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Girlfriends older sister fuck

Girlfriends older sister fuck

I had fuck a virgin girl, the younger of the two sisters living in my building. His elder sister's pussy was thirsty. How did she fuck me, have fun.

Hello friends Raj Sharma from Chandigarh!
In my previous Bur Chodan Kahani
building, a virgin girl
in the building you read about how I put the younger one of the two sisters on the roof of my building.

Now how did his elder sister get sucked from me, enjoy the incident from the previous story.

The next day his sister arrived. Younger could not go for duty today. The elder sister became suspicious of him after seeing his speeding move.
So she scolded him and asked him about his relationship with me and he told the story of Chudai that happened last night.

His sister asked him to rest and went out of the room, asking me to go to my room.

Before he came down, his younger sister messaged me and told me that Didi had come to know everything and she was going to come down to meet me in my room.

Knowing that my condition worsened, what will her sister tell me now. My mind got upset after thinking this. I had torn her sister in the night, now she was coming to tear me.
I thought it good to leave the room. I got out of the room quickly. When he saw me coming out of the gate, he made a sound from above. But I did not even listen, so I just left.

For the next two days, I kept avoiding his sister. I thought in my mind that if life is saved, millions will be found and come back to the foolish house.

The next day, as soon as I came back home from the office, I saw that she is standing at the gate, as soon as I stopped the bike, she ran to the bike and said to me - try not to drive the bike away or else Would be very bad
I got scared very badly and stuttered and said - Sister, where am I running and where do I have the courage to run away from you?

On this, he said - you have been running after seeing me for three days and now you are making talks.
I said- Didi, let me put the bike on one side and then sit inside and talk.
She said - Okay.

I put the bike on one side and went inside with it to my room. I turned on the fan as soon as I went to my room because I was sweating due to panic. Then I forcefully brought a small smile on my lips and said - Come sit down sister, and say what to say.
And I used to say - I became a Ruias.

She said - Do not be afraid, I will not beat you or scold you. I have come to say that what is going on on the roof nowadays?
So I started becoming a bit unknown and said- Didi, when are you talking about, I do not care.

So he smiled a little and said - well, you are now. In my absence, you put my sister on a chud and now I am saying I do not know anything?
If I did not answer, she said - you are not ashamed while fucking your younger sister instead of your elder sister?

Now all my fear has gone out and Sara Majra also understood why she has been looking for me since three days, she is trying to fuck herself.

"Didi you did not put grass, then your sister got it." You are both so beautiful that seeing both of you could not stop myself. " I said putting the bait on him too.
"By the way, I am a Sharif man."

So he laughed and said - yes yes… He is visible that you are such a beautiful boy who wants to fuck young girls.
I also quickly said - Didi, if we do not enjoy this youth, when will we do it. Say you also have fun with me.
“Had I not had fun, you would have been in jail by now, to fuck my sister. I have a breakup from my boyfriend and have been craving for sex ever since. Seeing her sister's move, she understood that someone had gone to Chod last night, but she thought that she would be you.

I asked - so I do not like it.
So he said- Oh no, I had a boyfriend before, nor did you care. But now I was watching you. But my sister died first hand.
I said laughing- Didi, not my hand, I killed my pussy.
"Come on, don't say much now Tomorrow I will take leave, come up in the day. Let me also see how powerful you are. "

Now I understood that she now wants to fuck me too. By now my fear was over and my LND was starting to stand up.

I again had fun and I laughed and said to him - Didi, why tomorrow, see this, it will show itself to you today.

Upon hearing this she first smiled and then said right away - no, not today, today Chhoti is at home. You promise whatever will happen between us, you will not tell the younger one at all.
"Why will I tell anyone, sister?" But if I like the younger one, I will not leave it, but I will also continue to fulfill your needs. "
"Okay. But you will not do anything in front of me and you will not even look at me in front of him. "
I said lightly- yes sister, don't worry at all.

Then she went out of my room looking at my LND.
Lo bhai got another pussy without asking.

I too took leave the next day and did not tell her younger sister.

When she left for her duty, after resting in her room for a while, she inspected the entire building once. I saw that in the afternoon when the whole building was deserted, I locked my room and went to her room and she too was ready to take a bath after washing her.

As soon as he reached his room, before closing all his windows, doors and curtains, nobody knew that I and he are in the building, according to them, if we both went on duty, then the fear of someone coming up. Was not, yet it was also necessary to do everything for our safety.

When I sat on her bed with her, she said - It took me a long time to come up? How long have I been waiting for you. Thinking about you, my pussy is dropping water since morning, treat it quickly.

So I told him- Didi, why do you worry? Now I have arrived. I will squeeze the juice of your pussy, don't worry about it. Let it be a little hot at first.

I made him sit near me and stuffed him in my arms and put his lips on his lips. She too filled me in her arms and started kissing my lips very loudly. We were sucking each other's lips very hard. We both were in bad shape.

Then I slowly extended my hand and placed it on her pussy and I slowly started caressing it. His whole body was meditating like a furnace, his hot breaths were hitting with my breath, there was
also a bad condition of my cock, he was standing like a mountain and was moving to come out of the pants.

I put his hand on the cocks from above the pajamas. She started caressing him slowly. I was also rubbing her pussy with one hand and turning her hand on her pussy. Slowly, she started taking hers.

It was hot since morning, in my little caresses, noises started coming out of her mouth and she said, "Hurry man, don't you?" I feel very much And you are enjoying the above. While the whole fire is on the bottom. First extinguish the fire of this furnace with the water of your hand pump.

But in my own tune, I was stroking her pussy and pussy, she started to get even louder.
Hearing those voices, my cock was also in a bad condition, so I said softly in his ear - let's take off our salwar kameez. Only then will the further action be completed or will you cool your furnace without taking off your clothes?

So he said - man, if I take off clothes, what fun. Do this, you take off all my clothes and I strip you.

This was also true of him, the real fun was in removing the clothes. They are not able to enjoy themselves by stripping each other naked.

So I slowly lifted up his shirt and removed it and then also opened the salwar nada, the salwar fell down quickly. I filled her in my arms and took
her back and opened her bra steps too, so both her pigeons were freed.

Then I took my hand down and rubbed her pussy from the top of her panty and overturned it in front of her and smeared her pussy for a while from the top of the panty. So I put my hand inside her panty and started fingering her pussy.

My finger was completely wet with her pussy juice. I took my finger out and took it in my mouth and sucked it slowly. It tasted very good.
Then again, finger inserted in her pussy and this time put that finger in her mouth. She was sucking my finger like she is sucking my cock with her lips.

I removed her panty too. She was naked in front of me.
She also took off my T-shirt and pajamas and was also watching my cock with great care, taking off my underwear in one stroke.

I told him - what happened? Never seen what?
"Dude, I have seen. But today, after a long time, cocks have come in luck. So I am looking For this how many months I had been yearning for this. Got it today and it is also very good. I will enjoy you a lot. I used to think of you as a simple boy till now. But you are very young and the owner of a beautiful cock. And it seems that you can fuck any girl very well. "

I pulled her to me and filled her in my arms again and started kissing her lips. She also started running her hands on my body. I was also rubbing her back or sometimes her pussy with my hands.

Gradually both of them had become very bad. I started caressing her pussy again and held my cock in her hand, she also slowly started caressing my cock.
We were both taking Siskaria.

Now it was difficult to stay the same way, so he said, man, do not torture anymore. Do whatever else you have to do later. The first one round is dealt in haste. See how much my pussy has become wet and now your cock can cure it. Now quickly put it in me and show me how much power you have.

She was also saying the right thing because now I too was out of tolerance. So on hearing this I put her on the bed and came in between her legs and put a pillow under her ass, so that her pussy went up a little.

I kept leaning on her, bending her knees and raised her upwards and put the supara of my cock on her pussy hole. Saw that her pussy was hot like a furnace. I hit my back with a push and pushed my cocks supra into her pussy.

After that I made another vigorous push which caused 5 inches of my cock to enter her pussy and an ah came out of her mouth.
She said - You are so disrespectful, who wants to get all his cocks in my pussy in one stroke. Hey, do you intend to tear my pussy? Just do it easy. After many days I have taken cocks, so it is hurting anyway.

"Sister, you have called me today to tear my pussy, not to do bhajan." Take it now and save it! "
Saying this, after hitting another push fast, put all his cocks in her pussy.

She screamed with a loud voice - she died… My pussy was torn!
I teased him and said- Sister, there is not much pain, is it? Should I remove?

So quote - brother, put my cock inside my pussy and still sister is calling me by some name.
"Okay, from today I will call you lovely. So tell me Lovely, should I remove? "
"Oh no no, there is not much pain. But you did it in one stroke, so it is a little painful. Said not to you that after a long time I am being cocks. You too used to explain something, just saw you pussy and you tore it. "

"No one walks." Do it… come on top of me, suck my pussy for a while. ”

That's what i did For a while, her nipple started sucking and mashing. In a short time, his pain ended and he started enjoying it.
She started lifting her ass from below and said softly- man, now start banging, the fun has started coming.
So I also started pushing my waist and butt very loudly.

Within a short time, a strange sound started coming from his mouth - oh… put on Chod. And pour it inside. Enjoying a lot
She started bouncing off her waist very fast and I also started going down above full speed.

In a short storm she filled me in the arms and she started falling. Now her entire pussy was wet and my cock was coming out again and again.

So I got a little fun, I pushed my finger well with the juices of her pussy while gently pushing it and then putting her finger inside her ass, making her move on the hole of her ass.
She immediately screamed out of pain and said - what are you doing? Not visible… it hurts. Get a finger out of my ass immediately.

So I said- have you ever killed an ass? I want to kill your ass too.
"I have not yet died and have no such intention." Whenever you intend, I will get you killed. Now let's get out early and start fucking me again. I am still not full of heart. "

I slowly started fucking him and accelerated the pace of my bumps. I also got sweaty.

Now in excitement I said to him - today I will make your pussy Chod Chod Bhosda. Seeing your sister fucking me, you too had a big desire to fuck me. Take control of my cock now
Seeing me hitting me fast, he also caught me tightly.

When I felt that I was also going to come, I caught him tightly and after hitting eight to ten consecutive sharp blows, I filled all my goods in his pussy.

"Jaanu ... two strong blows and kill ... I am also leaving." They used to say that they caught me vigorously along with me.
I also rubbed her pussy vigorously with three bumps and her body swagger once again and she too collapsed with me.

He bludgeoned his teeth to my shoulder. When a scream came out of my mouth, she laughed out loud.

We both clung to each other for a long time, and then I got down from it. My cock was dead. Her and my water were coming out of her pussy.

Then we both got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves and came back to the bedroom. We lay in bed putting hands on each other's neck.
Meanwhile, when we started warming up again, both of us once again made a loud fuck.

After fucking for the second time, for a long time, just clinging to each other, remained naked and kept talking among themselves.

I told her - so didi, ohhh how did the lovely darling feel? Did you enjoy me today or not? Or missing boyfriend?
"Hey so much fun! You left my boyfriend a lot behind me. My pussy is still aching lightly. "

"So darling will be one more round then?" I said rubbing her nipple.
"not now. It's too much time for today. Anyone can come up. Will see you whenever you get a chance. Come on now you too go to your room. "

I gave him a long kiss and came back to his room wearing his clothes.

The next day I got a little sister, I asked - what did Didi say to you?
"Your sister was asking if you love my sister, don't you?" Will you cheat him? If you cheat, I will give it to the police. Means came to scare me and I got scared. " I said with a laugh.
Then he also did not ask much.

Now whenever I got a chance I started fucking both sisters. But I also fuck her elder sister, I never told her this.

How did you like my Bur Chodan story?

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