussy three times. In this way I celebrated my new year by fucking a virgin pussy. When she woke up in the morning, there were red marks all over her body. I had sucked her body whole heartedly.

Mahi, after that night, as if I had become mad. That day, on the first of January, while having fun in Nainital, I kicked her pussy again. After that he also fucked her ass. Friends, the girl's ass fuck too has its own fun.

I will tell you in my next stories how I had fun with her and how was my experience of fucking her ass.

How did you like my sex story, please mail me about it. I am waiting for your opinion. Send your message to the email id given below and do not forget to comment. Thanks guys.

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