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Girlfriend's mother licks pussy

Girlfriend's mother licks pussy

I got a girl in front of my house, we both used to fuck a lot. One day his mother read our chat and called me to her house. what happened after that?

Hi friends, I am a Yogi color blonde, 5 feet 8 inches, Gabru Jawan. I am currently 23 years old. My penis size is 7 inches long and 3 inches thick.

Come on guys, now I come to the story. This story is from when he was 20 years old.
When I went from village to city to study for the first year. Then I got cast in the atmosphere and got a girl in front of my house, whom I loved very much. And that girl also loved me, both of us used to fuck a lot.

What happened one day that she slept while chatting with me. Her mother went to her room at 11 pm to turn off the light!
Here I was wondering how she is not replying. Thinking that I called her, her mother picked up the phone.

I spoke before his mother said something - sweetheart… you are not answering anything?
So his mother did not say anything and read all our chats, in that chat we were talking very vulgar things.

Let me tell you about my girlfriend's mother… She was a very big cock lady. The size of his body was 36-30-38. Mother I swear… I did not enjoy fucking my girlfriend as much as she enjoyed fucking me, neither did both my girlfriend's aunt and her widowed elder mother (the elder sister of my girlfriend's mother)!

Let me tell you one thing that all the laddis of his family are very cocky. When I lived outside in the third year, she used to spend every night with me. I will tell you later, how I beat and fuck both her aunt and her elder mother. Today I will tell about her mother, who was the biggest chuckle. The one who planned and beat me.

Yes, friends, as I told that my girlfriend slept while chatting with me that night, from that day onwards, another number of fuckers increased.

In the morning I received a call from an unknown number. When I picked up the phone, he said taking the name of my girlfriend - I am saying its mother.
My ass broke because I was so afraid of him.
He said- Can you come home and talk to me? I have a complaint with you.

I told him - what is the complaint, you say?
So he said - Come home now!
"Okay auntie!" Saying I went to his house.

So they made me sit in the living room and then told me - you love my girl?
So I said yes I do.
"I have finished your chatting last night."

Finn my girlfriend's mother asked - do you talk like this or do you do all this in real?
So I told him - No aunt, we will do all this after marriage.
So they scolded a lot.
I was just answering with my head down.

So he said - why do you bow your head like girls?
I lifted my head and saw that she was wearing a very deep-necked blouse. The cleavage of his big boobs was clearly visible.
So they looked at me and asked - what is watching?
I remained silent.

They told me - boys, I like you, but why do you do such obscene things?

So I told him - sorry aunt, I will not do it after today.
She said- I am going to tell her father everything. You know that they are very dangerous. I have also beaten them several times.

I apologized while pleading with him.
So he said - OK, I will not say to him! But you will do one of my work then… and when I say, you will have to do that work.
I said ok Aunty!
He said - come at 10 in the morning tomorrow.

I did not sleep overnight. Neither did he talk to his girlfriend. Just waited for morning.
Woke up at 9 am due to eye pain at 4 in the morning.

They called - coming or not?
I had no idea what was going to happen to me.
What I knew was that it was the happiest moment of my life.

Ayyashi had a tremendous turn in my sex life, because after this I did not just fuck her grandmother in the family of my girlfriend because she was too old. His maternal uncle's entire family used to fuck. The interesting thing is that my girlfriend did not know anything about it.

I reached his house at 9.55 minutes. When I gave her a voice, she said - sit in my room… I am taking a bath.
So I went to his room.

He had a bra and panty on his bed. I started sniffing his bra and panties near his nose. Did you smell great But I did not give up my bastardhood even in fear.

Then she took a bath and came out of the bathroom in the towel. When I suddenly saw him, I put his panties on the bed. When she was coming in tow, she seemed to be the goddess of sex. I kept staring at them.
So he said - what is watching?
I did not say anything to them.

Then she started to talk to me - how are you sitting on my bed? You sit down! He has kept a towel, pick it up and wipe my hands and feet with a towel!

I cleaned the water of his hands and feet with a towel. Dry their hair too. While doing all this, I was afraid but his arrogant body was also being seen.
I was thinking that after pulling his towel and bare it, I would give him a fuck. But I was also afraid that if things had gone wrong, everyone would have to wash their hands!

Then he said to me - which thought did you fall into? Bring that body lotion and put it in my hands, put it on my feet. From today onwards you will do such a thing to me everyday.

I applied body lotion on the side of the aunt. Then after that I came to his feet, came on the thighs. What was Auntie's thick and sexy thighs! My cock became full 7 inches.
He saw all this.

Then as soon as I put lotion in the thighs, she said - that's it?
After speaking, the aunt spread both her legs and took my hands in her pussy and started saying - who will do here?
And she got completely naked after taking out her towels.

I go crazy. Then after getting up, I applied a lot of body lotion to his entire bare body.

Then I started kissing his lips. She also started kissing me wildly.
I slowly started kissing her whole body.

Then I started licking the aunt's pussy. Then she started uhhhh and started raving - Ever since I read your message… it was known from then that you are an expert player. Since then I want to fuck you Yogi!

I said - saw your cleavage that day, since then you wanted to fuck me… but I was afraid.

Then I also removed my clothes, seeing my 7 inch cocks, the mouth of the aunt opened. Seeing this, I put cocks in the aunt's mouth. Then the aunt started sucking like crazy.
I love to lick pussy very much and lick the ass hole… I did aunt in 69 and was licking aunty's pussy with leisure.

Both of us were satisfying each other at the stage of 69. Then she was about to fall, so she was pressing my head in her pussy.
Then she collapsed. I drank their water and that too got stuck in me.

After a while, then we agreed to fuck. My girlfriend's mother started saying, "Put it, honey!"
I put my cock in their pussy.
She yearned.
Initially, the girlfriend's mother's pussy was getting very tight in her pussy because she was not fucking for a long time.

I fuck them twice from 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock. Then they cooked food for both of us. Then we ate and then we slept.

We woke up at 3 in the afternoon! Now again I fuck him.
Then he said - come after everyone's sleep at night. I do not sleep with my husband, I sleep separately. You will come, then overnight.

I went at 10 in the night, came back at 5 in the morning. She could not even walk through the entire night.

Now every night and afternoon Chudai went except Saturday and Sunday. It lasted a full year.

Then in the third year, I started living with a room in another place, then it started coming in that room.

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